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July 8, 2005, Volume 5 Number 27

Dear "Guam Food Guy" Reader,

It is said that the Chinese "live to eat", which reflects a philosophy and a practice that I, as well as many others, have grown to embrace. Just as you've heard how lifelong learning is encouraged by educators, it has been my good fortune to be able to live my life learning more about the foods we eat. Granted, though it is essential that we must "eat to live", it is the freedom and excitement of how we choose our foods and how we prefer them prepared that takes us to the higher plain of "living our lives to eat well."

This idea of learning about foods is highlighted in this week's review of Chung Hae Korean B.B.Q., where I was introduced to a unique version of Neng Myun (cold noodle soup), one of Korea's most popular summer dishes typically made with buckwheat noodles. Chung Hae's version uses noodles made from the yacon root. If you or anyone you know has diabetes, this may be something you'd like to try. Why? Well, for starters, studies are showing that yacon appears to lower blood sugar, and that yacon has antioxidant and anti-microbial properties. It also improves digestion. Yacon has its origins in the Peruvian Andes of South America and can now be found in Asia and other parts of the world. It has dark brown skin and resembles an elongated potato. It's texture is crunchy like a water chestnut, however it is refreshingly juicy and sweet (it's sweetness intensifies when left in the sun). Yacon is appealing since the type of sugar it contains is mainly oligofructose, which is a sugar that can't be absorbed by the body. It's naturally low in calories and doesn't increase blood glucose levels.

Impressed as you may be by the considerable scientific research supporting the health applications of Yacon, nothing can prepare you for the exhilarating taste of the actual soup at Chung Hae's! And beef-lovers, I guarantee you've never had any Kalbi locally that'll even come close to Chung Hae's in tenderness, succulence, and quality! Read the review and find out why, then get on down to Chung Hae Korean B.B.Q. and write your own comments in their guest book!

Ken, the "Guam Food Guy!"

In Today's Issue:

  • Fireworks, Funnel Cake, and BBQ - Celebrating the 4th on Guam USA
  • Banquet Guide Puts Guam On Top of the Event World
  • Mahie's Orchids and More - A Tropical Garden of Wondrous Surprises
  • This Time Last Year - Highlights from the Guamdiner Newsletter
  • "Let's Eat!" Dining Guide to Guam - FINAL WEEK for Space Reservations!
  • Around The Island - Roy's Touch of American Creole, Chao's, Bobby Cadillac's
  • Chung Hae Korean BBQ - New Eatery Boasts Great Cuisine and Homey Hospitality

Fireworks, Funnel Cake, and BBQ - Celebrating the 4th on Guam USA

Americans around the world celebrated the July 4th Independence Day holiday, but there is probably no where else in the world where Americans enjoyed an F-15 flyover, Rock & Roll Bands, Funnel Cake & Deep-fried Oreos, and the fantastic 30 minute fireworks display that we had at Polaris Point. Though we could have gone to the block party, we chose the Polaris Point party to honor our Armed Forces (as well as for the fireworks - which couldn't be matched by any other party that night). The event was organized by MWR so things flowed smoothly overall, except for a little bit of rain. This didn't dampen our spirits.

We sampled some of the food prepared at the concession tents. The chicken & pork skewers weren't that good, however a hot dog with all the fixings kind of made up for the skewers. It was Zee's first time trying deep fried oreos which were pretty good and a lot more enjoyable than the skewers. These oreos, and the Funnel Cake we eventually had, are made by Vangie Cruz-Quintanilla of Scrumptious Guam, who has in this past year become a permanent fixture at the Chamorro Village's Wednesday Night Market. Her "Scrumptious Guam Mobile" can usually be found parked in West Agana Beach Park, across from the GCIC Building. We had chocolate syrup and powdered sugar on our cake - it was decadently tasty! After the fireworks we headed up to Tumon to celebrate the 4th American Style with a platter of Tony Roma's Ribs - a last minute decision to fill that BBQ void created at Polaris. They do have their sauce!

Banquet Guide Puts Guam On Top of the Event World

Be sure to pick up a copy of the June Issue of Directions Magazine to get the latest scoop on event planning as well as to see why Guam is considered the event capital of the world in an article penned by the Guam Food Guy. You can't miss this issue on the's front cover is graced by the Honorable Judge Frances Tydingco-Gatewood. There are informative articles on Guam's strategic value to the military, insurance risk, and a thought-provoking one on faith in the work place. Ray Calma's photo of the stealth bomber brings you up close and personal to the Air Force's most elusive aircraft. The magazine is chockful of practical information and tips to business and community professionals, as well as useful tidbits of life wisdom and insights that apply to everyone.

Mahie's Orchids and More - A Tropical Garden of Wondrous Surprises

I still don't know why it's taken me so long to pay a visit to Mahie's Orchids and More's central Tamuning location just off of Chalan San Antonio on Attorney Alberto Lamorena St.(just past Elite Bakery). It's a veritable tropical plant wonderland - and I thought it was just about orchids! We stopped by on after enjoying a terrific Y Kusina Chamorro Restaurant Sunday Brunch - it was Zee's first time seeing the new location and her chance to get reacquainted with the Cepeda clan who run Y Kusina. She thoroughly enjoyed each food she sampled from their extensive buffet spread. The visit to Mahie's Orchids caused me to obsess over all the beautiful plants and flowers...I simply couldn't get enough photos of these beautiful mood enhancers! Believe me, a walk through Mahie's tropical garden will lift your spirits! Go visit and see for yourself, and bring home a plant or two - it's therapeutic and beautifies the neighborhood! Mahie's is open Mon-Sat from 9:30am-5:30pm, and until 4pm on Sundays.

