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Guam Diner Newsletter, December 21, 2001, Volume 1, Number 26

Dear "Guam Food Guy" Reader,

It's snowing at!! You'll have to go to the website's front page to see the snow flakes cascading down! Looks like we're going to have a white Christmas after all, even if it is "virtual!" With Christmas just a few days away, some folks are braving the crowds to do their last-minute shopping while others are attending parties. Yet the one thing that truly makes this holiday season memorable is the fabulous selection of Christmas food that will grace the tables of many homes as well as fill the buffet lines at some of our hotels, while other establishments are offering special holiday menus. You can even take home complete meals from a few of the the hotels if you don't want to bother with the hassles of shopping and preparing the meals. Hilton's Caffe Cino offers a new "Holiday Feasts-To-Go!" package, which includes a honey glazed ham, freshly roasted turkey with all the trimmings, and an oven roasted goose! It's enough to feed 10 to 12 adults. I thought the goose was an extraordinary touch.

The year 2001 will soon be coming to a close...this will probably be one year nearly everyone will be relieved and happy to place firmly in the past. There will be some exciting opportunities to be "happy" and to celebrate the new year in style. One unique event is a 1940's extravaganza to benefit the Opera of the Pacific. "Swing In the New Year" at the Holiday Inn Resort will have two parties, one in the afternoon at a matinee, and the other will be an evening gala. The matinee will have a brunch buffet, live music with entertainers, and a Victory Day Radio Play. The evening gala will include a dinner buffet, Live Jazz w/Entertainers, the Victory Day Radio Play, Big Band Dancing (Cairns Show Band), and a midnight Champagne Celebration & Sing-along! I'm going to attend both - why? Because I'm performing on stage again, this time in the radio play! I only wish I could clone myself since the Hilton Guam Resort & Spa's "Moulin Rouge" party promises to be an unparalleled "tour de force" event, filled with the gaiety, excitement, and grandeur of Paris as depicted in the recent film sharing the same title.

However you plan on spending your Christmas and New Year's events, be grateful for your health and well-being. Show compassion for the less fortunate by donating money or time to any of the charitable organizations that are providing services to those with needs in our community. And whatever you do, be sure to go out and eat at your favorite restaurants, since nothing satisfies the spirit as much as consuming a well-prepared meal.

In Today's Issue
  • Korea Palace Opens at Micronesia Mall Food Court - December 21st
  • New OPS Bakery/Pastry Shop Opens Near Tamuning Cost-U-Less
  • Carl's Jr. Features $.99 Specials!
  • Joinus Teppanyaki - $9.99 Lunch Special Exceeds Expectations

Korea Palace Opens at Micronesia Mall Food Court - December 21st

Hagatna's Korea Palace is set to open its second location in the Micronesia Mall on Friday, December 21. This eatery will offer sit-down dining with BBQ grills built-in to the tables so that you can cook Yakiniku-style. This will be a welcome addition to the Food Court's culinary options.

New OPS Bakery/Pastry Shop Opens Near Tamuning Cost-U-Less

Right next to the Water Express Store in Tamuning (the Cost-U-Less shopping center) in what used to be the original Mac 'n Marti location is a brand new bake shop called OPS. This Asian-style bakery offers a wide selection of breads, pastries, cakes, and cookies. Open daily from 7:00 am - 9:00 pm, OPS has baguettes, Jelly Roll Cakes, Pound Cakes, Butter Toast, Swiss Rolls, Japanese style sandwich bread, prepared sandwiches, assorted cookies (some packaged with others sold individually), and Madeleines. You will be impressed with the interior decor and the design of this bake will be very popular for those shoppers wanting Japanese and Korean style breads and pastries. Look for the colorfully-attired baker statue in front of the store.

Carl's Jr. Features $.99 Specials!

Carl's Jr. at the Micronesia Mall is currently running a special promotion in which you can get a Famous Star Burger, a Spicy Chicken Sandwich, A Double Cheeseburger, Crisscut Fries, or a large 44-ounce drink for just $.99! A printable discount coupon is also available offering $1.00 off any sandwich (not applicable to the $.99 promotion!) at's lunch specials.

Joinus Teppanyaki - $9.99 Lunch Special Exceeds Expectations

Mostly everybody I know loves to eat Teppanyaki. There's something exciting about seeing your selection of foods cooked right in front of you on a hot griddle. The delicious aromas of grilled garlic, vegetables, chicken, shrimp, seafood, and steak, flavored with a splash of brandy, wine or sake, fill the air and capture your senses. It's intriguing to watch the teppan cooks deftly slice the meats and vegetables with razor-sharp knives...some chefs even make a spectacle of their chopping skills, adding an element of entertainment. The Joinus $9.99 Lunch Special is not about being entertained. It's about eating great food prepared by cooks following a tradition of excellence at this venerable Japanese restaurant known for its high service standards and food quality over the past two decades.

Located on the ground floor of the Tumon Sands Plaza, Joinus Teppanyaki shares a common entrance area with the Keyaki Japanese Restaurant (renowned for it's sushi bar, Shabu Shabu, Sukiyaki, and other popular Japanese dishes. When I first heard about the $9.99 lunch special, I assumed that I'd be getting a choice of either grilled steak, chicken, or seafood, with rice, salad and miso soup. I was astonished to discover that the Joinus lunch special features the following three combination menu options:

A. Beef Top Sirloin, Spring Chicken, and Shrimp w/Bacon
B. Beef Top Sirloin, Salmon, and Shrimp w/Bacon
C. Spring Chicken, Salmon, and Shrimp w/Bacon

These are served with fresh garden vegetables, green salad, rice, and miso soup.

Joinus has a long teppan counter as well as several large teppan booths, capable of seating eight guests. I sat at the counter and ordered green tea and course A. A waitress asked what type of dressing I wanted on my salad (Japanese, of course!) and it was taken off of a cart that contained many pre-made salads. It was fresh, with crisp lettuce, garbonzo beans, a tomato wedge, and some shredded red cabbage.

I observed the plate containing the raw ingredients of my meal...

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