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April 12, 2013, Volume 13 Number 7

Dear "Guam Food Guy" Reader,

I was hoping to begin my newsletter with a happier, food-related theme, but I can't seem to get away from the major distraction that's affecting this part of the world. We've seen a number of jokes and funny cartoons circulating about the antics and erratic behavior of North Korea's Supreme Leader, Kim Jong Un. Maybe it's our way of minimizing the threat against our existence and way of life that the young Kim has been posturing about recently. It seems unimaginable that in this day and age that a leader such as Kim Jong Un could be in a position of influence that would bring the U.S. and its allies to the brink of war. The reality is that we've been living with this latent threat for a very long time. Maybe it's time for us to break this cycle of madness and stop the litany of threats that have escalated in intensity. Although some say we've nothing to worry about, I sense a very clear danger in having Kim Jong Un amass a trained military with weapons that could create mass destruction if and when used. Our military is more than capable to protect us from missile and rocket attacks. But what about the aftermath? Where does this path of violence go? I don't have a crystal ball so I can't tell you what's going to happen. We definitely should be praying arduously for intelligent guidance and a peaceful solution. That's probably all we can do, right? We can also eat kimchi everyday until the crisis ends. Kimchi is known for its nutritional and protective powers. I knew I could find a way to end this on a happier note relating to food. I might even have some Kalbi too.

Ken, the Guam Food Guy!

Reef Unveils New Eatery - Japanese Restaurant WAON
Japanese Restaurant WAON
Guam Reef & Olive Spa Resort
Hours : 7 a.m. - 10:00 p.m.

The Guam Reef & Olive Spa Resort, formerly known as the Guam Reef Hotel, has just opened a new restaurant in what used to be known as the Sango Japanese Restaurant. Japanese Restaurant Waon is the product of a focused renovation of the outlet which has beautiful ocean vista views from the main dining room and private rooms. Guests who attended an opening reception earlier this week were treated to a sampling of Japanese favorites that will be featured at Waon, one of which was Chicken Yakitori, one of my favorite grilled meats. Other items sampled were Inaniwa Udon and steamed rice cooked in an earthen rice cooker.

A featured guest at the reception was the calligrapher/artist Maaya Sho whose colorful illustrations graced the walls of Japanese Restaurant Waon. I didn't realize calligraphy could be so avant-garde! I can't wait to try out Waon's full menu.

Thai Smoothie & Grill
Rte 4 Ordot (on the way to Leo Palace Resort)
Mon-Fri 7:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m.
Sat & Holidays 7:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m.

Thai Smoothie & Grill is one of Guam's secret getaways or should I say "takeaways", because that's what you do! There's no where to eat at this quaint road-side stand that can get kind of dusty on a dry windy day. I was just returning from a mid-afternoon appointment at Leo Palace Resort and was a bit hungry from having missed lunch when I noticed they were still open (thank goodness for long hours!).

After viewing their large menu board that illustrates their various entree selections, I opted for a Thai Tea (on the rocks for $2.00), Shrimp Pad Thai ($7.00), and Phanaeng Curry ($9.00) with chicken. While my order was being prepared, I walked around the property and was fascinated by the profusion of Thai Basil growing everywhere, along with other herbs and plants. While I was waiting a few customers came and ordered Thai Smoothies, something I've not had here yet. My order was prepared in less than 10 minutes and I was handed my drink and two bags.

When I made it to the office, I opened up the bags and displayed my bounty! They sure give large portions of Pad Thai and Curry! Fortunately I didn't order any of these dishes to be spicy or hot so I was able to share with my office staff. Even after sharing there was still enough for left overs! Moreover, both dishes were quite delicious! They are also quite affordable with no entrees priced higher than $9.00! Definitely a place you wanna go to!!

