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Guam Diner Newsletter, August 17, 2001, Volume 1, Number 8

Dear "Guam Food Guy" Reader,

I want to express my sincere appreciation and deep gratitude to you for your continuing loyalty and support of the "Guam Food Guy's" weekly newsletter. Since beginning this mission of discovering and sharing new dining experiences on Guam, I'm amazed by the large number and variety of restaurants on our island, many of which I've yet to try, and even for those I've reviewed in the past, there have been changes in menu, management, and even ownership. As you will read in today's mini-review of the Outrigger Guam Resort's Tinige Ansianu Prime Rib & Alaska King Crab Dinner Buffet, each day of a week offers a unique dining experience at the same restaurant. Although I've reviewed their Sunday Brunch and Friday's Chamorro Lunch Buffet, this "All You Can Eat" Saturday night special is probably the best promotion on island if you like either Prime Rib or Alaska King Crab (or both!), for quality and value! (Did I fail to mention it includes all you can drink Heinekens?).

Another topic I want to comment on is the fact that some of you readers have not yet experienced a visit to the website, which comes a surprise since this new format (HTML vs. text) which began 7 weeks ago, truncates the reviews and links to the guamdiner site for the remaining "story." If you only want to read the short "teaser," that's fine, however you are missing the main body of the newsletter's review. is a continuously evolving website, filled with locally-sourced information on recipes, health & nutrition, wines, and a complete, easy to use restaurant directory. Discount coupons are available and can be printed right from the front page's "Lunch & Dinner Specials" banners. Take a few minutes to tour and let me know your thoughts and suggestions. I am extremely proud of the positive feedback and praise received from viewers, both from Guam and around the world, about the quality of this site's content. Thanks to my partners, the wonderful creative wizards at Sentient Earth, for creating this "virtual" new home for the Guam Food Guy!

And last, but not least, I want to thank two very special women who have made lifelong contributions to our island, Lt. Governor Madeleine Bordallo, and Sister Francis Jerome Cruz, RSM, Principal of Academy of Our Lady, for sharing with me the locally created cookbooks each of them have played a key part in developing. The "Leblon Finatinas Para Guam" and the "What's Cookin' Academy of our Lady of Guam" cookbooks are culinary treasure troves. We will be posting a few of these recipes to the Recipes section in the near future.

Gof Dangkulu Na Si Yu'os Ma'ase!

In Today's Issue
  • Tiffany's Presents "American Themes" - Elegance You Need to See!
  • Fill in for the "Guam Food Guy"
  • Tinige Anisanu's Prime Rib & Alaska King Crab Saturday Nite Buffet
  • Leblon Finatinas Para Guam - A Guam Cookbook by Y Inetnon Famalaoan
  • "What's Cookin" - The Academy of Our Lady of Guam Cookbook
  • Guam Chef's Cook-off at Micronesia Mall - Saturday August 18
  • Chuan Fu Chinese Restaurant - Another Hidden Treasure In Tumon

Tiffany's Presents "American Themes" - Elegance You Need to See!

What's Tiffany's (one of the world's premier jewelers and silversmiths) got to do with the Guam Food Guy? Perhaps more than you know! Just go and rent that movie classic, "Breakfast at Tiffany's", starring Audrey Hepburn, and you'll understand the connection! Actually, there's more of a "collection" than connection, and from August 13 - 26 you will have an opportunity to view 13 objects from the Tiffany Archives on display at the Tiffany & Co. store in Tumon Sands Plaza. "Exquisite" understates the awesome quality of these creations that are part of Tiffany's travelling collection. There was a special "breakfast" catered by the Hyatt Regency Guam the other day which I attended. Although the food was good, the exhibit was marvelous beyond description...there is a gold Caberet Service (Coffee Pot, Creamer,Sugar Bowl, and Sugar tongs), the Dinner Plate from the White House State China for the Johnson Administration, an American Flag Brooch (we need one made with the Guam flag!), a Dragonfly Brooch (diamonds, sapphires, gold and silver), and a Cocktail Suite: Necklace and Bracelet (one like you've never seen and would require you to be a "weight-lifter" to wear on your arm!). This has an 80 carat aquamarine bordered by diamonds & sapphires, and laid in platinum and gold. You really should make it a point to see these priceless, hand-crafted artistic creations. You will be inspired!

Fill in for the Guam Food Guy

The Guam Food Guy is taking a mini-vacation starting next week and we're taking applications from our website visitors to find someone to do the weekly review while he's gone. Details are available at

Tinige Ansianu's Prime Rib & Alaska King Crab Saturday Nite Buffet

If you like prime rib and Alaska king crab legs, you'll love this Saturday night bonanza! Not only is it an all-you-can-eat event, but the beef and crag legs are exceptionally good. We went there as a large group, which included my friend Lance's nearly one-year old son, Nathaniel (my God-son), to my father, "Doc" visiting from Houston, and included Lance's wife and daughter, Terry & Natasha (who was celebrating her 4th birthday), my girlfriend Lisa (who teaches in Japan) and her daughter, Devyn. All but two of us adults had the buffet, and Lisa and Devyn ordered items from the a la carte menu.

