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March 11, 2005, Volume 5 Number 10

Dear "Guam Food Guy" Reader,

An amazing thing happened to me this past Wednesday at 10:40am. I was called by Heather Jarvis who is the presenter for a new daily radio program on Radio Australia (the radio arm the Australian Broadcasting Corporation which is the Australian equivalent of the BBC) which broadcasts to Asia and the Pacific. The program is called "In The Loop" and one of the segments in the show is a cooking segment where she speaks to people around the region from various walks of life.

Heather came across our website and e-mailed me in advance of the call asking me to talk about food on Guam, about our website, and asked that I share one of my own recipes that they can post on their website, which she described as "modest". The timing of our correspondence was such that it allowed me to send photos of the recent GPO Best Kelaguen Contest held last Saturday, and as a result the first part of our live interview talked about kelaguen, which she (and her producer) found absolutely fascinating and appetizing. We went on to discuss a number of things about Guam, local cuisine, and about my work.

The show airs daily from 9:30am-11:30 A.M. and streams on the Internet at My associates in Hawaii ( tuned into the broadcast and found it more than surreal to hear me talking live from Guam on a radio broadcast from Australia! The recipe I shared was The Guam Food Guy's Smoked Salmon Salad, which you can find posted on our site. Believe me, it was exhilarating talking about our island's food on a radio show that was aired live all over the Asia Pacific Region and Australia. I'm sure a lot of folks have new insights about our island and it's cuisine as a result!

Ken, the "Guam Food Guy"

In Today's Newsletter

GPO's Best Kelaguen Contest Winners

Last Saturday's Best Kelaguen Contest has proven once again that Guam is the kelaguen capital of the world (of course we didn't get any entrees from Saipan, which may be something we should consider doing in the future since we share the same culinary traditions). Although there were 8 contestants, there were probably 14 entries (some entered more than one category), the kelaguens were so good it was hard for us judges to find a clear cut winner in each category (Seafood, Chicken, and Beef). However, when the votes were finally tallied, the numbers indicated that we did, indeed, have the following winners:

Beef Kelaguen: Eric Nanpei
Chicken Kelaguen: Cecil Orsini
Seafood Kelaguen: Joseph Guerrero

The first place finishers in each category won $250 cash, with the 2nd & 3rd place finishers winning gift certificates. It's kind of interesting to note that this contest was talked about over the airwaves from Australia throughout the Pacific.

This Time Last Year - Highlights from GuamDiner Newsletter

This new feature offers a perspective on the things that were happening in Guam's dining scene this time a year ago. When we look back, we can see where we've been, and this gives us an idea of the progress we've made and perhaps a view to the places we are going.

March 11, 2004, Vol. 4. No. 11

Restaurant Reviewed: Le Tasi Bistro's Tapas Thursdays- Delicious Spanish Tapas and Great Music


Maila ya ta Fan Boka Culinary Competition Winners
Pay-Less Annual Kick the Fat 5K Run - Saturday, March 20
Around the Island - Izakaya Katsu Reunion, Nana's Cafe, Denny's Re-Opens

"Let's Eat! A Guide to Dining in Guam" Now Taking Space Reservations

If you are interested in placing an ad in the upcoming publication, "Let's Eat! A Guide to Dining in Guam", you can access details on the ad placements, sizes available, and their prices from the rotating large banner at or from the permanent banner on the lower right. If you are in a hurry, just click here. This is really exciting stuff, since we've been in need of a comprehensive guide for a long time. So, if you have a business you'd like to prominently promote in this divinely delicious publication, please call 635-7501 for more information on this tasty opportunity.

Around the Island - Manhattan Steakhouse Asparagus, May's, MCA Meeting

The Manhattan Steakhouse at the Guam Marriott Resort will be running an Asparagus Extravaganza starting Tuesday, March 15 and running through May 31,. You will be able to discover the nuances of green and white asparagus prepared and served in different ways by Executive Chef Michael Devlin, the man who brought you Mushrooms Galore. For reservations call 648-1610.

Whenever I stop in at May's Restaurant in Tamuning, I can be assured of one thing - I will eat great food! I was there recently and ordered the Kang Kong and the Flat Noodles with Beef entree. The Kang Kong is sauteed with garlic and a white cooking wine, and they are perfectly crisp and crunchy. I can tell I'm doing wonders for my body with all that fiber and the nutrients contained. The Flat Noodles with Beef is a meal by itself, and I ate as much as I could. These noodles are special and have a distinct texture. This is not a highly spiced dish; however it is one that I find enjoyable when I feel like noodles.

The Micronesia Chefs Association will hold it's monthly General Membership meeting on Monday, March 14 at Planet Hollywood. The doors open at 7pm and we're sure Chef Chito Iglopas will offer great hospitality as always. If you have an item for the agenda or are a vendor who would like to attend, please advise MCA secretary Arlene Taitague ( no later than this afternoon.

Chef Eddie Chien, Chef de Cuisine of Roy's, will be featuring a selection of Chamorro food, prepared Roy's style, during a special promotion called Roy's Chamorro Cuisine, which runs from March 5 - 13. This event celebrates Chamorro month. Come and discover a unique fusion of local flavors and ingredients rendered a la Roy's. Call 646-3463 For Reservations.

Sam Choy's Guam, Where the Big Taste of Aloha Meets our Own Hafa Adai

Sam Choy's Guam is fantastic! There, I've said it. Now let me tell you why.

The other night we walked in unannounced (I was joined by my friend Roland) and were being escorted to our table when I was drawn to the most spectacular flowing chocolate display I've ever was like being in a chocolate factory. Yes, it was their famous Chocolate Fountain, which is the centerpiece of the dessert buffet. I'll get back to this later. Meanwhile, we were seated and greeted by our server, Jon Herrero, who had an impressive demeanor and a confident attitude.

We ordered a bottle of Van Asperen Merlot along with some appetizers. While I was originally inclined to order exclusively from "The Chef's Menu - Culinary Innovations from Chef Peter Duenas", I opted instead for just one item on that list, the Crispy Soft Shell Crab Martini Salad ($8.95), as well as two other appetizers from the regular menu, the Kalua Pig Quesadillas ($8.95) and the San Vitores Crab Cakes ($10.95). Sam Choy's new menus have every category translated into Chamorro, so the Starters are called "Gof Mangi Na Chesa" (sounds like something Chef Peter would say, or his jolly trusty sidekick, Sous Chef John Fernandez, neither of whom were there that night).

Once the appetizers arrived, we decided to order our main courses. This was not easy since there were so many entrees that I was somewhat overwhelmed...however, I did spot a new item on the "Ginen I Tano" (Island Entrees from the Land) menu section, which was Sam's "Perfect Oven Roasted" Duck ($23.95). Roland had originally wanted just the Onolicious Ribs, however I suggested he get "Da Big Man's Platter" ($42.95), which was listed under Chef Peter's Island Combo Platters". This had both a full rack of ribs and the Hawaiian Style Ginger Roasted Chicken (usually $19.95 as a single entree).

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Bon Appetit!

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