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July 26, 2002, Volume 2 Number 30

Dear "Guam Food Guy" Reader,

There were no fireworks on Liberation Day, thanks to the rainy weather, but there was the most amazing fire dance performance I've seen in a long, long time. The Boiz2Mix group of dancers were the main event performers who appeared on stage at the Guam Liberation Carnival on Sunday night, and part of their routine featured young kids (some appearing to be as young as 6 or 7) twirling torches! Although the audience attendance was low, the show went on with what could only be called a magnificent dance performance by these young entertainers from our neighbor island Saipan. The man behind the Boiz2Mix group is Greg Camacho (aka "Shotgun", a radio personality with Power 99), and in his opening remarks he dedicated this performance to the people of Guam, with the hope of putting a smile on everyone's face despite our Typhoon Chata'an-related hardships. Smiles (applause, laughter, and cheers) abounded for the duration of the hour-long performance. Camacho taught these kids the various fire dance routines. Moreover, he founded this Boiz2Mix organization as a means to help young people develop talent, teamwork, self-confidence, and pride. Many of these kids were socially-disadvantaged, with some on the road to delinquency. In fact, his program has helped over 750 youths in Saipan! You could never tell it by looking at them, as they performed with seemingly effortless precision. He has made stars out of these ordinary people! That's certainly a gift to last a lifetime. Kudos to the Greg Camachos of our world, who have gone the extra mile in their efforts to make the world a better place. Don't miss the next Boiz2Mix event which will be coming to Guam again later this year.

In Today's Issue:

  • We'll Miss You Phyllis "TofuBird" Rice!
  • Marty's Family Expands
  • Andy's B.B.Q. Opens in Barrigada
  • Planet Noodle & Cafe Closes - Restaurant For Sale or Lease
  • Adios Captain Dick Corpus, Submarine Squadron 15
  • Healthy Eating at Nuts & Grains

We'll Miss You Phyllis "TofuBird" Rice!

Phyllis Rice will be missed by many residents of Guam and by friends and family here and abroad. Her recent passing was just announced. She was a friend and former neighbor, as well as an ardent supporter of the Guam Food Guy's newsletters and reviews, often sending me her comments and recommendations. Her e-mail name was "TofuBird", and I'd always looked forward to reading her messages when I'd see that name in my "In" Box. She was kind, compassionate, selfless and giving...a special lady who was active in community organizations. She was predeceased by her husband Stan, who was a Charter member of the Rotary Club of Tumon Bay, and who had been a leading force in the local Coast Guard Auxiliary. Our prayers and condolences go to her children and their families. A memorial service for Phyllis will be held at 10 a.m. July 30 at the Onward Beach Resort's Aqua Ballroom, followed by internment service at Guam Veterans Cemetery in Piti. We'll miss you Phyllis "Tofubird" Rice!

Marty's Family Expands

Congratulations to Phil and Claire Martineau on the recent birth of their son, Robert Philip, who arrived about 3 weeks ago. Phil operates Marty's Mexican Merienda & Cantina, Bully's and Chameleon. Claire is the founder of Claire Cosmetics and has been busy beautifying our island with her special talents and products.

Andy's B.B.Q. Opens in Barrigada

Not a week goes by when I don't see a new restaurant sign go up! Andy's B.B.Q. opened this past Monday in Barrigada, in the building that had been Choice B.B.Q. and the Cool Spot on Route 16. (Next to Happy Market). They are serving breakfast and lunch, and are open from 6:30 a.m - 6:30 p.m. They serve corn and chicken/rice soup and mussel soup, and will have several types of meats including fried chicken, tilapia, beef bulgogi, spicy pork rib, and chicken & pork bbq sticks. Their number is 734-0868.

Planet Noodle & Cafe Closes - Restaurant For Sale or Lease

Alas, the restaurant business can be feast or famine, and some operators are unable to keep their doors open for any number of reasons. Planet Noodle had just opened this year and showed promise....I even did a review after receiving several recommendations. Now it is closed and for sale or lease. The location is the former Shirley's in Agana, in the same building at Le Tasi Bistro, one of Guam's favorite eateries...go there for great Mediterranean cuisine!

Adios Captain Dick Corpus, Submarine Squadron 15

We wish Captain Dick Corpus and his family every success on their new assignment in Yokosuka, Japan. Captain Corpus was in charge of the newly-reactivated Submarine Squadron 15, and though he had been only been on Guam for just over a year, he had made many friends in the community and will be missed. Captain Corpus was relieved by Captain Joseph Mulloy, who's most recent assignment was as executive assistant to the director, Submarine Warfare Division, serving on the staff of the deputy chief of naval operations.

Captain Mulloy shared a story about his son's dentist, who told the young boy that he'd been a child on Guam while his father served in the Air Force, and that he had had a terrific time. Mulloy's son (who's still in the States) told his father that he had to come to Guam as soon as possible, because there were so many fun things to do! We extend a warm "Hafa Adai" to Captain Mulloy and his family on their move to our island. We are looking forward to the arrival of the USS City of Corpus Christi in October, which will be followed soon after by the arrival of the USS San Francisco. These crewmembers and their families will soon discover Guam's restaurants, which offer a variety of cultural dining experiences, much more than they'd ever expect for a remote Pacific island!

Healthy Eating at Nuts & Grains

Who says "real men don't eat quiche?" If the truth be known, hardly anybody, regardless of gender, would likely be eating quiche at a local restaurant unless they went to Nuts & Grains, which serves quiche daily, Monday - Saturday. For $3.50 you can treat yourself to a large slice of a flavorful Spinach with Mushroom or a Turkey with Wild Rice Quiche. Both of these were on the Nuts & Grains "Daily Specials" board behind the order counter.

Nuts & Grains is more than just a retail health food and product store. They are well known for their terrific smoothies - some of the best on Guam, using fruit and frozen yogurt combinations. Nuts & Grains is conveniently located in Tamuning's Oka Plaza, behind Oka Pay-Less Supermarket, (the shopping center on the way to Guam Memorial Hospital). They are open 10 a.m to 6 p.m., every day but Sunday. Their hours may change soon since Nuts & Grains owner, Libby Pier, is considering providing a morning specialty coffee service, something needed in this busy little part of Tamuning.

Along with the Spinach & Mushroom Quiche, we ordered the Grilled Chicken Burger ($5.50) and the Nuts & Grains Burger (a Garden Burger, for $5.50). Both are served on a whole wheat bun, accompanied with tomato slices, lettuce, alfafa sprouts, and topped with a special sauce. I really enjoy the Chicken Sandwich, which has a whole chicken breast - a great source of protein. However, I was totally amazed when I sampled my companion's Garden Burger - it tasted even better than the chicken! In fact, this textured soy grain burger was as flavorful as some of the better beef hamburgers I've had - it had a grilled, smoky flavor and a meaty texture. Gosh, it made me a convert and I probably won't be ordering the chicken breast on my future visits. The best thing about this hamburger alternative is that there is no "guilt"!! Vegetarian dining choices allow guilt-free eating, and I am impressed at how similar meat alternatives have become to the "real thing"!

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Bon Appetit!

The Guam Food Guy

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