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January 21, 2005, Volume 5 Number 3

Dear "Guam Food Guy" Reader,

Congratulations to Triple J Enterprises on their 20th Anniversary! Of the many local success stories, I don't think there's a more dynamic organization than Triple J, which has continued to expand since it's start some twenty years ago as a one-man operation. Of course, having said that, you'd have to know just who that "one man" is so you can appreciate the sheer magnitude of the success he has reaped from the seeds he'd planted. Beginning with a little Subaru dealership he brought from his brother, Ken (another living Guam legend), Robert H. "Bob" Jones, has built a business empire which includes quality domestic and international vehicle brands, tires, batteries, lubricants, wholesale institutional food brands, real estate development & consulting, and popular restaurant brands such as Outback Steakhouse, Capricciosa, and Tony Roma's.

If you've never met Bob, you'd be surprised (and gratified) to find him to be a rather quiet, soft-spoken (with a deep voice that resonates) Southern gentleman, who is humble, down-to-earth, and certainly family-focused. The name Triple J comes from the initials of his three children, Jeff, Jay, and Julie, who have all grown up with the business and now play leading roles in various divisions of this family empire which spans throughout all of Micronesia, and has offices on the West Coast. If you are doing business with Triple J and the Joneses, you'll know that the honesty, integrity, and personal values of Bob Jones are the foundation of every transaction and interaction. For an insight into and overview of the Jones' family and the folks who manage Triple J Enterprises, get a copy of the Supplement to the Fourth Quarter 2004 Guam Business magazine. You'll get a better understanding of how Triple J's "Customers First" motto has forged their business into a profitable, energized, socially-active, and family-oriented entity that has become Micronesia's leading locally owned organization.

Ken, the "Guam Food Guy"

In today's issue:

Roy's Tasting Menu Is A Nightly Surprise

Attention all you culinary adventurers and fellow foodies! You now have an opportunity to have your palates challenged with a multi-course dinner that changes every night. Yes, Roy's Tasting Menu is a feature available to diners who can opt for either a Four, Five, or Six Course dinner ($45, $55, or $65, respectively). I recently had a four course dinner and was truly impressed by the unique ingredient combinations and gastronomic elegance of the inspired creations of Roy's Chef de Cuisine, Eddie Chien. The appetizer course had Grilled Salmon and Mango, Foie Gras de Seaweed, Shrimp Potstickers, and Squid Haupia. The salad was Hearts of Romaine with Crispy Parmesan and Butter-Poached Lobster on a gorgeous blue plate. The soup course, Steamed Fresh Suzuki with Lomi Lomi Tomatoes, was fabulous and had lots of Shiitake mushrooms in a clear broth that reminded me of flavors found in won ton soup. The lamb chop main course was delicious. However, the desserts "took the cake", and were aptly named, "Chocolate Overdose". This included a sampler of Roy's various desserts, with a miniature version of Roy's signature Molten Chocolate Souffle, as well as a vanilla creme brulee. I definitely have to go back to see what else Chef Eddie's going to dazzle me with! Call 646-DINE for reservations.

"Flavors of Japan" Launches at The Marriott Cafe Jan 22 - Feb 28

You don't need a visa nor a plane ticket to go to Japan to get a taste of the "Flavors of Japan" that launches this weekend at the Marriott Cafe restaurant. This special promotion will last from January 22 through February 28, and will feature a variety of Japanese favorites for both lunch and dinner buffet services. Lunch ($15) is from 11am - 2pm, with dinner ($35) service from 6pm - 9pm, with children's meals (ages 6-12) half price.

This is really going to be quite an exciting dining experience, where you will find Food Stalls serving Sashimi and Sushi, Teppanyaki, Tempura, a variety of Soba and Shabu-Shabu. For Japanese beverage connoisseurs, you'll be able to sample some Japanese Plum Wine and Shochu, as well as drink all of the draft beer you want. This will certainly complement the delectable selection of foods available for your dining enjoyment.

Live entertainment will be featured every night, too. In addition to this extraordinary food fest, you will also have a chance to win an assortment of prizes in the weekly raffle drawings, with can win you an overnight stay and dinner at the Manhattan Steakhouse and meals at the Marriott Cafe. Each meal consumed helps you earn more chances to participate in these raffle draws, with the grand prize being a round trip ticket to Nagoya, Japan, with hotel accommodations at the Renaissance Gifu, in Gifu, Japan. For reservations, call 648-1610.

