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Guam Diner Newsletter, August 10, 2001, Volume 1, Number 7

Dear "Guam Food Guy" Reader,

August is a month of special culinary activities and events, with some restaurants introducing new menus (such as the Palace Chinese in last week's review and today's review on the "All you can eat Shabu Shabu" special at the Guam Reef Hotel's Sango Japanese Restaurant). On August 18, the Micronesian Chef's Association will be holding a "Cook-Off" competition at the Micronesia Mall's Center Court, featuring 8 professional chefs paired with apprentice chefs from GCC, in a contest where the two-man teams will create entrees from a basket of ingredients, within a 45-minute time period. On August 26, The Chinese Merchant Association of Guam will stage a Chinese Cooking competition at the Hyatt Regency Guam. This event will involve 70 Chinese housewives who will be preparing authentic Chinese dishes from different regions in China. Tickets for this event are $25.00 for adults with proceeds benefiting the GMH Volunteers Association and the Chinese School. It was announced on last week's Caliente Show that famous Food Network Chef Ming Tsai ("Ming's Quest" and "East Meets West") will be on Guam November 13-18, and will be doing 2 cooking demonstrations at the Hyatt Regency Guam and 2 dinners (November 17 & 18) at the Hyatt's Niji Japanese Restaurant.

Who would have thought that Guam residents competed in an event last year that created a line of tasty new recipes for SPAMŽ? The winning entrees in the Great SPAMŽ Cook-off Island Style 2000 recipes are listed on the website, with Grand Champion Gerald Castro's SPAMŽ Sweet & Sour leading the pack. I can honestly say that after reviewing the many creative SPAMŽ recipes, I see SPAMŽ in an entirely different light. If you have a recipe for local foods and others, please submit it to the Recipe section. Join our growing list of locally-submitted entrees and creations!

In Today's Issue
  • Cuppucino Cafe - Beyond Coffee! - A Place Full of Surprises
  • "Now We're Cooking!" - The UFRA No-Worry International Cookbook
  • "Delizie Del Mare" Seafood Delight at Al Dente Ristorante
  • Sango Japanese Restaurant - Weekly Lunch Special and Shabu Shabu Dinner Adventure

Cuppucino Cafe - Beyond Coffee! - A Place Full of Surprises

When long-time Guam resident and close friend, Annette Donner, called me on Sunday morning to see if we could grab a cup of coffee somewhere between her location and mine, the Micronesia Mall was the logical choice, and the coffee shop located below the theatres was ideal. Annette was leaving Guam for the Mainland the following Tuesday, and our meeting was a time of special sharing...we always have energizing conversations, and as an aspiring writer, I've looked to Annette for guidance and insight. We're sure going to miss Annette, one of Guam's pioneering media personalities, reporter, writer, and video producer...fortunately, she'll be just an e-mail away!

After our meeting, during which time I finished a Double Cappuccino and she had a Cafe Latte, we hugged, said our good-byes, and she left. I looked around and realized it was my first time to sit in this peaceful, cozy, and colorful little shop, though I've passed it numerous times, always in a hurry to go somewhere else. Just sitting on my stool, I began to notice the details of this intriguing, busy cafe. Would you believe that in the dropped ceiling over the serving counter there are 5 large video monitors displaying a closed-caption movie? It was funny watching Will Smith punch the alien from "Independence Day" and only being able to "read" his dialogue instead of hearing the unique quality and humorous charm of his voice. I saw a sign that said "PANNINI SANDWICHES", and just below it were two grills made by Silesia. The menu board listed four sandwiches: "Berlin" (pastrami); "New Yorker" (roast beef); "Tsunami" (tuna); and "Mayflower" (turkey). All were priced at $5.95, with a choice of 3 breads - Focaccia, Wheat, or Rye. I opted for the pastrami, and although they were out of Rye, I settled for the Focaccia, which proved a good choice.

What's a Pannini? Click here for more on the Cuppucino Cafe.

