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June 21, 2002, Volume 2 Number 25

Dear "Guam Food Guy" Reader,

When was the last time you walked the beach on Tumon Bay? If you've not had a chance to do this walk in the last 6 months or so, I think you'd be as impressed as I was by some improvements that have been made. I hiked the approximately 2 mile walk (from the Hilton to the Reef Hotel) this past Sunday and noted some positive changes since my last walk. One change is that a stairway has been built over the concrete bunker that is located between the Pacific Islands Club and the Marriott. I remember that we used to have to either squat and crawl through the cave-like bunker and out through a small opening in its wall, or step through the breaking surf to go around the bunker. The stairway (it's really built like a bridge) has railings and is made with durable wood-simulated concrete. Another notable change is the proliferation of beach chairs (many with parasols) that are on the beach areas in front of the Hyatt, the Outrigger, and Sails Restaurant. I was most impressed by the neat uniformity in how these chairs are positioned, which is a real plus for our Asian visitors who appreciate their orderly appearance. These chairs are a service provided by beach recreation businesses who are partnering with the hotels. Guests can rent a chaise lounge and recreation equipment, as well as order tropical beverages. It's the most organized I've ever seen it and I commend this display of managed hospitality.

During my walk I'd stop and offer to help visitors by taking their pictures...they are so grateful for this kindness and eagerly show it with wide smiles and accented "thank you's". I came across a man who was quietly watching his twin toddler boys play in the sand, and told him how cute they were. He was just finishing his ten day stay on Guam, he said, and was sorry to have to leave. He was from Italy and said that our island was very beautiful, but that very few Italians know about Guam. He said he would spread the good word, and though travelling to Guam took some effort, he really enjoyed being here and wanted to stay longer. We tend to take our island for granted...we should take the time to appreciate much the same way our visitors do.

In Today's Issue:

  • Fresh, Locally-Brewed Beers on Tap at Le Tasi Bistro
  • Fun for All Ages - Lilo and Stich Party at Planet Hollywood
  • Hilton Happenings - Upcoming Events and Reminders of Local Favorites
  • Old Hagatna Grill - June Wine Dinner Menu
  • Making A Difference - Guam's Own Devyn Santucci in Japan
  • All Aboard! The Orient Express Buffet Lunch at The Holiday Inn Resort Guam

Locally-Brewed Beers on Tap at Le Tasi Bistro - Do Tapas Thursdays!

There's good news for craft beer lovers - you can choose from a selection of five specially-brewed beers that are served on tap at Hagatna's Le Tasi Bistro. You can sample from a range of brews which include Knapstein Blond Ale, Sirena Pale Ale, Dos Amantes Irish Red Ale, Manhita Scottish Ale, and Maga'lahi Dry Stout. Some of these names are locally-inspired, and you can learn more about their descriptions, creation and origin at the website. I recently tasted these beers, all of them, and can easily see how each beer could appeal to people's taste, from the light Blond Ale to the rich, deep, hearty taste of the Maga'lahi (Chamorro Chief) Dry Stout. My preference was for the Dos Amantes Irish Red Ale, which had the malty character and hoppy flavoring that best suits my taste. These beers don't have any chemical preservatives and use fresh, natural ingredients. That's something you can tell just by tasting them.

These beers are produced by The Great Deep Brewing Company, which is owned by Rick Wood and Todd Inman. Wood has been brewing at home since 1988 and is a chemist with the Water and Energy Research Institute. Inman is UOG's Director of Housing. Both men have crafted and tested these blends, and have collaborated to create a successful microbrewery that is gaining in popularity among local beer aficionados.

Although you can enjoy these beers every night but Sunday at Le Tasi Bistro, the night you don't want to miss is Tapas Thursday nights from 5:30 p.m. when Le Tasi is transformed into a high-energy, sing-a-long pub with foot-stomping, hand-clapping entertainment by the Pago Bay Reefers. A special menu featuring a delicious array of Tapas (Spanish appetizers) is served, and includes such treats as Gambas Pil Pil (Shrimp sauted with garlic and pepper and flamed with brandy) and Scotch Eggs served with Dijon Mustard. Also available are calzone, pizza, and salsa with dip. Tapas Thursdays at Le Tasi is developing a reputation for being a fun-filled evening of song, good food, and'll just have to go one Thursday night and join the party!

Fun for All Ages - Lilo and Stich Party at Planet Hollywood

Unless you've been living under a rock (or don't have children of a certain age) you've probably seen the trailers for the upcoming animated feature "Lilo and Stich" from Disney Studios. This movie tells the story of a young Hawaiian girl's close encounter with the galaxy's most wanted extraterrestial, Stich.

