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Guam Diner Newsletter, July 13, 2001, Volume 1, Number 3

Dear "Guam Food Guy" Reader,

"Out with the old, and in with the new," or so the saying goes, and watching the dismantling of the old Sizzler Restaurant in Agana brings to a close yet another chapter in Guam's restaurant history. It's not likely you'll see Sizzler here again, nor Shakey's, and probably not even California Pizza Kitchen (at least not in the next few years). You will see some new restaurants, as well as the expansion of existing popular eateries. The new McDonald's of Tumon Bay which opened this week showcases the classic 50s style diner theme. Located in the Guam Plaza next to entrance of Friday's, McDonald's will certainly have an impact on many of Tumon's restaurants, especially those offering late evening/early morning meals. Shirley's move into the old Sizzler location also represents a major expansion on their part, and there will undoubtedly be some impact on Hagatna's restaurants. You will probably see a new restaurant opening or an expansion happening at the rate of about once a month, even in these challenging economic times. People need to eat, and they will eat at new restaurants (at least once or twice) as well as at familiar places they enjoy and can afford. Some words of advice, though, for anyone wanting to go into the restaurant business: "Choose the right location, don't expect overnight success, and maintain quality and consistency in your product and service." These along with a little help from "lady luck" may assure your survival. Good luck!

In Today's Issue:
  • Use - Your online restaurant information resource!
  • Overworked? Not enough sleep? Try Berocca, available at Stanlee's
  • Celebrate Bastille Day at Le Tasi Bistro!
  • Superb Prime Rib Dinner Special at PIC's Bistro
  • Tasty Discoveries at Tony Romas
  • New Esmeralda Dinner Buffet Appeals to Kids

Use - Your online restaurant information resource!

As we enter our third week with this new HTML e-zine format, I'd like to mention that our web-site's front page changes with each issue, featuring new information and topics. It is an evolving web-site, and is being filled with locally-derived information and original articles. I encourage you to tour the site when time permits. lists every restaurant on Guam, and these can be easily searched by cuisine style (Asian, Mexican, Pacific Rim, etc.), village location, category (buffet, noodle house, steakhouse, etc.), and alphabetically. also has archives of all of my past Guam Food Guy restaurant reviews, and features locally contributed articles and information on Wines; Other Beverages; Recipes (local and international, with recipes from some of Guam's Celebrity Chefs -- we welcome your submissions!); Health and Nutrition, and Food Links to major food-related web-sites. Don't forget to look at the lunch and dinner specials on the front page!

Overworked? Not enough sleep? Try Berocca, available at Stanlee's

True story. I was on my way to the Tumon Bay 2nd Annual Jazz Festival a few Sundays ago and I happened to stop by Stanlee's Liquor and Deli in Tumon. I complained to Stanley I was exhausted from a strenuous week of work, eating, and drinking wines. Stanley asked if I'd heard of "Berocca". He showed me the box and popped one of the pink tablets in a glass of water (looked like pop-pop-fizz-fizz of Alka Seltzer, but it was a beautiful red color). I drank it (it had a refreshing taste) and he said to give it a few minutes and I'd feel like new. I did! Berocca is made by Roche, a pharmaceutical company, and is from the Vitamin B Group and made with Vitamin C. Some of you may find the label's description of value:

"If you live a busy lifestyle and sometimes work too hard, drink or smoke or do not get enough sleep, you may not be eating an adequate diet to provide all the Vitamin B and C your body may need." A remarkable remedy, for those times when adequate sleep may not be possible. Thanks, Stanley!

Celebrate Bastille Day at Le Tasi Bistro!

If you haven't had the pleasure of dining at Le Tasi Bistro in Hagatna, than their special Bastille Day menu is a great reason for you to come by and experience some great food!

