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August 30, 2002, Volume 2 Number 35

Dear "Guam Food Guy" Reader,

Although the recent passing of the Bank of Guam's chairman and co-founder, Jesus Leon Guerrero, caused sadness and grief in the community for its loss of a great leader, it also brought understanding to many who never realized how much this one man had contributed to improve the island he so dearly loved. He leaves a living testament to his vision - a successful banking business enterprise employing hundreds. He created something that didn't exist before, and now it is a globally-recognized financial institution serving the needs of thousands. That's a remarkable achievement and should be an inspiration to all entrepreneurs. We applaud and thank Jesus Leon Guerrero for following his passion for excellence and for believing in himself. Imagine what a different world we would live in if we all could do the same.

In Today's Issue:

  • Hilton Events - A Visit from Chef Roy & Islander Terrace Labor Day Brunch
  • Sakura's Kitchen - Upper Tumon's Quaint Japanese Eatery
  • Congratulations to the Shedd's on Their New Arrival!
  • New Line of Greek Food At Jeff's Pirate's Cove
  • Firefly Bistro Introduces a Special Kid's Menu
  • Winchell's Sandwich & Soup Combo - Great Value Meal
  • Westin's General Manager Chuck Abbot Leaves for Shanghai
  • Joyful Chinese Restaurant -Tumon's Newest is Among the Best

Hilton Events - A Visit from Chef Roy & Islander Terrace Labor Day Brunch

Chef Roy Yamaguchi, legendary founder of Roy's Restaurants, will once again grace our island with his culinary talents when he visits here next month to conduct a cooking class on September 4. He will also create a special set menu dinner that will be served for a whole week, starting September 2. Don't miss this excellent opportunity to personally learn from the "Master" himself.

And, the Islander Terrace will host a very special Labor Day Brunch Buffet featuring the top prize winning recipe from the 2002 Tabasco Chef's Competition. The recipe was created by none other than the Hilton's own Desmond Fonseca. Visit the Hilton Happenings page to see the details and make reservations or call for reservations at 646-DINE(3463).

Sakura's Kitchen - Upper Tumon's Quaint Japanese Eatery

If you are driving on Marine Drive in Upper Tumon and want to escape from the mad rush of traffic to a peaceful soothing atmosphere, then you must go to Sakura's Kitchen, located across from the entrance to Harmon Industrial Park in the Pacific Plaza (next to Noritake). I was just there and had one of my favorites, Katsu-don, which is a pork cutlet, served with egg, onion and rice. Sakura's Kitchen makes what I consider to be the best. Because of the decor, this little restaurant is relaxing to diners. There are 12 set-menu specials that are priced at $6.95 for lunch and dinner. These are really good values, since they all include a small salad, rice, and miso soup. Shigeyuki Sakurai, Sakura's owner, told me he'd just created a new home-made salad was a miso-based Japanese dressing that was light and refreshing. Lunch is served Monday - Saturday from 11:30 a.m. - 2:00 p.m., and dinner is from 6 - 11 p.m. the same days. Call 647-1623 for information, or read my review to learn about their famous "Okonomiyaki" (Japanese Bacon Pizza)!

Congratulations to the Shedd's on Their New Arrival!

We are delighted acknowledge the arrival of Hayden Daniel Shedd, who was born on August 18, 2002. He is the son of Jay and Sheila Baker Shedd. We've been tracking the progress of this baby since we've been watching mommy Sheila over the past nine months in our many meetings with her at the Hilton Guam Resort & Spa, where she manages public relations and marketing & communications. Proud Papa Jay heads up Guamcell and I've witnessed his progress on the treadmill and with the weights at the Fitness Center - he's done amazingly well! Congrats to you both on the new addition to your family!

New Line of Greek Food At Jeff's Pirate's Cove

News Flash from Jeff's Pirate's Cove: A new line of Greek food is now being offered at Jeff's, which includes lamb and chicken gyros, Greek salads, falafel, hummus, and baba ghanouge dips. This message from Sara Pleadwell, one of the owners of the Greek Freak, which closed earlier this year. Treat yourself to these delicious food items that are only available here at this scenic beachside destination. Jeff's has other specialties you can try, from local favorites to their signature home-made cheeseburger.

Firefly Bistro Introduces a Special Kid's Menu

In recognition of the fact that many families enjoy dining out with all the generations together and that budgets are tight, Chef Ronnie at Firefly Bistro has created a special Kid's Menu. Featured selections include Chicken Fingers, Pizza on a honey whole wheat crust and Roast Chicken. Everything is very reasonably priced. Each item includes appropriate sides and either a fruit cup or a scoop of ice cream. The menu is available during both lunch and dinner service.

Winchell's Sandwich & Soup Combo - Great Value Meal

When I was at Winchell's the other day (yes, I do buy donuts on occasion's American!), I noticed a couple eating a meal. The husband had a big (I emphasize 'BIG') sandwich and the wife was drinking a beverage during the lunch hour. They later told me they thought it was a really good deal especially since they were on a limited budget and had to watch their spending. When you look at it, it really is a good deal. The Regular Combo is a sandwich (Beef, Turkey, or Ham) and a choice of either Chicken Noodle or Clam Chowder soup, with a drink. Also included is your choice of a cookie or a regular donut, all for the price of $4.99! The Large Combo (their version of "super-sizing") is $6.15, and gives a larger soup and drink.

Westin's General Manager Chuck Abbot Leaves for Shanghai

We bid farewell to Westin General Manager Charles "Chuck" Abbot who will be leaving Guam shortly for his new posting as the General Manager of the St. Regis Hotel in Shanghai. The St. Regis is considered a Five Star Plus hotel with impeccable service and luxurious amenities that pamper the well-to-do. We will miss Chuck, who has enjoyed popularity among the Westin staff for his supportive management style. He has been an active board member of the Guam Hotel & Restaurant Association. We wish Chuck and his family a bon voyage and best wishes on their journey to one of China's fastest-growing cities.

Joyful Chinese Restaurant - Tumon's Newest is Among the Best

Nothing pleases me more than to recommend a great place to eat, and this is one of those restaurants that excels in many aspects considered important to diners who are looking for quality experiences. Located in the 3rd floor of the Asahi Building directly across the street from the Pacific Islands Club, the Joyful Chinese Restaurant opened this May in the same place that used to house the VIP House. It wasn't until after we arrived that I recognized the owners were the same folks who'd opened the Chuan Fu Chinese Restaurant that I'd reviewed last year. The food was remarkable then, and it was as good and better now.

The owners, James Xiong and his sister, Jing, completed an impressive renovation of the restaurant (which had been showing its age) and added such niceties as a private dining room which seats 40. They re-carpeted the floors, papered the walls, changed the lighting fixtures and ceiling, improved the air-conditioning, and purchased unique and interesting art pieces for decoration. There are two intricately rendered rosewood wall carvings covering windows that were specially made and imported from China.

They use white table cloths to cover the tables during the dinner service and have soothing Western classical and Chinese music playing softly in the background. It's comforting just to enter this place! Although the lunch specials are the best values, featuring 45 entrees with prices from $6.95 to $8.50, and include the soup of the day and a bowl of steamed rice, the dinner menu features 130 entrees, comprised of popular Cantonese and Szechuan favorites. The impressively-created dinner menu is conveniently in English, Chinese, and Japanese. There is a 10% service charge added to the bill, which doesn't seem to deter the many customers who flock here to eat their tasty fare.

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Bon Appetit!

The Guam Food Guy

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