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May 25, 2012, Volume 12 Number 10

Dear "Guam Food Guy" Reader,

May is just about over but it's not finished yet!! After all, there are some major food events still on the radar with the most immediate being the Taste of the Marianas, which is an annual month-long food and entertainment celebration held each of 5 Saturdays at Saipan's American Memorial Park. I will be attending this Saturday's Professional Chef's Culinary Competition and am looking forward to my return to beautiful Saipan. It's become a yearly tradition for the Guam Food Guy, and I've both judged and emceed this event in the past. The other major event is the 10th Annual UOGEF Celebrity Chef's Cup which will be held next Wednesday, May 30, at the Hyatt Regency Guam. Both events are near and dear to me as they both advocate and promote the culinary arts. I am looking forward to congratulating the winners and to writing about them in our next newsletter edition.

Today's newsletter features a recap of last weekend's MV Guam BurgerFest! Talk about Burgers! Too bad you can't eat the photos! Also featured in our newsletter is a first hand look and recounting of I Chinagen Chamoru(The Chamorro Experience) Cultural Tour at Lina'La Park and the BBQ Dinner Show at the Beach. This is one of the finest cultural adventures depicting ancient Chamoru life I've ever experienced. I highly recommend this to you, your family and friends. Lastly, we wish to welcome En Japanese Restaurant, which recently opened in the old Stanlee's Building in Tumon. Hopefully we'll be able to enjoy a meal there in the next few weeks.

Ken, the "Guam Food Guy"

Suphan Thai Restaurant
DNA Plaza (near Yogurtland & Cost-U-Less)

All the rainy weather and cool temperatures we recently experienced resulting from our close call with Tropical Storm Sanvu had us craving for some hot soup! We decided to try what was recommended by several people who had the Noodle Soup($8.00), which is Thum's specialty. This soup is a little misleading because there are enough rice noodles, minced chicken, and soup broth to feed two or three people. I guess it could be a meal for a big guy with an appetite. You can season this to your liking and add a lot of peppers (if that's your thing). This is a Thai version of our proverbial "chicken soup for the soul.

We also ordered the Tom Kah Kai (Chicken Cooked in Coconut Milk) $8, which is a distinctive soup of sliced chicken with coconut milk, straw mushrooms, galangal, lemon grass and a touch of lime juice. Talk about aromatic! This is a delicious and flavorful soup that you can also enhance with more seasoning and peppers. The other item we'd ordered was an appetizer, Dried Beef($8), to which we added Brad's Spicy Sauce(something you'll have to ask owner Brad Jiblits for when ordering.) Actually, this intensely flavored sauce is used with Suphan's Spicy Thai Shrimp Sashimi($10), which I hope to order some day. Believe it or not we took the Dried Beef home as the soups really filled us up! Try Suphan Thai, where the "soups are always on !

10th Annual UOGEF Chef's Cup - "From Russia with Love" - A Taste of Russian Cuisine
May 30, 2012
Hyatt Regency Guam Main Ballroom

There are still a few tickets remaining for next week's gala culinary extravaganza! You can watch defending champion Geoffrey Perez (PROA Restaurant) pit his skills against his four rivals to see who will take home the coveted Chef's Cup. This is the 10th Anniversary of the island's most elaborate culinary event which will feature Russian cuisine. We are pleased to be among the first to publish the five course menu provided by each chef, as follows:

Proa Restaurant Chef Geoffrey Perez


  • Cold Smoked Duo of Lobster and Scallops with Russian Salmon Caviar
  • Cold Smoked Rock Lobster and Scallops Poached in a sweet Vanilla Butter, served with a Calamansi-laced Vodka Jelly, Pickled Red Onion, Sea Grapes, and Russian Salmon Roe
  • Outrigger Resort Chef David Jones


  • Classical Russian Borscht
  • A hearty classic Russian vegetable soup made with a rich beef broth, crowned with sliced French Bread, Sour Cream, Flying Fish Roe and Fresh Dill

Table 35 Restaurant Chef Christopher Aguon

  • Hot Appetizer Tabaka Roasted Duck Breast
  • Slow Roasted Russian style Duck Breast served over a Parsnip Puree, wilted arugula, and Vodka-Fois Gras Cream Sauce

Delmonico Restaurant Chef Eddie Chien

  • Russian hunter's Braised Leg of Lamb
  • Spiced Tender Braised leg of Lamb served over a Saffron Rice Pilaf in Crisp Pastry Tin and topped with Hunter's Sauce Spheres

The Westin resort Chef Daniel Lenherr


Charlotte Malakoff

  • A Sweet Almond Cream Parfait with Lady Finger Crust and Vodka macerated strawberries

So don't miss this extraordinary meal and all of the good fun and entertainment that awaits at this year's 10th Anniversary gala dinner celebration! Call UOG Endowment Foundation Office at 735-2956/57 for more information and tickets.

