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December 20, 2002, Volume 2 Number 50

Dear "Guam Food Guy" Reader,

We are glad to be back to our regular schedule starting this week. Our last newsletter's (December 6) introductory commentary warned of the potential for destruction that approaching Tropical Storm Pongsona (which became SuperTyphoon Pongsona a short 60 hours later) could have on our island. Although many residents made preparations for the typhoon, nobody was ready for the unprecedented destruction Super Typhoon Pongsona would wreak on our little island paradise. We are all survivors, and can easily handle any "extreme adventure challenge" - such is life on Guam during and after typhoons.

Although most people are grateful to have livable homes (although inconvenienced by the lack of power, water, and cable), there are thousands of residents who are now homeless. We appreciate the efforts of the Red Cross, Salvation Army, Catholic Social Services, FEMA, SBA, Emergency Medical Response Teams, and others who are working hard to assist those adversely affected by the ravages of this super typhoon, considered to be one of the worst of the last four decades! We are grateful to have many restaurants and businesses operating. We do want to stress the importance of observing sanitary standards in the preparation, handling, cooking, and serving of food products during these difficult times, especially when there is no running water. We will be providing more detailed information on proper sanitation practices in the newsletter today and in future issues.

Finally, we are hopeful that many of the restaurants that were damaged are able to rebuild as soon as possible. Some of our favorites places such as Hava Java Cafe, Ban Thai, Tony Roma's, Sango at the Reef Hotel, Genji at the Hilton, Tinige Ansianu at the Outrigger, Fuji Ichi Ban (the Tumon location is the only one open), Old Hagatna Grill, Utage and Coral Palace at the Palace Hotel, Joyful Chinese Restaurant and Kobe Japanese Restaurant, have sustained significant damage, ranging in degree from moderate to total destruction. We know that most hotels are hard at work to bring their facilities back into normal operation. Please be patient during this process of rebuilding. In the meantime, there are many restaurants that are open and providing great meals, although some may be serving limited menus due to food product shortages.

Lastly, all of us here at want to thank all of our subscribers, on-line visitors and advertisers for an excellent year. We are deeply appreciative of all of our many blessings and want to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

In Today's Issue:

  • Around the Island - Recent Eating Experiences
  • Christmas Specials - Christmas is Next Week!
  • Uniforms 'n Stuff Acquired by Tools of the Trade
  • Veggie & Curry - Quality Fast Food Features Healthy Variety

Around the Island - Recent Eating Experiences

I was pleased and relieved to be able to obtain great sandwiches and cold drinks at Stanlee's in Tumon after the typhoon. They did not suffer the extensive damage that impacted the surrounding neighborhood. They were open and many folks found their bearings in Stanlee's safe and friendly environment. Without the usual television, you will find some of the liveliest conversations by interesting characters and personalities take place at Stanlee's.

Sushi Tairyo is located just across from Stanlee's in the Blue Lagoon Plaza. They have ice, running water, and excellent sushi that's reasonably priced. You won't be dissatisfied with their fine assortment of quality sushi. Their hours are 11am - 2pm for lunch and 6pm - 9pm for dinner.

Sakura's Kitchen in Upper Tumon is open and has great $6.95 specials that are available for both lunch and dinner.

Cup & Saucer in downtown Hagatna is ready to take your special Christmas orders. With a full range of great pastries, cookies and other treats you can order a special gift basket or Christmas goodies packed for the holidays. They have extended their hours to include Sunday for your convenience.

The Islander Terrace at the Hilton Guam Resort & Spa has maintained their buffet service after the typhoon and provided customers a quality dining experience to help take their minds off the ordeals and stresses of recovery. Reservations are being accepted for Christmas Eve Lunch and Dinner and Christmas Day Brunch and Dinner. A special Christmas Day Menu will be featured at Roy's.

The Palace Hotel Guam has opened the Palm Garden for breakfast, lunch and dinner and are also offering Christmas Eve Dinner Buffet, Christmas Day Brunch, and Christmas Day Dinner Buffet. The Coral Palace will be opening soon and launching a special plated buffet service.

Lone Star Steakhouse is crowded for lunch and jam-packed for dinner as people go there for terrific eating. I was there for lunch when the New York Steak was on special for $16.95 (down from $21.95).

Marty's Mexican Merienda & Cantina is a destination for good eats and fast, friendly service. The bar and lounge is a major attraction on its own and there are pool tables and electronic games, as well as cold beer, Marty's famous margaritas, and appetizers. Their Fried Chicken Dinner is certainly worth eating, as well as their steaks (great fajitas) and other Mexican fare.

