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Guam Diner Newsletter, February 22, 2002, Volume 2, Number 8

Dear "Guam Food Guy" Reader,

One of the things I really enjoy about being the "Guam Food Guy" is being on an endless quest to discover new restaurants and dining experiences. When you see a newspaper ad announcing a new restaurant's Grand Opening, you may be curious about it, even thinking you'll have to try it sometime. I see each announcement as yet another opportunity to explore, almost as a challenge. I prefer to wait before reviewing them to give each restaurant a little settling time, to allow the employees more time to become experienced at their work, to know their menus better, to get used to customers, etc.

Some new restaurants have just opened, which I'll review later (two of which are still awaiting their phone numbers). I did have a chance to see them first-hand, so I can share with you some initial impressions about them in case you want to check them out before I do. The most recent is the Phoenix Chinese Restaurant, formerly the Fortune Garden Chinese Restaurant in Compadres Mall. Everything looks about the same as it did under the original owners, however the Grand Opening Dinner Special (February 19) featured 1 Whole Roast Duck for $9.99 (Regular price is $24.00, with a limit of one per table). The ducks looked great. Two restaurants that opened February 1 are Ramen Ton Ton and Karubi Ichiban BBQ. They are adjacent to each other in the brand new food courts that opened on the side road going to the Fujita Hotel in Tumon, just off of San Vitores. These are interesting fast-food type eateries owned by Nakashima Enterprises, owners of Rotary Sushi. The Karubi is Korean-style BBQ with cute little tables with grills with individual ventilators. The Ramen Ton Ton features a popular style of ramen served in Japan. An even newer Japanese restaurant is about to open in the same food court called Tomo Ichi. I'll report more on these later.

Though not a new restaurant, the Cow Boy Steakhouse & Beer Garden is located across the street from the Reef Hotel on the 2nd floor of the building housing Fuji Ichiban Ramen, Miki Mart, and the Seoul Restaurant. It is a spacious open-air rooftop eatery with a skyline view of the Reef, Outrigger, Westin and Hyatt. The steak, lobster, crab leg, and shrimp meals they serve seem to please their customers, with prices starting at $9.95, and open from 5:00 p.m. - 10:00 p.m. daily.

Finally, congratulations to the Hilton Guam Resort & Spa on the celebration of their 30th Anniversary! Wednesday night's extravaganza had to be one of the island's best events this Millennium! It was my pleasure to spend a few minutes with Ken Jones, one of the hotel's founders. It was an evening for which he held great pride, and I thanked him, telling him that it was his dream and vision that made this evening's event possible. Ken Jones is a living legend, deserving of all the respect and admiration he continues to receive today.

In Today's Issue
  • Hilton Guam's "Spirit of Great Cuisine" Contest Grand Prize Winner
  • Sam Choy's Lunch Specials: Culinary Innovations From Chef Peter Duenas
  • Price Smart - Membership Shopping Has Value
  • Last Chance for Free Ramen! Check out the "Buy 2 Get 1 Free" at Fuji Ichiban
  • Hard Rock Cafe Local Lunch "Blue Plate Specials" - This Meal's A Deal!
  • Kiyo Sato Restaurant - For Home Style Japanese Cooking

Hilton's "Spirit of Great Cuisine" Contest Grand Prize Winner

Congratulations to Amy Martin, the Grand Prize Winner in the Hilton Guam "Spirit of Great Cuisine" contest. Amy receives a Diamond Club Card ($225 value) and a Suite Retreat Getaway for Two. Amy joins the other lucky winners in the contest and expressed real delight in being the big winner. extends a hearty "Thank You" to all those who entered the contest and wants to let all of our on-line visitors know that there are more contests to come!

Sam Choy's Lunch Specials: Culinary Innovations from Chef Peter Duenas

Important Time Sensitive Information: Put this in your PDA, Daytimer, Desk-top or Planner :
"Go to Sam Choy's for Lunch, check out The Chef's Menu."

Just think, you now have an opportunity to enjoy first-hand exciting culinary creations from Guam's own Chef Peter Duenas! This menu totally changes every week on Thursdays. February 21 through February 27, the menu features such culinary delights as Garlic-Chili Marinated Mussels served over mixed Greens, Shrimp and Vegetable Tempura served with steamed Rice and a rich Tempura sauce, Orange Alaska (an updated version of Baked Alaska with an Orange twist) among others. Click here to see the full menu.

I happened to see the Shrimp Tempura plate and it was an awesome sight! Can't wait to try it. Stay tuned each week for a new creation. Last week's featured a Fresh Mahi Mahi Kelaguen that was off the charts, along with a Lemon Grass Infused Beef Salad. Chef Peter Duenas can't go wrong, and you won't either when you eat one of his specialty creations!

Price Smart - Membership Shopping Has Value

On Wednesday February 20, I joined a crowd of several hundred residents (there may have been a thousand or more during the day) who stood in line to sign up for their special Diamond or Business Memberships for Price Smart, which will be opening in early March. The special membership rate of $5.00 is available for the first 5,000 members who sign's a smart strategy for getting consumers to take the first step in membership acceptance. What is truly impressive is the total value shopping experience customers will have at this powerhouse retailer. I will not divulge more of what I saw during a personal tour of Price Smart, but I will say that they will be a welcome addition to Guam's retail outlets, giving residents yet another quality shopping destination. I know you won't regret signing up for this store's membership.