"Now We're Cooking!" - The UFRA No-Worry International Cookbook

What's this, another cookbook? Well, yes, and maybe no, since this is probably one of the only cookbooks you'll find on Guam in both English and Japanese. What's unique about this book is that it's a compilation of interesting international recipes provided by the members of UFRA, a group whose purpose is "to promote interaction and exchange by organizing events that reflect the cultures and traditions of different countries and regions of the world." Since a country's cuisine represents part of its culture, the UFRA, which stands for Urayasu Foreign Residents Association, decided to create this book to promote cultural awareness through a variety of cuisines. Urayasu City, a small town on the northern side of Tokyo Bay, is becoming one of the fastest growing urban centers in Japan, and is home to a very large foreign community.

Among some of the recipes are Gypsy Soup, Hillbilly Soup, Salatka Jarzynowa (Vegetable Salad from Poland), Achovy OIive Dip, Tofu Sour Cream Dip, Trinidad Tobago Fried Won Tons, Steamed Fish with Tofu, Chicken Shai Korma Curry, Pineapple-Zucchini Bread, and Barajic (Jordanian sesame cookies). It's a fun read, and has conversion tables for metric and avoir-du-poids ingredient measurements. Although we may post a few of these recipes to the recipe section, the complete book is available for $15.00 exclusively at Fuji Mart, in Dededo. Fuji Mart is a Japanese grocery and dry goods specialty shop, located on Macheche Avenue, on the way to Las Palmas if you're coming from Marine Drive (take the KFC turn). Call 637-0883 for more information.

"Delizie Del Mare" Seafood Delight at Al Dente Ristorante

Ahoy, seafood lovers! This month, choose from a selection of two seafood platters at the Hyatt Regency Guam's Al Dente Ristorante. The first choice is "Blu", featuring live lobster, tuna steak, tiger prawns, and scallop roe. The second choice is "Azzuro", which has king prawns, marlin steak, local reef fish, and crab legs. Both will be served with one of the following: linguine al vongole, saffron risotto rice with New Zealand mussels, or roasted potatoes and seasonal vegetables.

This fabulous maritime feast is available nightly with a minimum of two persons to order. Buon Appetito!

Sango Japanese Restaurant - Weekly Lunch Special and Shabu Shabu Dinner Adventure

The Sango Japanese Restaurant in the Guam Reef Hotel is another one of those "best-kept" secret places where all aspects of the dining experience are fulfilled. Although I've been to the Reef many times, this was my first time experiencing the delightful hospitality and relaxed comfort of the Sango Japanese Restaurant.

Located off the Main Lobby, it is just past the elevator to the Top of the fact, it's impossible to miss, and yet, I never ventured to dine there, probably because I didn't know better. >From the moment you set foot in the entranceway just past the red lantern in the hallway, you immediately feel a sense of well-being. This is due to the two salt pillars that are located near the first step on the elevated floor. These are for good luck and to ward off evil spirits. An interesting feature is the "peek" window, a round glass cut-out that allows one to peek inside the restaurant to see who's there before proceeding have to be discreet when you look though, since it's a big window without curtains!

There is an entrance gallery that has several classic drawings of the seasons by famous Japanese artists, as well as a small altar that has a tiny gold kimono laying atop. This is a calming room, where one can center oneself before moving into the dining room.

The Sango offers a weekly lunch special as well as a la carte items on their menu. This week's special (August 6 - 11) is the Futomaki Sushi Set (eel in a sushi roll, $12.00). The set consists a generous sized portion of sushi, Deep Fried Lotus Root, Cold Kishimen Noodles with Nameko Mushrooms & Radish, Pickles, Miso Soup, and Dessert (Almond Jelly). I was joined by Diane Tsai, Sales & Public Relations Officer for the Reef. Diane, from Taiwan, is new to Guam and this was a good opportunity for us to get acquainted.

Japanese cuisine reflects Japanese culture, and form and substance are two distinct areas comprising the dining experience. The presentation of the food plays just as important a part as the food's quality and taste. When the full tray of various dishes is placed in front of you, your eyes look approvingly at each element, and then you exhale in pleasant exaltation and anticipation as you prepare to "dig in"!

The Futomaki was well-prepared, and the eel (unagi) had been nicely baked and fresh-tasting. I have had this dish before, and I can honestly say this was one of my best.

Click here for the FULL STORY.

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