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November 12, 2004, Volume 4 Number 46

Dear "Guam Food Guy" Reader,

I'm excited about all the terrific things that are looming on Guam's restaurant horizon as well as the impressive things that are taking place right now. How can you not be impressed by how two young men's culinary vision evolved to become a permanent part of Guam's restaurant scene? I'm talking about Frank Kinney and Tim Murphy, owners of Jamaican Grill, that island-style barbecue shack that bridged the taste bud gap between the Caribbean and the Pacific, where jerk met finadene - what a mix! They'll soon be opening their doors to an eagerly awaiting Tumon crowd who will be very happy to get their Ya Mon Jamaican Fix without making the drive to Hagatna's Chamorro Village. Jamaican Grill's Tumon location in the Carl Rose Building is an attraction on it's own, with an eye-catching design scheme that demands attention and piques curiosity. I can assure you that every tourist who comes here will wonder what that unusual building across from P.I.C. is, and in the world of destination travel, that "wondering" leads to potential business.

Today's review of i'natibu,"The Native" Restaurant is another cause for excitement, as this new family dining restaurant meets the demand for a good Chamorro restaurant that is open at night. This is just one of several enhancements that are polishing our island in its quest to be a premier travel destination, with our local cuisine attracting and satisfying the curious palates of our visitors.

Ken, the "Guam Food Guy"

In Today's Issue:

Tokyo Mart Celebrates 30 Years of Bringing Japan to Guam Nov. 9 - 13

Congratulations to the staff and management of Tokyo Mart, located next to Cost U Less in Tamuning. They are celebrating 30 years of doing business on Guam by is holding a storewide anniversary sale with discounts and specials, and with every $10 purchase, you receive an entry form to win prizes, including a trip to Japan. Tokyo Mart has been a favorite stopping place for the GFG and other people craving a fast bento-type lunch packaged for easy take-out. It's also a place to get fresh, air flown Japanese produce and other food products. Walking through the aisles at Tokyo Mart is like taking a short trip to Japan. You can also buy fresh pre-sliced meats for cooking dishes like shabu shabu and sukiyaki, as well as a variety of noodles and seasonings. If you've not yet visited Tokyo Mart, this could be a good time for you to go...who knows, you might even win that trip to Japan!

"Fame" - St John's Latest Musical Extravaganza November 12,13 & 14

St John's School carries on their tradition of presenting outstanding musical extravaganzas with their production of "Fame - The Musical." The Premiere Night Gala Benefit happens Friday, November 12, at 6pm, at St. John's Gymnasium. Cost is $150/person, with 75% of the proceeds benefiting the Financial Aid and Performing Arts programs of St. John's School. Regular Performances are Saturday, at 3pm and 7pm, and Sunday at 3pm. General admission for regular performances is $10 for the public and $7 for students. I have heard rave reviews from folks who've attended rehearsals...there are some energetic young people with magnificent talents who will put on a show you won't soon forget!

Delicious Healthy New Wraps At The Brown Bag Cafe

If there's a place you need to keep visiting on a regular basis, it's gotta be the Brown Bag Cafe located in the DFS/Shell Complex on Chalan San Antonio, next to the Greyhound Racetrack. I say this since every time I go (which isn't often enough), I'm completely surprised and excited by the new food selections, with most of them appealing to my quest for "healthy dining choices".

I had a Chicken Mango Wrap ($7.95) the other day that was incredibly good tasting and good for me! The chicken breast, fresh mango, romaine lettuce, was mixed in with bean sprouts, carrots,and oranges (yes - the fruit), and rolled up in a Jalapeno/Cheddar wrap. A wasabi mayo dipping sauce comes on the side. Other wraps available were vegetarian, steak, and tuna. I also treated myself to Brown Bag's Whole Wheat Bread Pudding ($2) that's made with Splenda. There were cranberries included in this, and it came with an egg white/creamy topping. I also had a Wheatless Oatmeal Choco Chip Cookie ($1.50), that's low sugar and very tasty. It also had some cranberries in it. I was curious about the new tea they served. It's called PJ Green and made by Shangri-La. The PJ stands for Pineapple Japanese Green. If you like green tea, then this should please you. Brown Bag Cafe has whole wheat dough chicken adobo pizzas and whole wheat pasta dishes as well. Call Lori at 647-0188 for your Brown Bag experience.

Thanksgiving Specials Abounding - Cup & Saucer, Sam Choy's, Planet H

Thanksgiving Specials are popping up all over with Cup & Saucer, Bestseller Cafe and Sam Choy's joining Planet Hollywood in offering great choices for your Thanksgiving feast.

