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November 1, 2002, Volume 2 Number 44

Dear "Guam Food Guy" Reader,

Happy Halloween! This is definitely the "sweetest" day of the year when you consider the tons of candy that will be collected, tasted, and stored by costumed little hobgoblins, superheroes, cartoon characters, witches, and devils. It's a fun day for the entire family and we need to keep a watchful eye out for the little trick-or-treaters when driving during the early evening hours. I often wonder if retail stores and dentists played an active role in commercializing "Hallow's Eve", making it such a "candy fest". The financial impact of the Halloween industry is staggering, amounting to billions of dollars! Truth be known, it is a welcome distraction from the election campaigning that is filling the airwaves, television, newspapers, roadways, and mailboxes!

Our right to vote is a key foundation in our democratic society. It's about choosing among our preferences, much the same way we "vote" for our best restaurant or our favorite food. Can you name your favorite food? Have you noticed that in the last two to three decades it has become more difficult for people to decide on one or two favorite entrees or food types? This is due in part to the broadening of our culinary horizons. How many sushi bars or Vietnamese restaurants were there in California or New York in the 1970's? When did tofu become popular? More locally, can you remember when you had your first serving of red rice? Or when the egg roll was transformed to the huge lumpia so popular in our Vietnamese restaurants? Eating lumpia has become a ritual; I still get a kick out of watching a new person's first time lumpia experience and how they end up loving it! Yes, we elect to eat the food we order at the places we choose to go, and some restaurant menus showcase entrees that campaign for your vote! "EAT ME, I look appetizing and here are my delicious ingredients"! Alas, if it were always true.

The same could be said in voting for our elected officials, folks. We will all be relieved when the election is over, no matter who wins...just so long as we can return to a sense of "normalcy", whatever that means. I know this sounds far-fetched, but could you imagine the results we could achieve if the winning candidates employed the same focus, energy, creativity, determination, and drive in performing their duties that they demonstrated during their campaigning? Bet we wouldn't be facing the problems afflicting us today. What do you think?

In Today's Issue:

  • "Crazy For You" - St. John's Gershwin Production a Dazzling Spectacle
  • UnCorked - Meet Our New Wine Writer, Phil Torres
  • Around the Island - Ocean Bay Shrimp Attack, Hard Rock Happy, Firefly Brunch
  • Thanksgiving Specials - Turkey, Buffets, Breads & Pastries, YUM!
  • Kudo's To MCA's Chef & Allied Member of the Year
  • Uncle Bob's - Serving the Best Steaks on Guam!

"Crazy For You" - St. John's Gershwin Production a Dazzling Spectacle

A magnificent entertainment "tour de force" awaits you at this weekend's debut performance of the Broadway musical, "Crazy for You". Co-directed by Allan and Cecille Nazareno, who brought you last years "Titanic - The Musical" (which featured the Guam Food Guy), "Crazy for You" will amaze you with the colorful sets and period costumes. The show rolls on with slapstick humor delivered in quick one-liners, a variety of Gershwin song favorites (nearly 24) performed by some really talented young people, and by the well-choreographed dance routines, including group tap dancing. It is hard to believe that this is a school production, though it does include talented performances by guest adults. The students are wonderful...acting and dancing in ways that make me proud of the quality of talented people who live on our island. UOG Professor Randy Johnson directs a pit orchestra and choir that supports the singers on stage and this really boosts the overall performance experience. Showtime is at 8pm and the Gala on Friday, November 1 includes dinner at 6pm. On Saturday, November 2, performances are at 3pm and 7pm and the final show will be Sunday, November 3 at 3pm., 3:00. Tickets for the regular performances are $10, with a $7 student price. For more information, call 646-8080 or check out the information at St. John's website.

UnCorked - Meet Our New Wine Writer, Phil Torres

UnCorked launched in August with Chelle Christy and has received a great response. It seems that many of us on Guam like wine, are interested in wine and want to know more about wines that we can get here. With this in mind we were extremely fortunate to encounter a long-time lover of wine, Phil Torres, and convince him that writing a monthly article for would be a true public service! We are delighted to introduce his debut article entitled "From Annie Green Springs to Wine Aficionado" this week. Chelle returns next week with a review of two wines from one of our favorite winerys - Blackstone.

Around the Island - Ocean Bay Shrimp Attack, Hard Rock Happy, Firefly Brunch

Which shrimp dish is best? Well, you can't go wrong with either the Honey Walnut or Salt & Pepper dishes at Ocean Bay Chinese Restaurant in Upper Tumon, behind the Bank of Guam in the East West Center. How about having both? That's what I did the other day with fellow Girl Scout Board Member Karen. She goes to Ocean Bay for what she considers her all-time favorite and Guam's best Honey Walnut Shrimp ($8.50). I have developed a liking for the spicy combination of Salt & Pepper Shrimp ($6.95). These are fried to a crisp so the thin shell is easily chewed. The salt and pepper blend is flavorful, and the dish has small green chili peppers sliced and sauted, that makes a great condiment. There are 45 lunch menu items to choose from at Ocean Bay, a restaurant whose specialty is Cantonese cuisine, prepared by Master Chef Steven Yim, a former Guinness Book of Records title holder for fastest noodle maker. Ocean Bay is open for lunch from 11am - 3pm daily, and serves dinner from 5:30pm - 10:30pm. Call for take-out at 647-0828.