King's Restaurants in Harmon and Tamuning are famous family favorites. I've had several breakfasts there the day of the typhoon and after. King's has a limited menu during this recovery period.

Hard Rock Cafe is open for business and is offering a fantastic local special of 40% off on all food and beverage - this is a great deal designed to help those pocketbooks lightened by Pongsona expenses.

TGI Friday's is open and you can get your favorite menu items, along with great service.

Fuji Ichiban is only open at its Tumon location, and has been doing a phenomenal business.

VIP Seafood Chinese Restaurant continues to serve great meals and are one of the few restaurants that has continued to accept credit cards.

Outback Steakhouse hasn't missed a beat since the typhoon. They are serving a full menu and many satisfied diners.

La Merienda at the Hyatt Regency Guam is open and serving great buffets for all meals, Al Dente is open as well. Holiday meal services will be available, with Niji expected to open soon.

Jungle Java Cafe at the Outrigger Resort Guam is open 24 hours daily. They have been a safe haven for many weary workers.

Isabel's Cafe Nouveau has continuously operated a "gang-busters" business, barbequing steaks, lamb, jerk chicken, pork steak and other foods while offering 50 cent cups of java!

Auntie M's Malasadas has reopened in the Mobil in Hagatna and is serving those little cushions of comfort from 8am - 5pm Monday to Friday.

Christmas Specials - Christmas is Next Week!

In spite of the typhoon and being in recovery mode, it is Christmas next week and many local establishments are anxious to help boost the holiday spirit. Check out the possibilities for holiday feasts and gifts.

Uniforms 'n Stuff Acquired by Tools of the Trade

Uniforms 'n Stuff, a division of Micromedia, Inc., a company selling professional name-brand chef wear, aprons, foot wear and knives, as well as medical uniforms, gowns, scrubs and lab coats, was recently acquired by Tools of the Trade. Uniforms 'n Stuff was founded by Ron Freedman, a long-time Guam resident and businessman; he will be leaving Guam to join his family in Melbourne, Australia. Tools of the Trade is relocating the business from the Center Pointe Building on Chalan San Antonio to new offices in the Airport Industrial Center at Suite 1100. This is located behind the PMC Isla Health System complex across from Auto Werks and Tanks-a-Lot. The new phone number is 646-8190. The General Manager of Tools of the Trade is Ken Stewart. Please contact Ken or Mark Lim for product information.

Veggie & Curry - Quality Fast Food Features Healthy Variety

The food court at the Micronesia Mall is far and away Guam's largest, and while there are many choices of places to eat, I have been asked by some readers to make some recommendations about the better places to eat. One place I wish I had tried sooner is Veggie & Curry. On a recent dinner excursion, some friends were eating plates of ma po tofu, vegetables, and pancit. The food looked good and they said it's always good, so I decided to try it out...this was after having an absolutely horrid experience at a nearby eatery that I thought served Hawaiian food (I hope that bad experience was due to SuperTyphoon Pongsona).

Veggie & Curry's display of fast food selections has always intrigued me, and I'm puzzled that I'd not tried their food (maybe I figured it was too healthy with all those vegetables and things). I am glad the stars were right that night for helping me with this great food encounter.

Although Super Typhoon Pongsona has limited their normal selection of vegetables (eggplant, bitter melon, kang kong, spinach, bok choy), they still serve an impressive assortment of fresh cooked dishes that taste as good as they look. There was Steamed Soy Chicken (very good no msg), fried rice, pancit, Mongolian Chicken, Spicy Chicken with Peanuts and Celery (very tasty), Beef Broccoli, Sweet & Sour Pork, Chop Suey, Fish with Vegetables and Black Beans, Mongolian Beef, Long Beans and Shrimp, Fried Chicken, Broccoli and Shrimp, and Ma Po Tofu. There are also two curries - a Penang Chicken Curry and an Thai Red Chicken Curry. This is a very impressive and quite appealing food selection. The shrimp are big and plentiful unlike so many other outlets who "skimp on the shrimp".

The owners of Veggie & Curry are Ukrit Siriprusanan, and his wife, Lisa. Ukrit is an engineer by trade, and operates Geo-Engineering & Testing, Inc., on Guam and Saipan, and also provides drilling services. Leave it to an engineer to plan and organize a food operation. It's clean, neatly displayed, and the service is above average. The employees who served me were very enthusiastic and knowledgeable (they could communicate clearly) about the food. I will certainly eat at Veggie & Curry again, real soon, and recommend that you do, too!

Bon Appetit!

The Guam Food Guy

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