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March 29, 2013, Volume 13 Number 6

Dear "Guam Food Guy" Reader,

SWEET!!!! That's the first exclamation people make after they've had their first bite of Marianas Sweet Shrimp, which will be officially launching to the public today, Friday, March 29 at Beachin' Shrimp in Tumon. I have to confess that it's been hard to contain my excitement about this awesome-tasting fresh water crustacean that will soon be gracing the menus of some of the island's popular restaurants. It's just the simple and obvious facial expression one makes after tasting the difference between this fresh, organic, farm-raised, local shrimp that's never been frozen and the frozen shrimp we've all grown accustomed to eating. It's like walking around with mud on your glasses -that's how muted your taste buds have become! Once you taste Marianas Sweet Shrimp, you'll know your glasses(and palate) are clean!!

Hope to see you down at Beachin' Shrimp later today to get your taste of the Marianas Sweet Shrimp that'll be steamed and served with 3 dipping sauces. They'll be offering a special pairing with Bottega Pinot Grigio wine for this special menu item launch.

Happy Easter!!

Ken, the Guam Food Guy!

Swirl, Sniff & Sip - An Evening with PBS Guam
Wine-Tasting & Silent Auction Fundraiser to Support Local Public Television
Thursday, April 4th, 2013 6-9 PM
Triple J Auto Group Showroom
Upper Tumon (By K-Mart)

Come and support KTGF, your local Public Televison Station at a special wine-tasting and silent auction fundraiser next Thursday evening at the Triple J Auto Group showroom in Upper Tumon. Tickets are tax-deductible and are available for $50/person (advance) and $70 (at the door). For those going to the Guam Chamber of Commerce, GHRA, and Guam Contractor's Assn. Mixer at AK, make it a point to drop by this event when you're through "mixin" and support KTGF!

MCA Awards Scholarships to GCC Culinary Students

The Micronesian Chefs Association (MCA) recently awarded scholarships to 2 Guam Community College Culinary students. Migdalia Redhage and Kennylynn Miranda both received $700 checks to assist with their tuition. Both students have demonstrated excellent culinary skills and met the academic requirements for these awards. We congratulate both Migdalia and Kennylynn on their outstanding achievements!

Also, we are pleased to report that the MCA has received its annual donation from International Distributors who have been donating $1500 each year as part of IDI's founder the late Frank Guzman's commitment to supporting the MCA's mission to educate our local chefs. The MCA thanks the Guzman family for their generous support and contribution.

Chef Peter Duenas is MCA President, Nyah-Joe Cruz is MCA Allied Director

Katya Grineva Performs with Guam Symphony Society
Russian Romantics
March 23-24, 2013
Aurora Resort & Spa

For those of you who attended these amazing concert performances you were definitely treated to rare and memorable events that may never be duplicated again. World renowned Russian Classical Solo pianist, Katya Grineva, joined the Guam Symphony Society and performed a rousingly passionate rendition of Rachmaninoff's Piano Concerto No. 2 in C Minor, Op.18. I was quite impressed with the Guam Symphony's 1st session's performances of Nicolai Rimsky-Korsakov's Russian Easter Overture, Op 36, as well as Night on Bald Mountain by Modest Mussgorgsky. When they played Polovtsian Dances from Prince Igor by Alexsander Borodin they received a standing ovation.

The audience was electrified during the 2nd segment of the program when Katya Grineva graced the stage. Katya has been to Guam a number of times over the course of the past 12 years. She really loves this island and the warm, kind people she has met during her stay. We look forward to welcoming her back to Guam at some time in the future. Kudos to Dr. Stephen Bednarzyk, Symphony Conductor and to Cliff Guzman, Symphony Society Board President for an exemplary show that succeeded beyond expectations.

