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September 6, 2002, Volume 2 Number 36

Dear "Guam Food Guy" Reader,

Have you ever watched a group of people eating a meal in a restaurant? I'm not talking about "gawking" or "staring" at them (that's rude!). I mean to glance briefly and non-intrusively so that no one gets the impression someone is "spying" on them! Since I spend a lot of time in restaurants, I do make it a point to observe what's going on at other tables, surveying how service is being delivered by the servers, and noting if people are enjoying their meals. This past Saturday night I had the opportunity to eat at Tinige Ansianu's Alaska King Crab Leg and Angus Prime Rib All-You-Can-Eat Buffet at the Outrigger. This is a fabulous dining experience, and well-worth the $26.95 charge, especially if you like Heineken beer, since they are given "free" with the meal. We were seated next to a group of ten Japanese visitors, made up of couples in their mid-twenties along with two sets of seniors. They were celebrating something, since they'd purchased the large bottles of Asahi Beer and were toasting. They were having the buffet, and I watched how they particularly enjoyed the Angus beef and the crab legs. One of the younger men brought a small plate heaped with sliced beef with horseradish to one of the senior men, who seemed to be trying it for the first time. I could tell he really liked the spicy combination...akin to eating wasabi. The ladies were relishing the succulent crab legs...they were awesome.

Then it dawned on me just how fortunate we are in relation to others. I could be wrong, but I don't think there are any comparable buffets in Japan, especially with beef at a premium (in addition to safety concerns about domestic beef). This buffet also featured chilled shrimp, mussels, oysters, sashimi, sushi, salads, and other hot items, such as a delicious roast pork. Executive Chef Clayton Babas has done a masterful job in serving an interesting, non-traditional buffet - sort of a Hawaiian/Chamorro/Asian blend. The Outrigger's service staff has been well-trained in handling their guests...they are very attentive and are always smiling and eager to help. These visitors will always remember this meal on Guam - it made a positive impression. Our "American" style cuisine and culinary talent may be something we could better promote. Have you noticed how many times steak & lobster meals are sold to our visitors? Think about it. Affordable American-style food and meals can be a major attraction both for quality and value. Add exceptional service to the mix and we may have ourselves a "gold mine". Wouldn't it be funny if we had visitors gleefully doing sing-a-longs to that Jimmy Buffett song, "Cheeseburger in Paradise?" Food for thought.

The "Guam Food Guy"

In Today's Issue:

  • Holiday Inn's 50th Anniversary Room Value a Great Deal
  • Roy Yamaguchi's Cooking Class - A Chance to Learn from the Master
  • Around the Island Food News - Planet Hollywood, Manhattan, Firefly, etc.
  • Adventurous Taste Sensations Coming to Guam with Fujimamas
  • Chef Roy's Special Tasting Menu - Intriguing Creations by a Legendary Chef

Holiday Inn's 50th Anniversary Room Value a Great Deal

You only have until the end of September to enjoy the $50 special room rate being offered by the Holiday Inn Resort Guam in celebration of their worldwide 50th Anniversary. It is a super bargain, and puts you and your family right in the heart of Tumon. A 50% discount on their breakfast is included as part of two consecutive night minimum stay! You can also try the Orient Express Buffet lunch and enjoy the opulent dining experience provided by Hy's Steakhouse.

Roy Yamaguchi's Cooking Class - A Chance to Learn from the Master

It was a small intimate gathering of people from various backgrounds who had one thing in common - a desire to learn some of the secrets of Hawaiian Fusion cuisine as prepared by Master Chef Roy Yamaguchi. The Hawaiian Fusion cooking style is actually a renaming of Euro-Asian cuisine, since it reflects his experience in the Islands and his family's Hawaii background. Of the twelve original chefs who in 1991 launched a culinary revolution called Hawai'i Regional Cuisine, Roy Yamaguchi has been able to expand the number of his restaurants to close to thirty, with plans to add even more in the future.

A simple Cooking Menu consisting of Stir Fry Prawn with Mint, Steamed Snapper & Watercress Salad with Thai Style Garlic Nampla Vinaigrette, and finished with a sumptuous Chocolate Macadamia Nut and Coconut Macaroon Cake was taught in an easy-to-follow step by step approach. Chef Roy was assisted by Eddie Chien, Chef de Cuisine for Roy's Restaurant Guam, with both of them providing some levity throughout, which really entertained the audience. I sat near a few military dependents who were new to the island. They were ecstatic at being able to actually attend a cooking class conducted by a highly acclaimed international food celebrity - right here on our little ol' island! The Hilton Guam Resort & Spa's Gallery location was an ideal setting for the cooking class. Unlike the national TV food shows, this class allowed the audience an opportunity to pose questions. Roy's explanations were thorough and clearly understandable. The man loves food and really likes sharing his knowledge with people. Don't miss the next cooking class experience conducted by this master, which will probably be after the publication of his next book, Roy's Hawaiian Seafood.

