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January 10, 2003, Volume 3 Number 2

Dear "Guam Food Guy" Reader,

"Today is the first day of the rest of your life. What are you going to do with it?" This is a statement I've often quoted to young people when giving motivational speeches about life choices, careers, and aspirations. It has grabbed some people right away, who take it to heart and turn their minds to doing something meaningful. The statement applies to everyone who is living, and when truly understood, can empower and motivate. Can you imagine how much your life would change if you decided to eat a completely different meal each day? Instead of ordering your favorite foods over and over again, try something new on the menu. Go to a restaurant you've never visited. I believe this is one way to enhance your life and to broaden your tastes. Of all the many pleasures known to man, dining well reigns supreme. "Where's a good place to eat?" is one of the most frequently asked questions of new arrivals to Guam. People are delighted when I start listing various Thai, Vietnamese, Japanese, Chinese, Korean, and International restaurants as well as the particular menu items I prefer. Describing food can be seductive. Countless folks have implored, "Stop!! You're making me hungry!"

"Today is the first day of the rest of your life. What new culinary creation will you indulge in and where will you be savoring it?"

In Today's Issue:

  • da' Ranch Entertainment Complex - Huge, Fun and Fabulous Munchies
  • Red Cross Fund Raising for Super Typhoon Pongsona
  • M.C.A. Meeting - January 13 Hyatt Regency Guam
  • Around The Island - Shell Coupons, Restaurants Open, OHG Menus
  • Sunflower Sunday Lunch Buffet - Savor Global Cuisine in Elegant Serenity

da' Ranch Entertainment Complex - Huge, Fun and Fabulous Munchies

Located in the former P.U.B. location off Harmon Loop Road in Dededo, you'll be amazed by the transformation that's been made by owner George B. and his hard-working team. da' Ranch Entertainment complex is much bigger inside than it appears from the outside, and boasts a seating capacity of 500! Though I've not been there during the weekend when live bands or a DJ performs (the stage has concert hall dimensions), I've heard that they've really packed in the crowds, especially during Super Typhoon Pongsona's aftermath. After all, they had cold beverages, power, hot food, music, big screen (I mean BIG, theatre-size) TV, pool, electronic games, and Internet access with phenomenally fast connection speeds.

The game room is a lounge separated from the main hall and has a cozy bar you can belly up to and relieve your post-Pongsona stress. The bartender and servers are witty and bright, entertaining customers with animated banter. This is certainly a place to unwind, reminding one of "Cheers". Chef Klaus has inherited an impressive kitchen facility that will eventually serve a larger menu, however, until then, customers have been raving over da' Ranch's "Munchies" menu. Among the featured treats on the "Munchies" menu are Jumbo Prawns ($7.50), which I had sauteed (there were four, gigantic, meaty, and fresh prawns with a garlic/butter sauce, along with delicious ranch fries); Jumbo Breaded Prawns ($5.00); Beef Chop Steak w/Rice ($6.00); Chicken Stirfry ($5.00); Spaghetti ($5.00); Fried Chicken ($5.00), and Spicy Chicken Wings ($3.00). George informed me that they are using special sirloin tips for their beef, in fact, they'll have an awesome Philadelphia Cheese Steak Sandwich on their new menu. Something to look forward to, right? da' Ranch has a Happy Hour and Miller products were going for $1.00! This place is certainly going to gain in popularity among locals. Great job, George!

Red Cross Fund Raising for Super Typhoon Pongsona

For the next 10 days or so the Red Cross is holding a fund raising drive to help replenish the national disaster fund which will have poured approximately $20 million dollars into Guam by the time they finish assisting our island home recover from Super Typhoon Pongsona. The goal is to raise $750,000 which is a mere fraction of the funds expended but a realistic and achievable mark. You can donate by dropping in at the Red Cross office located on Route 4 in Hagatna across from Taco Bell or you can mail your donation to Guam Chapter American Red Cross, Building 285 Rt. 4, Hagatna, Guam 96910 or through the Red Cross website with your creditcard. If each of us contributes what our pocketbooks can afford, large or small, we will reach the goal! Congratulations and thank you to all of the Red Cross volunteers, staffers and support personnel who have made our lives better.