Suphan Thai Restaurant DNA Plaza (near Yogurtland and Cost-U-Less)
Open Monday - Saturday from 10:00 a.m. - 10:00 p.m.
Closed Sunday

Suphan Thai has been surprising many with their excellent Thai preparations! Their base of loyal repeat customers has been increasing by multiple factors since they opened last year. They are now offering Brown Jasmine Rice! I should also mention that Suphan Thai will be serving Marianas Sweet Shrimp in the very near future. They are the only Thai restaurant that has been serving a Spicy Thai Sashimi Shrimp appetizer (normally $10). This past week owners Brad Jiblits and his wife Thum had the opportunity to use Marianas Sweet Shrimp in place of the regular shrimp they use. I was able to sample taste this the other night and I was completely overwhelmed by the intensity of flavors with the sweet meat texture and taste of the Marianas Sweet Shrimp coming through! Believe it or not, it was my first time trying their shrimp sashimi dish. It was most excellent and I was excited for Brad and Thum about this new fresh shrimp that promises to make a lot of folks happy. I saw a couple this past night who were ecstatic about this new sweet shrimp taste...they'll have it again. Suphan may develop a special promo package for this that may include some beer.

The other appetizer I had were Suphan's Chicken Wings ($8.00), which are deep-fried with a lot of garlic, black pepper, and seasoning. They are accompanied by a zesty sweet chili dipping sauce. I also had what I consider to be a new up and coming favorite, the Yum Woon Seen ($9.00) which is a Spicy Noodle Salad that is made with your choice of ground chicken or pork that's mixed with chilies, lime juice, onion, green onions, parsley, tomato and done Thai style. This dish is served warm and really razzle dazzles the palate if you order it hot (pika), like I do! The clear rice noodles mix easily with all the ingredients in a sensational combination of flavors.

My last dish was the Red Curry Bamboo with Beef ($9.00), which is cooked with fresh coconut milk, fresh bamboo shoots, and fresh basil! So much freshness, no wonder it's so good! I also had this dish hot (pika) and paired it with the brown Jasmine rice. Suphan's food is all cooked to order so it does take a little more time, especially if they are busy. You may consider calling your order in advance. Since they are open most of the day, you can always drop in for a late lunch or early dinner.

Beachin' Shrimp The Plaza
Hours : 11:00 a.m - 10:00 p.m. Monday - Thursday
11:00 a.m. - 11:00 p.m. Friday - Saturday
11:00 a.m. - 10:00 p.m. Sunday

Coastal Cuisine has hit the shores of Tumon and the word out is "It's Beachin'"!!! Yes, the buzz that had been swirling around the construction and opening of Beachin' Shrimp in the old Bully's location has diminished and changed to the hum of a cash register! Beachin' Shrimp is Tumon's newest eatery and is hip, stylish and as trend-setting as far as restaurants go. The menu crosses a wide swath embracing American, Cajun, Italian, Basque Spanish, Chamorro, Brazilian, Mexican, Southern Californian cuisine. Its imaginative and provocative menu highlights sophisticated contemporary trends and appeals to most preferences unless for some reason you can't eat shrimp.

The owners and operators of Beachin' Shrimp have channeled their resources and management expertise into creating a casual dining eatery with a full-service bar with both indoor and outside cafe-style seating. The color schemes and ambiance are whimsical and attractive, with imaginative graphic shrimp-themed art pieces decorating the walls. The mouth-watering shrimp-centric menu is visually appealing and does an extraordinary job of selling each entree with vividly alluring descriptions.

I was invited to try some of these menu items for lunch a little over a week ago and I am pleased to share my findings. The California Shrimp Rolls ($11.99) came out first. Described as "inspired by Southern California", these rolls contain hearty pieces of shrimp, fresh avocado, Monterey Jack Cheese, onion, and Applewood smoked bacon, all wrapped in a crispy roll. This is served with a homemade ranch dressing that is embellished by a Rota pepper kick! These tasty chasers are ample for sharing and hold up well if you have them wrapped to go.

One dish we ordered that didn't have shrimp was the Classic Caesar Salad with Smoked Salmon - $19.99. Again, a very sizeable salad big enough for 3-4 people to share, loaded with smoked salmon pieces. The crisp romaine was cleanly dressed and accented by crunchy croutons. They also have a Classic Caesar without salmon or shrimp for $12.99.

Next on the agenda as the Coconut Shrimp with Sweet Potato Fries. These meaty fellahs are also good chasers (great for happy hour) and come with a Thai Sweet chili sauce. I remember when they first introduced Sweet Potato fries to the market. They are considered a healthier alternative to regular potato fries. They work with this dish. The deep fried shrimp are juicy and are covered with what I thought was more of a panko batter than the tempura batter that's described in the menu. Still a good item.

