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May 24, 2002, Volume 2 Number 21

Dear "Guam Food Guy" Reader,

I love my job! Yes, I do love to savor the flavor of fresh lemongrass, or catch the heady aroma of garlic sauteing in olive oil...or how about the unique smell of fresh basil when you rub the leaf between your fingers? Yes, I'm a "foodie", and life is good, especially for "foodies" who have been discovering the pleasures of exotic cooking. Never before has food been as popular, when so many have developed gourmet appetites and an appreciation for international cuisine! We can readily enjoy foods as diverse as Phad Thai, Jambalaya, Tempura, Tandoori Chicken, Sinagang, Dim Sum, Baba Ghanoush, Lasagna, Bulgogi, Satay, Enchiladas, Bratwurst, and Kelaguen.

If you're feeling adventurous, how about making Braised Short Ribs On Island Style Risotto with Cilantro Oil (recipe courtesy of Executive Chef Clayton Babas of the Outrigger Resort Guam), or Cinnamon-Sugar Dazzled Blueberry Cornmeal Muffins (by Hard Rock Cafe Executive Chef Kotwal Singh), or Executive Chef Remo Berdux's (Hyatt Regency Guam) Sesame Seared Tuna Cakes with Curry Dressing? These and many more Celebrity Chefs' recipes can be found at the website. I am amazed at the number of locally-created recipes that have been added to this site since it's inception. If you feel so inclined, we'd appreciate receiving one of your favorite recipes.

Although I love eating new foods, especially from different cultures and countries, nothing pleases me more than to share my discoveries with other people. I am often thanked by many readers who tell me I've helped them find restaurants they would never have looked for! As you will read in today's issue, we are showcasing some special culinary events that have taken place recently. The wonderful world of cooking and enjoying food has never been more exciting, and things are going to get better!

In Today's Issue:

  • Champion Chef Christophe Durliat Prepares Dazzling Feast
  • The Curry Kebab Restaurant - Fine Indian Food Waiting to Please You
  • GCC's Chef's Table - Gastronomic Pleasure from "A Class of It's Own"
  • The Hilton Guam Welcomes a New Manager at Roy's
  • GCC's Hospitality Institute's 2002 Sizzling Summer Cooking Series
  • Support the American Cancer Society's Relay for Life - May 24 - 25
  • Mary's Vietnamese Restaurant - Where Everything's So Good!

Champion Chef Christophe Durliat Prepares Dazzling Feast

It was an elegant evening of uncompromising quality, where Olympian feats of culinary skills were performed for a handful of astonished and grateful diners by a team headed by Hilton Guam Resort & Spa's Executive Chef Christophe Durliat. Held at the Las Colinas de Barrigada residence of John and Annmarie Bouchard, this formal dinner was the raffle prize awarded to Lance and Terry Hagans at the UOG Endowment Foundation/Micronesia Chefs Association's 1st Annual Celebrity Chef's Cup Gala Fundraising Dinner on April 8. This "once-in-a-lifetime" private affair featured a 7 course "haute cuisine" French dinner, with special Hors d'oeurves (pate, salmon, shrimp), Smoked Salmon and Asparagus Greens with a Coriander Sauce, an inspired Consomme with Vegetables and Dumplings, a Maine Lobster and Potato creation with Saffron Herbed Sauce, Duck Breasts Braised in Wild Cherry Juice with a Chinese Spice Sauce and Red Cabbage, an impressive cheese assortment, a Fresh Lemongrass and Ginger Sorbet, and sinfully delicious Petit Fours and Chocolate Truffles. Elaborately crafted breads were prepared by Chef Bertrand Young (La Patisserie). Fine wines flowed, with some provided courtesy of Pacific Wines & Spirits. Solo violinist Liz Hammond of Intermezzo filled the evening with romantic and classical melodies. It was an unforgettable dining episode requiring hours of intense preparation that yielded hours of delightful consumption. Kudos to Executive Chef Christophe Durliat's Hilton team for an exemplary gastronomic performance.

Who will next year's lucky winners be? Don't miss the 2nd Annual Celebrity Chefs Cup Gala lots of raffle tickets!

The Curry Kebab Restaurant - Fine Indian Food Waiting to Please You

The Curry Kebab Indian Restaurant in Tamuning offers Guam diners a splendid selection of spiced creations, with vegetarian and meat entrees to please all palates. Now that the "grand opening" waiting lines have subsided, you can expect to be seated promptly. The management extends its apologies for all who waited so long (especially to those who left before enjoying a meal) during the opening rush. (It was more "wait" than "rush" unfortunately).

Want something new and exciting to drink? Try a Lemony Mint beverage. This concoction is freshly prepared with the essence of mint blended with will be amazed by how refreshing it is! It goes well with the spicy foods served at The Curry Kebab. A weekday lunch buffet (11:00 a.m. - 2:30 p.m.) is available for $8.95, featuring three vegetarian dishes and two meat preparations (a curry and a tandoori), salads, fruits, and specialty bread. The a la carte dinner menu serves a delicious selection of popular and special entrees, and is available Monday - Saturday from 5 p.m. - 9:30 p.m. Call 649-4151 for more information.

