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June 28, 2002, Volume 2 Number 26

Dear "Guam Food Guy" Reader,

Wow! Talk about a week full of activity!!! One highlight I'd like to mention is the great diving experiences I had on two separate days. The first was a refresher shore dive held by Guam Tropical Dive Station and I accompanied six Japanese ladies who were learning how to dive. Our instructor, Yuki, was very thorough, watchful, and capable, and I was impressed by how well she explained the equipment details and safety issues to the students prior to their getting in the water. The Apra Harbor shore dive location is just south of Family Beach, and it is an ideal place for instruction. We fed hot dogs to the fish, and it was fun watching the many types and sizes of fish swarm the girls as they fed the various fish (even barracuda). I had a chance to feed a small eel, and to even touch it. I gently touched its head and part of its was really soft, and reminded me of how tender and tasty "unagi" (freshwater eel) is. It did seem a little odd feeding this eel a hot dog, considering their similarity of shape!

Diving is a wonderful recreational activity, with many visitors spending time and money on when they come to Guam. Guam is one of the top places in the world for new diver certification. The MDA boat dives I experienced this past weekend were excellent, and we visited two spots that had an abundance of colorful live coral as well as plenty of fish. We saw large sea anemones, sponges, and clams. There's lot of life in our oceans and we need to protect this beautiful resource surrounding our island. Diving and food go together, so when we finished, my dive partner, Rick, who was visiting from off-island, said he craved a cheeseburger, and we went to Jan Z's to satisfy that craving. My craving came true in a dream parrot fish I had at Sam Choy's that night!

There's a lot going on this next week, which brings June to an end and kicks off a July that will feature major chefs' competitions, new menus, new restaurant openings and other food happenings. We will keep you informed and updated on these events and changes, and about anything food-related that might be useful to you. Your feedback, thoughts, and opinions are welcome - please share your restaurant and food experiences.

In Today's Issue:

  • Restaurant Round-Up - News about Guam's Restaurant Scene
  • 4th of July at Islander Terrace features Louisiana Cuisine July 3rd and 4th
  • Staff - Recommendation of the Week
  • Planet Hollywood Hosts 3rd Annual Bar Flair Challenge
  • Directions Magazine June 2002 features Food Guy's Banquet Guide 2002
  • Thanh Phuong Restaurant - $5.00 Lunch Specials - A Great Meal Deal!
  • Jan Z's By the Sea - A Good Reason to Eat Out Of Town

Restaurant Round-Up - News about Guam's Restaurant Scene

- La Mesa's Mexican Cuisine has closed its Hagatna location but will re-open in Mangilao in mid-to-late July at the old College Cafe Location

- Tuan's Restaurant, a popular Vietnamese eatery in Yigo, has opened a second location in the Agat Point Shopping Center.

- Isabel's Cafe Nouveau is open at the former Blimpie's location in Mangilao. Serving breakfast, lunch and merienda it is partly owned and managed by Anilita Basto-Gurwell and husband Daniel. Anilita is the host of K-57's "Caliente" Food Talk Show on Saturday mornings at 11:30 a.m.

- MyEguam Cafe opened in Tamuning at the former Andok's/American Cafe location serving Chinese with a $5.99 Whole Roast Chicken special.

- Nana's Cafe/Sail's BBQ July 7 Grand Opening. They will be rolling out a new Steak/Seafood menu concept inspired by Chef Kishimoto (former head chef at the Seahorse Kurumaya).

- Coral Palace, the fine dining restaurant at the Palace Hotel has a new chef and menu with Asian and European Cuisine

4th of July at Islander Terrace features Louisiana Cuisine July 3rd and 4th

Hear Ye! Hear Ye! Hear Ye! You are invited to attend an epicurean event celebrating that most American of holidays, Independence Day, at the Hilton Guam Resort and Spa's Islander Terrace. For two days, you will be treated to the tasty, down-home cooking and spicy flavors of Louisana's Cajun cuisine. This special regional American menu extravaganza has been created by Hilton Guam Executive Sous Chef David Spitzer, whose culinary resume includes cooking experience at reknowned New Orlean's restaurant, Commodore's Palace, which was the launching pad to fame for legendary chefs Paul Prudhomme and Emeril Lagasse.

The menus for July 3rd and 4th are different - so you might consider going both nights to enjoy all of the delicious offerings! To see the complete menus, click here. But as just a hint of the delights which await there will be such favorites as Seafood Gumbo, Chicken and Andouille Jambalaya, Chicken Stuffed with Sausage & Spinach with a Tarragon Cream, Blackened Catfish with a Creole Sauce, Roast Duck with Smoked Apple Bourbon Glace, Lobster Tails in a Cajun Cream Sauce and much more. Some of these and other items will also be featured on the Islander Terrace's Lunch Buffet Menu of sumptuous offerings.

