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Guam Diner Newsletter, December 14, 2001, Volume 1, Number 25

Dear "Guam Food Guy" Reader,

I can't tell you how pleased I am with the increased amount of traffic we are receiving at the website. Although the statistics are showing a steady increase in visitors each month, I take special pride when I have a one-on-one encounter in front of a computer screen with someone who has not seen the site. The response has been universal - everyone is amazed at how huge, well-organized, comprehensive, and easily navigable the site is, not to mention its "usefulness" for those searching for restaurants, specials, local recipes, products, and services.

This e-zine has grown from a handful of readers to a few thousand. However, I am surprised at the number of readers who haven't visited the web site recently. You need to know that this site is dynamic, with changes taking place each day. has become a "portal" site, offering a wealth of food related information for consumers and commercial establishments. If you haven't visited this website within the past 30 to 45 days, check it out.

Speaking of checking something out, look at today's review of the new Ohana Beach Club Guam, Outrigger's latest contribution to the island's inventory of quality eating establishments, and Guam's only beach bar/restaurant where you can actually sit with your feet in the sand. For those of you who've been following my reviews, I've been on a mission for great hamburger experiences, such as Jan Z's, Outback's, Jungle Java's, and Jeff's Pirates Cove's, and I am compelled to tell you that Ohana Beach Club's Grilled Mushroom Cheeseburger is not only a sight to behold, but it is "the Bomb!" Find out why and learn more about the other great menu items available, along with specialty cocktails in what promises to be a very popular "hot spot" where you can cool off with ice cold beverages, and fill your belly with tasty treats.

In Today's Issue
  • VIP House Chinese Seafood Restaurant Opens New Tumon Location
  • Fill the Kettle - Salvation Army Needs Your Donations
  • Ohana Beach Club Guam - Tumon's Newest Beachfront Eatery
  • Tairyo Sushi Bar - New Tumon Eatery Serves Awesome "Super-Fresh" Sushi

VIP House Chinese Seafood Restaurant Opens New Tumon Location

The popular VIP House Chinese Seafood Restaurant has finally opened its 2nd location above Mac 'N Marti in the Tumon Holiday Plaza Hotel. The original VIP Chinese Seafood Restaurant is located across the street from the Pacific Islands Club on the 3rd floor of the Asahi Duty Free Bldg. Known for its exceptional Walnut Shrimp, Mongolian Beef, Fried Rice House Special, Steamed Talapia with Brown Sauce, and Ma-Pou Tofu, VIP's new location will offer an even wider variety of seafood items. You can expect a review describing both locations in the near future.

Fill the Kettle - Salvation Army Needs Your Donations

Now more than ever before, your help (either financial or by volunteering your time) is needed by the Salvation Army. All charities are having their challenges this year, however, The Salvation Army's large umbrella of services cover a wide spectrum of people with serious needs. I strongly request your assistance, as I do with the GMH Blood Bank's urgent call for blood (Types O+ & B). I put my mouth to work to raise money and give my blood to save lives - this is something you can do too. Please help. You can make a difference.

Ohana Beach Club Guam - Tumon's Newest Beachfront Eatery

Still brand new with just a few finishing touches being made, the Ohana Beach Club is serving delighted customers some really big sandwiches (these are the kind that grab your attention when the waitress carries them by). I had occasion to eat lunch here recently. It's easy to find. Since it's part of the Outrigger Guam Resort, you can take a pleasant walk from the lobby, outside past the pool, where you'll see the Club's covered dining area. It's just beyond the playground that was built to entertain youngsters. You can also access it directly from the beach, either by coming south from the Okura Hotel (Sails is adjacent) or going north along Tumon Bay from the Hyatt Regency. For those who remember, it's the same spot where Tahiti Rama was located.

The Ohana Beach Club is open seven days a week, from 10 am to sunset, with Happy Hour from 5 pm to sunset. The colorful menu has plenty to please every appetite, featuring sandwiches, appetizers, tropical drinks, and other beverages. The Reuben Sandwich ($6.75) has been a hit with some diners. They also have a Mahi Filet, Tuna and Dill Sandwich, Veggie Burger, German Bratwurst, All American Beef Hot Dog, Fish & Chips, and even a Shrimp Louie Salad: ($6.75), made "with an assortment of vegetables from Chef Clayton's garden." One sandwich I thought sounded interesting was the Italian Muffalatta, described as "Venus's homemade focaccia bread with a black olive and anchovy tapenade!" It comes with "sliced Genoa salami, proscuitto ham, provolone and mozzarella cheese" and is garnished with red onion, tomato and lettuce.

To start out, we ordered the onion rings, which are big thick slices deep fried in a light, crisp breading. They are served stacked on a pole, similar to one seen at a carnival ring toss booth. It's a unique presentation...

Click here for more on the Ohana Beach Club Guam

Tairyo Sushi Bar - New Tumon Eatery Serves Awesome "Super-Fresh" Sushi

"Oishii!" must have been repeated a hundred times! "Delicious!" That's what this brand new Tumon sushi bar should be called! If you love sushi, then this is a restaurant where you will appreciate it's culinary appeal as well as enjoy a freshness that will astonish you.

Open since November, Tairyo Sushi is located in the Blue Lagoon Plaza, that relatively new complex located across San Vitores from Stanlee's, just a short distance behind the 7-11 on the center's corner. Serving lunch (11:30 am - 1:30 pm) and dinner (5:00 pm - 9:30 pm) daily, this clean, smoke-free rotary sushi restaurant is already growing in popularity. Their Christmas Special (December 1 through 31) is offering a sushi plate (2 pcs) for $2.00, regardless of type of seafood! Tairyo serves what's called Edomae-Sushi, which is the traditional style in Tokyo. There are over 40 types of sushi available on the menu. This price will revert to the regular price of $3.00/plate in January.

The word "Tairyo" loosely translates into "big fish harvest," and that's really what you are getting here at Tairyo Sushi Bar. The operating company, Gyoren Guam, Inc, is affiliated with the Japanese Fishery Association, similar to Guam's Fisherman's Co-Op, in that it serves as a clearing house for fresh fish caught by many fishermen. In Japan, this is a major business and is run with an amazing efficiency and speed that assures a high standard of quality. The freshness you taste with each bite of Tairyo's sushi can be attributed to this organization's fierce devotion to maintaining quality at all levels of handling.

I was accompanied on a lunch visit by two remarkable ladies, Nanae Ishizeki and Toshie Ito, of Ko Ko Master Planning, a local training and marketing company. Aside from their being splendid company, they proved an invaluable educational resource, explaining details about the sushi types, its quality, and the Japanese fishing industry that enhanced both my awareness of and knowledge about sushi.

Tairyo's General Manager, Noboru Ishimori, was introduced and he explained how hard they work to keep the products fresh and that they use only the highest quality ingredients. He brought a sheet of "nori" (dried seaweed), which is imported from Saga Prefecture in Kyushu. We tasted it, remarking on its crispness and was obvious that this was one of the key differences to their product...bringing in a "nori" from a region known for its quality.

Tairyo has five lunch specials that are $10.00 ea, which include miso soup, and Iced or Hot Tea. The A set has 10 pcs of sushi; the B set is 7 pieces of sushi with a California Roll; the C set is Chirashi (assorted); D is Tuna and Salmon Roe; and E is 6 pieces of Deep Fried Shrimp. This last item is good for those who may not like sushi, but who dine with someone who does...

Click here for the FULL STORY.

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