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October 14, 2005, Volume 5 Number 41

Dear "Guam Food Guy" Reader,

Stanlee's Deli is back in business! Come & get your favorite "sangers" (sandwiches), which may include "beef root", or pickled beets, pickled onions, and a hot homemade mustard you'll have to eat to believe! Yes, the same line-up of Stanlee's deli sandwiches are available in their original form again after a brief hiatus, and we are happy to report that there are a few new menu items, such as Summer Sausage with Wine and a Major League Hot Dog. Who can forget Stanlee's Pastrami, or Australian Lamb, or Black Forest & Honey Ham, or his tasty Corned Beef or impressive Rueben sandwiches! Stanlee's even has a Children's Toasted Cheese Sandwich for the kids, soups, fries, and for those who prefer meatless, a vegetarian sandwich. Stanlee's Deli Style sandwiches range in price from $5.50 to $8.50, and all are made to order with French, White, Multi-grain, Sourdough, or Rye.

Stanley Miller, Stanlee's owner, is a local icon and a living legend, who just celebrated the eighth anniversary of his opening on 10/10/97. His landmark bright yellow with green trim building (a tribute to Australia's sporting colors), has been frequented by thousands of visitors and local residents. In addition to enjoying one of his fine sangers, customers have always been able to will find Australian groceries, an international selection of fine wines, imported beers, specialty beverages, and souvenirs. I visited Stanlee's this week and noticed some remarkable changes in the furnishings...upgraded in fact to where you'd feel like you were sitting in the Westin - go there and see why!

In talking with my friend, Stanley, he expressed his concern about reviving his business and bringing back his regular customers. Many of them left during the time that the space was occupied by a Saipan-based operator who just didn't connect with Stanlee's customers who would come in for their "sanger fix" and a chat with Stan the man and were offered well done chicken, pizza, fish & chips, and a bill instead. So, for all of you former regulars, come on back down to Stanlee''s just like old times with a few new comforts and tasty treats. Don't let the signage fool ya, the place is still under a bit of renovation, and your patronage will help bring our Stanlee's back to normal!!

Good on ya, mates!

Ken, "The Guam Food Guy"

In Today's Issue:

  • Happy First Birthday for The Big Show's Guam Food Guy Friday Report!
  • Strides for the Cure 5K Race On October 15 at Pleasure Island
  • K57 "Tourism & You" GFG Food Guy Segment 10am Saturday October 15
  • 8th Annual Pastries In Paradise Winners
  • This Time Last Year - Highlights from the GuamDiner Newsletter
  • Habitat for Humanity - Popular Quiz Nite Returns, Thursday Oct 27!
  • Around the Island - A Saipan Tour with the Guam Food Guy
  • Pho Noodle House - Where Good Has Gotten Even Better

Happy First Birthday for The Big Show's Guam Food Guy Friday Report!

Happy Birthday to me, Travis Coffman & Frances Recheungel on the one year anniversary of the Food Guy's Friday Report's move from the Jon Anderson Morning Show (now The Breakfast Show with Ray Gibson & Patti Arroyo) to K57's afternoon talk radio event, "The Big Show". I still can't believe it's been a year! I'm looking forward to continuing having fun with Travis every Friday just after the 3:30pm news break! Stay tuned for new reviews and more exciting radio entertainment.

Strides for the Cure 5K Race On October 15 at Pleasure Island

One of the island's most popular 5K events will take place this Saturday morning at Tumon's Pleasure Island. The proceeds for this year's Strides for the Cure will benefit the American Cancer Society and the Edward M. Calvo Cancer Foundation. October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, so this event is also held to educate the public and make people aware of the need to eradicate cancer, as well as to promote early detection of the disease. Show time is 5:30am and Go Time is 6am. Pre-registration at Hornet is $10 for adults and $7 for students. Registration is $15 on race day. Free t-shirts and Strides wristbands will be given to the first 1500 finishers. See you at Pleasure Island!

