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September 20, 2002, Volume 2 Number 38

Dear "Guam Food Guy" Reader,

Guam is surrounded by a vast ocean, with the deepest part on Earth only a few miles south of Cocos Island. If one were to ask what Guam's greatest natural resource is, the obvious answer is the ocean around us. Now I'm talking about food, both for us humans and for the fish we eat. If our reefs are maintained in a healthy condition and we consume fish that have matured to the right size, we will be able to sustain a balance with nature and not deplete our fish supply. Our living reef, the turquoise and deep blue waters, the abundance of sea life, and our "smogless" skies are the truly great attractions we have for most visitors...we are actually living in a gigantic "aquarium", and the sooner we all "get on board" with this fundamental reality, the better it will be for our future. The question each and every one of us should be asking ourselves is "What can I do today and every day to improve our island and protect the reefs that feed the fish that swim with tourists who fly many miles to enjoy our vibrant marine habitat?"

Nothing better highlights and celebrates the recreational and culinary benefits of living in an ocean paradise than the fourth annual festival "Gupot Y Peskadot" (Fisherman's Festival) that was put on by the Guam Fishermen's Cooperative Association this past Saturday as part of the 7th Annual Guam Marianas International Fishing Derby. I sampled some of entrees in the Kelaguen contest--such as "Gadao's Fire", "Tina's The ROCK", and "Malaguana's Revenge", to name a few. They were marvelous, both in flavor and variety. Manny Duenas (Co-op President) made me an awesome fresh tuna burger (ground up like a hamburger patty with garlic, spices, and onion)! In the Ifit Chef's competition PIC's Bistro Chef de Cuisine James Lim's team entered the contest with an award-winning trio of Blue Marlin Lettuce Cup (a spicy concoction which can be hand-rolled and eaten like fresh lumpia), Blue Marlin Taco Salad, and a splendidly prepared Grilled Blue Marlin with Marsala Cream Sauce. Another contestant was Dio Sapinosa, who surprised everyone with his original marlin/brandy and marlin/shrimp sausages, which were grilled. Another first he made was Marlin Chorizo--a healthy, delicious alternative to the popular pork version. He also prepared a wine-based kimchi, which was amazingly fresh and not as garlicky as the Korean standard. You can expect great things from this talented young man, who's made custom sausages for the likes of Sir Paul McCartney, Billie Dee Williams, and actress Selma Hayek during his association with Bristol Farms of Hollywood.

This is the promise of the sea of which I speak...if we become more self-reliant by processing seafood and creating value-added products (do you think the Japanese would love fresh marlin sausages?), we may be able to pump some life into our sagging economy. We can even eat these ourselves and save on importing--why not? Now that's "food for thought!"

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  • GuamCell/Sorensen Pacific's 2002 Charity Golf Tournament
  • My Secret Garden - Hagatna Gift Boutique Is Cupid's Warehouse
  • "No Such Thing as a Free Lunch?" Survey - Starting Next Week
  • Old Hagatna Grill - A Legendary Spot in the Making

Around the Island - King's BBQ Ribs Special, Tairyo Sushi, Marty's & More

A new and exciting (not to mention "filling") Manager's Special has just been introduced at both King's Restaurant locations: BBQ Baby Back Ribs - a whole slab of tender, meaty, finger-lickin' baby backs, so big that they span the entire Krazy platter they're served on! This special sells for $14.95 and includes your choice of starch (fries, mashed potatoes or rice, with baked potatoes available after 5:00 pm.), and steamed vegetables. The REALLY BIG news is that for a limited time only, King's is offering this "on-line" special - Buy One, Get the Second BBQ Rib Platter Free! Simply print the coupon and take it into either King's location where this Manager's Special is available around the clock, 24/7. Treat your family and friends to a BBQ Baby Back Rib bonanza at King's Restaurant, Guam's favorite family restaurant.

If you like high-quality sushi and don't want to "sacrifice your first born" to pay for it, then Tairyo Sushi Bar is your sushi destination. You can go for lunch or dinner to enjoy a variety of freshly-prepared sushi favorites at prices that are generally in the $2.00 - $3.00 a plate range. I was there on Wednesday just as they opened and though I was the only one there I still couldn't help but start collecting my plates. This place is immaculate, without much in the way of decoration - the focus here is on the "moving" sushi plates - they are the "stars" of this show. Tairyo Sushi Bar is in Tumon's Blue Lagoon Plaza across the street from Stanlee's.

Tidewater Distributors, those purveyors of fresh and frozen tuna and marlin located in Tamuning (right behind King's in the little silver canteen) and Cabras have recently started carrying frozen swordfish loins for only $2.25/lb. Swordfish is excellent and for a short time get $4 off purchases of $20 or more with the coupon. You can check the status of fish availability on-line daily at

Old Hagatna Grill (about which you'll read a bit more later on) is hosting their increasingly popular monthly Wine Dinner this coming Saturday, September 21 at 7 pm. Chef Chris has created a menu featuring California Cuisine with a Latino Twist. As always each course is accompanied by a carefully selected wine and, as always, you need reservations! Call 472-5885 to reserve your spot at the table.

