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September 9, 2005, Volume 5 Number 36

Dear "Guam Food Guy" Reader,

It is with great sorrow that we announce the closing of Uncle Bob's Steak House, which had only been open at its new Anigua location for just less than a year. Uncle Bob's had even made the coveted Top 10 Reviews for 2004 list for a review done in December. Uncle Bob's steaks were legendary and of a size and magnitude that cavemen would dream about! Unfortunately, due to the declining health of Uncle Bob's owner, Bob Dalizel, the popular restaurant and bar could no longer continue operations. I recall our first review of Uncle Bob's when it was located in Sumay, just outside the gates to Naval Station. The Porterhouse and New York Steaks were eye-poppingly huge, and lasted us a couple of days! An interesting fact was that a Japanese food critic had seen that review on the Internet and came to Guam with the purpose of finding Uncle Bob's to verify the steak sizes for himself, which he did. Aside from the steaks, Uncle Bob's had introduced a savory lineup of smoked meats, including Texas style beef brisket, an item that had been in demand for many years. We will miss this fuschia colored eatery, and wish Uncle Bob improved health in the months to come.

We also want to encourage everyone to open their hearts and wallets to contribute to the fund-raising efforts for the evacuees of Hurricane Katrina. This is a time when these people really need the attention, concern, and support from their fellow citizens. Our being 10,000 miles away makes our donations all the more special. Our giving makes us better people. In the immortal words of President John F. Kennedy, "Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country." Let's give.

Ken, "The Guam Food Guy"

In Today's Issue:

  • Tasty Cookies + Worthy Cause = Girl Scout Cookies for Katrina Sept 10 & 11
  • "Hav an avo" at Hava Java Cafe - Free Avocado Enhances Superb Sandwiches
  • Jamaican Grill Honors Policemen, Firemen and Paramedics with Free Lunch on Sunday September 11
  • Rolfing The Pain Away
  • This Time Last Year - Highlights from the GuamDiner Newsletter
  • Around the Island - Curry Kebab's 2nd Anniversary, Islander Terrace German Mondays, Y Kusina Sunday Brunch, Chung Hae Korean Special Lunch Take-out Bento
  • Siam Thai Restaurant - Serving Tantalizing Thai Cuisine at Reduced Prices

Tasty Cookies + Worthy Cause = Girl Scout Cookies for Katrina Sept 10 & 11

The Guam Girl Scouts will be holding a two-day giant Girl Scout Cookie Sale to benefit the victims of Hurricane Katrina. The first sale is this Saturday, Sept. 10, from 1-4 pm @ the Tamuning COST-U-LESS location. On Sunday, the Cookie Sale will be held from 1-4 pm at the Guam Premier Outlets, in the Mall Court area in front of Twinkies. The reason for this extraordinary, first-ever, non-programmed fund-raising cookie sale, according to a Guam Girl Scouts' press release, is because "Our girls want to help the victims of Hurricane Katrina. In our Girl Scout Promise we pledge to 'help people'; in our Girl Scout Law, we say we will do our best 'to be considerate and caring' & 'to make the world a better place.' Now is the time to act on those commitments."

The net proceeds for these "extra" cookies that had been ordered for the 70th Anniversary of Girl Scouting on Guam, will be sent to the Girl Scout councils in the areas impacted by the hurricane. Come and show your support this weekend by purchasing cookies (we have most of your favorites) and sign cards of encouragement being made by the Girl Scouts to send to the victims of the storm. Please help the Guam Girl Scouts help others! For more information, contact Vicki Fish, Executive Director, Guam Girl Scouts, at 646-5652 (GGS Center), via cell phone 687-6834, or

"Hav an avo" at Hava Java Cafe - Free Avocado Enhances Superb Sandwiches

You can "hav an avo" (have an avocado slice) for free at Hagatna's Hava Java Cafe while the local avocado season lasts due in no small part to the generosity of their friends! All you have to do is to write "AVO" in large letters on the order form when placing your deli-style sandwich order. I happened by earlier this week and noticed the sign and immediately asked for avocado slices on my favorite sandwich, the Chicken Salad ($6.75). Now, let me tell you why this is my favorite sandwich...I usually have a toasted baguette, but since they were out that day, I had a toasted Sub Roll (which was a great stand-in), along with lettuce, tomato, red onion, alfalfa sprouts, dill pickles, provolone cheese ($0.50 more), mayonnaise, & red wine vinegar. The Cole Slaw is exceptionally good, and the China Mist Fiesta Fria Iced Tea is bottomless. The avocado just enhanced a sandwich I considered perfect in the first place! Call Hava Java Cafe in advance to place orders for your sandwich or beverage (espressos, soda fountain drinks, Italian sodas, teas, granitas, and milk shakes) at 477-0600.

