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June 24, 2005, Volume 5 Number 25

Dear "Guam Food Guy" Reader,

On Thursday, June 16, a special ceremony was held at the Ayuda Foundation office in Hagatna. Attending this ceremony were the girls from Junior Girl Scout Troop # 046, along with some of their parents, and several other girls representing Guam Girl Scouts, as well as the GGSI Executive Director, Vickie Fish. The purpose of this event was to officially provide a cash donation to Dr. Joe Edhlund, the local veterinarian who has been tirelessly flying assistance and aid to the tsunami victims in Indonesia. Continental pilot, Mike Wendt, who flies on the relief missions with Dr. Edhlund, was in attendance as well. Along with the cash donation made by Troop 046 was a donation of $175, which represented the proceeds of the dimes collected by the troop members at the Annual World Thinking Day activity held on February 19.

It was both a solemn and joyous occasion, the kind that brings a lump to your throat and causes goose-bumps to tingle up and down your arms and chest. These two compassionate men expressed a deep and personal appreciation to these young girls for their donation and for the fund-raising efforts involved. They detailed in simple terms how this money will help people, young and old, and told the girls that they should be proud of this humanitarian act. Dr. Edhlund expressed to the girls how much the $175 would help, and related that ten cents was worth about $10 in spending value in Indonesia, emphasizing to the girls how important this money was in real terms.

I can't speak for any else in attendance, but after hearing Joe and Mike's incredible stories and viewing aerial photos they'd taken of devastated remote areas that had not received the international media attention that Thailand and Banda Aceh had, I now have a new appreciation for the value of a dime. Thank you Dr. Joe and Captain Mike! Thank you, Girl Scouts. It's a blessing to see our little ones do "big things", and even more of one to know that they understand the beneficial consequences of their positive actions.

Ken, "The Guam Food Guy" (and proud Guam Girl Scouts Board Member)

In Today's Issue:

  • GFG Hosts K57 "Tourism & You" Food Guy Segment Saturday June 25
  • Sizzling Summer Cooking Classes - Guam Community College - Register Now!
  • Thursday Night Mongolian BBQ - Ohana Beach Club, Outrigger Guam Resort
  • Liberation Day Celebration in San Antonio July 16 - Big Guam Fiesta in Texas
  • This Time Last Year - Highlights from GuamDiner Newsletter
  • "Let's Eat!" Dining Guide to Guam - Now Taking Space Reservations
  • Around the Island - Curry Kebab's New Website, Se Somjai Thai, Roy's
  • La Brasserie - Showcasing Asian Cuisine and Chef Duong's Culinary Diversity

GFG Hosts K57 "Tourism & You" Food Guy Segment Saturday June 25, 10am

Listen up this Saturday morning for the Guam Food Guy's segment of K57's "Tourism & You" Show, from 10am-Noon. This week's guests will be Chef Ashok Pandian and his wife, Matti Mathews, owners of The Curry Kebab, and Executive Chef Christopher Aguilar, Outrigger Guam Resort and winner of the 4th Annual UOGEF/MCA Chef's Cup Competition held in May. This will be a very interesting and informative show, with each chef sharing a recipe on the air! Show time is 10am for this two-hour program.

Sizzling Summer Cooking Classes - Guam Community College - Register Now!

Attention all "wannabe"chefs and anyone wanting to learn new cooking skills! GCC is offering Sizzling Summer Cooking Classes, with the first of five classes starting July 7, so it's important to register now since enrollment is limited.

Courses, Dates & Costs:

Stocks, Soups, Sauces ( 12 Hours) July 7-9 $120
Basics of Baking ( 20 Hours) July 19-23 $200
Cooking with Kids ( 20 Hours) July 25-29 $275
Healthy Cooking (14 Hours) Aug 4-6 $150
A Taste of Asia (14 Hours) Aug 18-20 $150

The Basics of Baking course includes Quick Breads, Yeast Breads, Sweet Doughs, Pie Doughs & Pies, Cheesecake, and Cakes. The Healthy Cooking course will cover Low Fat Cooking, Low Sodium Cooking and Low Sugar Desserts. For the Taste of Asia, you'll be introduced to Hawaiian Flavors, Chinese Cuisine, Sushi and Sashimi, and Thai Cuisine.

