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Guam Diner Newsletter, July 27, 2001, Volume 1, Number 5

Dear "Guam Food Guy" Reader,

It wasn't my plan to attend the recent Liberation Day Parade. However, while viewing the first uniformed marching units turn onto Rte. 4 from the 8th floor conference room window vantage point of Sorensen Pacific Broadcasting's offices, I knew I had to go down. It was hot. I didn't have a hat on and had no sunscreen. When Jon Anderson jokingly recounted how he'd identified "the Guam Food Guy" as one of the first floats he'd seen during his live remote broadcast report to Anilita's Saturday morning radio food show, Caliente, I knew I had to do more than observe the parade - I had to participate! Afterall, I was wearing my Oscar Mayer "Wienermobile" shirt, which seemed to get as much attention and interest from parade viewers as some of the other floats! I was asked numerous times if the Wienermobile would be in the Parade, and though I didn't know the answer, I'd respond that it should be (thank goodness it was!). I walked the parade route, first going down facing the oncoming pageant, waving at and talking to friends and acquaintances, some in the parade and others on the sidelines. This huge event was one continuous fiesta, with countless families offering BBQ, beer, and other foods at their canopied sites along both sides of Marine Drive. I accepted some invitations and ate of the more memorable items was a giant New Zealand oyster...which I managed to swallow after dousing it with finadene. There is nothing more exhilarating nor exhausting as being in Guam's Liberation Day Parade. No event showcases our island's cultures, military branches, talents, villages, issues, personalities, businesses, government agencies, non-profit organizations, and local pride the way this parade does.

Later, as I marched back up from Anigua on the other side of the parade route near Le Tasi Bistro (Guam's best European eatery), I realized that I belonged on this island paradise...that this was my home. I'd not been to a Parade in over 10 years (choosing to watch it on TV from the comforts of home). I saw people I don't see during my workday weeks and became reacquainted with friends and former co-workers who I'd not seen in years! This Liberation Day Parade was both a homecoming and an awakening for me. Guess I'll have to get ready for next year's least I'll bring a hat, and will plan to wear a t-shirt!

In Today's Issue
  • Girl Scout Cookies Still Available at Guam Girl Scout Center!
  • Mac & Marti Cigar Lounge and Jazz Club - Tumon's Newest Hot Spot
  • Old Hagta Grill Wine Dinner - An Evening in Germany
  • Wine Tasting Notes Updated and Enhanced
  • Fuji Ichiban Ramen - Guam's Noodle King

Girl Scout Cookies Still Available at Guam Girl Scout Center!

Attention Girl Scout Cookie Lovers! If you missed this year's Girl Scout Cookie sale or want to purchase some more of your favorite Girl Scout Cookies, you can buy quantities at the regular price from the selection listed below:

Animal Treasures, Thin Mints, Upside Downs, Lemon Pastry Cremes, Peanut Butter Patties, and Shortbread.

The Guam Girl Scout Service Center is open Monday - Fridays, usually between 9-5, and Saturdays from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. There is a lot of construction taking place in front of the Center on Marine Drive, so just follow the direction signs to avoid confusion. It may be best to call at 646-5652.

Support Girl Scouts - Where Girls Grow Strong!

Mac & Marti Cigar Lounge and Jazz Club - Tumon's Newest Hot Spot

Mac & Marti has long been a local hangout for those looking for great martinis, robust cigars, fine tobacco products and accessories, imported beers, billiards, electronic games, bartenders with engaging personalities who are empathetic listeners, live music and wild private parties. In it's previous Tamuning location next to Cost-U-Less, Mac & Marti was a cozy, intimate, and fun bar atmosphere reminescent of the popular TV show "Cheers." Things just got better, way better, when Mac & Marti moved to their new Tumon location on the ground floor of the Holiday Plaza Complex.