I have to admit I'd not tried Marty's Monday Lunch Special, the Roast Chicken, and when I did, I was impressed not only by the chicken which was tender and well-seasoned, but also by the mashed potatoes (made with real potatoes), the stuffing (this dressing brought back Thanksgiving memories), and by a savory cream of chicken gravy with a smattering of red peppers that gave it a little kick. For $8.99, it was a great value. Marty's has a different daily lunch special, with Thursday's Meat Loaf getting high marks from customers. And, of course, who can resist the lure of the tortilla chips and Marty's famous salsa? If you are a cheesecake lover you must try their home-made cheesecake. It was fresh, with a rich consistency and topped by a light strawberry puree on a thick graham cracker crust. The serving staff works quickly and exudes genuine friendliness. Sports fans are able to watch football (or whichever sport is in season) on large screen TV monitors placed strategically in the sports section of the dining room. I think I'll do the Meat Loaf next...I'll let you know if it's as good as Mom makes.

GuamCell/Sorensen Pacific's 2002 Charity Golf Tournament

This tournament to benefit the Boy Scouts of Guam and Guam Girl Scouts, will be held on Saturday, October 5, at the Alte Guam Golf Resort. There will be terrific prizes as well as a tournament polo shirt, banquet, and ditty bag for all contenders. The entrance fee including green fees is $125.00 (advance payment) per person, on tournament day the fee is $150.00. The entries will be limited to 144 golfers. For more information, contact Joyce Kraus from GuamCell at 688-2355 x 224 or Laurence Bejerana from SBP at 477-5700 x 276,

My Secret Garden - Hagatna Gift Boutique Is Cupid's Warehouse

With a storefront bordering W. Soledad Avenue, directly opposite the Hagatna Boat Basin and in the same building as the Old Hagatna Grill, My Secret Garden is a treasure trove of floral and gift delights! Overcome by curiosity, I dropped in and found some fragrant, high-quality incense, as well as scented natural candles made from pure vegetable palm oil. That means they're environmentally-friendly with no pollution or toxic particles flying about while burning. There are many beautiful objects d'art that you could spend hours looking at - the colors, forms, and fragrances overwhelm the senses. It's been said that many men come here to buy gifts for their ladies! Call 477-7736 for more information, or just walk in when they're open and let the adventure begin!

"No Such Thing as a Free Lunch?" Survey - Starting Next Week

We here at have questions for you! And, starting next week we'll start asking. Entitled "No Such Thing as a Free Lunch?" the survey will run for 3 weeks and ask questions about your dining out habits. Respondents to the survey will be eligible to win gift certificates or lunches for two each week from some of Guam's tastiest restaurants icluding Lone Star Steak House, Planet Hollywood, T.G.I. Friday's, Holiday Inn Orient Express and Sam Choy's. A minimum of 5 lunches or gift certificates will be awarded weekly so there are plenty of chances to win.

Old Hagatna Grill - A Legendary Spot in the Making

Has it really only been three years since the Old Hagatna Grill (OHG) opened its doors to an anxiously waiting public? If you recall the time, there was much anticipation over this new, California-esque pub and grill, where you could dine casually on eclectic appetizers and entrees, many of which would have easily been the topic of a special feature in Bon Appetit magazine. OHG met and surpassed the expectations of residents when it opened and has steadily progressed and evolved into its present stage of culinary excellence which features innovative menu creations from the mind of Executive Chef Christopher Aguon.

Recently, a regular commented on how OHG reminded him of the TV sitcom, "Cheers", a change which he said occurred after owner David Hanley took over the direction and operations from his co-founding partners. "It's really like 'everybody knows your name'", he related, complimenting Hanley's outgoing nature and proactive approach in promoting OHG as well as his insistence on delivering good customer service. There are many things to like about the Old Hagatna Grill. It doesn't have any simply show up, order, and eat delicious, inspired cuisine in the main dining room or in the bar lounge. There are many who prefer to sit at room-length bar and order appetizers and main courses while enjoying OHG's broad selection of premium wines, beers, and cocktails. Regulars appreciate the spontaneity and liveliness of staff like Anna, who tends bar and serves meals, as well as entertains with her personality...these are smart and interesting people, which makes being there more fun.

OHG's lunch and dinner menus change frequently, with new creations popping up alongside traditional favorites, creating variety in the selections. For this review, we'll talk about a dinner experience.

I was accompanied by a friend and fellow "foodie" who has what I consider an "encyclopedic" sense of taste. Our first starter was Grilled Shrimp Bruschetta, featuring shrimp marinated in mint and light herbs, surrounded by sliced cherry tomatoes and goat cheese, on a bed of garlic crostinis, drizzled with a mint vinaigrette. This was a stunning presentation, and the portion was large enough to be enjoyed by two. The mint-cheese-garlic combination was magical and the shrimp was just an added bonus to the vivacious, fresh tastes of these varied elements. Light and healthy, this is a good value for $10.00.

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Bon Appetit!

The Guam Food Guy

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