You can register at the Office of Continuing Education in Room 2122 at the Main Admin Building, or by phone, call 735-5574 or 735-5611, or by e-mail to one of the following addresses:

Register now!

Thursday Night Mongolian BBQ - Ohana Beach Club, Outrigger Guam Resort

When it comes to dining out, there's no better way of "having it your way" than to go Mongolian, and now that the Outrigger's Ohana Beach Club has designated Thursday night at their Mongolian Barbecue Night, you can have your food seasoned more ways than has ever been available before. Plus, if you get down to the Ohana Beach Club before 6:30pm, you will be able to catch a glorious Tumon sunset while the food you've chosen is being grilled right before your eyes!

Priced at $1.25 per ounce, you can choose from a vast variety of fresh vegetables, including bean sprouts, broccoli, Chinese cabbage, straw mushrooms, red & green bell peppers, onions, celery, carrots, baby corn, and water chestnuts. Then you add any meats you'd like, including beef, pork, chicken, fish, calamari, and shrimp. Proceed to the scale where your plate is weighed and you're given a ticket after which you "sauce" your dish. Recently, I went through this process, and I did not expect to see the variety of sauces and ingredient toppings that you could add to your Mongolian feast. These toppings included black bean sauce, oyster sauce, hoisin, chopped ginger, lemongrass and garlic, finadene, sweet chili sauce and a variety of oils from chili to sesame. After "saucing" your dish you hand it to the cooks and await delivery of your Mongolian delight.

Part of the beauty and appeal of Mongolian BBQ is that is the power of its visual presentation. You can't help but crave Mongolian once you've got a whiff of its heady, garlicky aroma. Dinner includes Iced Tea, and a buffet line with fried rice (they had an awesome curry rice when I dined), spaghetti and sauce, salad bar, hot garlic/cheese bread, fresh fruit and several dessert choices. For the quality and variety, you certainly get your Mongolian BBQ money's worth at the Ohana Beach Club every Thursday from 6-10pm. This is one of those meals where having it your way means it's the best way to dine!

Liberation Day Celebration in San Antonio July 16 - Big Guam Fiesta in Texas

A former Guam resident and good friend, Charlie Guerra, recently sent me an announcement in the Taotao Tanota Guam - SA ( San Antonio Chamorro Community) Newsletter stating that they will be holding their Liberation Day Celebration on July 16. The event will be held at Raymond Russell Park in San Antonio. They even have a special Liberation Day t-shirt listing all of Guam's villages. For more information on this and other events for all Chamorro and Guam family members living in the San Antonio, Texas area, contact Eva Aguon Sosa at

This Time Last Year - Highlights from the GuamDiner Newsletter

June 25, 2004 , Vol 4 No 26

Restaurant Reviewed: The Brown Bag Cafe - Healthy Gourmet Salads, Sandwiches and More

Chuck's Steak House Famous "Baseball" Cut Steak
Adventures in Bali - Alila Ubud's Magical Spa and the Dirty Duck Diner

"Let's Eat!" Dining Guide to Guam - Now Taking Space Reservations

If you are interested in placing an ad in the upcoming publication, "Let's Eat! A Guide to Dining in Guam", you can access details on the ad placements, sizes available, and their prices from the rotating large banner at or from the permanent banner on the lower right. If you are in a hurry, just click here. This is really exciting stuff, since we've been in need of a comprehensive guide for a long time. So, if you have a business you'd like to prominently promote in this divinely delicious publication, please call 635-7501 for more information on this tasty opportunity.

