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April 1, 2005, Volume 5 Number 13

Dear "Guam Food Guy" Reader,

Hold on to your arm rests and tighten your seat belts, because this April is going to be one busy, fast-paced, action and event-filled month, probably the busiest ever for food activities!

This Saturday, the Hilton Guam Resort & Spa continues with its second Chef's Monthly Cooking Class & Lunch. Next Saturday, April 9, is the date for the first-ever "Let's Get Grillin' Competition", to be held at Ypao Beach. The following week intensifies things even more with PHARE 2005, the annual 3-day expo highlighting the island's hospitality industry products and services, which starts on the 14th at the Hyatt. This hugely popular event has a wonderful spin-off at the Hyatt's La Mirenda with two visiting Australian chefs who will feature preparations using some of the Australian food products that will be displayed by the visiting AUSTRADE Delegation.

The following Friday, April 22, is the 8th Annual Auction and Wine Tasting Fundraising Event benefiting the Guam Girl Scouts, which also takes place at the Hyatt. Hyatt Executive Chef Hermann Grossbichler has "metamorphosized" the food aspect and created an innovative menu that will be served at seven food stations, each of which will offer a suggested wine pairings. Whew! This just highlights some of the major events occurring in April. It certainly makes one wonder how anybody could ever say "there's nothing to do on Guam!"

Ken, the "Guam Food Guy"

In Today's Newsletter:

  • Chef's Monthly Cooking Class & Lunch - Saturday, April 2, Hilton Guam
  • This Time Last Year - Highlights from the GuamDiner Newsletter
  • Eat Whole Grains - Gov't Offers Advice on Dietary Guidelines
  • "Let's Eat! A Guide to Dining in Guam" Now Taking Space Reservations
  • Around the Island - SA Feast, OHG Ahi Burger, Stanlee's Meets Bobby Cadillac's
  • Nana's Cafe - Tumon's Quiet Oasis Featuring Chef Kishimoto's Special Sauces

Chef's Monthly Cooking Class & Lunch - Saturday, April 2, Hilton Guam

If you'd like to learn some of the culinary secrets of the pros, this is your opportunity! The Hilton is holding its second Monthly Cooking Class & Lunch in the Gallery Room, this Saturday, from 11:30am-2:30pm. Attendees will learn how to accentuate the flavors of food, as well as the right spices and seasonings to use in dishes that they will help prepare and then eat! The price for this culinary education and dining experience is $49.50 inclusive of class and 3-course luncheon. For Diamond Club Members, the price is $40 inclusive. For reservations, call 646-DINE (3463) or email

This Time Last Year - Highlights from the GuamDiner Newsletter

April 2, 2004 , Vol 4 No. 14

Restaurant Reviewed: Subway Wraps - A Fast & Tasty Way to Healthier Eating

Highlights: Okura Debuts Traditional French Dinner Showcasing Creations by Chef Arai
Horace Bristol Photographic Exhibit at GPO - March 7 through April 10
Around the Island - Le Creole Closes, Manhattan Happy Hour, Heiden Chicken

Eat Whole Grains - Gov't Offers Advice on Dietary Guidelines

In a recent advisory issued by the Agriculture Department, three servings of whole grains each day will reduce the risk of Heart Disease and Type 2 Diabetes. These whole grains can come in the form of bread, brown or wild rice, oatmeal, cold cereal flakes, trail mix and unsalted/unbuttered popcorn. Although it sounds like easy advice to follow, many Americans are having a hard time following since they may be confused about which foods really have whole grains.

The easiest thing to do -and also the best - is to read the ingredient label. The very first words before the grain ingredients should be "whole" or "whole grain". The equivalent of three ounces of whole grains should be eaten daily for optimum results. An ounce converts to a half-cup of cooked cereal, pasta, or rice; a slice of bread; a cup of cold cereal flakes; and an ounce of dry pasta or rice.

My favorite "must have" bread has 8 Whole Grains (Wheat, Oats, Triticale, Barley, Amaranth, Flax, Corn, and Rye), is 98% Fat Free, no trans fat nor hydrogenated oils, and each slice has 3 grams of fiber, 5 grams of protein, 2 grams of fat, 240 mgs of sodium, and 5 grams of sugars. I have a small "fit" anytime they run out at Cost-U-Less, so the managers do what they can to keep a steady supply of this bread. It seems my insistence on having this quality bread has created more of a demand, which is one of the reasons I'm not naming the brand. If you want this, do your homework and read the label! Eat well and be well!!

"Let's Eat! A Guide to Dining in Guam" Now Taking Space Reservations

If you are interested in placing an ad in the upcoming publication, "Let's Eat! A Guide to Dining in Guam", you can access details on the ad placements, sizes available, and their prices from the rotating large banner at or from the permanent banner on the lower right. If you are in a hurry, just click here. This is really exciting stuff, since we've been in need of a comprehensive guide for a long time. So, if you have a business you'd like to prominently promote in this divinely delicious publication, please call 635-7501 for more information on this tasty opportunity.