Around the Island Food News - Planet Hollywood, Manhattan, Firefly, etc.

As always there are lots of goings on with the island dining scene and here are some of the highlights.

Tex-Mex Tacos, that great little stand in Yona has closed. We knew they were only going to be here for a short time but we miss those tacos already.

Planet Hollywood has just launched a new Specials Menu and new menu items such as a Salmon Burger and Seafood Spaghetti. Executive Chef Chito Iglopas & Sous Chef Robert are "cooking up a storm" so head on down to what is probably one of Guam's best entertainment dining values.

Firefly Bistro in downtown Hagatna will open for Sunday Brunch on September 15 from 9am to 1pm featuring a menu inspired by the very best Bed & Breakfasts. The menu is a la carte and features such delights as Coconut-Macadamia Waffles with chunky pineapple & Malibu rum syrup and Spicy Cajun Eggs Benedict and much more. Check out the menu and make your reservations.

The Manhattan Bar in the Sandcastle is fast becoming the Thursday night "pilgrimage" for local foodies. Executive Chef Deborah "DL" Walshinsky is winning everyone over with her superb culinary creations which vary thematically each week. Her "Taste of the Pacific" Asian menu featured spicy Hot & Sour Soup, Thai Beef Salad, Burmese Tumeric-based vegetable salad, Lobster Fried Rice, Mongolian Ribs, and Ginger and Cold Vanilla Bean Custard with Frangelica. A two drink minimum is required. Eating is not an option - it is an addiction thanks to "DL"!

Adventurous Taste Sensations Coming to Guam with Fujimamas

Fujimamas is coming to the Hilton Guam Resort & Spa in early November. For those who don't know, Fujimamas is one of Tokyo's hottest restaurant destinations where the eclectic cuisine created from fresh ingredients is drawing rave reviews from diners. Bold, original, and innovative menu items with inspired beverage concoctions will bring a new level of service and diversity to our island's restaurant offerings. Fujimamas was started in 1998 by Chef-Owner Mark Vann and Lisa Smith in 1998. They have pioneered what's called "Global Cuisine". Among their exciting menu creations are Curry Marinated Chicken with Sweet Lemongrass and Pepper Sauce, Warm Wok-seared Asparagus with Black Sesame Oil Aioli, Soul Coolin' Shrimp Gazpacho, Crispy Fried Calamari Tossed with Bali Hai Sambal, and Char Sui Quesadilla with Grilled Onions, Mushrooms and Asian Tomato Salsa. Now isn't that something to look forward to? Prepare your taste buds!

Chef Roy's Special Tasting Menu - Intriguing New Creations by a Legendary Chef

You have from now until Sunday, September 8 to reserve your seat for a wonderfully prepared tasting menu created by Legendary Master Chef Roy Yamaguchi. Even though some of you have tried everything on Roy's menu and may have the impression that this is something you've already done, I'm sure you'll be delighted by the new creations that are being prepared at Roy's this week. The presentations were magnificent, and I am still having food fantasies when I see some of the photos I took. One of these days we'll embed a few shots in our review.

Roy Yamaguchi is one of the original members of the dozen chefs who founded the Hawai'i Regional Cuisine movement in 1991. Among his peers were Alan Wong, Peter Merriman, Sam Choy, Mark Ellman, Bev Gannon, Jean-Marie Josselin, Gary Strehl, Roger Dikon, George Mavrothalassitis, and Amy Ferguson Ota. Talk about talent and an ambitious group who forever changed the culinary landscape of Hawaii, and the world. Roy was at that time considered one of the bright stars, destined for a greatness beyond having a great local eatery, Roy's Restaurant in Hawai'i Kai. His wood-smoked Szechwan-style baby back ribs caused a sensation then and still excite palates today! As a food reviewer, I just want you to know that we are privileged to have such a reputable and acclaimed chef conceiving and achieving culinary excellence on our island.

The menu options are quite simple. You start off with a Spicy Ahi Poketini with Avocado and Masago Tobiko, followed by a Butter Garlic Seared U-10 Shrimp with Paella Risotto and Saffron Lobster Broth. These two were terrific starters that were seductive teasers to the main course choices that followed.

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Bon Appetit!

The Guam Food Guy

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