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January 17, 2014, Volume 14 Number 2

Dear "Guam Food Guy" Reader,

"Build it, and they will come!" You've probably seen this old saying, especially if you are a real estate developer! I mention this since I was finally able to see the newly-opened Russian eatery called Izba Russian Fusion Restaurant, which is located across for the PIC in Tumon. The owner of this establishment is a pretty smart fella, since he saw an opportunity for serving our growing Russian tourist market. They "came" and he built it!! Just opened this past week, they do serve some Russian food items as well as steaks and other continental cuisine. I'll have to drop by one of these days and sample some of the menu after they've settled a bit. It's well-constructed with imported wood-paneling from Korea on the walls. It's a modernistic, upscale restaurant with the beginnings of what could be an impressive wine selection. His roadside location is perfect for the walking Russian tourists (there were already a few families in there dining when I'd stopped by).

Returning to my initial quote about building things. I remember when the ITC Building was first built. It was considered a "white elephant" back in 1973-74, and everyone was wondering if they would ever get any tenants. Fast forward to today, and now the ITC Bldg. is bursting at the seams with the AG's office and Dept of Administration filling all those "blank spaces"! I've heard it's next to impossible to get a parking space since every place is assigned and there's a tow truck just waiting to someone to "mis-park"! That's why it's best to go on weekends or at night if you want to visit Pho Vietnamese or House of Brutus, which is whereI had my perfect Sunday breakfast (read story below)!

Ken, the Guam Food Guy

House of Brutus
Ground Floor
ITC Bldg.

This past weekend we were looking for another place for Sunday breakfast and opted to stop by the Brutus, which is one of the few free-standing restaurants (outside of hotels) who serve a decent Americano (because it's illy). While Zee only ordered English Muffins with her coffee, I had more of an appetite and ordered from their "Flapjacks & Things" Menu. You get 3 Fluffy Flapjacks (pancakes if you don't know "jack"!), and you can choose either One Thing ($8), Two Things ($9) or Three Things ($10), with your choice of things being 2 eggs any style, Brutus Original Beef Hash, SPAM, Bacon, or Sausage Patty. Well, I ordered the 2 eggs with bacon, and had my eggs scrambled with Cheddar Cheese and Chopped Ham (extra $.50 for each). My face lit up when the plate was delivered. DEEEE-LICIOUS!!! They even used chopped green onion as a garnish. It was my perfect scrambled egg with ham and cheese breakfast! The portion was generous and the pancakes were indeed fluffy and better tasting than most. Zee watched me eat and could tell I'd finally come across a breakfast (other than my own) that I really liked. Apparently Brutus has some new people who are energizing the kitchen and the service. Kudos to Sheila B. and her team for making it happen!!

Sabai Thai Spa
16th Floor
Onward Beach Resort
Open Daily: 10:00 a.m. - 11:00 p.m.

I don't often rave about massages, however, I have to share a bit about Sabai Thai Spa at the Onward since I've had two that were absolutely amazing. I had the Royal Thai Massage (there's a 30% discount special through the end of January, so the price for 90 minutes was $98). This was an intense massage where pressure points are targeted. Blood circulation, lymphatic drainage, and tension reduction are also areas of focus. I was twisted, turned, stretched, popped, and rubbed to the point of physical bliss (the back stretch) that forced out a loud exclamation! Wow was that ever a great massage! You need to advise your masseuse about your comfort level for how much pressure you can take or handle. The view from the 16th floor is stunning. They offer you a nice cup of tea with a hot towel when you are finished (water too, just after the massage, to re-hydrate). The soothing Thai music that plays in the background along with the aromatic scents permeated the rooms help to make this a remarkable and memorable spa experience.

The Lemai Cafe and Restaurant
673 Purple Heart Memorial Highway (Rte 8) next to Cars Plus

I had the pleasure of having an impulsive lunch date with my friend and fellow co-worker, Jo-Anne Q. who had tasted some of Lemai's special meals when I'd brought some to the office last year. When I found out that she was already in transit to go there, I pre-ordered one of the day's specials (the Oxtail Kadu - $10.00), and then pre-ordered another special (Garlic Fried Chicken - $10), too. Jo-Anne had ordered Tinala Katne ($11.00), which is a delicious dried beef (they use C.A.B.) which is better than most. When I arrived, I just told our server to give us side plates and bowls so we could share our meal and Jo-Anne could balutan any left overs.