MV Guam Burgerfest 2012
19 May 2012
Skinner Plaza

The Marianas Variety's MV Burgerfest 2012 was the 3rd year for this competition. Eight teams vied for the Judges Cup by preparing their most creative "Gourmet Burger, (something that qualified by having a protein between two buns). This year's competition didn't include a category for Classic Burgers(thank goodness!) as in the past two events. This was my first time judging as I was off-island on the prior two events and I was very impressed with how well this event was organized. The Skinner Plaza location was ideal and this year Marianas Variety teamed up with the GHRA to hold Taste Guam, with the first day(Saturday) dedicated to the Burger competition (along with other food booths). There was also a People's Choice judging. The 2nd Day featured the Budweiser Chef's Cup Competition along with food vendor booths and entertainment.

Sweeping the Grilling Competition for Best Gourmet Burger and BurgerFest People's Choice was Mosa's Hotbox! Their Spinach Mushroom Bleu Cheese Burger was the all-out favorite! Sara Pleadwell and Monique Genereux have been practicing every day perfecting this flavor-packed burger, which you can purchase at their mobile canteen! Other competitors who made some pretty awesome gourmet burgers was Meskla Dos, Table 35, House of Brutus, Tony Roma's, Royal Orchid's Donne Dinanche, RV's Best, and Sunset Grill. All were worthy competitors, and all had burgers I'd order and eat anyway. One of my major complaints as a judge was that we had to eat each burger to get the full taste! Well, one thing for sure...we got "full!

Java Hut Coffee Shop
OP Plaza Building(behind Oka Pay-Less)

Boy am I glad I met Rubyjane Buhain-Redila @ a recent OOG Mover's & Shakers Mixer at the Santa Fe last week! She told me that she'd bought Java Hut Coffee Shop and that I should come by and try it out! Well, we did just that this past Sunday morning and were glad to find another place where you can order and enjoy a simple, straightforward breakfast without having to eat a buffet!!

I'd been to Java Hut before, but it is now an entirely new and unique experience, and reflects Rubyjane's personality and style. The artwork, cozy furnishings, and great background music all work together to keep you in your seat refreshing yourself!

There's a lot of options here that surprised me, including their Fondue offerings (Spinach Artichoke is $7.99, Triple Cheese is $19.99, and Chocolate is $15.99). I don't want to say "greedy" but you can get all three for $38.00. They serve breakfast all day and the breakfast menu items comes with a 12 oz. daily grind or iced tea. I ordered the Breakfast Deluxe ($7.95) which had fluffy pancakes with eggs and breakfast sausages(only they were out of sausages and gave me bacon instead). This was a very filling breakfast and I was generally satisfied, with the exception being my butter was still hard and needed warming to spread easier. Zee was a bit more ambitious and went for a Banana Strawberry Nutella Panini ($4.95), to which she added Bacon for $1.50. This was probably a little messier than she'd planned, but the taste was able to redeem the mess and she ate it all!

Java Hut's open Monday - Fridays from 6:00 a.m. - 8:00 p.m., Satuday from 7:00 a.m. - 8:00 p.m., and Sunday from 7:00- 5:00 p.m. Put a little Java in your day!

I Chinagen Chamoru @ The Beach - (The Chamorro Experience) Cultural Tour and Beach BBQ Dinner Show (Lina la show is closed on Wednesday & Sundays)
Lina'La Park, Chamorro Cultural Park
The Beach

Hafa adai! That's our welcome to tourists and greetings to our friends. It's a phrase often used in letters and speeches, and there's even a popular song by Jimmy Dee called "Hafa Adai. However, I don't think I've ever felt the power of "Hafa Adai"until I heard it expressed by Ron Acfalle, who is the Maga'lahi (Chief) Halu'u in the magnificent show production in Lina'La Park's I Chinagen Chamoru (the Chamorro Experience). When the Maga'lahi says "Hafa adai, he is a strong, vibrant leader of the people and it's the only phrase most haoles and tourists understand from this production in which the Chamoru language is all that is spoken by the inhabitants of the ancient village that is hidden within the jungle. (Don't fret, there is some English and Japanese translation by Vincente "Guello"Rosario, the Narrator. ) All the chants and songs are in Chamoru, which maintains the authenticity of this journey to our island's past.

Before I go further, it should be noted that this is primarily a tourist attraction and is run by a company (the Baldyga Group) that packages and sells attraction experiences to tourists. In order for you to appreciate the entire production and experience as depicted in the photo collages for this review, you have to pay for the Complete Package(local rate is $45), which includes the Ancient Chamoru Village Tour, The BBQ Sunset Dinner at the Beach, and the after dinner Show Performance, which starts at the Beach and returns to the Village. You can purchase the BBQ Dinner only for $30(local rate) exclusive of beverages, and if you want to see the after dinner show, it will cost you an additional $10! The value is fantastic, and moreover, the proceeds from resident admission revenue are donated to the Baldyga-Lina'La Foundation towards the preservation of the Chamorro culture. My recommendation is for you to get the Complete Package, which means you arrive at 5:00 p.m. and take your tour of the historic village of Gogna that's been painstakingly replicated. In all of my years of seeing a variety of island beach bbq dinner show performances, many of which are quite good though mostly Polynesian, I've never seen one that even comes close to what you will experience here. If there is a way define "real"or "authentic", these folks have made a very convincing case defining the experience and it's one that will make your heart swell with the pride of the islands!