In its new location, Mac & Marti Cigar Lounge and Jazz Club has become Tumon's newest "hot spot" and has expanded its audience appeal by bringing live jazz starting Wednesday nights and playing throughout Saturday. Among their featured artists are the Larry Franquez Quartet with Patrick Palomo and Rick Ash. Sunday nights feature big screen T.V. movies. Not only has the audience expanded--everything has! The bar is over double the original's size, and now has reputedly the largest selection of draft beers on tap, including Four X, MGD, Lite, Bud Light, and Budweiser. An impressive range of imported beers are available, too, along with a selection of quality wines by the glass, by Mondavi and Blackstone. There is even a Red Bull display merchandiser, filled with that popular energy drink that mixes surprisingly well. Of course, the bar is replete with name brand distilled spirits and enough mixes to make just about any drink. Just ask Anah, Regina, Mae, Jackie, Chae, or Camilla to mix one up for you, and they'll even give you free advice on how to handle your day's worries (how about another one?). Don't worry...they know your limits. Billiards players can now compete on two pool tables located in a separate sports room, which has plush leather couches and chaise lounges, as well as a TV dedicated for sports fans.

There's more. Click here for more on the new and improved Mac & Marti Cigar Lounge and Jazz Club.

Old Hagta Grill Wine Dinner - An Evening in Germany

If you missed last month's Wine Dinner at Old Hagta Grill, you won't want to miss this one!

This month the wine dinner is a week behind schedule due to Guam's Independence day festivities. Old Hagta Grill is featuring an evening in Germany, a five course celebration of German food, wine and beer.

Chef Kell is working with Ludwig Uhmeyer of Hansa Imports on the menu design and preparation for this incredible selection of ingredients that will blow your taste buds away!

The German Wine Dinner is this Saturday, the 28th starting at 7:00 pm. Call 472-5885 to make your reservations.

For more information on the wine dinner, go to Old Hagta Grill's Diner Page.

Click on "Current Specials" and see the menu that Chef Kell and Ludwig have prepared.

Reservations are a must! It promises to be a great night.

Wine Tasting Notes Updated and Enhanced

In our continuing efforts to enhance the website and make it more useful for residents of Guam, we have added a new piece of information to our Wine Tasting Notes section. Wines that are available for purchase on Guam now have a [AOG] next to them. Look for the "Available On Guam" designation when you're browsing for a new wine to try. We welcome any feedback that you have on wines that you've purchased on-island and enjoyed. Just send a note to

Fuji Ichiban - Guam's Ramen King

"IRASHAIMASE!!" was the rousing Japanese "welcome" I received as I entered the doors to Tumon's Fuji Ichiban Ramen, located directly across San Vitores Road from the Acanta Mall. It wasn't June, so I didn't think it was a surprise birthday party for me (though it seemed like it for a instant), and after quickly looking around I noticed the exuberant greeting was just that - a greeting! Nice touch. I sat down at the polished woodgrain counter and looked around this busy restaurant. There were several tables with families and other diners up at the counter down from me, many were absorbed with their ramen bowls, eating with spoons, chopsticks and forks. Fortunately, I'd brought my coupon for a free order of their famous Gyoza (Chinese Pork Dumplings-$4.50) that I'd printed from the "Current Specials" link on their Diner Page.

After looking over their colorful menu with illustrated food pictures and descriptions for all appetizers and entrees, I decided to order the Karaage Ramen ($9.75) which is a combination of deep fried Karaage chicken, salad, and a bowl of soy flavored ramen noodles. This would prove to be more than enough food to eat and would give me a good review selection.

I picked up the menu again to see some of the items I didn't order. The Tenmusu (tempura shrimp rice ball - $4.00) looked good, and so did the Chahan (fried rice -$5.75), which one of my neighbors was eating. Several types of ramen are available--Shio Ramen (salty taste - $6.75; Soy Ramen - ($6.75); Miso Ramen (miso taste - $7.50); and Taiwan Ramen (spicy soy taste - $7.50).

Click here for the FULL STORY.

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