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June 7 , 2002, Volume 2 Number 23

Dear "Guam Food Guy" Reader,

What's new? When it comes to food on Guam, there's plenty of new menu selections and entrees at local restaurants, new foods being created by "mom and pop" bakeries, home kitchens, and small assembly-line bottling plants converted from garages. Did you know that in the next few weeks the executives of the Hormel Foods Corporation will be treated to a locally-created food product using one of their famous meat brands as an ingredient --Garlic Spam Pizza made by Mama Tita's Bake at Home Pizza? Or have you thought about going to Hard Rock Cafe for a 20 oz. USDA Choice T-Bone Steak that's been aged 21 days and grilled just the way you like it (I had a few bites of this "bad boy" the other day and was amazed by its succulent flavors!). If you are lucky you might arrive in time to get a serving of the daily Manager's Lunch Special at King's Restaurant in Compadres Mall, where Joe has been cooking up some of his favorite Chamorro dishes. When was the last time you had a piece of fresh baked Taro, Mango, or Manha (young coconut) you even know what it tastes like or where you can get some? I did and I do!

Today's review of Spa Cuisine at Roy's was a special treat for me (as well as a lot of other folks) for several important reasons. It represents the first time a Guam restaurant has created a 5-course meal emphasizing and delivering health and nutritional benefits. The event is the result of a great deal of planning and the collaboration of Fitness Expert Pepe Laflamme with Roy's Chef de Cuisine, Eddie Chien, to design a special healthy meal. In many ways it is a dream fulfilled with diners benefiting from exquisite cuisine that's healthy.

On Saturday, I'm attending a special birthday party - my own! I don't know where or how's supposed to be a surprise...but the closer the day gets, I may get asked for my opinion on where to eat!! (Happy Birthday to Ken from the Guam Diner Staff. Click here to send him birthday mail)

In Today's Issue:

  • Hard Rock Cafe Celebrates 30 Years and Launches Fabulous New Menu
  • Father's Day Specials and More
  • New Breakfast Specials At King's - Great Choices, Low Prices
  • Donne' Dinanche - Hot Stuff Made in Guam - D & D's Owned and Grown
  • Mama's Kitchen Homemade Goodies - Fresh-baked Breads
  • Spa Cuisine at Roy's - Delicious and Delightful Healthy Choices

Hard Rock Cafe Celebrates 30 Years and Launches Fabulous New Menu

Has it been 30 years of Rock, Rollin', and Dining? Yes, Hard Rock Cafe has matured graciously and what better way to prove that taste improves with age than by sporting a new menu chockful of delightful culinary surprises. Although HRC's menu retains many traditional favorites such as the Classic Bacon Cheeseburger and the notoriously popular Pig Sandwich, new menu items have been added that appeal more to the palates of a trendier demographic desiring a variety of quality choices and fresher ingredients.

I recently had an opportunity to indulge in a taste sampling of HRC's new menu along with some media colleagues who share my passion for food. The operative word here is "indulge", because the portions were so large and the entrees were so irresistibly good that...well, we had a job to do! Our host was HRC Regional Executive Chef Kotwal Singh, who has been the force behind HRC's local culinary enhancements, creating new menus for lunch and dinner specials. Among the line-up of new items we sampled was The Jumbo Combo ('nuff to share) which is an impressive "Starter" made up with an assortment of HRC's most popular appetizers, including Santa Fe Spring Rolls, Chicken Wings, Handmade Onion Rings, Potato Skins and Tupelo Chicken. Five tasty sauces come with the starter for your dipping pleasure. This is best shared with 4 to 6 people, so don't go it alone!!

Other new entrees we sampled were the Texas T-Bone (20 oz. of USDA Choice Beef) which was aged 21 days and so juicy, flavorful, and just darned good that all of us gave it nods of approval as we savored perfectly cooked slices. It comes with a big baked potato and steamed fresh vegetables, and is a good value at $26.95. The Pasta Onassis ($12.25), named appropriately for the famous Greek shipping tycoon, was quite tasty, as it blended Feta cheese, diced tomatoes, and sliced olives in a garlic herb butter sauce with spaghetti. And, I must mention the Cobb Salad ($13.25), which was loaded with fresh avocados, bacon, grilled chicken, Cheddar and Jack Cheese, diced tomatoes, chopped egg and red onion...this was a huge serving that we really weren't able to finish but I can vouch for its freshness.

It may seem hard to believe that we still had room left for dessert, and the two new choices Chef Singh prepared for us had been on display for the entire "tasting" (more "feeding" than tasting!) just begged to be eaten! The first was the Down Home Apple Cobbler, which is served warm with vanilla ice cream, dusted with cinnamon sugar and sprinkled with walnuts, then drizzled with caramel sauce and tasted as good as it sounds! Of course, being a chocoholic, I was compelled to eat The Homestyle Chocolate Cake, an impressive slab made up of four layers of thick rich cake coated in a sinful creamy chocolate icing!

Get down to Hard Rock Cafe Guam where you too can experience these terrific starters, entrees, and desserts that are featured in HRC's new menu. Check out their new lunch menu as well.

Father's Day Specials and More

Yes folks, Father's Day is just around the corner. Sunday, June 16 to be precise. Check out the specials by clicking on the link or going to the front page of and clicking on the "No Bad Ties" logo.