Songkran Festival
Thai New Year
Sunday April 21, 2013
Ypao Beach (Wet Party)
10:30 a.m. - 6:00 p.m

Come have fun at the Songkran Festival. There will be plenty to do for the whole family. You can taste Thai Foods, play games, splash in the water, listen to music, watch Thai Classical Dances, and watch Muay Thai boxing. This event is open to the public and welcomes everyone. For more information, call Wat Buddhararama of Guam at 969-8181, or Lek (Ban Thai) at 687-1762, or Pornsuda at 687-2468, and Chalong at 687-4461.

Lone Star Steakhouse - Power Lunch Specials for April
Marine Corps Drive

When I dropped in to Lone Star for lunch the other day, I hadn't yet settled on what I wanted. I was thinking about something light. I had looked at the Power Lunch Specials and today's was Fish Tacos. I wasn't thinking tacos. Well, when Jimmy came around and suggested I try the Fish Tacos, he was rather convincing. So I ordered this entree. The Fish Tacos - $11.99 consist of 3 pieces of a very tender basa filet, with each piece breaded and served between a flour tortilla with lettuce, cabbage, pico de gallo, and a side of corn bread. I should also mention that Lone Star chef Carl Donnaru came out and said he had a Top Sirloin baseball cut available, so I said to fire it up! When the tacos arrived I picked one up, took a bite and marveled at how fresh-tasting and flavorful the taco was! I thought I would only eat one of these and ended up eating all three!! They were hot, juicy, flavorful and just enough to satisfy a normal appetite. I didn't eat much corn bread (didn't have a lot of room). Check out the other Power Lunch Specials for each day of the week. Friday's special is the Wildfire Steak, made with a dinanche sauce!!

As I said earlier, I had that San Antonio Top Sirloin Steak (9 oz., $19.99) cut and cooked baseball style, which meant it was seared on the outside to seal in the juices. It was cooked to a medium /medium-rare. This was fantastic! I remember the last one I'd ordered here was not quite as done. I had this with brown rice and finadene. Couldn't have been happier! I'll have to be on the lookout for Carl to cut me another baseball steak (this was the name of the top sirloin cut made legendary by Chuck's Steakhouse). Those were the days! And now it's been resurrected at Lone Star!

Curry Kebab
Hafa adai Exchange

Did you know that Curry Powder contains curcumin, which is a powerful anti-infammatory 50 times more potent than Vitamin C or E (according to Bharat Aggarwal, Phd., a professor at University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center). He also authored a book called Healing Spices. Spices contain antioxidants and thousands of phytonutrients. One thing you can be sure of - when you go to the Curry Kebab, you will definitely get your dose of spices! I was feeling a bit drained the other day and went to Curry Kebab and Wham! After my first taste of Mushroom Soup ($6.99), I perked right up!! This rich spicy soup is laden with mushrooms and seems to have been concentrated. It's on the verge of seeming salty.

We also ordered an Apple Salad ($7.99) which is a divinely refreshing and nourishing dish! This tart, palate-scrunching appetizer ends up being sweet. It is made with sliced red onions, tomatoes, and apples that are marinated in lemon juice and vinegar, with sugar water and parsley.

I was in the mood for fish so had the Fish Curry ($11.99), which is made with cubes of Mahi that are cooked in a South Indian curry sauce with herbs and spices. I asked for it to be Spicy (other choices are Mild and Medium). Again, my body could feel the energizing sensation of the curry spice flowing from my mouth and belly, where it started to warm me and elevate my senses. I'm not a scientist but I'd be interested in finding out if there is a way to measure the body's response to spices. This stuff's magic!!! The mahi pieces were juicy and flaked apart easily. They were totally coated with curry sauce.

Zee ordered Dhal Makani ($10.99), which has seasoned lentils sauteed with a butter-flavored curry sauce. She also had hers "Spicy" and showed her approval with her first savory bite! I tried some of hers and agreed with her opinion on the spice love these held!

We shared a Rosemary Naan Bread ($4.99) which was surprisingly more than adequate for the two of us (usually we order two types). I have to maintain my "spice balance" by eating as many spiced dishes as I can. They ought to make spice supplements!!!

