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August 23, 2002, Volume 2 Number 34

Dear "Guam Food Guy" Reader,

Mega-kudos to the Guam Little League Team's stellar performance in the 2002 Little League World Series, currently being held in Williamsport, Pa. Our team's spectacular come-from-behind victory over Saskatchewan advanced Guam to contend in the international semi-finals against Japan, a real powerhouse of a team that went on to victory. The excitement and enthusiasm expressed by parents and supporters is justifiably matched by the enormous pride we have for our young ambassadors' achievement in the world sports arena. ESPN's global coverage of the games is providing Guam much-needed positive publicity. Although most Canadians probably have no idea about Guam, our victory over their team has once again put Guam in the Canadian media's spotlight following the recent visit of 800 Canadian military personnel who were afforded some well deserved R & R on Guam following a duty tour in Afghanistan. These soldiers will be able to tell good stories about their Guam experience. Our boys' experiences will become great stories for years to come. Congratulations TEAM GUAM!

In Today's Issue:

  • "UnCorked" - New Wine Feature Debuts
  • Attention Food Aficionados - Chef Deborah's Back At SandCastle
  • Arizona Republic's Op-Ed Columnist Shares Food Guy's Service Philosophy
  • New Prego Chef De Cuisine Gene Obara Debuts Specialties at Chef's Table
  • Taste of France - New Daily Specials at Dai Ichi's Claret
  • Izakaya Katsu Japanese Restaurant - The Green Door Re-visited

"UnCorked" - New Wine Feature Debuts is delighted to introduce our new wine writer, Chelle (pronounced "shell") Christy, and welcome her new column "UnCorked" to the mix. We're confident that you're going to enjoy Chelle's writing, insights and philosophy of wine as much as we do. Chelle will write about a wide range of wine subjects and about once a month she will be joined by the "wine rookie", a food lover who doesn't know much about wine but is anxious to learn. They will review wines available locally and give their different perspectives. We encourage you to send along your wine questions, suggestions and experiences as well.

Read more about Chelle or read the first article of UnCorked "A Love Affair Begins". Chelle also welcomes questions, comments and your experiences with wine. Send her an email.

Attention Food Aficionados - Chef Deborah's Back At SandCastle

Executive Chef Deborah Walshinsky has returned after a year's hiatus and has already stimulated the palates of those fortunate enough to enjoy her elaborate and imaginative culinary creations at the Manhattan Bar's Thursday night "happy hour" event featuring a complimentary buffet. Each Thursday Chef Deborah plans her buffet menu around a different theme. The theme for last Thursday's feast was Middle Eastern, and Chef Deborah mesmerized the crowd with such favorites as hummus, falafel, tabouli, baba ganoush, and gyros. We can't wait to find out what her next cuisine theme will be. The adventure starts at 6 pm and lasts until 9 pm, with a 2 drink minimum cover.

Arizona Republic's Op-Ed Columnist Shares Food Guy's Service Philosophy

"Customers should be kind to waiters, waitresses" was the headline for Ricardo Pimentel's column in the PDN's August 17 issue. Pimentel is an op-ed writer for The Arizona Republic, and I've been reading his columns on a variety of topics for a while. This particular topic hit a responsive chord in me, since he advocated my beliefs about how to treat your servers. I also read that he and I shared similar work experiences in a restaurant, having worked as a busboy/dishwasher. Pimentel writes, "Servers don't mind eye contact, some conversation (no life stories, I'm presuming) and some acknowledgement that their job is more intricate than simply keeping you in ice tea. Be nice. They're people. Rude is rude. The golden rule should apply, but, apparently doesn't always in the restaurant business." Since restaurants can legally pay servers wages below the minimum wage, he continues, " represent more than just quaint tokens of gratitude. Their livelihoods, utility bills, rents, mortgage payments and families depend on them."

I wrote Pimentel at his e-mail address, thanking him for his article, and telling him that I had shared his experience as a busboy/dishwasher. He responded, telling me we had more than that in common, in fact, he was stationed on Guam while in the Navy! His reply:

"Hafa Adai. Thank you, Ken. We have more in common than you know. I lived on Guam from 1973-74 while in the U.S. Navy. I worked as a Navy journalist for ComNavMarianas and lived in a house off base with other sailors for most of my tour there. I thoroughly enjoyed it. I even freelanced a piece once for the Pacific Daily News." Small world!

New Prego Chef De Cuisine Gene Obara Debuts Specialties at Chef's Table

Sous Chef Gene Obara has returned to the Westin Resort Guam, this time in the role as Prego Italian Restaurant's Chef de Cuisine. A recent Chef's Table attended by a select group enjoyed a 5-course dinner of Italian specialties prepared by Chef Obara. Fine wines were paired with several courses to enhance the experience. A bold first impression was made by the appetizer, which had baked oysters and mussels with three different flavors, combining cayenne pepper, lemon-garlic, and cheese with other spices. An imaginative onion gratin soup with egg followed, and all agreed that the egg brought this soup to a new taste level. As good as the soup was, we were all surprised by the Pasta course, which was a "Crespere de magro", translated as a Crepe Gratin In Ricotta Cheese and Spinach. This light, fluffy, and delicious dish was savored and acknowledged as a unique creation, one that would be a certain "hit" when added to Prego's menu. The main course was a splendid Sauted Veal Loin with Procuitto Ham in Madeira Sauce. The Veal was so tender you could cut it with a fork and the sauce was marvelous. The Tiramisu dessert was magical, made with a perfect blend of mascarpone cheese flavored with coffee. Chef Obara successfully demonstrated his culinary expertise in Italian cuisine with this Chef's Table dinner. You can expect to see new menu additions to Prego's impressive selections of salads, pizzas, and pastas in the near future.

Taste of France - New Daily Specials at Dai Ichi's Claret

You will be pleasantly surprised at the changes taking place at Guam Dai-Ichi Hotel's Claret Restaurant. A new Taste of France special menu is offering French creations for lunch that are priced at $13.50. This new menu was introduced this past week and was well-received by guests. The panoramic view of Tumon Bay from this beach-front location is breathtaking, and complements the dining room's "first class" ambiance. You can expect more surprises from the Claret in the near future. Reservations are recommended for the 11:30 am to 1:30 pm lunch by calling 646-5881/9.

Izakaya Katsu Japanese Restaurant - The Green Door Re-visited

It's been nearly two years since I reviewed this Tumon hideaway, obscurely located atop the Central Building in Tumon, just across San Vitores from the Grand Hotel and parallel to the road going to the Fujita Hotel. It's best to drive into the building's parking lot which takes you to the third floor where you will see the legendary "Green Door" (literally a green door) that's part of the decorated exterior.

Katsu has become a favorite among both locals and visitors. In fact, it was voted among the Best Japanese restaurants by visitors from Japan in the April 2002 edition of WAVE MAGAZINE. It was described as "cozy", "reasonably priced", and that the food was "high quality" since each and every dish is prepared fresh by the chef.

Family-owned and operated by Takeshi (the chef) and Yokho Soma, this inn-styled eatery has maintained its reputation for consistently serving excellent food, with its signature "Tofu Steak" and panko-battered shrimp and other fried specialties. Ever since my first review, Katsu has enjoyed an increase in new customer visits, most of whom have become repeat customers.

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Bon Appetit!

The Guam Food Guy

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