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May 31, 2002, Volume 2 Number 22

Dear "Guam Food Guy" Reader,

"The best is yet to come!" These positive words of wisdom can apply to just about everything in life and have certainly proved to be true in my experiences with food. Not to say that what I've enjoyed in the past was not excellent, it's just that each day I am introduced to fabulous new recipe creations from chefs who are experimenting with exotic ingredient combinations. Sometimes I am able to actually taste these culinary innovations and I'm always delighted to introduce and share special menus with other "foodies". I really like the term "foodies", since it reminds me of the labels used to identify groups, such as "yuppies", "groupies", "Trekkies", etc. "Foodies" are folks who appreciate the many aspects of food, from growing, to cooking, to eating and to learning about food.

Next week, a special culinary opportunity will present itself to the people of Guam. For the first time, Roy's at the Hilton Guam Resort & Spa will be introducing exotic healthy "spa cuisine". Roy's Chef De Cuisine Eddie Chien, in collaboration with Pepe Laflamme, MSC CPT, Program Director for the Hilton Guam Fitness Club, has created a special menu highlighting the healthier choice ingredients of "spa cuisine", prepared with Roy's trademark Euro-Asian flair. Spa cuisine has been increasing in popularity in the United States and abroad, especially at high-end resorts where celebrities and the wealthy go to revitalize themselves by means of various exercise regimens incorporating specialty diets. You can read more about this event and how you can participate below. I highly recommend it!

As a member of the Micronesian Chefs' Association, I am delighted to say that soon you can expect to partake in some exciting culinary events as well as learn some new innovative recipes using local ingredients. Yes, things are going well, and "the best is yet to come!"

In Today's Issue:

  • Exotic Spa Cuisine at Roy's, June 3 - 9, Hilton Guam Resort & Spa
  • Get a Taste of Nostalgia Chocolate-Coated Coffee Beans at Stanlee's
  • Last Chance to tell the Hilton Guam- What Do You Really Want?
  • A Chef's Table By Land and Sea - Club at the Hyatt's Amazing Event
  • Rose Coffee Shop - A Chinese Restaurant Without a Drop of Coffee!

Exotic Spa Cuisine at Roy's, June 3 - 9, Hilton Guam Resort & Spa

A brilliant collaboration between a local fitness guru and the Chef de Cuisine of Roy's has resulted in the creation of a special dinner menu offering a selection of exotic healthy Spa Cuisine entrees starting Monday, June 3 and running through Sunday, June 9.

"Spa Cuisine" focuses on the use of fresh natural ingredients, where the food is vibrant, and the term "organic" is a common denominator. Since people are taking their health and well-being more seriously, healthy choice dining has gained in popularity, and is reflected as such on numerous menus. Roy's upscale tradition of fusing Eastern and Western culinary styles has by it's nature incorporated natural ingredients and fresh food in its various preparations. This team effort is yet another step in the right direction by delivering to Guam's dining public a unique dinner affair with health and quality assured.

A highlight of this special week of Spa Cuisine will be on Tuesday June 4 when Pepe Laflamme, Program Director for Hilton Guam Fitness Club, will be present during the evening to share information about spa cuisine and healthy food preparation methods with diners. A special discount for this evening's exclusive time with Pepe is available for Fitness, Tennis, Club RESOPA, and Diamond Club members. The regular fare for this exotic healthy dinner is $45.00 per adult.

Among the main dinner entree selections prepared by Roy's Chef de Cuisine Eddie Chien will be Wood Smoked Thai Chicken Breast With Herb-roasted Asparagus and Wild Mushrooms and a Steamed Chilean Sea Bass With Braised Spinach in a Lemongrass Shellfish Broth.

Click here to see the complete menu but it will include such delights as Chilled Summer Melon Bisque and Chilled Balsamic Lobster Tail with Asian Slaw and Garlicky Red Bliss Potatoes! Does that sound yummy or what?

I have been informed that a small selection of healthy fruit juice beverages will be available.

Don't miss this excellent opportunity to enjoy, learn about, savor, and appreciate the wondrous health-affirming benefits of Spa Cuisine at Roy's Restaurant.