Hard Rock Cafe's Regional Executive Chef Kotwal Singh is in full time residence on Guam now and he has introduced a fabulous Friday night Happy Hour that amounts to a full buffet at the cost of only $10 and includes 2 drinks from a specially selected drink menu. This Friday the theme is 'Raj of Romance' and features such selections as Spanner Crab, Curried Scallops with Pineapple Chutney, Cumin Lentil Stew and Coconut, Cinnamon Brownies just to name a few. There is a different theme each Friday but it is always delicious and very affordable! It happens every Friday from 6pm to 7:30pm and Renanissance will play starting at 7pm.

Firefly Bistro in downtown Hagatna will hold its last Sunday Brunch of the year this coming Sunday, November 3. This unique brunch is truly one-of-a-kind and the a la carte menu is based on the best Bed & Breakfast food choices. Featuring treats such as Coconut-Macadmia Waffles, Grilled Salmon & Eggs Benedict and a Mixed Fruit Yogurt Parfait there is something delicious waiting for every taste. Take advantage of this last chance to enjoy by calling 477-2565 for reservations. Brunch is served from 9am - 1pm. AND, Firefly Bistro introduces a special Tuesday & Wednesday night special 3 course menu for $25 which includes salad or soup, a choice between 3 entrees, dessert and coffee or tea. Check out the menu.

Thanksgiving Specials - Turkey, Buffets, Breads & Pastries, YUM!

Thanksgiving is one of the best holidays of the year and we at are working to ensure that it doesn't get lost in the hoopla surrounding Halloween and Christmas! Fortunately, many of our friends in the food & beverage business agree that Thanksgiving is an important holiday and they are offering all sorts of specials from ordering a complete meal to take home to lavish buffets to enjoy with the family. Cup & Saucer also has special Thanksgiving breads, pastries and even a fresh Cranberry Sauce available. Check out the specials by clicking on the Thanksgiving Specials link on the front page at

Kudo's To MCA's Chef & Allied Member of the Year!

Congratulations to PIC Executive Chef Patrick Kennedy who won the "Chef of the Year" award at the Micronesian Chef's Association Gala Dinner held on Ocober 25 at the Palace Hotel Guam. Kennedy has served as President of the MCA for the past three years. Kudos also go to Gordon Misuzawa, of Advance Management, who won the Allied Member of the Year Award. Gordon has been the Secretary for the organization since 1999 and has been elected to serve again in that capacity. A $1,000 scholarship was awarded to the Guam Community College to assist students in the culinary arts program with their educational costs. For MCA membership information, contact Membership Chairman Ken Stewart at 637-8425 or

Uncle Bob's - Serving the Best Steaks on Guam!

Warning! This is a "primal urge" destination. If you are a vegetarian, you will not feel comfortable here nor will you find satisfaction. If you have dreams or fantasies about eating a steak, then Uncle Bob's is the place where you will see your dream become a reality - one big, char-broiled, juicy flavorful bite at a time! This not to say you can't get good steaks at Outback, Lonestar, Hy's, or any other place that serves steaks and a variety of other food types. Uncle Bob's is the place you go to when you have a deep down burning desire, a "primal urge" so to speak, for a dizzying, ecstatic, taste-bud pleasing, and tummy-filling steak experience.

Uncle Bob's Watering Hole is located on Route 1 between Agat and Piti, just outside the main gate to Naval Station. From the outside, you would be inclined to think that this is just a ramshackle bar what with all the beer banners hanging outside, and that it certainly would appeal to the sailors who would no doubt make it their first stop as they rush out the gates to enjoy the free life feeling of being "off-duty". Uncle Bob's is not cooled by air-conditioning, though it is well-ventilated, and has fans located throughout that manage to keep things fairly breezy. There is a long bar and several dining tables, large screen and small TV monitors in various locations, pool tables, and what is probably the best rock & roll juke box on island - what a collection of music, and you can certainly hear it, too! There are hundreds of small sports and beer banners hanging in rows along the wooden ceiling beams supporting a corrugated tin roof, marine artifacts, WWII memorabilia (a corroded large caliber machine gun), floats, life preservers, plaques and insignia from every military branch. This is definitely a rowdy, action-packed kind of place, not the place you'd bring your children for a night out.

So why should people come to Uncle Bob's? "It's the steak, stupid!" one of the customers emphatically told me while chewing a big T-bone chunk. A few months ago I was e-mailed an invite by the previous kitchen manager who wanted me to come try their steaks. What he said, in his words, was "I may be a little biased, but in my ever humble opinion, we have - by far - the best steaks on this island." Well, that's easily said, but the true test is in the tasting. When I was sitting at the bar having a cool one, I noticed my first visual of the kitchen manager's boast. Behind the bar is an order window to the kitchen, and I saw what had to be the biggest New York steak I've ever seen was like a movie! It was on a hot sizzling platter and I instinctively reached for my camera, got up and followed that amazing steak to its owner, who was equally mesmerized, but with a wilder gleam in his eye.

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Bon Appetit!

The Guam Food Guy

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