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May 10, 2002, Volume 2 Number 19

Dear "Guam Food Guy" Reader,

Last week was yet another intensely busy series of events, with the successful opening of The Curry Kebab, all the Cinco de Mayo celebrations, and the SPAM Cook-off Competition's 2nd round. One event I also attended was the Guam Girl Scouts dedication of a beautiful ceramic tile mosaic to the Guam Memorial Hospital. You really must go see this impressive art piece at its 2nd floor location, where it is mounted on the wall directly facing the elevator. Seeing the mosaic was both breathtaking and inspiring, however, the most exhilarating part of the ceremony was watching the proud faces of the members of Brownie Troop #030, whose collective artistic talents created the mosaic. Though the finished art piece could easily grace the walls of any contemporary modern art museum, the mosaic represents more than just embodies the essence of Girl Scouting - teamwork, creativity, selfless giving, and service to the community. Bravo to these girls, and thanks to Troop Leader Lisa Mata (now off-island), Terry Reffell (St. John's Pottery Instructor) and Jeff Skvaril (St. John's Art Teacher). These adults guided, advised, and assisted the girls in building this original art piece, creating something tangible that will touch the hearts of all who view this marvelous work. The intangible achievement rests firmly in the minds of those young girls who follow the Girl Scouts path.

Happy Mother's Day, Mom, and to mom's all over the world! Check out the list of Mother's Day special celebrations and events taking place this weekend.

In Today's Issue:

  • Mother's Day Specials - Hotels, Restaurants, Photos, Flowers and More
  • SPAM Cook-Off Island Style Competition - The Finals Approach
  • Marty's Steak Sandwich Satisfies a Craving for Roast Beef!
  • GMH Blood Bank Needs Your Help
  • Guam Girl Scouts Silent Auction and Wine Tasting - A Reminder
  • Guang Sheng Chinese Restaurant - A Wide Variety of Chinese Favorites

Mother's Day Specials - Hotels, Restaurants, Photos, Flowers and More

Check out the full complement of Mother's Day Specials available from the Hilton Guam (they are offering a great Mother's Day Getaway Package), Sam Choy's, Holiday Inn, Old Hagatna Grill, Burger King (get a free anthurium) Nichol's Boutique, CopyKat (25% off a family portrait) and Mauna Loa Macadamia Outlet.

SPAM Cook-Off Island Style Competition - The Finals Approach

The Finals for the SPAM Cook-Off will be held this Saturday, May 11, in the Guam Premium Outlet's Center Court. The Second Round winners served up some tasty SPAM creations, so good in fact, that the judges; Congressman Robert Underwood, Senator Lou Leon Guererro, Karen Flores of Karen's Kitchen, Sam Choy's Executive Chef Peter Duenas and the Guam Food Guy selected 3 third-place winners!

Last week's winners:

Third Place

Patricia Sablan - SPAM and Vegetable Calzone

Julie Lambert - Spicy Black Bean Sauce SPAM

Nicole Tolbert - Charleston Style SPAM Gumbo

Second Place

Jane Certeza - Homemade Stovetop SPAM Tatiyas Pizza

First Place

Dave Davis - Cajun SPAM Cordon Bleu

Congratulations to all of the contestants who competed in this second round. Please come out and join us this weekend to watch the winners from both rounds compete for the Grand Prize Trip to the opening of the new SPAM Museum in Austin, Minnesota, along with other prizes. The public is invited to sample the competing entrees as well as to taste the latest SPAM product, SPAM Garlic. The event starts at 1:00 p.m. and runs until 4:00 p.m. at the Guam Premium Outlets. See you there!

Marty's Steak Sandwich Satisfies a Craving for Roast Beef!

Where do you get a great roast beef sandwich? That was the challenge I had to answer in my friend Zee's quest for a roast beef sandwich. Her craving started after watching a chef create a delectable roast beef sandwich complete with au jus on a Food Channel program. She had tried several local fast food sandwich shops...none made the grade. However, I remembered a roast beef sandwich experience I'd had at Marty's and suggested that she try it. We went to Marty's and I told owner Phil Martineau that Zee was on a quest for Guam's best roast beef sandwich and that I brought her there to sample his famous "Phil's Steak Sandwish". Her first bite told it all: it was "the bomb"! Phil's Steak Sandwish is described as "the Classic steak sub", with sliced Prime Rib, sautéed onions, mushrooms and melted Swiss cheese. It was served on a large French roll and was served with au jus...just as she'd desired. She relished the sandwich, and I was lucky to score just a small piece of beef with a little cheese, onion and at least get a taste of the quickly disappearing sandwich that she guarded with pitbull vigilance! The meat was tender, succulent, and satisfying.