GCC's Chef's Table - Gastronomic Pleasure from "A Class of Its Own"

"One taught, they learned, they prepared, they cooked, we ate"...this was the experience of applied education at Guam Community College's recent Chef's Table that was conducted by Outrigger Guam Resort Executive Chef Clayton Babas' HS 245 Food Production Principles students and cook apprentices. An elaborate 5 course meal was prepared, starting off with Smoked Duck and Papaya Spring Rolls with Ginger Lime sauce followed by Poached Chicken and Shiitake Mushroom in Saffron Broth Soup, with the main entree being an Herb Seared Salmon Steak on Wasabi Mash with Wilted Greens, Ginger Butter, Balsamic Syrup and Cilantro Oil. Dessert was aptly labeled "Chocolate Decadence with Pika Berry Compote." Each course was paired with a matching wine provided by PWS. Although the food was exceptional, the most significant achievement was the knowledge gained by the students who have learned about the foundations, processes and science involved in cooking. This fulfills the mandate of learn a skilll to improve our lives. We all have great things to look forward to from these culinary achievers.

Let's continue supporting GCC's Tourism and Hospitality Program.

The Hilton Guam Welcomes a New Manager at Roy's

It's official! Roy's Restaurant in the Hilton Guam Resort and Spa has a new manager. Roland Boudreau, formerly the General Manager of Hy's Steakhouse, is now the manager of Roy's Restaurant. Roland's impeccable food service management knowledge and fine dining expertise is considered an ideal match for the quality service for which Roy's is known. Boudreau's extensive knowledge of wines will be a valuable resource in educating both staff and customers about suggested food pairings as well as about wine in general. We all wish Roland success in his new role heading up the fine team at Roy's.

GCC's Hospitality Institute's 2002 Sizzling Summer Cooking Series

If you want to get cooking with Chef Robert Revita, you need to sign up by May 24 for the 2002 Sizzling Summer Cooking Series at GCC. Space is limited to 12 students, with course offerings such as Back-to-Basics; Stocks, Sauces and Marinades; Healthy Cooking Techniques Including Vegetarian Cooking; "A Taste of Asia" Cooking; and Baking Basics. All of these courses offer credits. For more information, call Kathy or Eric at 735-5629. If you take the Full Menu (that's enrolling in all five courses), you will earn 4.0 semester credits. The entire Sizzling Summer Cooking Series is equivalent to HS245 Food Production Principles. If you are interested, call today!

Support the American Cancer Society's Relay for Life - May 24 - 25

If you haven't made plans for Friday night, come out and support the American Cancer Society's Relay for Life, a team event organized to fight cancer. A special luminaria ceremony will be held to honor and remember those touched by cancer. "This ceremony of light symbolizes the hope and courage with which we all continue to fight cancer," according to ACS literature. I, like many of you, have family and friends who have been affected by cancer. I'll be participating in this Relay for Life at the Tiyan Soccer Fields. Let's do this noble thing together! Call 477-9451 for more information.

Mary's Vietnamese Restaurant - Where Everything's So Good!

Consistency! That's what you can expect every time you dine at Mary's Vietnamese Restaurant, located on the 2nd floor of the G.B.Sangalang Building, slightly down from and across Route 16 from Iglesia Ni Cristo. I've eaten at Mary's several times over the past few years and I only have praise for their well-prepared, specially seasoned foods. There's something else to be said about a restaurant that appears to have a certain appeal for ladies...after all, when I was there at 12:45PM for lunch on Wednesday, I counted 25 women (vs. 4 men). The appeal was culturally diverse...there were Chinese, Korean, Filipino, Chamorro, and Japanese among the group....with a few haoles to boot! Closing my eyes and listening to their animated ethnic chatter reminded me of a United Nations social event! Some of the ladies I saw were local "movers and shakers", and people who I know to be fairly selective in their restaurant choices. Their acknowledgement and response to me about Mary's food was unanimous - "because it's soooo good!"

Mary's is known for her Fried and Fresh Lumpia ($7.00 and $6.00 respectively), as well her Sinigang Soup with Shrimp ($9.00), Fried Pork Chop ($7.00) and Crispy Egg Noodle ("Bird's Nest") with a combination of chicken,pork, and shrimp for $9.50. The Fresh Lumpia is made with a large shrimp that's combined with chunks of chicken and rice noodles with lettuce, all in a lumpia wrapper with the chive stalks protruding out one end like a tail. Her hoisin/crushed peanut dipping sauce is a treat and spiced a bit with peppers.

I wanted something different for lunch and opted for the Spicy Lemongrass Chicken ($7.00), which is served with a large scoop of rice, lettuce and a pile of cucumbers. I also had an order of String Beans with Beef ($8.00). The String Beans can be ordered plain (for vegetarians), or with chicken or shrimp, each for $8.00. It is a really tasty dish, and the tender meat is covered in an oyster sauce with fresh garlic bits. Green onion slices are sprinkled on top of this dish that looks as good as it tastes.

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Bon Appetit!

The Guam Food Guy

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