Among the dessert specialties will be Bread Pudding Cake with Whiskey Sauce, New Orleans Pecan Pie, Chocolate Pecan Praline Cake, Bananas Foster Brennan's Style and Sweet Potato Pie. There will even be a neat Kid's Corner, with Cotton Candy, a Pop Corn Machine, Hot Dogs, Ice Cream and Snow Cones!

I strongly recommend making your reservations soon...once word gets out about this fabulous menu, there may not be enough room for all those lovers of these intensely-flavored foods that have made New Orleans the food capital of the South! Call 646-DINE (646-3463). Staff - Recommendation of the Week

(These recommendations are unsolicited by the businesses mentioned and reflect our opinions and tastes. staff)

Not everyone loves Kim Chee but we do - it is one item that is almost always in the refrigerator. I am happy to report that there is an absolutely great Kim Chee now available at Cost-U-Less in Tamuning and coming soon to the Harmon location as well. Olie Park, of Olie's Pita Bread fame, is now making Kim Chee and it is excellent. $3.49 for a pound of Cabbage Kim Chee that is crunchy, spicy and flavorful without preservatives or msg. Cucumber Kim Chee and Radish Kim Chee are also available.

After chatting with Mr. Park (Olie's husband) I learned that Olie is also making Biscotti so I visited the Agana Pay-Less to pick up a bag. It is excellent - not as hard as more traditional biscotti but much more flavorful. Mr. Park said that you should be able to find Olie's Biscotti right now at several of the Shell stations and in the very near future at all Circle K's. Tell your local grocer you want Olie's products - freshly made on Guam and always without preservatives

Planet Hollywood Hosts 3rd Annual Bar Flair Challenge

Like to watch bartenders do tricks and hold your breath to see if they're going to drop something? Well, it's time again for Planet Hollywood's 3rd Annual International Bartending Flair Challenge Wednesday, July 3 at 10 p.m. Watch professional bartenders from throughout the Asia-Pacific region flip, toss, and pour.

Enjoy watching the local challengers qualify on Tuesday, July 2 beginning at 10 p.m. Miller beers will be on special both night for just $2.50 each and Bacardi cocktails will be just $3. Get a free t-shirt with the coupon!

Directions Magazine June 2002 features Food Guy's Banquet Guide 2002

Get your copy of the June 2002 issue of Directions Magazine, the cover of which is graced by the noble visage of Mr. Mustafa Issa, Hyatt Regency Guam's General Manager. Read the interview for insights to this intriguing man's life, his style of management and how his winning personality has made him immensely popular with guests. Also in this issue is the Guam Food Guy's Banquet Guide 2002, which is Guam's most complete event-planning resource.

Thanh Phuong Restaurant - $5.00 Lunch Specials - A Great Meal Deal!

Located directly across from the Nissan dealership in Upper Tumon, Thanh Phuong Restaurant serves well-seasoned Vietnamese favorites. The Lunch Specials are terrific values, with Chicken Lemongrass, Chicken Ginger, Beef Fried Noodles, and Fried Tilapia and more for only $5.00, from 11 a.m -2 p.m., Monday - Friday. You can check out their full daily lunch special menu at's Lunch Special section.

Jan Z's By the Sea - A Good Reason to Eat Out Of Town

There are a few reasons why Jan Z's remains one of Guam's top destinations for eating "out of town", so to speak. It's a world apart from the hustle and bustle of our usual fast-paced, busy island lifestyle. One reason is simply because the food is good, really good! The other reason is that Jan Z's is consistent, where your expectations are met over and over and over again, so that their Cheeseburger is as excellent the tenth time as it was the first time!

Jan Z's is located in the Agat Marina, which is about a 20 minute drive south from Hagatna. They have the only complete marina view on island, with both indoor and outdoor dining areas allowing customers a chance to see the many boats and watch the sky change colors as the sun sets over the ocean's horizon. Other more limited marina views are from Old Hagatna Grill and Jamaican Grill, but Jan Z's is located right on the Agat Marina, which has an interesting life and community of its own, but that's another story.

We had occasion to sit down with Jan Z's manager, Bill Bradford, and to sample some of the regular menu items as well as some new original specials Jan Z's has been creating. Bill is more than just a restaurant manager, he has a passion for good food and fine flavors, and likes to experiment and invent new taste sensations. Jan Z's finadene is a unique creation, and probably is the most elaborate version I've encountered. Though it looks just like regular finadene, it's a concoction of ground boonie peppers, green and white onions, vinegar, ground fresh tomatoes, and some other peppers...the result is a powerful finandene that leaves your tongue buzzin', without burning.

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Bon Appetit!

The Guam Food Guy

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