Let me know if you know of another fantastic roast beef sandwich that can either match or surpass Marty's "Phil's Steak Sandwish". We'll give it a try and let readers know!

GMH Blood Bank Needs Your Help!

Attention! We need your help now!

The GMH blood bank urges all donors with types O and B blood to call 646-7733 or 647-2376 to make an appointment to donate blood. The blood bank is opened Monday thru Friday from 8 a.m. - 5 p.m. and by appointment on weekends. Please take time out of your busy schedule to give the Gift of Life.

For more information about donating blood or volunteering your time to help our very own completely local blood donation group, check out and learn more about this vital organization and how you can help.

30 Minutes Can Save a Life.

Guam Girl Scouts Silent Auction and Wine Tasting - A Reminder!

Come and support the Guam Girl Scouts by attending the 5th Annual Silent Auction and Wine Tasting Event in The Westin Resort's Somnak Ballroom, May 17, from 6 p.m. - 9 p.m. This special event is an important fundraiser hosted by adult Guam Girl Scout members and volunteers. The evening will feature Celebrity Auctioneer Tom Ahillen (he is amazingly fast and if you haven't seen him in action this is a great opportunity!), Co-Masters of Cermony Simon Sanchez and Travis Coffman, door prizes, an assortment of special auction items, appetizers and great wines. This fun event has increased in popularity and has become a must-do social occasion attended by supporters of Guam Girl Scouts. Tickets are now available and can be obtained by calling the Guam Girl Scout Center at 646-5652.

Guang Sheng Chinese Restaurant - A Wide Variety of Chinese Favorites

We can all relate to the heartache and disappointment of losing a favorite dining spot. Restaurants close and go away. It is, after all, a fact in life's ever-changing landscape. However, it's nice to know that sometimes your favorite foods can still be enjoyed at the new restaurant that's taken the place of the previous establishment. Such is the case of the Guang Sheng Chinese Restaurant, which has replaced the V.G. Chinese Restaurant (more familiarly known as the Vegetarian House) on Route 16 in Dededo, near Iglesia Ni Christo Church.

The Guang Sheng Chinese Restaurant has actually surpassed the Vegetarian House's menu selections, in scope as well as depth. The new lunch menu boasts 44 Lunch Specials. 26 of these are priced at $5.00, and include the hugely popular BBQ Chicken, Chicken w/Black Bean Sauce, Beef w/Mushroom, Beef w/Eggplant, Pork Chop Suey, Yangchow Fried Rice, and Fried Pork Chop Cutlet. All Lunch Specials come with soup and steamed rice. The remaining Lunch Specials listed on Guang Sheng's printed menu are priced at $5.50, and include Shrimp w/Cashew Nut, Shrimp w/Broccoli, Beef Stew on Noodle, Combination Fried Noodle, Fish w/ Eggplant, Fried Tofu w/vegetable, and Fried Fish Cutlet.

Several daily lunch specials are listed on a menu board hanging on the wall near the entrance. The specials for this day included Roast Duck ($6.50), Fried Tilapia ($6.00), Chinese BBQ Pork ($5.95), Fried Chicken Wings w/Salt and Pepper ($5.50), and BBQ Pork Chop ($5.50). All of these are served with rice and soup. All of these dishes were familiar preparations carried over from the Vegetarian House's offerings. This place has always been packed for lunch, since the food is served quickly and is always filling. The Tilapia with Black Bean Sauce is a favorite of one customer I met. She was eating with a group of co-workers who were sitting at a nearby table. They also were eating one of my favorite dishes - Kang Kong ($8.00), which is a green, stalky vegetable that's wok-fried in garlic and oil.

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Bon Appetit!

The Guam Food Guy

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