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August 12, 2005, Volume 5 Number 32

Dear "Guam Food Guy" Reader,

If you are feeling adventurous and looking for a change of pace from the usual daily schedule, activities, and events that besiege us in the central and northern island districts, then you should consider taking a drive to the southern part of Guam. Not only is it a scenic and relaxing drive, it also can take you to some really neat dining experiences. Going south from Naval Activities you'll run into Jan Z's in the Agat Bay Marina. Jan Z's is famous for its burgers, seafood combinations, crab cakes, and huge pancakes along with other breakfast treats like the Hobo.

Further south, you'll encounter Dan's Restaurant, which is on the Merizo Pier, and offers a combination of Korean, local food and burgers. Also in Merizo is C & J Hamburgers, which is a small family-run enterprise that makes juicy burgers to order. They have some specially-seasoned French fries, for which they are gaining a following. We tried these flavorful "frites" and found them irresistible. After you've passed the island's southern tip and are heading north, you'll see a quaint little road-side stand [in photo at right] in Malojloj called McKraut's, which is run by our good friend, Lutz Uhurmeyer, who also imports excellent German beers and other foreign brands through his company Hansa Imports. McKraut's features burgers, hot dogs, sausages, bratwurst, and a grilled salmon filet. McKraut's has a couple of tent canopies set up for guests, and they are open from 11am-10pm Monday to Friday and from Noon-10pm on weekends. Of course, no trip around the southern part of Guam would be complete without a stop in to Jeff's Pirates' Cove in Ipan, Talofofo. Jeff's is noted for its fiesta plates, home-made burgers, Greek food and broad beverage selection, making it a favorite island "watering hole". Be sure to check out the Seaside Museum for interesting items on display from Guam's past.

Ever heard of Max Pizza? No, it's not a movie about an Italian pizza's a new, healthier pizza using a crust made from whole grains but with a taste like refined white flour. Read more about this in our newsletter and be sure to check out this week's review of Simply Food Vegetarian Restaurant, which is a popular eatery where healthy and tasty foods await.

Ken, the "Guam Food Guy"

In Today's Issue:

  • Food Guy Story & Fav Music - KPRG's "Fresh Lake Way" at Noon Friday Aug. 12
  • GVB's 35th Anniversary Gala Dinner, Sept 3, 2005, Leo Palace Resort
  • Max Pizza Features Dough Made From Newly Developed White Whole Wheat
  • Jan Z's Fish & Chips, Chicken Strips,Sweet Potato Fries and More
  • This Time Last Year - Highlights from the GuamDiner Newsletter
  • Around the Island - Mermaid Tavern, Marianas Trench Expands
  • Simply Food Vegetarian Restaurant - Where Healthy and Tasty Meet

Food Guy Story & Fav Music - KPRG's "Fresh Lake Way" at Noon Friday Aug. 12

Tune in to KPRG Public Radio's Friday Island Hour Show, "Fresh Lake Way", which features in-studio guest Ken Stewart, Guam's Food Guy, who will be interviewed by Bonita Malone, hostess of this weekly show. The Food Guy will reveal personal details of his life experiences (such as the fact that he'd been a rock musician in his youth) as well as how he developed his passion for cooking and eating. "Fresh Lake Way" mixes conversation with several selections of the guest's favorite music (a difficult if not impossible process). Among some of the songs featured will be Sarah Vaughn's "Body & Soul", Steely Dan's "Glamour Profession", Stevie Wonder's "Overjoyed", Seal's "Waiting for You", "Out of Africa's" main theme song "I had a Farm in Africa", and Basia's "Yearning".

GVB's 35th Anniversary Gala Dinner, Sept 3, 2005, Leo Palace Resort

The public is cordially invited to attend Guam Visitors Bureau's 35th Anniversary Gala Dinner to be held on September 3, in the Zefiro Ballroom of the Hotel Belvedere at the Leo Palace Resort. The attire for this event is coat & tie. The event starts at 6pm and lasts until 10pm. Tickets are $100 per person or $900 for a table of 10. For reservations and information, contact Vanessa Simpliciano at 646-5278/9 or by email to This will be a memorable evening, with excellent cuisine prepared by Master Chef Fujigaya's culinary team, along with a retrospective of the past three decades of the GVB's, as well as a view of its present day activities and future vision.

Max Pizza Features Dough Made From Newly Developed White Whole Wheat

It's taken ConAgra Foods Inc. about eight years and millions of dollars to create and develop a new whole grain called Ultragrain White Whole Wheat. This is a grain that has not been genetically modified but was created for its properties of appearing white and not brown, which is the traditional look of whole wheat breads. Ultragrain is now turning up in pasta, cookies, crackers, and in other products that are in line with the USDA's new food pyramid recommendations that encourage people to make whole grains half their daily grain consumption.

Max Pizza is a pie with a crust that's half whole grain, so it is essentially a healthier pizza than the regular white refined flour dough that's been in use for ages. The Max pizza has the same taste and texture so flavor and the overall pizza experience is not compromised.

This new product is certainly a welcome breakthrough since it is a positive step in overcoming the negative perception in some people's minds against brown breads or breads with seeds. You'll be able to get the healthful benefits of fiber and other whole grain nutrients from eating what appears to be white bread. It is always recommended that you read ingredient labels to see what other ingredients are included in the foods you eat. In the meantime, I think I'll get a piece of that Max Pizza!

Jan Z's Fish & Chips, Chicken Strips, Sweet Potato Fries and More!