Around the Island - Curry Kebab's New Website, Se Somjai Thai, Roy's

The Curry Kebab recently launched their website,, which provides fairly comprehensive information on their restaurant with links to Indian recipes and spices. I was dining there the other night and had a refreshing Mango Lassi, as well as Chicken Korma, Shrimp Masala, and Naan bread (always fresh from the tandoor oven). While dining there, I had the pleasure of conversing with another patron who makes it a point to visit the Curry Kebab whenever he's in town. He really enjoys the food at Curry Kebab, and since he's a vegetarian, he is able to find an appealing dish from the menu or he asks for something special to be prepared. This guest is David Cohen, the Deputy Assistant Secretary of the Interior for Insular Affairs. Another link David has with Indian cuisine is that his wife is Indian, so this little eatery provides a way of touching base with familiar foods from his house even though he is thousands of miles away from home.

It must be more than just a coincidence, but I've dined at Se Somjai Thai twice this month, with the last time being Father's Day. There's something that owner Somjai Vongjalorn does with her ingredients that keeps diners returning time and again. This must be the secret to what people describe as home-made goodness. The Combination Pad Thai is delicious and comes as a fairly large portion. The Deep Fried Pork is one of the best on the island...and one of her specialty appetizers. Se Somjai has a spacious dining room that can accommodate large family functions or gatherings. Se Somjai has a nicely calm and quiet atmosphere and that is one of the reasons my friend Carol and I enjoy dining there plus it's a great place for her daughter Jasmine to run around (besides Jasmine is quite fond of Somjai's Fried Rice). If you don't have time to dine inside, you can order take out at 477-5115.

Roy's 'Cuisine of the Philippines' promotion will run through June 26, so you still have a few days to sample appetizers like Gilataan Kuhol (spicy escargot with coconut milk, ginger, pepper and spinach), or one of several excellent entrees, such as the Salmon Sarciado (seared fresh salmon topped with diced tomato, garlic, and egg), Kare Kare (braised short ribs in a peanut glace, natural jus, and salted shrimp butter sauce), Venison Tapa (venison loin marinated in soy, garlic, and pepper corn), or Chicken Adobo (broiled chicken breast marinated in soy, vinegar, peppercorn, and roasted pineapple). There's nothing better to end this dinner with than one of Roy Yamaguchi's Signature Melting Hot Chocolate Souffle!

La Brasserie - Showcasing Asian Cuisine and Chef Duong's Culinary Diversity

When I first heard the news that Executive Chef Phillip Duong was leaving the Palace Hotel for the new Holiday Resort Guam, I knew that it would be a lucky throw of the dice for the new property. When you've eaten the variety of foods prepared by local chefs, whether buffet or a la carte that I have had the good fortune to do, you learn to discern the personality and skills of the chef. In Chef Phillip's case, it's his ability to prepare Pan-Asian cuisine, and the descriptive food labels on the buffet lines don't even come close to describing the intensity and authenticity of the flavors that await.

La Brasserie has been a fixture on Guam's dining landscape ever since the Parc Hotel opened in 1996. The restaurant has carried on through the various hotel name changes, serving many cuisine styles as it sought to establish an identity, and has ironically returned to its European (primarily French) origins though placed firmly in the colony formerly known as French Indochina, or Vietnam. Chef Phillip is Vietnamese and his culinary experience has been broadened and deepened by his postings at hotels throughout Asia, in particular Thailand, Singapore, and Hong Kong. So, it came as no surprise when I walked into the $11 (inclusive) Asian Cuisine Lunch Buffet served Mondays through Wednesdays that I saw and tasted fabulous foods that are the trademark of this soft-spoken, talented chef.

Although the menu elements are subject to change each day, you can easily gain an appreciation for what Chef Phillip Duong has done to impress from the variety and diversity of foods he's created for this Asian Cuisine buffet. The appetizers started out with sushi, then followed by platters of Charsiu Pork, Century Eggs, Chicken Kelaguen, Fresh Lumpia, and bowl of Shredded Chicken & Cabbage for making a cold appetizer with sauce. Also on the appetizer counter were pre-made bowls of Cold Rice Noodles, some with cut portions of Fried Egg Roll, and others with Sauteed Beef, but all garnished with chopped peanuts, lettuce, and mint. To these you add red chili paste, pour over fish sauce, and you have a Vietnamese delicacy! There was a hot soup in a closed kettle that could have been either a Sinigang or just hot/sour broth that I didn't have time to explore.

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Bon appetit!

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