The restaurant's colorful decorations (generous use of plants) and elaborate food displays (a large butter-like dolphin mold) really shows this establishment's commitment to making this night a special occasion. The fresh shrimp and oysters were terraced on a mariner's iced pedestal with two serving decks. There was netting, gorgeous flowers, crustaceans and starfish adorning the table...but the shrimp (obviously of a high quality variety) was very fresh, complemented by the tangy cocktail sauce.

The buffet includes salad , sashimi, kelaguen, and several meat items such as Char Siu pork, marinated chicken, a nicely-seasoned baked fish, and a stewed beef dish, along with vegetables, roast potatoes, rice, pancit, and some really good home-made soups. The prime rib is tender and flavorful, suggesting a special preparation method by that master of cuisine, Executive Chef Clayton Babas. The same goes for the Alaska king crab legs...

Click here for more on the Saturday Night Buffet at Tinige Ansianu.

Leblon Finatinas Para Guam - A Guam Cookbook by Y Inetnon Famalaoan

This revised edition of this legendary collector's item contains most of the local foods that grace our fabulous fiestas and the tables of Guam's homes, where you will find some "serious home-cooked" Chamorro meals! The cookbook is a collection of the favorite recipes of Y Inetnon Famalalaon (the executive wives association), a non-profit group involved in the promotion and preservation of the rich culture and heritage of Guam. One of the notable features of this book is that it contains more than one version of a recipe. For example, there are five ways to prepare Kelaguen Uhang (shrimp), two recipes for Bonelas Aga (Ripe Banana Doughnuts, and three ways to make Chicken Chalakiles, a local specialty. This book is available at some local bookstores. Get your copy of Leblon Finatinas Para Guam - and learn the secrets of great Chamorro cooking, some of the best-tasting food on Earth!

"What's Cookin" - The Academy of Our Lady of Guam Cookbook

Without a doubt this hard-cover cookbook will give you enough recipes to cook for years to come. It is a collection of recipes that were submitted by the students, parents, administration, faculty, and staff of AOLG, created as a tribute and in commemoration of the school's Golden Jubilee in 1999. It contains appetizers, beverages, soups, salads, main courses, Meat, Poultry and Seafood, breads, & rolls, pies, pastries, desserts, cakes, cookies and candies, with some local favorites included. We will be posting a few of these on the website. The book is filled with "Helpful Hints" sections that will save you time, money and head-aches. It also has great sections on buying and cooking vegetables and fruits, napkin folding, and calorie counters. Really a very useful cookbook! They are available at some local bookstores and can be purchased at the Academy Business Office in Hagatna, Monday-Friday, 8:00 am to 5:00 pm. Get your copy today, or buy one as a gift for a loved one or friend!

Guam Chef's Cook-off at Micronesia Mall - Saturday August 18

"READY...SET...COOK!" will be the orders of the day this Saturday in the Center Court of the Micronesia Mall as chefs from PIC, Old Hagatna Grill, Guam Plaza, Planet Hollywood, Hyatt, Hilton, Westin, and the Outrigger will compete in the Micronesia Chef's Association Cook-Off. This event promises to be a fun-filled opportunity to watch these chefs, who will be paired with Junior Chefs (some apprentices), creatively prepare entrees using a basketful of raw ingredients and seasonings. This event is free and open to the public. The cook-off starts at 11:00 am and will last until 2:00 pm.

Chuan Fu Chinese Restaurant - Another Hidden Treasure In Tumon

Located on the 2nd floor of Tumon's Central Bldg., across San Vitores Rd. from the Grand Hotel and on the corner of the street which takes you to the Fujita Hotel, the Chuan Fu Chinese Restaurant has (for the past two years) been quietly preparing some of the tastiest a la carte Chinese food I've had in a while. Why do I say "quietly"? Well, for one thing this restaurant is not listed in the Yellow Pages nor the 2001 GBN Restaurant Guide (both sources I refer to at times to research dining choices), and another is the fact that they don't do any advertising (other than word of mouth). How did I find out about this modest place that is devoid of all the red, gold and black decorations and ornate lighting fixtures typically found on the walls and ceilings of "fancy" Chinese restaurants? I was invited by a reputable "authority" on good Chinese cuisine - Alice Chou, owner of Victory Sporting Goods, and an active member of the Chinese Merchant's Association, and who is the coordinator for next week's (August 26) Chinese Gourmet Cooking Contest to be held at the Hyatt Regency. We were accompanied by "Doc" (my visiting globe-trotting dad) and Alice's friend, Julie Hwa.

Doc & I were first to arrive after finding Chuan Fu (just follow the signs in the corridor), and upon entering saw good friend and restaurateur, Frank Toves (Sam Choy's GM) sitting at a window-side table that was filled with several Chinese dishes. A regular customer, this was his second visit to Chuan Fu in a week, and he told me I'd have to try the Honey Walnut Shrimp, which he said was one of the best on island. I met James, one of the owners, and we were seated. I was surprised that I'd not been here before. After all, I've been to this building numerous times, since it houses one of my favorite Japanese restaurants, Izakaya Katsu (the "Green Door", on the 3rd floor). The view from the large window comprising an entire wall spanned northwards, and included the Hyatt, the SlingShot ride, Tumon Sands Plaza and the verdant hills of Tumon.

Click here for the FULL STORY.

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