Planet Hollywood is holding a Lilo and Stich Party for the premiere of the movie on Guam this coming Saturday, June 22 from 10:30 a.m. to 1 p.m. A mere $10 pays for party entrance, party favors (kids only!) games, prizes (the Grand Prize is a surfboard just like in the movie!), an all-you-can-eat Luau Kid's Buffet and a ticket to a special screening of the movie at the Micronesia Mall theatres at 1:30 p.m. Dress the kids up in aloha wear for additional prizes and bring them down to Planet Hollywood for good fun full of "Aloha Spirit". Seating is limited so call 647-7827 for information.

Hilton Happenings - Upcoming Events and Reminders of Local Favorites

The new issue of Hilton Happenings is available on-line at Highlighted upcoming events include a Louisiana Style 4th of July celebration and a week-long fiesta to commemorate Guam's most celebrated holiday, Liberation Day. And, give the kids something fun and useful to do this summer by enrolling them in the Kids Kooking School. School is in session every Saturday - get those junior chefs signed up by calling 646-DINE (3463).

We are also reminded that the Islander Terrace has a special theme every night of the week. Read about them in this review and you'll understand why they are so popular.

Old Hagatna Grill - June Wine Dinner Menu

Old Hagatna Grill's new Executive Chef Chris Augon has created a special menu focusing on European flavors for this month's Wine Dinner on Saturday, June 22 at 7 p.m. For those of you who haven't attended one of these very delightful evenings, this monthly event features culinary creations paired with fine wines specially selected to enhance the dining experience. If you haven't visited Old Hagatna Grill, the Wine Dinner is a great introduction to the OHG way of dining. Reservations are a must - call 472-5885. You can see the menu here or at the Old Hagatna Grill website.

Making A Difference: Guam's Own Devyn Santucci in Japan

When Kevin Crippen, President of Outback Steakhouse International, was visiting Guam's Outback Steakhouse earlier this year, he was so impressed with how well one server handled the Japanese customers that he decided to ask her if she would be interested in opening up an Outback in Yokohama. This young lady's name is Devyn Santucci, and her excellent customer service abilities, familiarity with Outback's operating policies & procedures, and Japanese language skills have made her an ideal trainer for new Outback Steakhouse locations in Japan. Devyn is presently assisting in her second opening of an Outback Steakhouse in Japan with the Makahari Outback in Chiba City, a suburb of Tokyo. An affable, diligent, and enthusiastic worker, Devyn has been with Outback for several years, and was employed by several hospitality businesses on Guam, including experience as a Continental flight attendant, while pursuing her education. Devyn's mother, Lisa, is a former Guam high school teacher who now teaches at Kinnick High, a Department of Defense school in Yokosuka. Kudos to Devyn Santucci - one of Guam's hospitality ambassadors who is exporting Guam's "hafa adai" spirit!

All Aboard! The Orient Express Buffet Lunch at The Holiday Inn Resort Guam

"All aboard"! It's time to take the Orient Express on a culinary quest for the exotic tastes of Asian Cuisine. There are hints of mystery about this noon-time journey, since the chefs create a different daily itinerary, with visits scheduled from the kitchens of Thailand, China, Taiwan and the Philippines. The Express is quick, with buffet service from stations positioned throughout the spacious, high-ceilinged La Brasserie Restaurant. The fare is more than reasonable for an excursion of this magnitude, with a ticket price of $9.99 which includes service charge and iced tea or coffee.

I recently had the pleasure of an excursion on the Holiday Inn Resort Guam's Orient Express Buffet Lunch, which departs each weekday at 11:00 a.m. for 2 hours of leisurely dining. The menu changes daily and includes at least one visit to each of the four countries. The day I dined the soup was a tasty Chinese Hot & Sour Soup with slivers of fresh ginger. The Entrees were Fish in Curry Sauce, a creamy curried sensation from Thailand. The Fried Chicken Honey Glaze showcased the Chinese love for "sweet fried things", and I found this an unusual, yet intriguing way to serve chicken parts (with bones), instead of just filet pieces. There's a democracy in variety that I appreciate when it comes to fried chicken, and the honey coating gave extra value. Stir-fried Beef and Braised Pork with Black Mushroom rounded out the Chinese entrees. A chafing dish of Pancit Sotanghon represented the Philippines in the hot entree category and was so full of vegetables and meat that it could have been a meal in itself.

The Orient Express also offers a full salad bar with continental cold cuts and condiments. This day featured a poki, a flavorful macaroni salad, and potato salad, as well as other salad ingredients. The Pan de Leche was hot and glistened with was a treat! A fresh baked whole wheat roll joined the Filipino roll on my bread plate.

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Bon Appetit!

The Guam Food Guy

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