This Time Last Year - Highlights from the GuamDiner Newsletter

July 9, 2004 , Vol 4 No 28

Restaurant Reviewed: La Brasserie's Daily Lunch Buffets- Where Fresh Means Best!

Cold Stone Creamery Opens this Weekend with Ice Cream & Charity
Sam Choy's, GameWorks & UnderWater World 5th Year Highlights Local Management

"Let's Eat!" Dining Guide to Guam - FINAL WEEK for Space Reservations!

The deadline has been set for ad placements in the upcoming publication, "Let's Eat! A Guide to Dining in Guam". You don't want to miss out on being featured in this comprehensive guide for diners living on or visiting Guam. The deadline is Friday July 15 so please call 635-7501 to reserve your space. You can click here for more information on this tasty opportunity.

Around The Island - Roy's Touch of American Creole, Chao's, Bobby Cadillac's

Experience American Creole, with Roy's Touch, at Roy's from July 1 - 23, at the Hilton Guam Resort & Spa. Roy's talented Chef de Cuisine, Eddie Chien, is presenting a series of American Creole Tasting menus that will include such Cajun classics as Jambalaya, etouffe, gumbo, and blackened dishes, all touched by Roy's creative style. For more information, call 646-DINE (3463), or visit their website.

Chao's Restaurant, located in Dededo's Daily Plaza across from the flea market near Guam Bakery, still has some of Guam's tastiest Chinese food and has nearly doubled it's space since my review in September 2004. We were enjoying a late lunch at 3:30pm and were famished, so we ordered Salt & Pepper Wings ($7), Kang Kong with Garlic ($6), Chao's Roast Duck ($20 whole), and Yuang Chou Fried Rice ($6). Everything we ate was delicious...made by Chao's chef/owner, Zhang Zi Min. The Kang Kong had marvelous chunks of bronzed roasted garlic...making this dish a rich and aromatic health fest! I don't know how he seasons his duck, but it is cooked perfectly and tastes so good you actually don't need to dip it in plum sauce to enjoy the's even good left over and re-heated! It's not easy for me to get back around to place's like Chao's as often as I'd like. Zhang told me he'd expanded into the second adjoining bay last December. It's a space he needed and now can accommodate more dine-in customers, though he still enjoys a thriving take-out business. Chao's is open daily from 10am-10pm. Call Chao's at 637-2388.

We did a Bobby Cadillac's take-out test run the other night. We called ahead and ordered a Broasted Chicken meal ($7.50), a Fish & Chips meal ($7.50) and a Medium Pepperoni Pizza with Olives( $14). We arrived about 20 minutes later and spent some time talking to owners Mike and Cherry Schadeck. The chicken and fish meals were brought out in styrofoam containers and the pizza was in a cardboard pizza box. To assure that the crispy exteriors of the fish and chicken don't steam up and "sog", it's suggested to crack open the container to release the steam. We left them open and drove 10 minutes to our place. We put our DVD movie in and prepared to eat. The verdict? The food was quite flavorful and still retained the crispness, though it was understandably not as hot as it would have been had we stayed at Bobby Cadillac's Tumon location. They have a savory tartar sauce as well as a fresh, home-made coleslaw that is better then most. We did have leftover chicken and pizza, which made good snacks later. We hope more people find Bobby Cadillac's as satisfying as we did while staying home with a DVD. Call 646-2530 to order yours.

Chung Hae Korean BBQ - New Eatery Boasts Great Cuisine and Homey Hospitality

"When humans eat very delicious food it makes them happy." Okay, so this may sound a bit trite when you first read it, but it carries a world of weight and veracity when happily proclaimed by Hyunn, Chung Hae Korean B.B.Q's cheerful owner. She truly believes this and has made it her personal mission to make her guests leave "happy". In truth, they leave much happier! It's almost too good to be true! You'll just have to find this out for yourself! I can honestly say that this review turned out far better than I'd expected. It has everything to do with the mesmerizing confidence of Hyunn's sincerity and faith in the quality of her food.

Barely open for a month in one of the two gold-colored arcade buildings on Fujita Road, just down from the Tumon precinct, the sign "Korean B.B.Q." is impossible to miss. The adjacent twin building is the new home to Marty's Mexican Merienda and Cantina. I was invited by Hyunn to evaluate her restaurant. This is her first time running one, she said, and wanted my advice. I don't know what possessed her to jump into Guam's fiercely competitive restaurant arena, but I'm glad she did. Even though the furnishings and modern equipment that were built by the original owner (pink ventilators hang from a duct system suspended from the ceiling over each table's self-cook burner) creates an impression that this could be a franchise operation, Hyunn runs this restaurant like it's her home and treats each diner as a personal guest.

After we were first seated, I went outside to get a few photos of the exterior before the sun set, and accosted a guest who had just picked up take-out from Chung Hae. I asked if he'd been here before. He said it was his second time and that the food was really good, just like he had when he was stationed in Korea. He also said he liked the hostess( Hyunn). When I went in, Hyunn had given us the menu, taken our drink orders, and then gave me a loose ringed binder that contained written testimonials from her guests. The comments from the guest book were consistent, with remarks like, " Excellent food, superb service"; "Very delicious and outstanding cuisine. Great service."; "A pleasant surprise to my tastebuds--light, healthy, and yet filling. Gracious hostess and wonderful dining music!. Good luck!"; and "Thank you! Good traditional Korean food. We will be back!". There were all of these (and more) effusive positive comments and we'd not even had a bite yet!

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Chal Mokkeisumnida!

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