The Gambas Al Ajillo (Spanish Garlic Shrimp) - $15.99 promised and delivered a full-on garlic experience! This is a classic Tapas staple from Spain! The juicy shrimp are sauteed in olive oil and literally smothered with garlic and crushed red pepper flakes. They further enhance this with a touch of smoked paprika. This dish is served with French bread and rice. So far this was my favorite as I'm a garlic lover from as far back as I remember!

The final entree delivered was the restaurant's Signature dish, "Beachin' Shrimp" which was served in a large bowl with Angel Hair Pasta ($18.99). Derived from a secret recipe the CIA can't even unravel, this broth is simmered for 10 hours using "the finest natural ingredients" that create this uniquely-flavored, spicy broth. It is delivered piping hot and served with French bread that you can dip to your heart's content. Beachin' Shrimp can also be served with white rice in lieu of pasta.

The last item I was able to sample (I was already pushing my limits) was something that completely surprised and delighted me! Would you believe they offer a dessert that is famous is Saipan? Yes, they've created an Apigigi Dessert ($8.99 ), which is definitely an authentic local dessert. This has grilled banana leaves and has 2 pieces of apigigi along with 2 scoops of ice cream with a mango sauce. I liked the presentation and only wished there was more!!

I nearly forgot to mention that I had been served a deliciously refreshing calamansi drink, which was refilled by one of the most affable and happy servers I've seen at a restaurant in a long time. His name was Henry and his face seemed to be formed into a permanent smile! Come to think of it, all the servers and kitchen staff seemed really upbeat and happy. It's got to be that new Beachin' Shrimp energy! I've got to get back down to Beachin' Shrimp to try out more of their menu items.

Streets of Asia Lunch Buffet
Every Thursday 11 a.m. - 2:00 p.m.
Marriott Cafe
Guam Marriott Resort & Spa

Wow! They've done it again! The Marriott Cafe has recently launched a completely new themed lunch buffet for Thursday. This adds to their Monday Italian, Dim Sum Wednesday, and Indian Friday themed lunch buffets, with each one being a magnificent, crowd-pleasing feast of flavors for all who attend. True their sense of the dramatic, they have also decorated this day's food theme with what looks to be street vendor stands. The buffet offers an unprecedented variety and diversity of Asian foods unlike any I've seen here. The countries covered include Japan, the Philippines, China, Korea, Indonesia, Guam, Vietnam, and Thailand.

One of the first things that one sees is the Chinese hanging roast duck display that has charsiu ribs, pork, and crispy pork belly (lechon), and roast chicken. You can find a curry station where you choose your own ingredients and a red or green curry base is used to blend your selected ingredients, which range from long beans, local eggplant, mushrooms, bell peppers, onion, bokchoy, bean sprouts, basil, mussels, squid, and tofu.

Another station has 4 popular Filipino juice drinks including Cantelope, Sago, Honeydew, and Buko Juice. Attention to detail is judiciously used to give some degree of authenticity to each theme. They use plastic containers for the juices rather than the usual metal and acrylic dispensers. You can find a variety of skewers atop heated banana leaves. We're talking about Dried Beef, Fried Beef, Quail Eggs, BBQ Pork Skewers, BBQ Chicken Skewers, Beef Satay, Hot Dog, Squid BBQ, and BBQ Grilled Corn! You can have a variety of sauces as condiments, including sweet chili, hoisin, finadene, vinegar, and mang tomas. You can make your own Vietnamese noodle soup.

Fresh lumpia, Poke, sushi, chicken kelaguen, Gato Gato, fried fish, Shrimp Sinigang, Corn Egg Drop Soup, Miso Soup, Shrimp Curry, Korean Kalbi, Anchovy Fish, and more! This has been an evolving process with ingredients and entrees subject to change based on availability.

Desserts include a Halo Halo station, Tapioca, Chocolae cake, Maja Blanca, Sapin Sapin, Creme Brulee, Assorted Baked Cookies, Custard Caramel, Fried Banana, and Carioca Balls. Unfortunately, I was only able to sample less that a third of the food selection on display. Guess I'm going to have to come back and eat some of the items I missed next time

You can expect more positive, trail-blazing enhancements and offerings at the Guam Marriott Resort & Spa! Stay Tuned!

Bon appetit!

Ken the Guam Food Guy

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