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January 3 , 2003, Volume 3 Number 1

Dear "Guam Food Guy" Reader,

Happy New Year! We are slowly recovering from the ravages of Super Typhoon Pongsona, a storm that has blown her way to the top of Guam's typhoon folklore. Pongsona will now become a benchmark typhoon, one against which all future typhoons will be measured until another, even greater one (hard to imagine, but certainly possible) will dethrone her. I know those residents who have power (and water) were most excited about doing laundry and cleaning up areas in their homes they didn't have the light to see. Those of us who are still without electricity should take some consolation in the fact that we are able to get on with our lives without depending on all those power-driven appliances and gadgets. Of course I'm putting a positive spin on our powerless conditions. As the saying goes, "it's better to light a candle than to curse the darkness". We are being blessed with an education in character building. We are learning tolerance, patience, and courtesy--especially at uncontrolled traffic intersections. While it's still dark, spend some time looking at the stars--really watching them. You will surely be inspired by the majestic infiniteness of our star-illumined sky, which from Guam's position makes the stars appear so close you could reach up and touch them!

It's very gratifying to see that we at have reached another milestone with today's edition of our newsletter. "Volume 3 Number 1" marks the progress of our growth as a publication and as an established resource for those looking for food-related information on Guam, covering restaurants, reviews, recipes, and other interesting subjects. We value and appreciate your continued support and readership--we are honored by your interest and respect your time. Thank you!

In Today's Issue:

  • Jungle Java's Outrigger Kiosk Team Shows Heroism During & After Storm
  • Around the Island - Jan Z's, Old Hagatna Grill, Le Tasi Bistro, Sam Choy's
  • Listing of Open Restaurants - Request for Reader Feedback
  • May's Restaurant - Serving Specialty Chinese, Asian & Western Favorites

Jungle Java's Outrigger Kiosk Team Shows Heroism During & After Storm

Lennie Anderson sent a message relating the harrowing experiences of his staff at the Jungle Java Cafe kiosk location on the ground floor of the Outrigger Guam Resort. The message was so compelling that I wanted to share it:

"We attempted to remain open during the entire storm, but the staff were forced to abandon the kiosk Sunday evening when the storm began exploding windows out in the Outrigger's lower lobby. Our staff attempted to go back down to our kiosk, but were kept back by the hotel security staff and they were restricted to the main lobby area, at least until the ocean front windows began giving way. After a very long night for our three staff members trying to find places of safety in the hotel, ...and one of them being separated from one of her kids for the entire night, we were all working hard at 5am to get Jungle Java cleaned up and miraculously, we reopened at 7am on the Monday morning following the storm. We have been open 24 hours ever since. I suspect that Jungle Java Cafe at the Outrigger was probably one of the first places on-island to be open for business on Monday, Dec 9th."

"We are very grateful that we incurred minimal damage, especially given the destruction evidenced all around us. But our good luck should not diminish the efforts put forth by our staff who chose to stay on-site and who gave their best efforts to keep our operation going."

There are no doubt many stories of heroic actions displayed by others in the hospitality industry. Many people went beyond the call of duty to provide comfort and solace to many fearful guests staying in the hotels during the storm.

Around the Island - Jan Z's, Old Hagatna Grill, Le Tasi Bistro, Sam Choy's

Now that there's ample gasoline, there's no reason not to drive down to the Agat Marina where you can enjoy great sandwiches and seafood specials at Jan Z's. Ice cold beverages are available, as well as some awesome breakfast entrees. Jan Z's is one of the few places selling fried chicken gizzards, a favorite of mine. Their smoked tuna salad is something you don't want to miss, and if you like burgers--they're among the best. Try the grilled tuna sandwich.

The Old Hagatna Grill is up and open again for business. I don't know of a place that's been missed as much. They have stretched their hours from 11am to 11pm daily during this time and serving a menu combining favorites from lunch and dinner. Their signature seared ahi tuna appetizer has pleased countless palates--it's a classic! The good news is that the Grill is back in business, and the entire crew is once again working to make a lot of people happy.

An equal number of people are thrilled that Le Tasi Bistro reopened on December 31. They are back at work serving their extremely popular lunch specials (select from 3 different entrees daily) and open for dinner as well. It's hard to beat their Caesar Salad and be sure you don't miss the dessert course.

Sam Choy's is "kicking"! The signature Ono-licious Ribs and Crab Dip are joined in an appetizer trio with their seared poki, all to the delight of your palate. I haven't yet seen anyone else match their Alaska King Crab Leg portions for an a la carte entree. Sam Choy's is one of those places who's being open is an indication that things are getting back to normal. Executive Chef Peter Duenas provides world-class vision and creativity to the culinary preparations he offers on his special menus.

Binh Minh is located across Marine Drive from the Alupang Beach Tower next to the old Tamuning Cinema. They specialize in Vietnamese/Thai cuisine and have an awsome Thai Shrimp Salad. Their Binh Minh Curry dishes are also quite good. If you aren't sure about how hot or spicy you should have your food, the safe way to is to order Mild. It's easier to add chili than to take it away.

Tinigue Ansianu at the Outrigger Guam Resort does the best all you can eat King Crab Leg and Prime Rib Dinner Buffet on island. Period. The Prime Rib is excellent, prepared, seasoned, and cooked under the leadership of Executive Chef Clayton Babas. There are other hot entrees in the buffet that are really worth trying, too, since they are usually creations you won't get on the menu otherwise.

Listing of Open Restaurants - Request for Reader Feedback

We are compiling a list of open restaurants and would like to get feedback from our readers (the dining public and restaurant operators) on any restaurants that are open or are planning on re-opening. We expect to have this posted soon on our website. Send your information to me at or to You can also page 720-7130 and we'll get back to you.

May's Restaurant - Serving Specialty Chinese, Asian & Western Favorites

What better way to start the new year than with a delicious home-cooked style Chinese meal? "Kung Hee Fat Choy" is not just a salutation saved for the Chinese New Year, it's "Happy New Year" for January 1 as well.

May's Restaurant is located in the New Century Hotel on Ypao Road in Tamuning. It is not your typical Chinese restaurant, since it serves Western-style breakfast menu items such as Ham w/Eggs, Corn Beef Hash w/Eggs, Spam w/Eggs, Portugese Sausage w/Eggs, and even Turkey Spam w/Eggs. In addition, May's has lunch specials (good prices, too, from $5.95 - $7.50) featuring Chinese favorites along with other Asian dishes such as Shrimp Curry, Yakisoba, BBQ Pork Ramen, and Kalbi & Pork Chop.

Good food is one criteria for judging a restaurant, and great service is another. May's Restaurant's great service and good food are attributed to one special element - May Li, the owner. Her cheerful personality, hospitality, and energy makes this restaurant experience one to remember and appreciate, over and over again. May used to work as a cook for Shirley's Harmon Industrial Park location. She took it over when Shirley's opened the Harmon Loop Road location and renamed it May's Coffee Shop. She opened May's Restaurant in early in 2002. Her customers are in love with her, and she loves them back with what she does best--excellent service and savory food.

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Bon Appetit!

The Guam Food Guy

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