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Guam Diner Newsletter, November 30, 2001, Volume 1, Number 23

Dear "Guam Food Guy" Reader,

I am often asked what my favorite restaurant is...which to me is about as hard as trying to choose my favorite food. One would think that being a reviewer of restaurants should make the selection process easier, but you'd be surprised at how difficult it has actually become, since some of my new discoveries introduce me to awesome culinary preparations and just plain darn good eating. My answer to most questions about picking Guam's best restaurant depends on the type of cuisine. For Thai, each restaurant has something I particularly like, such as Ban Thai's Paht Thai, or Thai Kitchen's Pad Bai-Kra Proa (Thai-style w/fried egg), or Siam Cuisine's Yam Nua (Spicy Beef Salad). Of course, I'm a fanatic about specialty Japanese dishes, such as Izakaya Katsu's (The "Green Door") Tofu Steak or their Fried Shrimp and Oysters (something you'll always remember); or the Japanese Bacon Pizza (Okonomiyaki) and Katsu-don (Pork Cutlet & Egg Bowl) at Sakura's Kitchen in Upper Tumon. I could go on with more about these as well as other cuisines, and maybe I'll have to put my experiences in a book someday.

Recently I was asked for recommendations for lunch outside of Tumon and the hotels...there were several choices on a short list, such as Old Hagatna Grill, sandwiches and Mexican Mocha at Hava Java Cafe, Le Tasi Bistro, La Mesa's, Firefly, Ocean Bay Chinese, Simply Food, Lonestar, and Josephine's Chamorro Kitchen. They settled for French at Le Tasi...a good choice for a European getaway, serving daily specials that rarely disappoint, which include a dessert selection from their heavenly assortment of fresh baked pastries. There are so many choices from a wide variety of restaurants. The search engine on can be an easy way to get food information quickly. All you need to do is put in a key word search and wait for the returns from reviews or other relevant information. You can rest assured that there will be more restaurants added to the list of reviews, some that even I have not yet visited. If you have any dining experiences you feel are worth sharing, or if you find a restaurant that you believe should be reviewed, e-mail me at Who knows, I might even join you on your next visit!

In Today's Issue
  • GMH Blood Bank - Urgent Request for Donors!
  • GHRA 4th Annual 5K Jingle Bell Run, Walk & Wheel, December 1, 2001
  • "Tourism & You" - Japanese Training Specialist Interview - December 1
  • Guam Girl Scouts Annual Christmas Tree Sale, December 7 - 8
  • Catcrea Deli Cafe - ITC's New Hidden Secret Revealed

GMH Blood Bank - Urgent Request for Donors!

I wouldn't ask you to give blood if I didn't give it myself, and give it willingly I did on Monday, along with a few other folks who'd responded to the call for blood donations. Apparently, there were a few surgeries that required unusually high amounts of blood (these were patients known as "bleeders"), and these rapidly depleted available stocks as well as a good portion of the most recent shipment. Please take time and call 646-7733 or 647-2376 to schedule an appointment. It shouldn't take more than an hour for the interview and the virtually painless procedure. Your blood FREE! can save lives...that's why it's so important to give! In addition, you can have your blood pressure checked, your heart rate, your red blood cell count, your temperature, and your weight checked, all for free! You'll have your choice of free orange juice or bottled water, plus you'll receive a $4.50 coupon towards the purchase of food at the GMH cafeteria. If you need to arrange for a special time to make your blood donation, just give them a call. They'll be very accommodating. Blood - giving and receiving - it does a body (and soul) good!

GHRA 4th Annual 5K Jingle Bell Run, Walk & Wheel, December 1, 2001

OK, folks! It's that time of year again when you can participate in the GHRA Jingle Bell Run, considered to be the best race in which to have "fun!" I recall last year when I wore bells and wheeled my infant god-son Nathaniel sure put me in the Christmas spirit! I lost a few pounds in the process, too! Show time for this event is 5:15 AM, Go time is 6:00 AM, with the route starting at Acanta Mall going to Ypao Beach Park and then back to Acanta Mall!. There will be T-shirts for the first 800 finishers. Pre-registration is $10.00/individual and $25.00 for a group of no more than 5. Last day for pre-registration is November 29 (Jungle Java Cafe locations, Hornet, and GHRA office). Race Day Registration is $15.00/individual and $35.00/group. Don't miss out on the fun - lots of prizes, entertainment, drawings, refreshments, and even a costume contest, so wear something cute!

"Tourism & You" - Japanese Training Specialist Interview - December 1

Tune in to "Tourism & You" on K57 this Saturday morning, at 10:00, to hear the Guam Food Guy guest host this popular radio show. My guest in studio will be Ms. Toshie Ito, Training Designer, Language & Customer Service, for Ko'Ko' Master Planning, a division of Vector Works Design & Builders, Inc. If you are interested in knowing more about improving the performance of people in the tourism, retail and service industries, this program will provide some valuable insights.

Guam Girl Scouts Annual Christmas Tree Sale, December 7 - 8

Those great Noble and Douglas firs are on the water and will be available at the Guam Girl Scout Center in Tamuning on Friday morning starting at 9:00 AM. It is strongly recommended that you buy your tree on Friday, since it is expected that most trees will be sold on that day! The Guam Girl Scouts trees have traditionally been considered to be of superior quality, literally a "cut above the rest!" Support Guam Girl Scouts by purchasing your Christmas tree next Friday!

Catcrea Deli Cafe - ITC's New Hidden Secret Revealed

"If you don't think highly of yourself, who will?" is an old saying I've oft heard repeated by dispensers of wisdom I've known throughout my life. Well, when I saw the Grand Opening announcement ad in the newspaper for Catcrea Deli Cafe, I thought the owners of this establishment had taken that old saying to the extreme by claiming to have the "best food, the best gourmet coffee, the best service, the best value for the money, and simply the best place to have breakfast and lunch, all-in-one." My two recent visits to Catcrea Deli Cafe, located on the ground floor of the ITC Bldg. across from the Tamuning Post Office, challenged these high claims, which most people probably had taken with a grain of paprika anyway. However, had they just used the word "good" instead of "best", their self-valuation would have been more accurate. In fact, the same ad mentioned a few other attributes, such as "relaxed atmosphere, Internet, Hotel-quality pastries, and a little bit of Tumon." These qualities should have been emphasized foremost, since this peaceful cafe (not a "deli" by any stretch of the imagination) is filled with feline charm, wonderful contemporary background music (jazz fusion/soft pop), probably Guam's most comfortable furniture, and some truly creative cuisine.

Owned and operated by Miki Fukomoto, who also runs Tumon's Cafe Crea Internet Cafe, located between the Westin and the Okura hotels, Catcrea Deli Cafe is a fascinating anomaly, almost seeming a bit too eclectic for this Tamuning location that looks out over the Industrial Park. Yet, there is a redeeming virtue to the large windows and bright spacious light yellow interior, giving plenty of room for customers to sit alone along the window ledge, at a table with a group of friends, or on a designer couch or settee reading one of the books on cats while sipping a Cafe Mocha or Caramel Latte. This ambiance is artistic, with track lights and collectibles. Plenty of "eye candy" as they'd say.

Still new, Catcrea Deli Cafe has a modest menu selection, serving breakfast and lunch entrees...

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