Get a Taste of Nostalgia Chocolate-Coated Coffee Beans at Stanlee's

The "Buzz" is on about a new confectionary now available at Stanlee's in Tumon. Get down to Stanlee's to get your personal bag of delicious Nostalgia Chocolate-Coated Coffee Beans. I've sampled these beans and have shared some with other "foodies" who have unanimously given the "thumbs up" to these perky marvels! Nostalgia beans come in thick dark and milk chocolate coatings. These are GOOD chocolates, folks, and much better (and BIGGER) than the other beans locally available. Manufactured in Australia, these organically grown coffee beans are from the Pacific Island country of Vanuatu! A 100 Gram pack of these choco-gems sells for $4.50 and the 200 Gram bag sells for $7.95. These make terrific gifts for both chocolate and coffee lovers and for folks who need caffeine boost! Go to Stanlee's--your destination for fine wines, assorted beverages, unique foodstuffs from Australia, great deli sandwiches, and a home for Baskin-Robbins Ice Cream!

Last Chance to tell the Hilton Guam - What Do You Really Want?

For the past two months the Hilton Guam has been conducting a survey regarding the new outlet which they plan to open in the near future. The survey has been taken in the hotel at the various outlets and also has been available on-line at This weekend marks your last chance to get your say in to the powers that be at the Hilton Guam Resort & Spa. Take a minute to fill out the survey. It is completely anonymous, lots of fun and they appreciate your input.

A Chef's Table By Land and Sea - Club at the Hyatt's Amazing Event

Somehow they knew the weather would be perfect. Somehow they knew that the sunset would dazzle with its multi-hued magnificence. Somehow they knew the stars would shine brightly with a luminescent moon peering through billowy clouds. All the elements cooperated to make this an evening to remember for the latest CATH Dinner event. The event started with cocktails and specialty hors d'oeurves on the Hyatt's beachside grounds near the chapel. The dinner guests then boarded the Sunset Cruise's Flying Proa for a delightfully relaxing cruise over the waters of Tumon Bay and were treated to a cornucopia of appetizers, followed by a fabulous main course selection. The party returned to shore for an elaborate home-made ice cream dessert bar with exotic coffees! I won't divulge all of the food items served, but I will say that Pina Coladas were served in fresh coconuts, that the Mai Tais were served in fresh pineapples, that the food was served family-style on large platters, and that the lamb chops were scrumptious. Of course everyone knows that when the Hyatt's talented team of chefs puts their heads together they can cook up a phenomenal feast! I would suggest you do whatever you can to attend the next Land & Sea Chef's Table Extravaganza. Try calling Rebecca at 647-1234 Ext. 3211 to find out what it takes to get a booking on the next cruise. Kudos to the visionaries who made this evening a night to remember!

Rose Coffee Shop - A Chinese Restaurant Without a Drop of Coffee!
(Rose Coffee Shop has closed - 11/21/2002)

Don't say I didn't warn you...there is no coffee at Rose Coffee Shop in Agana, located directly across the street from the former Union Bank Building. The name is not a complete misnomer, since the affable owner of this quaint little diner is named Rose (her English name anyway!). They used to have coffee when they served breakfast, but they are only open for lunch, from 10:30 a.m. - 2:30 p.m. (every day except Sunday) and dinner, from 5:30 p.m. - 10:00 p.m. (every night except Wednesday). Why are they closed for dinner on Wednesdays? Actually, they are smart and moved to where the money is...they cook food over at the Chamorro Village on Wednesdays!

Rose Coffee Shop is cozy...real cozy. You get to know your neighbors, whether you want to or not...tables are close. This is probably an ideal place for a "tete a tete" (head to head meeting). You're so close across the table from your partner you can probably hear their thoughts! There are downstairs and upstairs dining areas, and larger groups are encouraged to go upstairs where there is more space. There are four tables downstairs, and the room is very bright at lunchtime, with daylight pouring in through white lace-curtained windows.

Rose Coffee Shop is not an elegantly decorated is a small mom and pop type operation. The Chinese owners are not Westernized, so expect the standard to be more focused on getting you fed. You will not be asked "how are you?" or even greeted with a hello. You will hear "ready to order?" before you've finished looking over the menu. I find these experiences "charming", whereas less patient people become irate. I suggest patience, since these people are doing their best to get their food in front of you to eat.

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Bon Appetit!

The Guam Food Guy

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