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October 25, 2002, Volume 2 Number 43

Dear "Guam Food Guy" Reader,

If you were to list three great things about Guam that make it a unique and wonderful place to live as well as to visit, they would probably include Guam's natural beauty, the warm hospitality of the people, and the terrific tasting foods we enjoy. With that in mind, would it be too far-fetched to imagine Guam as a regional dining destination? I really believe we have an opportunity to become just that - a place where people would come to eat the variety of cuisine types prepared and served in our restaurants. I believe we have the potential, and all we need to do is to refine and polish our overall "product". In talking to a few of the FEMA folks who arrived after Typhoon Chata'an, many who have been here before, rave about the diversity and quality of our restaurants, saying that we really have an unusual concentration of great places to eat in our little island community. Moreover, if you were to do an exit poll of the military families who are leaving Guam, one of the top 3 things they'd miss most would include the food - especially the fiesta foods we eat.

As good as our foods are considered, there's still plenty of room for improvement in areas such as farm production and fisheries management. We could certainly improve our level of customer service in our hotels, retail stores, tour activities, and restaurants.To my hospitality clients, I refer the services of Ms. Toshie Ito of Motiva, who provides work force training solutions with proven results. I believe someone in authority should make it a priority to retain the services of Advanced Management to maintain the restrooms at Ipao Beach, as well as other restroom facilities frequented by our visitors. All the great food and excellent service that we'd be promoting would "evaporate" once our guests were introduced to these vital facilities. Our natural beauty must be protected - something we can do with intelligent planning and education. Tumon and the sidewalks along San Vitores are fairly well kept and this is something we need to adopt and apply to the rest of our island.

After all, wouldn't you want our visitors to leave Guam with a pleasant taste in their mouths, with a genuine desire to return again for more great food and fun on Guam? Together, we can make this happen!

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  • "No Such Thing As A Free Lunch?" Survey Ends - Thanks and Congratulations
  • Around the Island - Benkay Sushi, Fujimamas, Pastry Kudos, ASC Food
  • Chef Hehir of Tokyo Hilton "Twenty One" Wows Guam Diners at Roy's
  • Annual KPRG Thrift Store Ball At Jeff's Pirates Cove - October 26
  • Celebrity Chef Recipes At
  • Le Creole Lunch Buffet: Quality, Variety and Economy

"No Such Thing As A Free Lunch?" Survey Ends - Thanks and Congratulations

We here at want to send a very sincere "Thank You" to all of the many participants in the Free Lunch survey which ended last week. The information will be helpful as we continually strive to make the website and newsletter interesting and informative. We'll be sharing results with you in the future. And, of course, we extend congratulations to all of the winners. Look for more promotions and contests later this year.

Around the Island - Benkay Sushi, Fujimamas, Pastry Kudos, ASC Food

You have until now until October 31 to book reservations to treat yourself to Guam's once-a-year best sushi value, the Hotel Nikko's Sushi Paradise at Benkay Japanese Restaurant, featuring an "All-You-Can-Eat Sushi extravaganza. It's so good that other sushi chefs and Japanese restaurant owners are going there for sushi. For $30.00 you can eat as long as you like but you must reserve a spot by calling 649-8815 Ext 7504/5. You will be impressed by the uncompromising quality of the sushi and the masterful work and engaging personality of sushi chef Maui!

Word from Tokyo advises us that the eagerly anticipated opening of Fujimamas is delayed until sometime in February. Evidently there are some logistic challenges with the build out and conversion of the former Dynasty restaurant to the exacting standards set by the Fujimamas team. We wish them the best and look forward to enjoying the fruits of all their efforts early in 2003.

Kudos to all the participants in the recent Pastries in Paradise. The Hyatt Regency almost swept the event by winning Best Presentation, Best Tasting Dessert and Most Unique Dessert awards. The Hilton Guam Resort & Spa won the Best Booth Design Award and Hilton chef Robert Rhoden won the coveted Bailey's Irish Cream Dessert Challenge with his chilled Bailey's Bon Bons. The real winners of the evening though had to be the attendees who ate their fill of great desserts and the Lend A Hand Foundation which will receive over $6000 from this annual fundraiser.

Did you know that you can get tasty, affordable food at the Agana Shopping Center? Stop by the Imperial Garden and enjoy the usual fast food buffet selections and made to order entrees such as Spicy Ramen($3.99), Korean Wonton Soup($5.99), Galbi(Korean BBQ Ribs $6.99), Udon ($4.99), Galbi Soup ($6.99) and the popular rice dish Bibimbop ($6.99).

Also in the ASC Food Court is Fuji Teriyaki, which serves quite palatable Japanese dishes. Try the stir fry, with a Chicken & Beef Combo available for $4.99, and a Vegetable Stir Fry available for $4.99. The fast food here is fresh, made-to-order, and filling.