Jamaican Grill Honors Policemen, Firemen and Paramedics with Free Lunch on Sunday September 11

Jamaican Grill is extending a special free lunch invitation to all of Guam's Policemen, Firemen, and Paramedics this Sunday to honor their fallen comrades called to duty during the 9/11 Terrorist Attacks in the United States, as well as to show appreciation to the service they provide the local community. Jamaican Grill wants to recognize these efforts and thank them for the support given to the community.

Lunch will be from 10am-4pm, with the following restrictions:
* You must be in uniform or have identification
* This applies to all active Guam Policemen, Firemen, and Paramedics
* This is for In-House orders only

The menu includes the Chicken & Ribs Combo Plate, Red or Jamaican Rice, House Salad, and one Large Mango Tea.

Rolfing The Pain Away

In an earlier newsletter I wrote about my Rolfing experience, and how I had embarked on a series of Rolfing Sessions. For those who don't know, Rolfing is a series of ten sessions that are designed to help the body align itself within the gravitational field. It is quite different than massage, with which it is often confused since it does involve the use of hands on the body. Rolfing is more involved than massage, since it works with the body's connective tissue or fascia. The fascia is the thin elastic semi-fluid membrane that covers the muscles, bones, nerves, blood vessels, and body organs.

This week I had my third session during which my outer legs were rolfed, and my feet and arms received treatment, too. I really can feel the difference in my ability to move body parts more easily. In addition, my posture has shown some improvement, and I feel that I've gained flexibility.

One area where rolfing may help your organization is in the downtime incurred when an employee has a Repetitive Motion Injury, such as Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. Rolfing has shown that it can decrease the RMI injury claims and put people back to work once treated. If you or anyone you know has had a sports, auto, work, or personal accident injury, Rolfing may provide an effective solution to your pain. Rolfing is provided locally by Pat Pexa, who is a certified Rolfer. You can contact Pat 687-PEXA (7392) or e-mail her at For more information on Rolfing, visit the Rolf Institute website.

This Time Last Year - Highlights from the GuamDiner Newsletter

Sept 10, 2004, Vol 4 No 37

Restaurant Reviewed: Where to Go for Good Chamorro Food - The Guam Food Guy's List

USAF Thunderbirds Air Show
Farewell Chef Ronnie Guillermo
American Red Cross 2004 Red Ball

Around the Island - Curry Kebab's 2nd Anniversary, Islander Terrace German Mondays, Y Kusina Sunday Brunch, Chung Hae Korean Special Lunch Take-out Bento

The Curry Kebab celebrated it's second anniversary this past Sunday with a special buffet menu that included Onion Pokorra, Chicken Tikka Butter Masala, Lamb and Mushroom, Beef Kofta Curry, Shrimp Chettinadu Fry, Dhal Makani, Navaranthna Korma, Saffron Rice, Papadam, and Naan Bread. There were also some salad bar items, dessert, and fruit. We wish to commend Ashok Pandian, Curry Kebab's Chef/owner, and his wife, Matti Mathews, on an outstanding achievement in developing and growing this unique culinary destination. Their Indian cuisine has filled a niche in our restaurant pool, and the restaurant serves as a culinary destination for educating our young people and public on the spices, flavors, and exotic preparations that makes this food so immensely popular.

The Islander Terrace is pleased to announce the introduction of German Night Mondays to its Weekly Line-up of outstanding Theme Dinner Buffets. For $34 per adult, you can feast on an awesome variety of sumptuous German cuisine and foods of the Rhine River. Treat yourself to a feast of ragout dishes made with marinated beef and pork, smoked ham, bratwurst, pickled vegetables, soups, and desserts including apple strudel, sweetened berries, and tortes. To help in building your food vocabulary, we have listed a few German words for different meats: Fleisch - Meat; Kalbfleisch - Veal; Rindfleisch - Beef; Schweinefleisch - Pork. Guten Appetit!