The Oxtail Kadu was so tasty and flavorful, especially after I added a little donne salii (crushed red pepper) and finadene. We both marveled at how much we loved cabbage in our soup. The oxtail was tender and came easily off the tail bone. We split up the golden fried chicken pieces with us both marveling at how especially tasty Lemai's garlic fried chicken was...if you love fried chicken...well, it's not the healthiest but it is the tastiest!!

Of course, I had a few chunks of Jo-Anne's Tinala Katne, dipping the juicy beef in my donne-reinforced finadene . My oh my, we locals sure know where and how to eat!!! Gof Mannge!

As is tradition, at the end of our meal, our server put out a plate of Bonelos Dagu, Chamoru banana donuts, a local favorite! Joanne had not yet had these, and fell in love at first bite!

Michelle's Coffee Shop II
Marine Corps Drive (across from Mobil McDonald's)

Well, she said she would and she did!!! Yes, industriously energetic Michelle Kosloski opened her 2nd Michelle's Coffee Shop location in Yigo on December 30. She's been busy feeding lots of families and people who are very grateful to finally haver a good place to eat a value-priced meal in their neighborhood that satisfies all of their cravings! Michelle also holds the distinction of serving illy caffe's Americano and other espresso-based beverages on request.

We stopped by on Saturday for lunch (just missed breakfast cut-off time of 1:30 p.m., however if the griddle's still on, they will still prepare breakfast items). Zee had the Salt & Pepper Tofu with Garlic Rice - $9.00 plus $1.25 (for the garlic rice in lieu of white steamed rice). We also ordered one of the lunch specials on the board Sauteed Garlic Kang Kong ($7.99).

I manned up and ordered one of the Combo Plates - the Honey Walnut Shrimp with Salt & Pepper Pork Chops - ($15.99 plus $1.25 for Fried Rice in lieu of steam rice). This is one of Michelle's most popular dishes and I think she should give out medals to anyone who can finish the whole plate! It seems that Michelle wants to give her customer's more than expected! No one complains about not having enough!! Her new location is a little larger than her Mangilao store with more parking. I also am really liking her fried rice, too. For the meats and tofu you can use finadene as well as Donne Salii to spicen them up.

Michelle's has party trays for all occasions, too! Keep her in mind when you want to order breakfast, lunch or dinner trays). Got to Michelle''ll need two bellies!!!

Delmonico Kitchen & Bar
Bayview Hotel

Open: 6:30 AM - 10 AM
11:30 AM - 2 PM
5:30 PM - 9:30 PM

We wanted to stop by Delmonico Kitchen & Bar and see our good friend Executive Chef Eddie Chien. Unfortunately, he had to leave just before we arrived but he had already arranged to have Zee's vegetarian pasta with portabello and peppers ready for her. We also ordered the Bacon + Tomato + Spinach Bruschetta - $7, with one piece not having any bacon. The French bread these came on had been toasted and this gave the bread a unique taste that supported the cheese, spinach, pesto, and tomato along with the balsamic vinegar drizzle.

I thought I could do with a salad so ordered the House Salad of Mesclun (small - $8, with Creamy Herb Vinaigrette and tomatoes). I was shocked when it came out because it was huge! I asked for side plates so we could share. The mixed young greens of the Mesclun were fresh and peppery. These delicious greens combined arugula, chervil, arugula, and some leafy lettuce. We managed to finish this!

I had been in a mood for a good steak and knew Eddie never disappointed me in his steak preparations. I had the 12 oz. New York Strip Loin ($26) prepared as No. 86, which is Char-broiled with a Parsley, Brandy Reduction. This came with a garlic mashed potato topped with cheese starch, which was far more than I could eat. In fact, I had to take over half of this and half of the steak home. We had such good service by Jess (we'd brought our own bottle of San Pellegrino) who twisted our arms into saving room for dessert!

Yes, the Lava Cake was baked and got served (allow 20 minutes preparation time). The hot flowing chocolate fudge flowed out like lava and blended with the vanilla ice cream (that only I could eat!). What a decadent chocolate delight this dish is, and very similar in concept to Roy's signature Melting Chocolate Souffle! It's a lovely ending to a dinner where wine was also a featured player.

Bon Appetit!
Ken The Guam Food Guy

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