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November 15, 2002, Volume 2 Number 46

Dear "Guam Food Guy" Reader,

Among the things I love to do is to describe special eating experiences to friends, acquaintances, and to people I don't even know. Those of you who know me well certainly understand how enthusiastic and animated I become when I start relating the taste sensations of my latest eating episode. Just the other day I was standing in line at Pay-Less talking to my friend Bernie, the Store Manager. I recounted the great tasting food at Truong's Vietnamese Restaurant in Yigo. I described the unusual ingredients in their Fresh and Fried Lumpia, the special sauces and spices they use, the terrific flavor combinations of the Seafood Combination Kelaguen, the juicy morsels of Fried Pork Chop I sampled, and the meaty wonton soup. I must have lost track of where I was because when I stopped my spiel on Truong's, I looked around and noticed that there were probably 20 or more people in the other lines (as well as in line behind me) all staring at me with that "fascinated with food" look in their eyes! I apologized for "holding up traffic", quickly paid and said my good-byes. I overheard some of the customers saying that my story made them hungry while others asked for directions to Truong's.

Reflecting on what had happened, I realized I was just doing what I really enjoy, sharing good news about food. This must be one of my special purposes in life. I guess I would find enormous satisfaction if, after my passing, I would be remembered by folks who when talking to others about me, would tell them with a smile that, "He really made me hungry!".

In Today's Issue:

  • Artist Ron Castro's One Man Show - Nissan Infiniti Gallery Nov 15 - 30
  • Free Your Inner Artist - Check Out The Art Workshops at the Hilton Guam
  • Salvation Army's Lighthouse Recovery Center Thanksgiving Day Lunch
  • Around the Island - Sakura's Kitchen, Lee Garden, Jingle Bell Run, Hard Rock
  • Truong's Restaurant in Yigo - Big Portions, Low Prices, Fantastic Flavors!

Artist Ron Castro's One Man Show - Nissan Infiniti Gallery Nov 15 - 30

One of Guam's most talented and renowned artists is Ron Castro, and you will have an opportunity to see a wide range of his artistic creations at the Nissan Infiniti Gallery from November 15 - 30. His exhibition is titled "One Man Show". For more information, call 734-8470.

Free Your Inner Artist - Check Out The Art Workshops at the Hilton Guam

The Hilton Guam Resort & Spa has introduced a great new program of art workshops starting this month. You've already missed the class on Gyotaku where you use real fish to create art but it is not too late to sign up for the class on Clay Masks - Wednesday, November 20 and Silk Painting - Wednesday, November 27. Click here to see all the details. Class prices vary but the fee includes materials for at least one piece of art to take home. See all the details.

Salvation Army's Lighthouse Recovery Center Thanksgiving Day Lunch

The Lighthouse Recovery Center will have its 6th Annual Thanksgiving Day Lunch at the Chamorro Village's Main Pavilion on Thursday, November 28 from 10am - 2pm. This is a free event for those in need, and help is requested from the community in collecting canned food, spreading the word, and providing transportation. Food donations can be dropped off at the Recovery Center in East Hagatna (next to Island Tinting) before Friday, November 22. This annual event brings together members of the Guam community and organizations who make this a memorable experience for the homeless and those in need by giving time, showing compassion, offering fellowship, and being generous, all in the spirit of Thanksgiving.

Around the Island - Sakura's Kitchen, Lee Garden, Jingle Bell Run, Hard Rock

There are many local Japanese who love the homey atmosphere and tasty fare at Sakura's Kitchen, located on Marine Drive in Upper Tumon across from the entrance to Harmon Industrial Park. This quiet, unassuming restaurant is a respite from the hectic, frenetic pace of traffic and the pressures of work. Nothing eases the spirit more than a hot bowl of Katsu-don. There are 11 Value Sets priced at $6.95 each, which include miso soup, rice, and salad, and are served both for lunch and dinner. The Chicken Curry we had the other day was spicy, not too hot, and full of flavor with tender chicken pieces in a rich, slightly sweet sauce. Take-out is available by calling 647-1623. Once you've been to Sakura's Kitchen, you will come back again.

Dededo's Lee Garden continues to impress people with daily Lunch and Dinner values. The Salt & Pepper Chicken Wings and Hot Sour Soup are delicious, with many more entrees from which to choose your favorite Chinese dish. Lee Garden is located on Loreta Street, just off Marine Drive (near Y-Sengsong) and across from Kay Enterprise. Call 633-8632 and ask for Leslie, who will take good care of you by suggesting special creations not shown on the menu.

The 5th Annual Jingle Bell Run is coming up on Saturday, November 30th. Sponsored by the GHRA, the Jingle Bell Run attracts runners from around Asia in large numbers and is a fun event where runners dress in Christmas themed attire and tie jingle bells to their shoe laces. This year's costume theme is "The Twelve Days of Christmas" - we can just see someone (or a group?) dressed as Seven Maids A Milking! Contact Ernie Galito at 477-5658 or the GHRA at 649-1447 for information.

Chef Singh wows us again this week with his Friday Happy Hour Menu. This week's theme is Tropical Island's Sights, Sounds and Tastes. Enjoy Blue Marlin Tataki, Betel Nut Chicken, Pork Loin with Watermelon BBQ Sauce and Guava Haupia among other delights along with 2 beverages for only $10. Hard Rock Cafe is the place to be Friday nights from 6pm - 7:30pm. Soul Vibrations will play live from 6:30pm.

Truong's Restaurant in Yigo - Big Portions, Low Prices, Fantastic Flavors!

Truong's is making waves...big waves as more and more people are discovering what is probably the best-tasting Vietnamese food on the island. What's amazing about this is that the owners proudly communicate that their food is the best, that it is different, and that they offer bigger portions. Then they take your order and return with the proof of their claims!

I was alerted to this newly-opened (only 3 months) Yigo restaurant by 'Skippy', a newsletter reader and fellow food aficionado, who e-mailed me an account of his experience at Truong's and recommended that I check it out. He stated that the portions were big and cheap. After eating there I can say that the dishes are not only served in generous portions but they are also tasty!

Truong's is located in the E.C. Gozum apartment complex just north of Ace Hardware on Marine Drive, before you get to the Simon Sanchez intersection. It's on the ground floor of this small commercial center between a barber shop and fish market, and you can't miss the distinctive bright blue and red signage. With prices ranging from $4.50 to $9.95, Truong's offers a menu-full of delightful Vietnamese and Asian specialties, cooked in their own special style.

I was provided sample-sized portions of several dishes by Truong's owner, Ly, who along with her sister, Kim, and daughter, Neng, extended me genuine hospitality during my meal. A plate of Fried Pork Chop ($5.95) was served along with their special dipping sauce. Each piece was juicy and flavorful, due to a good marinade. I was also served Fresh Lumpia ($4.95), that contained fresh shrimp, bean sprouts, noodles, char-siu pork, lettuce, and cucumber. Their hoisin sauce version was well-blended and I was encouraged to dip my lumpia deeply to get all the flavors!

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Bon Appetit!

The Guam Food Guy

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