Essentially, the story conveyed describes the creation of the Chamorro culture, which is estimated to be over 3,500 years old. I Nina' Huyong is the story of its creation. When you arrive in the village, you are welcomed with a cleansing ceremony and greeted with a shell lei. The villagers only speak Chamorro and they are all dressed as was customary in their time, revealing muscular firm bodies in the men and soft, supple ones in the women. There is no modesty here, just an honest depiction of ancient Chamorro life. Their wholesome natural beauty enhances the performance. The guided village tour takes you to the men's house, the chief's house, the medicine man's house, and the cooking area. They had baked parrot fish in the ground and sampled some to us . In the village they inhabitants raised animals that included deer, chickens, goats, wild pigs, birds, turtles, water buffalo, and coconut crabs. It's a fun area for interaction as guests can pet some of the animals.

We were then lead out of the jungle to an open area on the beach with huts. Here demonstrations took place, including spear throwing, weaving, coconut husking, stick fighting, and dances. I was able to toss the wooden spear into the target a few times. Tourists enjoyed the hands on husking, grating, and drinking fresh coconut juice. There is a souvenir hut nearby where you can purchase trinkets and souvenirs including coconut oil.

It's now time(around 6 p.m.) to move to the ocean front BBQ which has tables with BBQ Grills in the center. On the table is your dinner salad, red rice, chicken kelaguen, and a tray with two sauces(finadene and garlic ginger). You can order your beverages here(at additional cost), however they do have drink specials(ask your server). While you enjoy your company and the beautiful ocean and shoreline just a few feet away, you are treated to the mellifluous and melodious voice of entertainer Brandy J who strums the guitar rhythmically. Her singing is enchanting and she lures you into a near dream state—it's not loud, discordant music—its like having your spirit massaged by her singing---now that's a talent you don't see or hear often! You then receive a food platter with raw chicken breast, hot dogs on wooden skewers, a shrimp kebab with bell peppers, onion, and eggplant, steak, corn, and fish (basa filet) in foil. There's also a bowl with a special seasoning blend, kind of a seasoned salt. You cook all this yourself and enjoy the passing time as the sun begins its descent into the ocean's horizon. The timing of dinner's ending is just after the sun sets, and a dessert is served (coconut pudding). As I mentioned, this BBQ Dinner by itself is $30. If you'd like to upgrade with a lobster tail, it will be an additional $20. The food is all palatable, and can actually be quite good, depending on how you cook it and season it!

As Brandy J ends her set, you then see a line of flaming torches coming up the beach by a group of natives. They stop in front of you and begin another chant, which is the start of the Cultural Performance(I Fiananu'en Pengnga' Haya). You are then guided back into the village in the jungle where a fire burns in a pit. The lighting is amazing (it is a theatrical production) as your eyes adjust to the darkness. The Maga'lahi picks out from among the assembled guests a Chief, a wife of the Chief, and then a bodyguard. The Maga'lahi then narrates I Tinituhon(The Beginning), which is the story of creation. The villagers chant a reprise as the guests are seated. Next, Guiya Mana'takkilo'(He is Made High) is performed. It is a chant praising a navigator who sails a canoe. His knowledge of celestial navigation and canoe building is recounted. While you are watching you can't help but internalize the passion and sincerity of these performing artists! They are more than acting...they are embodying the performance. And you are more than just a have been anointed with coconut are part of it!

Next there is a modern dance interpretation by a beautiful young woman who is dressed in fairy like garb personifying an ancient spirit which acknowledges the Maga'lahi as he recounts his ancestry. This is the story of how Puntan, the first Chamorro, made a gift to his mother's clan of a special place with fresh water and springs, with no people. He empowered the first paramount female, his sister Fo'na, begin the process of the creation of the tribe. Fo'na and Puntan are actually portrayed by the youngest villagers—they are in fact brother and sister performers. A really emphatic chant comes next, Hita I Manaotao Ini Na Tano(We are the People of this Land) . This chant asserts the people's claim to the ocean and the land. The performance concludes with I Matao(the People), which is the last call and response with the Maga' lahi urging his people to respond to his calls "The pride of the Chamorro people. We are he ancient people. The first people." The villagers respond resoundingly "The People!

Kudos to all the performers(would you believe that 6 of Ron Acfalle's children are part of the cast?!!) The solo dance performance by Heather Manley (as the ancient spirit) is wondrous and elevating. Kudos to Leonard Iriarte for his chant and musical creations. The sound and lighting were expertly set up by the show's co-producer, Chuck McCarroll. Finally, one huge thank you to Mark Baldyga for making this production a reality . His creative inspiration and collaboration with McCarroll and Iriarte have made this an amazingly memorable and life-affirming renderings of a people's story -among the most authentic and heartfelt I've ever seen.

Si Yu'us Ma'ase'
Ken the Guam Food Guy

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