Y Kusina Restaurant continues to impress, and their Chamorro Sunday Brunch has become a Food Guy favorite (in this category, there is no competition)! We recently went to Sunday Brunch with our friends, media personality Johnny Z and his wife Colleen, and we spent nearly two hours munching our way through chafing dish after chafing dish of delectable local favorites, like dried meat, breadfruit and oxtail in coconut milk, broiled eggplant in coconut, shrimp kelaguen, corn and chicken soup, pickled papaya, chamorro sausage, titiyas, and tamales gisu. There are other items like chopped pork chop and grilled onions, fried chicken, scrambled eggs, salads, vegetables, and even Spam, Bacon, and waffles. There were also about six or sever dessert items (including latiya, chocolate and velvet cakes), with the menu changing every Sunday. For reservations, call 646-2052.

Chung Hae Korean BBQ on Fujita Road (next to Marty's) is offering a Take-Out Lunch Bento Special you have to see to believe! Each priced at $7, you can get a Chicken Dosirak (dosirak means take-out), Bulgoki Dosirak, Shrimp Dosirak, and an all Vegetable salad. This is only for take-out and is offered between 11am - 1pm. There are other items available for lunch (dine-in or take-out) such include Chicken Wings, Tofu & Vegetable & Beef, Pork Kalbi, Fried Rice and Vegetables, and a few others Lunch specials available at varying prices. Chung Hae's has extended their opening hours from 10am-2am. If you've not been to Chung Hae Korean BBQ, please read the review we did a few months ago to hear about how the Yacon root helps diabetes, and how it is made into a refreshing cold noodle soup. Other items you need to try are the Kalbi, Scallops, Bulgogi, Cow Tongue, and Beef Dumplings. For information, call Hyun Lee at 649-2343. Hyun is Chung Hae's owner and she is becoming one of the island's favorite hostesses with her hospitality and excellent Korean food.

Siam Thai Restaurant - Serving Tantalizing Thai Cuisine at Reduced Prices

A lot has happened to Siam since my last review in October 2001. The restaurant has new owners who have maintained the quality of service and food established by the original family which earned the restaurant the title of Aniqua's Thai food haven and, in a perplexing (though welcome) twist, they recently reduced their menu prices. When I asked our server, Moe, for a take-out menu, she apologized and told me all of the prices had been reduced, and that they hadn't yet printed new to-go menus to reflect the correct pricing. Since I'd not been here in a while, I really couldn't tell why they lowered some of the prices on about half their menu.

For our order, the Yam Nua (spicy beef salad), was reduced from $10 to $9, the Fried Chicken Wings Appetizer went from $6 to $5.50, the Thai Green Curry with Chicken fell from $9 to $8, and the Phad Ka Prao with Pork also went to $8 from $9. The price of our final entree, the Vegetarian Hot Noodle (with egg & tofu) remained the same at $7. We ordered all of the dishes to be medium spicy, with the exception of the Vegetarian Hot Noodles, which we choose "spicy". All in all, the prices are pretty darned good since they are the same as the original review, and actually weren't bad when they were higher. Don't worry, we won't tell them!

Let's get to the food. My Thai Tea was delivered prior to the arrival of the Fried Chicken Wings appetizer. There were five crispy golden wings on a curry colored, fish-shaped platter, along with a bowl of sweet chili dipping sauce (blended with nam pla, fish sauce). We're pretty fussy about wings and these passed the test big time.

The Phad Ka Prao is one of the touchstone entrees I use to compare other restaurant's versions. I was somewhat concerned when the menu's ingredients listed Mint Leaves with Stir Fry Onions, Bell Peppers and Hot Chilis, as Basil is the proper herb. I have had both chicken and pork in the past, and prefer the minced pork. Siam's Phad Ka Prao was superior to most I've had! Basil was the central herb infused throughout, and the portion was ideal for two. The blend of crunchy green and red bell peppers, green beans, onions, pork and chili met my flavor expectations. I didn't order it Thai style with an egg on top, however, I did fry an egg sunny-side up on my leftovers, making sure to crisp up the egg white!

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Bon Appetit!

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