Around the Island - Healthy Eating Choices, Valentine's Specials, Super Bowl

Healthy eating is the buzz-phrase that diners are choosing more often when they decide on places to go for lunch and dinner. Both Cup & Saucer and the Firefly Bistro have implemented and introduced some healthier dining options on their menu. Although Cup & Saucer's reputation was built on the supra-decadent cinnamon rolls and ultra rich cream pies and cakes, it is refreshing to see that you now have an option with their new Honey Wheat Cinnamon Rolls, that have half the fat and sugar with twice the fiber of the original rolls! You can have a bowl of Autumn Harvest Granola, made with oats, dried fruits, nuts, and spices, either on the spot with milk or in a take home bag. Lunch has reduced fat sandwiches (turkey or vegetarian) on light honey wheat buns, fat free cheese and reduced fat mayo. You can also have a range of healthy desserts and snacks, like vegan sandies, low carb cheesecake, and miniature Bundt cakes. Call 477-2585 to order. Menu items are also available at the BestSeller GPO location

Firefly's offering a New Healthy Options selections for lunch and dinner. Vegetarian Curry, Reduced Fat Pasta, and Low Carb Spiced Tuna for lunch, and Vegetarian Napoleon, Lowfat Grilled Chicken, and Low Carb Peppered New York Steak for dinner. Call 477-2565 for reservations.

It's not too early to make those Valentine Plans. Already, Planet Hollywood, The View and Manhattan Steakhouse have posted their offerings at We are particularly intrigued by the "Chocolate Lovers Retreat" at The View in the Guam Marriott - turns out it is a feast of Chocolate Fondue with fresh and candied fruits for dipping! Available starting Friday, February 11 through Valentine's Day on Monday, February 14 you can indulge your inner chocolate cravings from 3pm to 7pm - sounds like a great way to spend an afternoon!

Each year Planet Hollywood hosts the most popular Super Bowl Benefit Party and this year is no exception. Join the fun-loving folks at Planet Hollywood for the Super Bowl Party to end all parties with proceeds benefiting the Guam Youth Football League. Your $40 ticket includes all-you-can-eat and drink plus the chance to win fantastic prizes such as tickets to the ProBowl and Lunch for a Year Planet Hollywood. Reservations are a must for this popular event so call 647-7827 to reserve your spot for Monday, February 7!

Chef Jeff Hill Memorial Scholarship Fund Donation

Two small ceremonies took place this week to honor one of Guam's chefs who died in a diving accident last September. The Jeff Hill Memorial Scholarship Fund was established to provide scholarships for students pursuing a culinary arts education at Guam Community College. The first ceremony commemorating the initial donation from the proceeds raised during the October fundraising event at the SandCastle's Manhattan Lounge (in addition to some private donations) was at the SandCastle and attended by Guam Community College faculty and administrators, along with SandCastle personnel, who presented a check for $4,717.00 to the college. The second ceremony was held at the recent Micronesian Chefs' Association Membership Meeting at the Hilton Guam Resort & Spa, where his colleagues were able to share in this special tribute to Chef Jeff. More fund-raising events are being planned for the scholarship fund. (Photo L-R: Barry Mead, MCA Treasurer; Ken Stewart; Bob Branconnier, MCA President; Marie Page, Business Development Manager, SandCastle)

Corridos 848 Salad Bar Lunch Buffet - Value Beyond Belief

When I reviewed Corridos 848 in March, 2002, I was impressed with what I thought was an absolute bargain for a dinner buffet, especially if you like salads. Although the prices have increased somewhat, I still believe that Corridos 848 has the largest spread of food choices for the money, which for lunch is $8 and for dinner, $11. This is "all-you-can-eat", and I still don't know how they make any money on this island! This review is an update of sorts for Corridos 848 (something we want to do with all of our restaurant reviews), and this time we are able to provide photos of the food, which is something we weren't doing in early 2002.

Corridos 848 is located on the first floor of the Pia Marine Tower in Upper Tumon, across from Chuck's Steak House. It is owned and managed by Tarry Lee. Corridos 848's lunch buffet starts at 11am and ends at 2:30pm, and dinner is served from 5:30pm - 9:30pm. The place is fairly large, with a smoking section in a separated area of the dining room. The buffet would best be described as Korean with a little International thrown in for good measure. The salad bar is, as we described in 2002, "a vegetarian's dream, with several dozen vegetables to choose from, as well as potato and macaroni salads, fruit, and tofu. You can expect to find thinly sliced red onions, broccoli, cauliflower, beets, baby corn, corn kernels, egg wedges, purple cabbage, olives, celery, green onions, seaweed, red radish, pickled radish (daigo), cucumbers, squash, lettuce, green beans, bean spouts, tomatoes, green and red bell peppers, kidney beans, escarole, eggplant, mushrooms and more."

I arrived just before noon and the place was almost empty...there was a slight odor of bleach in the air, kind of like you'd get after a place has been cleaned and sanitized. It didn't bother me too much (my eyes weren't watering) and I was seated in the larger of the two dining rooms. I surveyed the buffet lines which are centralized in a square with small satellite stations. All the pans were full of food waiting for the onslaught of customers.

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Bon Appetit!

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