K57 "Tourism & You" GFG Food Guy Segment 10am Saturday October 15

Listen up this Saturday morning for the Guam Food Guy's segment of K57's "Tourism & You" Show, from 10am-Noon. This week's first hour guests will be Sam Choy's Guam Executive Chef Peter Duenas and Chef de Cuisine John Fernandez, both hailing from Guam and certainly among the island's premier culinary talents. Chef Peter and I have teamed up in three of the UOGEF/MCA Chefs' Cup Competitions. He has won numerous awards and competitions. The second hour's guests will be a team from the Hyatt Regency Guam, including Executive Chef Hermann Grossbichler, Al Dente Chef de Cuisine, Mirko Agostini, and Hyatt's new Marketing Communications Manager, Catherine Cruz-Norton. We have also invited this year's Pastries in Paradise People's Choice Winner for Best Presentation and Best Tasting Dessert, Hyatt Regency Guam's Pastry Chef Suharto, who also won First Place in the Bailey's Challenge. These live in-studio interviews will offer unique, candid, and interesting insights into the people behind the scenes at the island's restaurants. Your phone calls are welcome. Call 477-5700, or *57 on your cell phones.

8th Annual Pastries In Paradise Winners

Last Saturday's 8th Annual Pastries in Paradise was one of, if not the, best attended of this popular event. We were confronted with what could only be described of as a "sea of chocolate loving humanity" when we arrived shortly after 7pm. In the first hour alone the Illy Caffe booth went through 240 bottles of the new San Pellegrino Sparkling Water with Fruit, and their popular Afogado Illy Espresso with Ice Cream was depleted early on as well.

For the various competitions, there were some new faces contending as well as a new sponsor, Archway, Inc, who held the Torani Sugar Free Beverage Challenge. The GCC Culinary Academy came out in full force and managed to place well in three categories.They tied for second-place with their Tapioca Filled Chocolate Ravioli created by Carol Perez. Another superb creation of the GCC team was a Chocolate Cream filled Cannoli. Sam Choy's booth was a breathtaking Willie Wonka Chocolate Bubble Filled Fantasyland. [Photo: (L-R Rear) Dave Tydingco, Pres. GHRA; Jason Sakazaki, PDN; Bart Jackson, PIC GM & GHRA Chairman; Judges Cup Winners (L-R) 3rd Place Peter Duenas, Sam Choy's; 2nd Place (tie) Carol Perez, GCC & Jude Cagvioa, Hilton Guam Resort & Spa; 1st Place Finisher, Gary Gruz, Hotel Nikko Guam]

The winners of the all the competitions are listed below:

Judges Cup:

First Place: Hotel Nikko Guam, Gary Cruz, "The Apprentice"
Second Place: GCC Culinary Academy Team, "Tapioca Filled Chocolate Ravioli"
Second Place: Hilton Guam Resort & Spa, Jude Cagvioa, "Tapioca Pot Pie"
Third Place: Sam Choy's Guam, Peter Duenas, "TRI-PIOCA"

Bailey's Challenge sponsored by ST Corporation:

First Place: Hyatt Regency Guam, Chef Suharto
Second Place: GCC Culinary Academy Team
Third Place: Guam Hotel Okura, Chef Nobukazu Takada

Torani's Sugar Free Beverage Challenge sponsored by Archway, Inc:

First Place: Westin Resort Guam, Ener Cruz, "Heavenly, Dreamy, Etc."
Second Place: Kaveh Kanes, Stuart Arcayos, "Kaveh My Kona Coffee"
Third Place: GCC Culinary Academy Team, "A Kiss Good Night"

People's Choice

Best Presentation of Dessert: Hyatt Regency Guam
Most Creative Dessert: LSG Sky Chefs
Best Tasting Dessert: Hyatt Regency Guam
Best Booth Design: Sam Choy's

This Time Last Year - Highlights from the GuamDiner Newsletter

October 15, 2004, Vol 4 No 42

Restaurant Reviewed: Din Tai Fong Dim Sum Restaurant - Savory Food That'll Touch Your Heart

Highlights: Pastries in Paradise, October 16, Hilton Guam Resort & Spa

Habitat for Humanity - Popular Quiz Nite Returns, Thursday Oct 27!