At the very corner of the ASC, sits Hava Java Cafe and they serve what I believe to be Guam's best Chicken Salad Sandwich. On a toasted baguette, and accompanied by a your choice of fresh add-ons, such as alfalfa sprouts, tomatoes, lettuce, cheese, mustard, regular or fat-free mayo, pickles, and more this is a seriously good sandwich. The chicken is baked fresh daily, as are Hava Java's famous cookies and pastries, including bagels served with Philadelphia Cream Cheese. Hava Java Cafe is home to Lavazza, Italy's leading coffee brand, so if it's a hot or cold espresso, cappuccino, latte, Mexican, or mocha you are craving, you're at the right place. Notably, Hava Java Cafe is featured in the October issues of Directions and Guam Business.

Chef Hehir of Tokyo Hilton "Twenty One" Wows Guam Diners at Roy's

Be sure you don't miss Australian Chef Mark Hehir when he makes his next visit to Guam sometime next year. This culinary genius delighted diners with his original creations that are based on his interpretation of classic French cuisine melded with Asian/Pacific influences. His "Five Senses Experience" menu was featured at Roy's with seven courses incorporating "sight, sound, touch, smell, and taste" in their preparation. The food was vibrant, unique, and fresh, with Mark using fresh spices and herbs such as vanilla, pepper, dill, cinnamon, tarragon, thyme, and mint as fragrance starters that ignited the palate for each course. He also had a selection of foods on a Special Menu, with his Signature Seafood Evolution that included Crusted Sea Bass, 21 Glazed Lobster, Indian Butter Scallops, Risotto of Crustaceans & Coconut Emulsion. One of the main courses we sampled was his famous Crispy Confit of Duck on Wasabi Potato with Ginger Duck Jus. It was divine, with the crust flavored by garlic chips and the succulent meat literally falling off the bone. Chef Mark already enjoys enormous popularity in Japan, and was recognized by many Japanese hotel guests who were dining in Roy's. Mark's passion for food is stimulating and is inspiring chefs in Japan to adopt his approach to cooking. We are fortunate indeed to have encountered a chef of his caliber and look forward to dining with him in Tokyo or upon his return to Guam.

Annual KPRG Thrift Store Ball At Jeff's Pirate's Cove - Saturday, October 26

Need an escape from pressures and ordeals of living on a small, politically charged island with less than 2 weeks to the general election? Get thee down to Jeff's Pirates's Cove this coming Saturday evening for a zany fund-raising event for KPRG Public Radio from 7pm - 11pm. According to a release by KPRG representative Kelly Fitzpatrick, "the basic idea here is to find the loudest, gaudiest, most tasteless possible clothing on Guam. The basic Thrift Store Ball fashion premise is: Tacky is good!" The event will include dancing to the sounds of the Boomers, a raffle, and a choice of 2 beers or soft drinks with the $15.00 donation. This is an adult-only function, so be sure to find a babysitter for your young ones. Tickets are available at KPRG, Jeff's and will be available at the door.

Celebrity Chef Recipes At

Have we got recipes for you!! Our Celebrity Chef Recipe section at is overflowing with tantalizing recipes including many submitted by some of Guam's top chefs. You can also look forward to finding recipes from Chef Mark Hehir of the Tokyo Hilton's "Twenty One" in this section very soon.

Speaking of chefs, the Micronesian Chef's Association Gala Ball is tomorrow night at the Palace Hotel. I had the opportunity to taste the menu which will be served and it is spectacular - too bad all the tickets are sold! There is always next year and we will bring you a full report of the Gala next week including the winner of Chef of The Year and Allied Member of the Year.

Le Creole Lunch Buffet: Quality, Variety and Economy

If you are looking for an affordable place to go that's got a good selection of interesting food along with a million dollar view of Tumon Bay, then you'll find it at Le Creole Coffee Shop, located in Guam's Dai-Ichi Hotel. Five days a week, from Monday - Friday, you can treat yourself to a truly enjoyable meal of quality international entrees for the great price of $9.95, with no service charge. The buffet starts at 11:30am to 1:45pm. For a buffet, Le Creole's selection and the care in preparing the ingredients is worth noting.

Their buffet typically has a selection of 2 Pilafs, along with 2 types of Pasta, Vegetable Curry, Swiss Sausage, Mahi Mahi Fritter, Chicken Cutlet, Creamed Soup, 4 Marinated Salads, a Salad Bar, Mixed Fruits, Sauteed Beef with Genghis Khan Sauce, Garlic Toast, Nan Bread and other assorted fresh baked breads and pastries. Ice tea is included.

The day I had a lunch at Le Creole, they featured a Creamed Ham & Broccoli Fettuccine, which as quite good. They also had an Anchovie & Onion Spaghetti. It was my good fortune to have some assistance and recommendations from another diner, attorney Howard Trapp, who along with wife Rose, are regular customers at Le Creole. Howard made sure I had a taste of many of the great foods served at Le Creole, and he made a compelling case for why each item was good. (Actually, all he had to do was put it on a plate and serve me - the food did the convincing!)

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Bon Appetit!

The Guam Food Guy

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