Last Chance for Free Ramen! Check out the "Buy 2, Get 1 Free" at Fuji Ichiban

February 28 is the last day for Fuji Ichiban's "Buy 2, Get 1 Free" Ramen special. To take advantage of this great deal, go to and click on the Fuji Ichiban logo in the center of the page. Or, click here to go to Fuji Ichiban's specials page and from there you can print out the coupon. Take it in to any of the three Fuji Ichiban locations and save on the tastiest ramen around!

Hard Rock Cafe Local Lunch "Blue Plate Specials" - This Meal's A Deal!

Join the Club! That's right, the Hard Rock Cafe Local Lunch Club offers a fabulous selection of unique creations prepared by Executive Chef Singh, Monday through Friday between 11:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. The Local Lunch Specials are economically priced at $8.99---a real deal for gourmet food, and even includes a refillable fountain beverage or iced tea.

On any day, you can order one of four specials, or you can choose the special for that day of the week. The four special choices are Seafood Pasta with Alfredo Bleu (my selection for this meal), Tuna or Blue Marlin Steak Burger, Curry Chicken, or Roasted Chicken. Click here to see the Daily Specials! The Lunch Club has an incentive award based on the number of lunch entrees ordered from the Local Lunch Menu. You receive 1 Free Entree from the Local Lunch Special Menu after the purchase of any 6 entrees.

The Seafood Pasta with Alfredo Bleu was impressive, with open shell mussels, shrimp, and really tasty sauted scallops. The Alfredo sauce was made with Bleu Cheese, giving it a stronger, slightly sharp flavor. It had a lot of character and was joined by two crisp pieces of garlic toast. The pasta was plentiful and freshly made.

You can expect to see other changes and enhancements to Hard Rock Cafe's menu in the near future. Hard Rock Cafe is celebrating 30 Years of being in business, and one of the key areas for making changes has been with their menu selections. The Local Lunch Specials have been around for a few months and have done quite well considering it's only been promoted by word of mouth. For a gourmet treat prepared by Chef Singh, try one of Hard Rock Cafe's Local Lunch Specials today! Join the Club and get a free local lunch special after six visits!

Kiyo Sato Restaurant - For Home Style Japanese Cooking

Kiyo Sato is not just another is a destination. Although it's located in Tumon, it is actually somewhere in Japan. Once inside you will soon understand the soothing nature of home comforts which this restaurant provides, and how a la carte favorites, such as Grilled Whole Squid or Saba Mackerel or "ankimo" (fish gizzards) are relished along with Stewed Potato and Pork, Vinegared Octopus and tasty Chicken Yakitori.

Kiyo Sato's affable owner, Kiyonori Oyama, is responsible for making this place so memorably remarkable. He's been feeding many of us during his tenure at other landmark restaurants since 1974, when he first arrived on Guam as the Tempura Chef for Kurumaya. He later served at the Inaka Sushi Bar in the Tropicana Hotel and then at Kiyo Sushi in the Sun Route Hotel. He left Guam for Japan to open a restaurant but he missed Guam so much he returned to open Kiyo Sato almost two years ago. Now he's happily busy pleasing customers with his culinary creations, many of which are only available at Kiyo Sato. After all, where else can you find tuna eggs on Guam or Japan? Oyama-san says that 70% of his customer traffic is local, most of whom eat at Kiyo Sato because of its variety of home cooked meals.

Located in Tumon, across San Vitores from the Westin Hotel, Kiyo Sato is on the ground floor of the building housing the Ambassador Restaurant, Tourist Night Club, and has a 7-11 as its next door neighbor. Although I did order from the menu, which is in English and Japanese, there are many specials written in Japanese that are posted on the walls. Some of these Oyama-san explained to me. He'll gladly tell you what you'll need to know if you ask him about any of his dishes, many of which are displayed on top of the counter along the sushi bar. Some of these reminded me of having dinner at a friend's, where the table is filled with assorted dishes that were obviously prepared with love and care, full of home cooked goodness--you know the kind you can taste with your eyes! Dishes with long-simmered pork, beef or fish, accompanied by vegetables in a broth.

Kiyo Sato's menu includes sushi and sashimi that can be ordered individually as appetizers or as set dinners; Set Menu Rice Bowls, such as Beef Rice Bowl ($7.00) and Eel Fish Rice Bowl ($8.00); Grilled Dishes, such as Kiyo Sato Special Beef Tongue ($7.00) and Broiled Local Fish ($6.50); Stewed Dishes; Vinegared Dishes; Salads, such as Seafood, Green, Onion and Tomato; and other dishes. I ordered a California Roll ($4.00), Yakitori ($5.00), and Broiled Local Fish ($6.50).

Click here for the Full Story.

Bon Apetit!

The Guam Food Guy

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