Becky North, one of the mainstays in the local Habitat for Humanity group emails information that the very popular trivia quiz night fundraiser for this important organization is upcoming later this month. Get your team together and go out and win some cash, have dinner and raise money for Habitat!

Quiz Nite Team Trivia Challenge & Dinner
6pm Thursday, October 27th
Guam Marriott Resort and Spa Chamorro Ballroom

Pay $180 for a team of six. Top prize is $600 cash. Every team wins a prize. Teams who have paid by Friday, October 21st will be eligible for a special early bird raffle. For more information call 565-6480 or 475-HOME or email

Around the Island - A Saipan Tour with the Guam Food Guy

A short trip to Saipan early this week allowed me the opportunity to try a few new places such as the Izakaya Tori Hide American Sushi Japanese Restaurant located in Garapan, just down from the road from Dai Ichi Hotel Saipan Beach. I read a little about this place when it had opened last year and was pleased to be able to walk in for a quick lunch. The ambiance is quaint, with a large dining room sectioned off into small seating areas, some for single diners and couples, with others for larger parties. A Japanese TV show was on while I perused the menu, deciding on the Torihide Bento ($12), which had the widest representation of Japanese foods, including Shrimp Tempura, three kinds of Sashimi, Chicken Teriyaki, Rice, and Miso Soup. The sashimi was super fresh, and I had some yellow tail, maguro, and ahi, all of a surprisingly good quality. There was a lot of teriyaki chicken, well-broiled in a savory teriyaki sauce. The menu has a variety of seafood dishes and Japanese specialties, as well as sushi galore, and live lobster. I noted that they have authentic Chicken Yakitori (something I enjoy) for dinner only, so I do have to come back. Their phone number is 287-6492.

The Shimbashi at the Dai-Ichi Saipan Beach has exceptional Teppanyaki. I joined Executive Chef David Spitzer, his wife Nancy and daughter Megan for a teppan dinner. I had a Combination Seafood and Steak, which had large scallops, shrimp, and salmon with an excellent Certified Angus Beef Tenderloin. As I ate at the teppan counter, I recalled how Guam used to have so many great teppanyaki restaurants. The quality of the meal that I had this night was better than many good ones I've had on Guam, and I'm talking taste, freshness, and preparation. There will be new and exciting things happening at this hotel in the next few months...stay tuned.

An impressive new restaurant/cafe called Cafe at the Park has opened this year in Garapan, located across from the American Memorial Park, just east of the Hyatt Regency.This restaurant has an espresso cafe section called Java Beach Espresso. I dropped in and talked to the owners, Gabe and Pat Boyer, and found out that Todd Eclavea was the Executive Chef. Todd has worked on Guam and at the Rota Resort. The menu for the restaurant is Italian. There are lots of baked pastries and breads in the coffee shop section. I did sample a Cafe Mocha, which I really enjoyed...they are using one of my favorite coffees - Lavazza, which is Italy's No. 1 brand. The restaurant has a special ambiance - you can tell that a lot of thought and investment went into designing and building the Cafe at the Park. I'll have to return for a lunch or dinner. Their number is 233-1010 for the restaurant, and 233-1012 for the Java Beach Espresso shop.

Tan Marikita's Cafe has a 2nd location that opened earlier this year on Beach Road in Garapan. The original location is on Tun Herman Pan Road on the way to the Airport. The restaurant is part of Herman's Modern Bakery and has an abundant supply of baked items, including rolls, pastries, cookies, pies, cakes, and breads. The restaurant also serves a breakfast that includes omelettes, pancakes, French Toast, Chamorro Breakfast and Tun Herman Pan's and Tan Marakita's Special Breakfasts, with prices ranging from $5.95 - $9.50. They serve sandwiches (some are deli type, build your own) and others include Burgers, Hot Dogs, a Smoked Salmon Sandwich, Club, BLT, and Rueben Sandwich. The good news is that the breakfast is served all day long, so now I have a new place to come to when I crave a nice Chamorro day-starter! I'd stopped late in the afternoon and bought a pastry and donut, and had some coffee. The cup is big and the coffee is smooth. Definitely a place to try...a nice homey atmosphere, clean, and professionally run.