Around the Island - SA Feast, OHG Ahi Burger, Stanlee's Meets Bobby Cadillac's

The recent South African Food fest held this past Saturday as part of Chef Durliat's International Cuisine Experience deserves a few "after the fact" raves with the hope that many of you will make it a point to make it down to the Islander Terrace for Christophe's next travelling culinary adventure destination, which will be Greece on April 30. Although some of the dishes came from other parts of Africa (Algiers, Morocco, Cote d'Ivoire, and Central Africa), many dishes were indeed South African mainstays such as Bobotie, African Beef Casserole, Akwadu (Banana Coconut Cake), African Spiced Shrimp with Tabbouleh and Tomato Chutney, Green Bean Brodie (Green Beans and Lamb), Koesksister (pastry resembling donut twists), African Stuffed Guinea Fowl, and what impressed me most with its stunning magnificence, a whole roasted goat! So far, Christophe has taken us to Poland, Alsace, and South Africa, and I'm curious about what he'll do to make Greece a memorable culinary treat! Can't wait!!

It's hard to go wrong with any of the fabulous food selections at Old Hagatna Grill, whether for lunch or dinner. They really have put together one of the island's most original menus, and at a lunch meeting on Good Friday I had the Seared Peppered Sashimi with Wasabi Aioli ($8.50) and a delicious Blackened Ahi Burger toped with Cajun Remoulade, Caramelized Onions, and Fresh Spinach ($9.50), which had crispy onion rings in lieu of starch. Although the sashimi was spiced and had a sauce that further intensified the flavors, the Burger was truly a classic and rates right up there in my "Favorite Burgers'" Fish Category. I've got to get back to the Grill for more lunch entrees, among which are the Five Spice Marinated Pork Chops grilled and topped with a Sweet & Spicy Plum Sauce, the Shiitake and Bacon Stuffed Sauteed Chicken Breast finished with a Mushroom Cream Sauce, or the Italian Meatloaf Stuffed with Mushrooms, Peppers, and Onions.

If you've not noticed, there are two small sign posts with the Bobby Cadillac's logo on them in front of Stanlee's in Tumon. Bobby Cadillac's is a Saipan icon and known for Pizza, Burgers, Broasted Chicken, Fish & Chips and Smoked Turkey. There's presently construction going on inside the store as Stanlee's makes it's transformation into the expanded menu offering of Bobby Cadillac's. Eventually there will be a wine and liquor store that'll be Stanlee's and a power-house food operation that'll bring that juicy ,crisp (grease-free) broasted chicken to Guam along with other cool foods. It will be great for tourists, residents, and those who work in the Tumon area (another terrific take-out opportunity)!

Cold Stone Creamery is one of those places that breaks down your defenses and will-power so you can't resist its attraction. You are almost safe if you can stay outdoors, but once you get inside, you're hooked by the fresh baked aroma of waffle cones. The ice cream is the richest anywhere on island, creamy and luscious, and when you mix two together (Vanilla and Butter Cream, then add Macadamia nuts), well, you have to just smile and enjoy it because nothing this good can be that bad for you - unless your doctor advises otherwise!

Another Tumon landscape change is taking place across the Bank of Guam at the former Aji-Hey Japanese Restaurant, which is soon to open up as the Beef Bowl House Ushi-Ya, which used to be across from Micronesia Mall along Army Drive.

Nana's Cafe - Tumon's Quiet Oasis Featuring Chef Kishimoto's Special Sauces

It's been over two years since our last review of Nana's Cafe, which has a prominent beach-side location just north of the Outrigger and south of the Reef Hotel. At the time of our lunch review, Nana's had been open for a year and had evolved from what used to be Sails Restaurant, the outside deck of which still operates as Sails Seaside BBQ during evenings. In writing this review, I can't help but think of the first line from the previous review, which was "Nana's Cafe in Tumon in s full of nice surprises." Nana's has a rather calming and disarming ambiance about it, in fact, you can easily go off on a tangent touring around the restaurant's large interior, gazing at the imposing wooden statues (one of which is a giant eagle with another being a fisherman with a talaya), antique South Pacific travel posters, plants, woven baskets, thatched wall coverings, and canvas and rope marine images. Its casual, nonchalant and unassuming, so you can come as you are and settle in easily, whether you sit at a table or at the large bar, where you can order a beverage of your choice as well as from the menu, while looking out to the azure bay beyond.

Nana's is also where the Guam Plaza's Executive Chef Takuhiko Kishimoto "does his culinary thing", turning out a variety of intriguing sauces and entrees during lunch and dinner without making a big deal out of it. Chef Kishimoto is a 17-year resident and was previously best known for his stylized Cajun-spiced entrees and mushroom sauces at the former Seahorse Kurumaya Restaurant, a place that has passed into gastronomic legend. Nana's Cafe is a free standing restaurant separated from its parent (the Guam Plaza Hotel), which gives it an air of autonomy. The other distinguishing characteristic is the talents of Chef Kishimoto.

The A la Carte lunch menu and weekly specials all include a trip to the salad bar, where you can get miso soup, the basic salad bar ingredients with dressings including olive oil and balsamic vinegar. This week's lunch special was Assorted Seafood in Black Bean Sauce ($8.50), including iced tea. I also ordered the Grilled Chicken and Baby Back Rib B-B-Q Style ($9.50), primarily because I wanted to verify if this was still as good as it was when I had it in November 2003.

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