Planet Hollywood offers the "Holiday Carvings" option as well as a Thanksgiving Set Menu which is available now through the end of the month. Reserve your feast or table by calling 647-7827.

Cup & Saucer is baking up your favorite pies from Pumpkin (they even have a Vegan Pumpkin Pie!), cakes (don't miss their famous Eggnog Cheesecake) and cookies. Place your Thanksgiving Day dessert and bread order by 4pm on Monday, November 22 and receive a dozen dinner rolls for free. Call 477-2585 for more information.

Bestseller Cafe (which gets it's fabulous food and fixings from Cup & Saucer) are also offering wonderful "Spiced" Specials for November. Take a break from shopping or before or after a movie and try one of the Specialty Drinks. May we suggest ordering a Pumpkin Frost made from fresh roasted pumpkin blended with cream and topped with whipped cream and spices. Add a piece of pie or a slice of Spicy Ginger Tea Cake and you have the perfect holiday snack. Call 647-7233 for information.

Sam Choy's is offering the full feast spread at it's Thanksgiving Day Buffet which will be offered on Thanksgiving Day from 10am until 3pm. In addition to all of the traditional Thanksgiving foods, there will be a complete selection of seafood appetizers, salads, hot entrees and desserts including an omelette station. A carving station will offer Deep Fried Turkey, Roast Prime Rib and Ham. Check out their menu - it'll make you hungry! Call 649-6673 for reservations.

Around the Island - Nana's Cafe Weekly Lunch Special, King & I Thai Reopens

Nana's Cafe is located on the beach between the Outrigger and Reef Hotels. Open daily, it is one of those relaxing places where lunch is made a leisurely experience. It is also home to Chef Kishimoto, who always impresses with his unique creations. Kishimoto's flavor styles were famous from his years at Tumon's Seahorse, and these are represented in Nana's regular lunch menu, particularly in the Cajun style Chicken and Fish dishes with spicy Mushroom Sauce and the signature Hamburger Steak. This week's specials are served with Pumpkin Soup and all lunch menu items include salad bar and miso soup. Lunch is served from 11am - 2pm, dinner from 6 - 10pm. Call 649-7760 for reservations.

I just learned that King & I Thai will reopen in a week on Friday, November 19 in it's old location on the ground floor of the Polynesian Hotel. This Thai eatery was a favorite and I'm hoping the new owners will provide the same quality of excellent Thai food. Their new number is 646-2247.

i' natibu - 'The Native' Restaurant Serves Big Portions of Local Favorites

When I heard that a new Chamorro restaurant had opened in Maite at the Days Inn Hotel (long time residents will recall this location as housing the Take Five Coffee Shop when it was the Palm Ridge Hotel), I was interested in paying a visit. But the moment I found out that Joe Borja, one of Guam's promising young chefs was working in the kitchen, I blazed a trail over there that's still smokin'! Open only 3 weeks, i' natibu, "The Native" Restaurant, is already making a name for itself with customers arriving early for hearty, local-style breakfasts, which have large portions (The Hungry Man's Platter, $8.95, with two eggs or garden omelette over steamed or fried rice, and served with hefty portions of Chamoru Sausage, Spam, Bacon or Pork Links). Or how about Chocolate Macadamia Nut Pancakes for $6.95? Or Pan Toast (fresh baked pan tuba sliced and dipped in a creamy batter of milk, eggs, sugar and lightly toasted on the grill & garnished with powdered sugar and cinnamon) for $4.95?

The Chamorro Platter, Eggs Souffle, Captain's SOS (Sauce over Sausage), Shrimp Fried Rice, and Blueberry Pancakes are just a few of the other items that are on the breakfast menu which are served all day long. I' natibu serves a lot more food, though, than just breakfast, and this includes Burgers, Salisbury Steak, Meat Loaf, Fried Chicken, Honey Walnut Shrimp (a very popular item), Grilled Salmon Steak, and Grilled T-Bone & New York Steak. These and many more items are on the a la carte lunch and dinner menu.

However, my visit to i' natibu was to try the Chamorro food. I ordered Kadon Tinaktak (pounded beef strips cooked in a soup with coconut milk, a dash of lemon juice and served with green beans, onions and steamed rice) for $7.95. I also ordered a Chicken Estaufao (chicken sauteed with onions, garlic and marinated in soy sauce, then served with steamed rice) for $7.95. I know it was ambitious, but I was hungry and needed to taste at least 2 local favorites. The portions were bigger than I've seen served elsewhere. The Tinaktak's authentic, down-home flavor made it a delicacy I heartily enjoyed. Coconut milk does wonders to food, and there have been studies done supporting nutritional aspects of coconut milk despite long-held beliefs that it is high in cholesterol. Today, I decided to experiment in the name of culinary exploration.

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