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August 9, 2002, Volume 2 Number 32

Dear "Guam Food Guy" Reader,

Henry Jay Nuqui is a hero! This "good news" story in last Sunday's Pacific Daily News really impressed me, as I'm sure it did others who read about how this 20-year-old grocery stocker delivered water to a wheelchair-bound customer just hours before Typhoon Chata'an pounded the island. David Crisostomo's article made the front page - in fact, Victor Consaga's photo captured a grateful Pat Botten sitting in her wheelchair with Henry Nuqui behind her along with Danny Guerrero, Shift Supervisor at the Yigo Pay-Less Supermarket. The headline read, "Typhoon Heroes Appreciated", and it was about the notable actions of several people who helped others during and after the storm.

Nuqui has been helping the 70-year-old customer with her shopping, by reaching for items on higher shelves and by reading the food labels. This really impressed and interested me, for this young man admitted that he'd never read the food labels until he'd started helping Botten with her shopping. He says he reads everything now. Good for him! This should be required reading in our schools! The story described how Botten called the store frantically requesting help with drinking water since the storm was hours away. Guerrero asked Nuqui to help and they froze six one-gallon bottles of water, and delivered them to Botten. The water lasted for a full week, just in time for her water service to return, and met the drinking needs of Botten and her pet cats. Truly a notable act of kindness that saved her life.

This story (and the other acts of heroism recounted) underscores the special relationships we enjoy on Guam. We are all quite close to each other, too. I happen to know Pat Botten (who is a regular caller to K57's radio talk shows), Danny Guerrero, David Crisostomo (reporter), and photographer Victor Consaga. There are plenty of "good news" stories happening on Guam everyday. We should make it a point to look for "good news" stories, especially in these troubling times. We need to maintain the dignity of our humanity. Do something kind every a hero to your loved ones, friends and neighbors. Be a hero to yourself. We'll have lots of "good news" stories to read about then!

In Today's Issue:

  • Luminaria Bags for ACS Relay for Life Celebration in Washington D.C.
  • "Summer Noodles" at Genji - Now Open For Dinner Monday to Saturday
  • New Issue of Hilton Happenings - Events, Promotions and a Visit from Roy
  • Hoa Mai IV Opens in Tumon near SandCastle
  • Special Discounts Offered from CopyKat and Isla Veterinary Clinic
  • Dading's Lechon Manok Open for Business in Dededo
  • "Ship Comes in" at Nuts & Grains Health Food Store - Finally!!
  • Old Hagatna Grill Wine Dinner, Saturday, August 24
  • Lee Garden Restaurant - Affordable Chinese Favorites Attract Customers

Luminaria Bags for ACS Relay for Life Celebration in Washington D.C.

The August 16 deadline is approaching, so hurry down to the American Cancer Society's office or China Arts to purchase your luminaria bags, which will be taken to the ACS Relay for Life Celebration on the Hill by Guam's ACS representative, Marie McElligot. A luminaria ceremony will be held around the Capitol Reflecting Pool, and each ACS Division will be represented. Show your support for this special event, and for the Guam ACS Chapter, by purchasing luminaria bags, which you can decorate yourself or have the ACS decorate for you. Marie will be delivering these bags to Washington to display. Let's show them how bright Guam's lights are!

Two types of luminaria bags are available, with one honoring cancer survivors, while the other honors the memory of cancer victims. The bags cost $10 each, cash or check made payable to the American Cancer Society and is tax deductible. For more information, call 477-9451/2. Support this noble cause. Thank you!

"Summer Noodles" at Genji - Now Open For Dinner Monday to Saturday

Genji Restaurant in the Hilton Guam is having a Summer Noodle Extravaganza featuring "Sanuki" noodles, which have been brought in specially for this event which lasts through September 30. Sanuki noodles are renowned for their high quality. It has been a long tradition for people in Sanuki to eat udon during special events and agricultural ceremonies.

We had occasion to try the Summer Noodles promotion at the Genji on Tuesday night (hooray,the Genji is open again for dinner Monday to Saturday!). Genji's appetizer buffet is quite popular, so it is suggested you make reservations. A special menu featuring the Sanuki noodles is available, and we decided on the Teppanyaki Udon and the Tempura Udon (both $28.50). The appetizers on the buffet line had sashimi, sushi, salad, noodles, soup, and a newly-introduced item called "kakiyagi", which is a delicious mixture of vegetables and seafood that is dipped in a batter, then fried to a golden brown. It's like one of our local favorites - shrimp patties. The vegetables include zucchini, carrots, onions, and green peppers. A tempura sauce is used for dipping. Or you can do as some Japanese do and put the kakiyagi atop a bowl of udon with hot soup.

The Tempura Udon was exceptionally good. These noodles have a life of their own! They are thick, fresh, and have a distinct texture that makes chewing a pleasure. The Teppanyaki Udon was made in the fashion of Yakisoba, only these noodles were bigger, and maintained their own taste and texture. The yakisoba sauce was evident, but was unable to dominate over these thick udon noodles. A special mid-glutonous wheat flour is used to make these unique, tasty noodles. You can also try Sanuki noodles during lunch, from 11:30 2 p.m., with prices starting at $16.00. Call 646-DINE or e-mail for reservations. Celebrate the summer at Genji, Sanuki-style!

