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July 19, 2002, Volume 2 Number 29

Dear "Guam Food Guy" Reader,

Guam must be the greatest place on Earth for building character - after all, it's been said that the challenges we face in life develop one's character, and man, do we have our share of challenges! The typhoon recovery process is an old drill, with many of us having earned our stripes from the likes of Paka, Omar, Yuri, and Pamela. We were fortunate in our ability to prepare for Typhoons Chata'an and Halong, however, we still have a way to go in our ability to better prepare for the recovery. Yes, there have been some improvements made based on hard lessons learned in the past, such as having a functioning, well-maintained generator to keep your business running. Self-sufficiency is an expensive, but necessary, requirement for the major hotels as well as some smaller establishments.

There were many people wondering why Jeff's Pirates Cove had water in its Ipan beachside location when the rest of southern end of island had no water nor power. Some time ago Jeff decided to invest in a water storage tank to assure a supply of the precious liquid just as he had done to meet his power needs with a large generator. He is able to produce power, water, and ice (another precious commodity).

The water shortage has drastically affected the food service industry, with some restaurants being forced to close due to a lack of running water. Fast food outlets can still operate and provide take out orders when there is low to no water pressure. When there is water, restaurants are required by Public Health to sanitize the water coming from the tap to prevent contamination. This is an expensive ordeal and takes more time and effort for restaurants, so please bear with them during this recovery period.

Finally, I believe we should give an extra big "Thank You" to our servers, who have been working longer hours and harder than usual due to the huge amount of people forced to eat out. They have families, too, and have their share of typhoon woes as well. We're all in this together, and soon we'll be nostalgically recounting this episode as just another one in our series of typhoon sagas. Looking on the the bright side, congratulations are in order for everyone living here, for we all have earned another stripe towards building our character.

Have a Happy Liberation Day weekend!

In Today's Issue:

  • Ya Mon! Jamaican Grill Is Open and Serving Serious Food!
  • Exclusive Special from Jeff's Pirates Cove
  • Planet Hollywood Special 50% Discount Offer
  • Biba Guahan! Liberation Week Specials at Hilton's Islander Terrace
  • Isla Veterinary Clinic July Special - $25 Cat Spay/Neuter!
  • Lone Star's New Owner Brian Artero Covers Directions Magazine
  • Motiva - Customer Service Training Translates Into $uccess
  • The Lumpia House - Proving That Word of Mouth is Best

Ya Mon! Jamaican Grill Is Open and Serving Serious Food!

Just got word from Jamaican Grill owner, Frank Kenney, that they are open from 10 a.m. - 10 p.m. for Lunch and Dinner, and that they have "air conditioning"! This is one of Guam's favorite places to eat, so you newcomers be sure to go to the Grill's "harbor view" location at Chamorro Village for delicious Jerk-seasoned BBQ Chicken, Ribs, Fish, and other tasty treats, including vegetarian dishes. Exclusive Special from Jeff's Pirates Cove

This just in from the Chief Pirate himself: Special - If you purchase a Jeff's Pirates Cove T-shirt, you get a surprise gift of 10 lbs. of ice!

Jeff's Pirates Cove is open 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. daily, with the complete menu available from 11 a.m. - 6 p.m.

I happened down to Jeff's last Friday to join visiting former residents, Carmen and Renee Lafata, for a meal and drinks. I was pleased to finally have a Lamb Gyros plate again - Sara (Jeff's daughter) has a few entrees from her Greek Freak menu available. Zee had Jeff's Homemade Burger, one of the island's best! We all enjoyed the fried chicken wings, ordered Xtra crispy for a crunchy treat. We also sampled Jeff's Chicken Kelaguen and a delicious Marlin Kelaguen - be sure to order it if available!

Planet Hollywood Special 50% Discount Offer

Want typhoon relief? Go to Planet Hollywood where you can buy one entree and get a 2nd entree of equal or lesser value for 50% off! The purchaser of the 1st entree will enjoy all of the ice-cold PEPSI products they can drink for FREE!

Congratulations to Amber San Gil, Restaurant Sales Manager, on her recent delivery of Abigail Marie! Our blessings to you and your family on your new addition!

Biba Guahan! Liberation Week Specials at Hilton's Islander Terrace

It's fiesta time on Guam when we celebrate the Liberation of Guam from foreign occupation during World War II. Since much of island is still in recovery mode from the effects of Typhoon Chata'an, there won't be the usual grand village celebrations. Fortunately, there is one place where you can enjoy local fiesta food favorites, and that is at the Hilton's Islander Terrace, which is featuring a Liberation Week Lunch Buffet and Dinner Buffet, from July 15 - 20. The celebration culminates with a Liberation Day Champagne Brunch on Sunday, July 21 from 10:30 a.m. to 2 p.m. Make your reservations now by calling 646-DINE(3463).

Isla Veterinary Clinic July Special - $25 Cat Spay/Neuter!

During the month of July only, the great folks down at Isla Veterinary Clinic are offering a very special price of only $25 for Cat Spay/Neuters. Help prevent unwanted litters of kittensby having your cats (males and females please!) spayed or neutered by calling for an appointment with Dr. Diaz at 477-7879.

Lone Star's New Owner Brian Artero Covers Directions Magazine

Get your copy of DIRECTIONS MAGAZINE to get an insight to the work ethic, dreams, and hands-on industry experiences that have contributed to the success of this young, local entrepreneur who has worked steadily to realize the purchase of this popular franchise. Look for the July 2002 issue with Brian Artero on the cover - it's truly an inspiring interview! Attaboy, Brian!

Motiva - Customer Service Training Translates Into $uccess

This past Saturday I guest-hosted the K57 "Tourism & You" Talk Radio Program, featuring, Toshie Ito, owner of MOTIVA, as the in-studio guest. MOTIVA is a new training firm, specializing in Japanese/English language, customer service, sales skills, service etiquette, and service culture. Although much of the program was spent taking and answering calls related to the aftermath of Typhoon Chata'an, we were able to make a few points on the importance of customer service training. I have since learned that many people were listening and would like to hear more, so we'll have to feature Toshie on another show once the island has been restored to normal water and power service. If you'd like to contact Toshie you can email her at: or by phone: (671) 734-1688.

The Lumpia House - Proving That Word of Mouth is The Best

The Lumpia House Vietnamese Restaurant is located in the Diamore Building in Barrigada, near the 3 way intersection of Routes 8, 10 and 16. Open for only 3 weeks (two of which were impacted by Typhoons Chata'an and Halong), it is a cozy, simple, elegant restaurant created by its owner, Duc Vu. Vu has personally attended to nearly every detail of it's construction. It is a labor of love, three months in the making, and represents the vision of a confident, knowledgeable, and hard-working young man whose purpose is to satisfy you, the customer!

Although I'd seen The Lumpia House's blue and yellow signs up on the building which used to house the G.A.I.N. Clinic, it wasn't until my friend Ernie Weaver told me the food was really good that I decided to pay a visit. It was good timing, too, since power and water had just been restored the day before.

It is a clean restaurant, with good air-conditioning and comfortable booths. It's small, with only nine booths, but does a terrific take-out business already due to word of mouth. The parking is a little tight at lunch time since they share the parking lot with M80 Systems, however there's plenty of parking at night.

The menu is really focused on what are traditionally popular items and nothing is priced over $8.00. The Fried Lumpia has 5 pieces for $6.00 and is filled with pork. There are several soups (Combination, Shrimp, Beef, Hot Spicy, and Udon) for $6.50 each and a Shrimp and Fish Sinigang for $8.00.

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Bon Appetit!

The Guam Food Guy

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