This Saturday, July 14th, Chef Bertrand Haurillon will transport you to an exciting night in Paris with a five course dinner specially prepared to celebrate Bastille Day. The menu for the night includes french onion soup, lemon sorbet cardinal, lamb shank Bordelaise, silver perch filet citronella, mixed greens topped with goat cheese and finishes off with creme brulee. All this is yours for a reasonable $32.50!

Seating is limited so call 472-7877 to make your reservation right away. Ask about their regular lunch and dinner specials! Their fixed price meal is a great value and the menu choices change frequently.

Superb Prime Rib Dinner Special at PIC's Bistro

One of the best things about being the "Guam Food Guy" is sharing information about a particularly great dining experience, and that is what my visiting friends from Japan, Carmelo and Renee, and I had one Monday night at PIC's Bistro Restaurant. In the few visits I've made since the re-opening of the Bistro this past year, it wasn't until this night that I was able to re-capture that sense of sublime satisfaction the Bistro was reknowned for achieving. The servers were attendant, polite, and knowledgeable, and were able to confidently make suggestions. They managed the tabletop service and clearing quite efficiently, with a smoothness that bordered on "pampering". If you've not eaten dinner here, Bistro sets a splendid table, with bone white china service platters supporting all appetizers, soups and salads. The white tablecloth standard was not just attained, it was surpassed when the wait staff made it a point to always fold the diner's linen napkin and lay it on the arm of the chair whenever the guest left the table. Water glasses were kept full.

We all ordered the Prime Rib Special ($20.00 + 10% S.C., Mondays & Tuesdays only), which included the soup du jour and salad.

Click here for more on the Prime Rib Special.

Tasty Discoveries at Tony Romas

One thing I've learned is you can't always take things for granted...take Tony Roma's, for example, one of my recent re-discoveries! This famous restaurant chain has truly progressed since its beginning in 1972. Always famous for its ribs, Tony Roma's service a variety of other items from Seafood, (how's "All Fished Out of Luck" for the name of its daily catch?), Flamed Shrimp on a Skewer to several chicken preparations, to an assortment of salads (Caesar, Chef's, Santa Fe, Fresh Seafood & tossed), and a list of Combo items longer than your arm! It was one of those combo items that I had for lunch one day recently that compelled me to write this article!

Click here to rediscover Tony Roma's.

New Esmeralda Dinner Buffet Appeals to Kids

It's early Sunday evening. You promised your wife a nice relaxing dinner at a restaurant overlooking the ocean, yet you weren't able to arrange a babysitter so you have to take your kids with you to dinner, but knowing how "finicky" kids can be, will they be happy with the typical fancy hotel food? Well, they will if you take them to Esmeralda Restaurant in the Alupang Beach Tower, located on the edge of Tamuning overlooking Agana Bay.

Although open for a number of years, and a place I've visited for their lunch buffet on several occasions, I'd not had the opportunity to try their dinner buffet. Just launched July 1, the New Esmeralda Dinner Buffet has something for everyone, and has a special surprise for youngsters with their Kids Buffet! This colorful, charming train-car buffet station has Grilled Hot Dogs (cut in half), Spaghetti Meat Sauce, French Fries, and Chicken Nuggets, food that appeals to the kid in everyone of us. Based on what I witnessed this Sunday night, that appeal reached a number of Japanese visitors who crouched over the small trains scooping up spaghetti and hot dogs with the glee of discovering gold!

The Dinner Buffet ($15.95) is kind of a hybrid Japanese/Western/Local experience. An impressive line-up of Japanese and Asian dishes fill the buffet line with sashimi, fresh Nigiiri sushi, o-den soup, shu-mai, tofu in a kimchi base, broiled mackerel, pickeland other items. The closure of the Minori Restaurant, the Tower's Japanese restaurant, resulted in combining some of the menu items into this buffet, which certainly satisfies many of the hotel's Japanese guests since they can now enjoy many traditional Japanese foods. They also can appreciate eating Esmeralda'a Western and local preparations.

Click here for THE FULL STORY

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