Spring Specials at Manhattan Steakhouse
Manhattan Steak House
Guam Marriott Resort

If you are in the mood for something fresh out of the box and delicious, try out the new Spring Specials at the Manhattan Steakhouse. The Spring Specials are paired with wines recommended to enhance each dish.

At the time of my review some of the ingredients had not yet arrived so I'll be returning for a follow-up visit. What I did try out was the Fish Consomme ($9) which is made with Local fresh fish consomme. This rich broth is made with saffron, julienne vegetables, and fish quenelles. This is easily sharable by two or more diners.

Next was the Avocado Crab Meat Salad ($15), which features fresh avocado stuffed with lump crab meat tossed in lemon juice, mayonnaise and spices. This is also shareable and if you like lump crab, you'll get more than you'd expect.

The Grapefruit Salad with Grilled Shrimp ($18) was a pleasant surprise. This has spinach and pink grapefruit tossed in a Dijon Vinaigrette and the topped with succulent grilled shrimp.

The Pasta Salad ($15) features fresh grilled vegetables paired with penne pasta tossed in a sun-dried tomato vinaigrette and topped with grated parmesan cheese. Served with grilled garlic focaccia bread slices. This is another fun and playful dish that is tasty as well as shareable.

Feeregalo Euro Dining
Hotel Belvedere
Leo Palace Resort
Menenggon Hills
471-0001 ext 7180

Last month I had the distinct pleasure of being invited to a private menu tasting at Feeregalo Euro Dining in Leo Palace Resort's Hotel Belvedere. A seven course menu was prepared by Grand Master Chef Fujigaya (formerly of Dai Ichi's legendary Le Claret French Restaurant), who oversees the gastronomic creations at Feeregalo. In 2004 he was honored in Japan with the prestigious Escoffier Award, securing him a permanent place in the upper echelons of the world's chefs. For this extraordinary tasting, I was able to taste every dish presented, even when the course choice was optional as with the Smoked Roasted Duck and Beef Tenderloin main course. One of the main challenges of the tasting was that we were given Feeregalo's French bread more than once with several basket refills, which went a long way to filling up most of the attendees bellies! All in all, it was a most enjoyable epicurean fantasy made real by the extraordinary talents of Grand Master Chef Fujigaya, who will certainly prepare a special menu for your private function or special event. Let's showcase these spectacular courses set out by Chef Fujigaya.

Course 1
Marinated Seafood Wrapped up bean Curd sheet with Yuzu flavored Tomburi Sauce

Course 2
Oyster Gratin w/white Wine Sauce & Fresh Scallop Gratin w/Provincial Sauce

Course 3
Roasted Spicy Stuffed Sea Bream w/Bordelaise Sauce & Guacamole Sauce served with Petit Salad w/French Dressing

Course 4
Onion Soup Pie

Course 5
Steamed Homard w/Herb Sauce, Bouillabaisse Sauce & American Sauce served with Sauteed Fine String Vegetable and Assorted Mushrooms


Lobster Thermidor (this was one of the alternate options I did have as well! It was perfectly prepared).


Smoked Roasted Duck Breast & Sauteed Foie Gras w/Red Wine Sauce & Creamed Horseradish Sauce

(I had a few slices of this extraordinary duck, probably the best duck I've ever had that's on par with Peking Duck. Chef Fujiagaya slow-cooked and smoked this duck breast and placed weight on top of the duck. It was fork tender!)


Tenderloin Beef Steak & Sauteed Foie Gras with V.I.P. Pepper Sauce


I want to thank the organizers for arranging this special occasion and "Uncle Jerry" for inviting me to test dine what this fabulous chef put out on the table! The plating presentations were superb and the tastes and flavors delectable. Grand Master Chef Fujigaya is someone you would appreciate and well worth the price he charges. Bravo, Chef Fujigaya, for continuing to amaze me with your culinary genius and passion for gastronomic excellence!

Bon Appetit!
Ken the Guam Food Guy

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