New Issue of Hilton Happenings - Events, Promotions and a Visit from Roy

Check out the new issue of Hilton Happenings for the months of August and September. As always, the Hilton Guam has a full plate of events and promotions including a new special play area for children in the Islander Terrace. It features toys, games and videos for the kids to enjoy. Caffe Cino continues with the "Feel the Freeze!" Torani promotion - you have to try the Pink Grapefruit soda - yummy.

Upcoming in September is a visit from famed chef Roy Yamaguchi. Roy's will offer a special set menu during the visit and Roy himself will teach a cooking class on Wednesday, September 4.

And, you can now book your restaurant reservations on-line here at by clicking on the Hilton Banner ad.

Hoa Mai IV Opens in Tumon near SandCastle

Hoa Mai IV has opened on the ground floor of Tumon's Comete Building (the Underwater World, Gameworks, Sam Choy's building) next door to Pearl Cafe. This is the 4th location for this popular Vietnamese restaurant, which serves good food and stays open really late (11 a.m. to 3 a.m. weekdays, and til 5 a.m. on weekends.) Call 649-0307.

Special Discounts Offered from CopyKat and Isla Veterinary Clinic

If you need business services such as copying, laminating, printing and such, visit CopyKat and receive a 25% discount when you spend a minimum of $30. Click here for more information and a complete list of services offered. You can also call them at 472-2528.

Dr. Diaz at Isla Veterinary Clinic is offering a very special price on Cat Revolution with a 6 month supply available for only $30 - the regular price is $69 so this is a substantial savings. You do need to bring in the coupon or mention the or special price. Call the clinic at 477-7879.

Dading's Lechon Manok Open for Business in Dededo

The rotisseries are turning again at Dededo's famous BBQ stand, Dading's Lechon Manok, located in the parking lot of A-1 Shoe Store along Marine Drive, just north of Bunny Market. Whole BBQ chickens are marinated overnight, stuffed with herbs and lemongrass, then slowly rotated over mesquite briquettes, and basted until they reach their dark brown finish - a mouth-watering, satisfying treat! Former Roy's Manager Ray & Emilie Ochavillo are back in operation after a brief closure caused by Typhoon Chata'an. BBQ pork sticks and succulent liempo are also available. Dading's opens Monday - Saturday at 5:00 p.m. Get there early to place your order!

"Ship Comes in" at Nuts & Grains Health Food Store - Finally!!

Nuts & Grains owner Libby Pier is busy opening boxes and filling shelves with nutritious products and goodies, now that her long-awaited shipment has arrived! I was just there having my life-affirming Nuts & Grains Burger, and witnessed grateful customers coming in to replenish their pantries. I even picked up a brand new product that Libby hadn't yet tried - Newman's Own "Newman-O's", Paul Newman's organic answer to the fabled "OREO". These are made with organic palm oil, which is not hydrogenated, contains no trans-fatty acids, and is lower in saturated fat than butter. The cookies taste as good and are better for you! I also picked up a bag of Reed's Crystalized Ginger, which is baby ginger root that is diced and steeped in raw cane syrup. These golden nuggets are intensely flavorful and known for their health benefits. Call Libby at 646-9358, or better yet, go to Oka Plaza for healthier food choices and refreshing smoothies!

Old Hagatna Grill Wine Dinner, Saturday, August 24

The Old Hagatna Grill is celebrating Australia with their monthly Wine Dinner and featuring Wolf Blass wines. The director of Sales and Marketing for Wolf Blass is flying in to represent this award-winning winery and will be part of the presentation of this food and wine marriage. Chef Chris Aguon has created a special menu for the evening's celebration. Reservations are mandatory for this dinner that is priced at $65.00/person. Call 472-5885.

Lee Garden Restaurant - Affordable Chinese Favorites Attract Customers

Carrying on a tradition of great restaurants in this famous Dededo landmark which once housed Double Dragon, Tom's Table, and M's Steak House, Lee Garden has captured the hearts, minds, and tastebuds of its patrons with good foods that are priced right! Lee Garden Restaurant is located on Loreta Street across from Kay Enterprises, just south of Y-Sengsong and behind KJ Mart. A Napa Store and Mobil station are visible across Marine Drive from Lee Garden's entrance. The big green sign is easy to find.

Mr. Lee, owner of Lee Garden, used to own Agana's Mandarin Restaurant and was a head chef at the Dynasty (Hilton) and at Lufuku (Westin) restaurants. Lee Garden has over 41 daily lunch specials (Mon-Fri) priced between $5.00 - $5.50, all of which include soup, rice, and a dessert with the main course.

Zee and I were joined by friends for this dinner review. Our hostess, Leslie Chen, Manager, had selected several entrees from the dinner menu for us to taste. This restaurant became increasingly busy as we sat, which seemed unusual for a Monday night. The tables were filled predominantly by Chinese families, many of them regular customers who like the quality, selection, and price. It was our friend's first time and they experienced what I know to be less than ideal service - which I attribute to the unexpected "rush" of customers. However, once the food arrived, it kept coming and our attention was riveted on these savory dishes.

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Bon Appetit!

The Guam Food Guy

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