Just before going to airport on a day that was awash with rain and gusting winds, I stopped into the Oleai Beach Bar & Grill on Beach Road in San Jose for a San Miguel, an order of Chicken Wings ($6) and a small Sausage & Pepperoni Pizza (9" $5). These prices were super and the view from the covered patio deck of the bay was inspiring. I relished these wings, which weren't batter dipped. They came with a tangy blue cheese dressing. The thin pizza crust made eating the topping easier, since each bite didn't fill my mouth with dough. The pepperoni and sausage had been finely chopped to blend better with the other toppings. I never really have been able to spend enough time on Saipan to do all of the restaurant eating I'd like to.This restaurant's daily specials caught my attention...this night they had Blackened/Charcoal Pork Chops or Shrimp Bisque for $7.50. On Saturday they have Garlic Shrimp and Minestrone for the same price, as well as Tex Mex from 6-11pm. As I said, I have to come back and spend more time eating here...this is a really fun kind of bar/pub/grill, located on the beach where the waves lap right up against the shore below the deck. The phone number is 235-1756.

Pho Noodle House - Where Good Has Gotten Even Better

It's been more than four years since I reviewed Pho Noodle House in Tamuning's ITC Building, and when I stepped in the other day as I was leaving their new neighbor, House of Brutus, I promised sibling owners Sang and Huong Kim that I'd be back. I'm glad that I did, and this time, I brought company, so that I could get an experienced second opinion from someone who won't hesitate to "tell it like it is." Fortunately for us, we had recently eaten a home-cooked Vietnamese meal in a friend's Pago Bay house where her Vietnamese girl friends helped her prepare an exceptional Bun Rieu (Crab Noodle Soup) and awesome Fresh Lumpia, so we have some gustatory knowledge on comparing the quality of Vietnamese cooking.

Pho is a small, quaint eatery, with tables close enough to where you could easily share conversations with other diners. It just so happened when we arrived that they were watching DVD's of Vietnamese TV productions, one was a modern opera and the other was a beauty pageant/awards show, filmed in the Southern California, home of a large Vietnamese population. I noticed that the walls had a few more art pieces than before, and there was a greater sense Vietnamese culture..or maybe I was just more in tune this time around. We scanned the menus and made our choices, ordering Pho (Vietnamese Beef Soup $6), Chicken Wings Appetizer ($5), Beef Salad ($6.50), and Chicken Lemongrass ($6), and I had the Iced Coffee Vietnamese Style ($2).

Sang brought out a plate with bean sprouts, two stems of fresh Thai Basil, local lemon wedges, and a small bowl with sliced red and green boonie peppers. This was the add-in ingredient plate for the Pho. By the way, Pho is the national soup of Vietnam, so it's not just any ordinary is steeped in tradition and mixed with great is something cherished and valued culturally. When Sang delivered the steaming bowl of Pho, I was momentarily mesmerized by the broth's aroma, and knew we were in for a treat.

I quickly picked the basil leaves and tossed them in the soup, along with the bean sprouts. Then I squeezed both local lemon wedges into the soup before putting the wedges in as well. I asked Zee if we should put both the red and green peppers in the soup, too. These were sliced vertically to give more exposure to the seeds. No surprise when she said, "Yes, put them in as well...they'll flavor the broth making it nice and pika!" I portioned out two bowls and then added a splash of hoisin sauce into each. The broth had onions (white and green), shredded beef, sliced meat balls, tender oxtails, and rice noodles with a generous sprinkling of black pepper atop. It was heaven...certainly the best Pho I've had at any restaurant.

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Bon appetit!

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