You'll have to believe me when I say it's worth the drive down to Jan Z's (organize a car pool with your friends) to get some of their delicious Fish & Chips ($7.50) which are made with basa filet, the Vietnamese catfish that's been taking the island - and the world - by storm! This is soft, flaky, moist white meat in a crispy, golden panko/flour blend. You should also try Chicken Strips ($7.50), Chicken Wing Zings ($6.75), Onion Rings ($4.75), Calamari Rings (a house specialty, double-battered, with a sweet chili sauce, $7.50), and Sweet Potato Fries (Sm $2.50, Lg $4). We had a sampling of these the other day and ate so much I didn't have room for one of Jan Z's famous "Z" Burger, which is a hand-made 8 oz. beef patty grilled on a sesame seed bun with lettuce, tomato, pickles and raw (or grilled) onions. There's plenty more menu items available, including a respectable breakfast menu that would satisfy the heartiest of appetites. For more info call 565-2814.

This Time Last Year - Highlights from the GuamDiner Newsletter

August 13, 2004 Vol 4 No 33

Restaurant Reviewed: Trattoria You - Tumon Italian Eatery Serves Food You Can Sing About

Jamaican Grill Reveals 2nd Location in Tumon
Experience a Taste of Bali at Outrigger's Palm Cafe, August 17-21

Around the Island - Mermaid Tavern, Marianas Trench Expands

The Mermaid Tavern, located in the GCIC Annex in Hagatna, is Guam's Po Boy Capital! Their menu features seven great Po Boy Sandwiches, with my selection (Shrimp Po Boy - $7.50) exceeding my "taste-pectations"! Served on a toasted French bun with Provolone cheese, six juicy seasoned sauted shrimp were lined atop a bed of grilled sliced red cabbage. I poured a little tangy Creole sauce on this to give it an extra boost. It was a worthy sandwich. Other Po Boys on their list include the Steak Po Boy, Yellow Fin Tuna Po Boy, Smoked Ham Po Boy, Eggplant & Portabella Mushroom Po Boy, and a Sausage Po Boy made with spicy Chamorro sausage. The menu also features some burgers along with a family of terrific pizzas. The Mermaid Tavern is also home to the Great Deep Brewing Company, Guam's only microbrewery. Good news is that The Mermaid Tavern is in the process of expanding to extend its capacity. Call 472-2337 for take-out and more information.

Talk about expansions! The Marianas Trench has undergone an incredible growth in space and size since the review I did a couple of years ago. They now have taken over three complete bays in the Northwest Plaza (next to Hafa Adai Exchange) in Tamuning, and have extended their bar and lounge to the space fronting on Marine Corps Drive. There are two large dining rooms (one smoke-free) and the bar/lounge/entertainment area is separated from the restaurant, although you can order food in this area too. What this means is that the Marianas Trench has become Guam's largest Thai Restaurant. We had dinner there recently and were quite impressed by these recent and ongoing changes. They have added new items to their menu, too. We ordered Thai Style Ribs ($7), Papaya Salad (Som Tom - $8), and Tom Yum (Lemon Grass Soup with Chicken, $9). The heat scale at the Trench is 1 to 10. We had originally ordered 5, but then lowered it to 4. The 4 for the soup was still quite high in heat, so unless you are able to handle really spicy-hot, I'd recommend going for a 1 or 2 mildness. The taste of the salad and soup were superb, and we enjoyed our ribs (down to the bones) by dipping them in a sweet chili sauce. The service was really on point and the ambiance was definitely Thai with music and decor to set the mood. I think you can expect to see and hear great things about this huge Thai cuisine and entertainment center. Call 646-4049 for take out and information.

Simply Food Vegetarian Restaurant - Where Healthy and Tasty Meet

Simply Food is located in the Seventh Day Adventist Mission Building in Agana Heights, next to the Seventh Day Adventist Church. It is Guam's only full-on vegetarian restaurant with a dining room, and is co-located with the Adventist Book and Food Center. It's hard to believe that my last review of Simply Food was in September 2001, although I've eaten here at least once if not twice a year since that review. It's the only place I go to where I feel like I'm appeasing my conscience, since most of what I eat is everything other than vegetarian. Though most of the food selection and atmosphere has remained the same, there are a few new menu changes, notably the Dinner Roll Mini Sandwich ($2.95, which includes 4 items from the list of sandwich fillers).

Simply Food is more than just a restaurant - it embodies a nutritional philosophy that emphasizes both spiritual and physical health, so it's no wonder I always feel a sense of elevation and completeness after dining there. The people who eat at Simply Food appreciate the straightforwardness of the foods that are served, and it's easy to understand why they are attracted to an eating experience they consider to be both wholesome and nutritious.

The Lunch Counter at Simply Food is open weekdays only from 11am-2pm, while the grocery store is open Mon-Thu from 8am-5:30pm, and from 8am-3pm on Friday. Food can be ordered for take-out or to eat in. Simply Food has a user-friendly do-it-yourself order menu, which has sections for the Daily Specials, Entrees, a la carte items, Sandwiches, Drinks, and Desserts.

It is amazing to see the range of food selections available. There seems to be something for every appetite and taste. Simply Food runs Daily Specials each month, and the special for Tuesday was a Vegetable Wrap with Brown Vegetable Rice and Black Bean Soup ($5.99), which was what I ordered. My companion ordered the Mushroom Loaf with Whole Wheat Rolls ($5.99). She added corn soup as an add on for $2, and I decided to try the Cheese Lasagna with Garlic Bread ($5.99), though I was tempted to do the Tofu Spinach Lasagna....guess my craving for cheese overcame my yearning for spinach! For drinks, my partner had a Tofu Shake (L $3.95), which blends one fruit juice (passion orange guava) with one fruit (strawberry). I went for a Smoothie (L $3.95), which blended my juice choice (guava) and a fruit (strawberry) with frozen yogurt. Once you complete your order sheet by checking and/or circling your selections, you turn it in and go find a table.

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Bon Appetit!

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