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June 14, 2002, Volume 2 Number 24

Dear "Guam Food Guy" Reader,

"You won't know until you go!" That's probably the best way to describe what happens to the normally languid pace of Hagatna's Chamorro Village on Wednesday nights, when hordes of people converge to eat, shop, peruse, cruise, enjoy live performances by local entertainers, dance, and revel in carnival-like activities. It's an exciting weekly event guaranteeing fun for the whole family! Today's review will reveal some interesting local foods and products I recently experienced that are only available during the Wednesday night market.

There's nothing like having family around, especially when they've come thousands of miles to spend time enjoying Guam's clear skies and blue waters, and that's what my nieces, Brieana and NaTaya Stewart, are doing! Since both were born here (they are 14 and 13 respectively) brother Carl and wife Michele have sent them here from Houston for a short visit to catch up with their friends and former classmates. One of their priorities has been to eat banana lumpia, kelaguen, and red rice, things you don't easily find in Texas!

Mabuhay to Guam's Filipino community and to the people of the Philippines around the world as they celebrated their 104th Independence Day Anniversary. Islander Terrace's Sous Chef Roger Reyes and the Hilton team prepared a magnificent Barrio Fiesta of regional Filipino delicacies and favorites during this past week's events. I had the chance to enjoy both the lunch and dinner buffets, which boasted an array of exotic dishes with many rarely served locally. The Hilton's cooks, food servers and wait staff were visibly proud of their wondrous culinary achievement. A unexpected highlight was my chance meeting with former Philippine President Fidel V.Ramos. He is certainly a charismatic leader, a West Pointer who made significant economic and social improvements during his presidency, and who continues to dedicate his life to his country's prosperity, stability, and growth as a travelling ambassador/salesman promoting the Philippines by chairing the Ramos Peace and Development Foundation.

Happy Father's Day to all you dads! There is no shortage of terrific dining places for you to take Dad to show him your appreciation and love on this special day!

In Today's Issue:

  • Father's Day - See the Specials
  •'s Recommendation of the Week - Firefly Bistro
  • Tumon's Classic Treasures - A Trove of Antiquities and Collectibles
  • New Menu Surprises At Old Hagatna Grill
  • Chamorro Village's Wednesday Night Market - Something for Everyone

Father's Day - See the Specials

Yes, it's Father's Day this Sunday and if you need ideas just click on the Father's Day Specials to see a variety of dining options as well as gift ideas. Think about gift certificates for a round of golf at Windward Hills Country Club, complete auto detailing at Pat's Window Tinting, 25% off a family portrait package at CopyKat or custom made Gift Baskets from Mauna Loa Macadamia Outlet (they let you pick the gifts from golf accessories to sweets). Show that special man some love this Father's Day.'s Recommendation of the Week - Firefly Bistro

A group of 5 of us gathered at Firefly Bistro in Hagatna last weekend and our recommendation is to go and eat. The service was impeccable - much better than any other place we've been in a very long time. The wine list was stunningly affordable yet ample to suit the varied tastes and the food was outstanding. Recommendations to try include the Black Mission Fig Salad (Firefly uses the best greens, nuts, cheeses and vinaigrettes in all of their salads), the Herb Roasted Chicken with an absolutely amazing creamy mushroom sauce and the Hot Banana Souffle - don't forget to pour the brandied chocolate sauce over the top. Call them at 477-2565 for reservations. Click to see the menu.

Tumon's Classic Treasures : A Trove of Antiquities and Collectibles!

You can buy a piece of Americana at the Classic Treasures store in Tumon, just down the road and across the street from Pacific Place (Outback) adjacent to the Okura's beachside parking lot. This amazing store, which opened in December 2001, is the brainchild of Chuck and Mae Beck who share a passion for things of the past such as vintage Coca Cola vending machines, bottles, neon signs, old pictures, autographed photo sets of superstars and famous personalities, Barbie dolls, clocks, cards, toys and cute knick-knacks that fascinate. It's not just a retail store with a 30% off banner on the storefront window - it's really a museum attraction displaying the oddities and creations of commercial American legacies. Some serious collectors might consider buying a functioning dispensing machine to decorate your party room! This is a place well-worth your time, even if you just want to browse. I know that many visitors, especially Japanese, really like to collect memorabilia from America, and at Classic Treasures they can uncover a trove of remarkable antiquities. Call 649-4487 for more information, or better yet, go there and acquire something special, perhaps a Father's Day gift!

New Menu Surprises At Old Hagatna Grill

This was not intended to be a was my birthday dinner, and ever since K-57 afternoon talk show personality, Travis Coffman, had interviewed Old Hagatna Grill's Executive Chef, Chris Aguon, and talked about one of their new menu items, the Grilled Romaine Salad, my companion Zee was fixated on having that dish! And she did!! We started off with a Trio sampler that had the crab cakes, poki, and Cajun shrimp. The Grill does a marvelous job with presentation, and the appetizer Trio showed off this talent quite nicely, with fruit salsa and local vegetable toppings spread over the samples. I had the Mediterranean Salad, which was a zesty blend of feta cheese, Kalamata olives, cherry tomatoes, green bell peppers, crisp romaine lettuce, red onions, and garbonzo beans. Really quite tasty and very fact, I think these salads should be shared since they take up a lot of space and are so good to eat that it's hard to stop once you've started.

Zee's Grilled Romaine was good in a different direction since the romaine was "grilled" and the dressing was cheesier with big chunks of feta. It was loaded with crunchy walnuts which we both appreciated. For entrees, Zee had a delicious New York and I had a marvelous filet, cooked medium rare, that was regally placed atop a throne of mashed potatoes and surrounded by roast eggplant, zucchini, red bell peppers and cauliflower with a crown of caramelized onions. A thick slice of smoked bacon circled the filet. These guys had it down.

The Chocolate Terrine was a novelty, with colorful bits of marshmallow and nuts embedded in the thick chilled slice of molded chocolate. It was different and had several fruit sauces on the plate for dipping - mango, strawberry, and vanilla cream. We were very, very full at the end of this meal...there was no room for any birthday cake....I wouldn't have been able to blow out the candles anyway!

There are many other new menu items that can be found under the Lunch and Dinner Specials at and at the Old Hagatna Grill website.

Chamorro Village's Wednesday Night Market - Something for Everyone

If there is one place that embodies the fun, food and revelry of a local fiesta mixed in with the countless shopping choices of an international bazaar, it has to be the Wednesday Night Market at the Chamorro Village! This is understandably a highly popular attraction for both local residents and visitors alike, for it represents the spirit of free enterprise, with bargain prices for local food, goods, and services offered. In fact, the Wednesday Night Market is the only venue for the public to acquire many of these home-made crafts, foodstuffs, garments, and artwork, which are sold by local residents who use this event to make a little money from doing what they love.

This was my first visit in well over a year, maybe two, and we were joined by my nieces, Brieana and NaTaya, who had just arrived from Houston for a 10-day stay where they were born and they craved getting back in touch with their local roots. What better place to do this than the Chamorro Village?

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Bon Appetit!

The Guam Food Guy, Brieana and NaTaya

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