More helpful information is right at your fingertips with these links: Nuts & Grains posts their lunch menu, Tidewater Distributors is offering a discount coupon on fresh fish purchases, Paradise Fitness has a 10 Hour Sale this Saturday, Isla Veterinary Clinic has pet specials and you have to check out the specials at Planet Hollywood! Finally, click to see coupons for all sorts of things.

New Breakfast Specials At King's - Great Choices, Low Prices!

King's Restaurant has done it again! After attending Sunday church services, we went to the King's Compadres Mall location and I was surprised to see the new "Where Good Mornings Never End!" menu insert (I don't do breakfast out a lot). I ordered the Sirloin & Eggs (6 oz. of tender top sirloin), had my eggs over easy, got hash browns and whole wheat toast...for just $5.85! Now that's a meal deal if there ever was one. Joe, King's manager, saw me and asked if I'd tried one of his creations, the Country Brown, Chamorro & Eggs ($3.99). He had a sample prepared for me to taste...this yummy dish was made by topping hash brown potatoes with country gravy and diced chamorro sausage & two eggs served any way you like with your choice of toast or English Muffin. Another good value for $3.99. Folks, I'm telling you, this is the kind of dish that makes Guam famous!

Well, I thought we were through with food when Rosie (King's has some of the best waitresses) asked if we'd had the Chorizo Fried Rice Ala ($5.25, including two eggs any style) that was conceived by her husband, Tony, a former King's Manager. Well, we just had to try this one, since it's an offspring of the famous fried rice dish King's started 26 years ago, and kicked up a few notches using spicy chorizo - another local favorite. It was another terrific new food creation...that's the magic and wonder of eating, when folks experiment with new tastes, seasonings, and ingredient combinations!

There are other value-priced selections on this special menu that's served all day long such as Stuffed Omelets, Longaniza and Eggs ($3.99), Turkey Spam ($2.99), Pancake Sand ($2.99), and a healthy alternative called the Morning Starter ($2.99) , which is made with sliced ready to eat fruit cantaloupe, honeydew, and grapes (subject to availability), with your choice of toast, banana nut muffin, bran muffin or oatmeal. Now you can't go wrong with that!

Donne' Dinanche - Hot Stuff Made in Guam - D & D's Owned and Grown

I just love trying new food items, especially when they are locally-made! At the recent Micronesian Fair in Ypao, we had the opportunity to sample a crushed local boonie pepper creation called Donne' Dinanche, made by Dennis and Donna Perez of Ipan. They were selling 3 different blends for $10.00 a jar, one made with shrimp, the other with crab and the third was just plain original peppers. Each crushed pepper blend has a distinct flavor, and you need to use only a little bit of each to get the desired taste. They boast that is is 101% Pika! That accounted for the fire truck that was parked nearby! You can find out where to buy their dinanche by calling them at 789-7777 or 828-6367. It is also available at the Mobil station in Ipan.

Mama's Kitchen Homemade Goodies - Fresh-baked Breads

Represented by and related to Dennis and Donna Perez were 3 great fresh baked breads made by Mama's Kitchen owner, Antonita-Perez Finona, also of Ipan. Mama's Kitchen is well-known within the village as a place to order cakes, pies, and breads. The bagged breads for sale at the Micronesia Fair were Taro, Mango, and Manha (young coconut), and were selling for $2.50 a loaf. We tasted all three and were pleased with the quality and fresh flavor of each, and decided on buying the Mango. It's color was like a mango's, and the Taro was kind of purplish. The Manha was a light lime-green color. These breads had cake-like consistency yet weren't could tell each ingredient by taste. You can call Mama's Kitchen at 789-7755 to place orders and to find out where to buy her breads. Let's support our small producers of local food products!

Spa Cuisine at Roy's - Delicious and Delightful Healthy Choices

The newly-conceived Spa Cuisine Menu at Roy's Restaurant in the Hilton Guam Resort & Spa is truly a marriage of fine minds and creative talents working in concert to deliver a delectable course assortment of healthy entrees matched with exquisite appetizers and every item touting special fitness benefits. You have from now until Sunday, June 9, to enjoy this full menu offering, so I emphatically urge you to make Roy's your dining destination for these culinary innovations that are infusing healthy choices with fine dining, something that Roy's has marvelously achieved with its trademark Euro-Asian flair.

Roy's Spa Cuisine Menu is a collaboration of Roy's Chef de Cuisine Eddie Chien and the Hilton's Fitness Center's Program Director Pepe Laflamme. The concept has been in the formulation process for some time, and it's recent unveiling is a way of introducing Spa Cuisine to local residents and to help determine which items may be retained for future inclusion in Roy's menu. Further enhancing the menu is a suggested wine pairing, which is available for an additional $20.00, an excellent value-added enhancement to what I consider to be a very reasonable dinner price of $45.00 per person. These wines were selected by Roy's new manager, Roland Boudreau, whose wine expertise and food service management acumen are widely known.

The courses are served in stages with names following a typical exercise regimen. Each course is underscored with an explanation of the general health benefits the food items promote. As with any proper workout, you start off with a "Warm Up", in this case, Fresh Ahi Tartar with Wasabi Aioli, Capers, and Three Pepper Essence (lean protein with circulatory and anti-microbial benefits). The baked gyoza wrapper strips which topped the mound of fresh fish in a wasabi mixture with cucumber chunks and capers imparted a notable crunchiness to the dish. Three different pepper sauces surrounded the Ahi and completed what was an elegant presentation.

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Bon Appetit!

The Guam Food Guy

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