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February 22, 2008, Volume 8 Number 8

Dear "Guam Food Guy" Reader,

By the time you read this newsletter I'll be on an airplane in transit to my mother Toni's bedside in the ICU of the Kingwood Medical Center. I pray that I arrive in time to see her as she is not doing as well as we'd hope she would following a collapse a couple of weeks ago. Your prayers and support are most welcome at this time when our family is pulling together for this unexpected, but inevitable vigil. Please accept my apologies for the brevity of this newsletter, and for my being understandably distraught and distracted at this time. It was today while I was attending the media tour of Colors/Red in the Acanta Mall that I received the call from my brother, Carl, in Houston, that the time to come to see our mother was now...and that is what I must do, putting everything else on hold.

I must add here that the Colors/Red Restaurant is an impressive facility, and truly has set a new standard for its innovative design and compelling concept to offer a sophisticated "fusion" menu in a ultra-chic, yet casual atmosphere. To be truthful, it gives a new "coolness" to the color red. I know I am not alone in being excited to see Eddie Chien cooking again. His first spot, Ivory Cuisine (where Le Tasi Bistro is now) was a favorite of many and he furthered his reputation at Roy's in the Hilton before partnering up with Kaz Endo to do restaurants. Kudos to the entire team at Colors/Red for stepping up to the plate and branding an illustrious imprimatur on the island's restaurant scene. The official opening day for Colors/Red is Monday February 25.

The staff will hold down the fort during my absence and will send updates as needed.

Hug your loved ones!
Ken, the "Guam Food Guy"

Andaman Restaurant
Royal Thai Cuisine
Monticello Plaza (near Cost U Less)

Let me tell you about the man in the kitchen at Andaman. Chef Jhamnong 'Jham' Kraitong has been the executive chef of a 5-Star hotel, with over 30 years culinary experience in Europe, Asian and here on Guam. He is open Mon-Sat, and features an a la carte menu and lunch buffet service ($10.75 /person including free ice tea). The buffet features a full salad bar with condiments, 4 appetizers, 5 hot dishes, fresh fruit and Thai desserts. It's the dinner, though, where Chef Jham truly shines and distinguishes himself.

Let's give you a quick breakdown of our elaborate dinner. The Crispy Gyoza ($8) are certainly worth having, and "crispy" is what you'll get on an edge of these flavorful, fresh-tasting dumplings. They are served with a Guilin chili sauce, which isn't as hot as it sounds, but complimenting the gyoza with a soy-like tartness. The Tofu Soup ($8) has a flavorful clear chicken broth loaded with tofu cubes, mushrooms, pork, shrimp, vegetables (baby bok choy and scallions), and bean thread noodles. It's a soup you could eat all day long!

We then had a Parrot Fish, Deep-Fried ($28 large/$20 medium), with Thai Curry Sauce. If you'd rather your fish steamed, and served with Chinese soya ginger green onion or Thai coriander chili lime sauce. The fish we had was breathtaking...and the first bite of the steaming white meat dipped in that rich, spiced curry sauce is a sensation you have to experience to appreciate.

My last entree was the Grilled Salmon Filet ($17), with a saffron red wine sauce, a bed of Thai fried rice and garlic-herb vegetables. This entree comes with a crisp, mixed greens salad. With this meal, there was no room for dessert, but that is something you'll also find to be excellent at Andaman, just try his signature Tiramisu Cake ($4.75), or his Baked Pumpkin Custard ($4.75), made with coconut sweet rice and ice cream.

Cafe Rock & Roll

This past Sunday we went to Cafe Rock & Roll at the PIC to try out some of the new breakfast items on their menu. The Healthy Start ($11.95) is exactly that - a great way to start the day with seasonal fresh fruit, bran muffin, yogurt, and fruit juice. Another dish I'll have to come back to try is the Eggs Benedict Royale ($10.95), which has real Canadian bacon.

What I did eat was the PIC Loco Moco ($11.95), which is an awesome favorite that I enjoyed on-air when I had when Executive Chef Rey Dasalla was on my K57 radio show. It has a half pound patty of ground Certified Angus Beef topped with two eggs after getting char-broiled to your liking and served with steamed rice and mushroom gravy. It may cost a bit more than your typical loco moco, but who else uses beef of that quality?

Also on the menu is the Golden Waffle ($9.95), which has crushed strawberries and fresh whipped cream. This waffle has a thick, cake-like texture, so you'll definitely get filled up by this semi-sweet treat. One other item that I test sampled on the radio show was the Banana Pancakes ($9.95), which have grilled bananas on a full stack of buttermilk pancakes. These are so sweet they don't need syrup!

Breakfast is served up until 11am, and then you get to try out their lunch menu. One of the new items is the Rock 'n Roll Eggplant Burger ($10.50), which has a grilled patty of roasted local eggplant and parmesan cheese, topped with onions served on PIC's homemade sesame seed bun. These buns are made fresh daily. The meat burgers are awesome, too!

Manhattan Steakhouse
Guam Marriott Resort

There are just some things you have to have while you are on this planet. One is the Prime New York Steak as served at Manhattan Steakhouse. Formally titled "Five Peppercorn New York Steak" ($34), this is 16 oz. of perfect Prime Certified Angus Beef coated with red, pink, green, white, and black peppercorns. This is without a doubt one of the ultimate peppercorn steak experiences as the peppers are generously applied and pressed against the surface of the beef while grilling. The Steak dinner entree comes with a loaf of Manhattan's trademark rosemary bread. Also included is a condiment platter with mashed potatoes, sauteed mushrooms, zucchini, and shoestring onion rings. To be honest, I was completely filled up by the mushrooms, three slices of rosemary bread, and that luscious steak!

Bon appetit!

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