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November 26, 2004, Volume 4 Number 48

Dear "Guam Food Guy" Reader,

Happy Thanksgiving!! Although we on Guam celebrate Turkey Day with parties, great food and family gatherings, it's a much bigger deal here in the mainland, where supermarkets and food stores scramble to outdo one another in promoting products and food items you must have to make your Thanksgiving special. The day has really become a more significant commercial event than it has a social one, and I believe we should not lose sight of why we honor this day. Breaking bread together with family and friends is part of what makes Thanksgiving such a memorable day, since eating is one of life's great pleasures that is everyone's right to enjoy. Being thankful is the part of Thanksgiving that I don't think gets enough attention. I can well imagine how grateful a pilgrim would have been to receive an ear of wild corn and perhaps a quail, rabbit, or mallard from an Indian who was grateful to be in a peaceful relationship with a former adversary. Gratitude works in several directions. We do need to pause and take an inventory of our many blessings! I want to thank you for giving us the opportunity to do the good work we do. I personally appreciate each and everyone of you for being part of our virtual family.

I'll be sharing turkey with my family here in Humble, Texas. Of course, I'll be doing some of the cooking - we're going to deep fry a turkey and roast one traditionally! I've not had Thanksgiving with my family in over 5 years, so this is a big deal to me...I only wish I could have more of my family here for this Thanksgiving dinner...maybe some time in the future. Although I'm in Texas, Guam is just a phone call away. I received a call from Power 98 personality Roque Aguon earlier this afternoon (it was during the 6am hour on Wednesday). Roque didn't know I was in Texas and he called to get the Guam Food Guy's tips on making that Thanksgiving Day turkey. And, earlier today I talked on the phone with a former Guam resident living here in Houston who wanted to send a shout out to his friends and acquaintances on Guam.His name is Norman Clow and he worked with Citizen's Security Bank. It's such a small world.

God Bless you and may you enjoy a blissful, peaceful, and loving time with your family and friends during this Thanksgiving holiday.

Bon Appetit!

Ken the "Guam Food Guy"

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