M.C.A. Meeting - January 13 Hyatt Regency Guam

The Micronesia Chefs' Association General Membership Meeting will be held on Monday, January 13 at 7:30pm, at the Hyatt Regency Guam. This will be a special meeting during which we will wish our former President, and current Vice-President, P.I.C's Exec. Chef Patrick Kennedy, farewell as he will be departing with his family to reside in San Francisco. The Christmas Gift Exchange will also take place at this meeting, and members are to bring a gift of not more than $20 value to the meeting. A $10 charge per member will be assessed for this special meal. Nominations will be accepted for the Vice-President's position that will be vacated during January.

If you are interested in joining the association and would like more information, or would like to make contact, please visit's MCA section.

Around The Island - Shell Coupons, Restaurants Open, OHG Menus

This item is not food related but you can use the money saved to eat out or buy more food! Shell is offering a $1 off for every 12 gallons of fuel purchased so go to their website,, and print some coupons to save $$$.

We are getting feedback as more restaurants are announcing their openings and specials.

Pearl Cafe in Tumon has been up and running since after the typhoon. They've got a variety of Chinese favorites with outdoor tables on the promenade across from the Galleria.

Planet Hollywood's is also up and running, and don't forget to make your reservation for the Super Bowl Party on Jan. 27!

Truong's Vietnamese in Yigo is open.

KFC is cooking up their famous chicken at all locations though the Tamuning store is operating the drive-thru only. The staff recommends the chicken strips - they are excellently yummy.

Nuts & Grains has been selling their incredibly delicious smoothies like crazy since they reopened shortly after the typhoon. Libby also has a limited menu available of her tasty creations so stop on by, cool off and energize with healthy eats.

Dading's Lechon Manok has been barbecueing chickens, pork/chicken skewers, and tasty liempo(pork bellies) at their Marine Drive location in front of A-1 Shoe Store.

Mabuhay Express has the famous Mabuhay Canteen BBQ grills set up outside and you can get some of Guam's best Filipino food and terrific BBQ at their Rt. 16 location just south of GPA.

Palace Chinese Restaurant (at Guam Plaza) is open daily with a new Lunch Buffet ($8.95)and featuring a Noodle Station with condiments galore.

Nana's Cafe (formerly Sails) is open daily for lunch and dinner, with modified menus.

The Palm Garden at the Palace Hotel Guam is offering a $10 Friday and Saturday night Steak & Seafood Buffet.

Fuji Ichiban One is open 24 hours while Fuji Ichiban II is open from noon to midnight.

Esmeralda Restaurant and Lounge, at the Alupang Beach Tower is open for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Old Hagatna Grill has introduced new menus for 2003 and they reflect the style and creative talents of Chef Chris. They are currently open from 11:30am - 10pm Monday through Saturday and 5pm - 10pm on Sundays. Don't bother to call as the phones are out - just come on in!

Please send in your restaurant opening information to us at to add to the list we are building.

Sunflower Sunday Lunch Buffet - Savor Global Cuisine in Elegant Serenity

One of Guam's best kept secrets is also one of its oldest--the Guam Hotel Okura's Sunflower Coffee Shop. Not much has been heard from or about the Sunflower Coffee Shop, and probably with good reason. Maybe it's because they want to keep it "quiet", "peaceful", "unhurried", "pressure-free", "serene", and "far from the maddening crowds" feeling that fill other venues on Guam's most popular meal for eating out--Sunday Brunch.

The Sunflower Sunday Lunch Buffet opens at 11:30am and lasts until 2pm. Chef Katsuhiko Arai has proudly created and displayed a line-up of International dishes covering French, Chinese, Japanese, Italian, and European cuisine styles. The emphasis here is on quality and not quantity, and here you can eat all the quality you can handle. The fresh shrimp, crab claws, smoked salmon and capers (this was a notably delicious salmon), seafood kelaguen, pasta salad, fruit salad, and green salad (with quail eggs) will start you on your journey. There is a fresh fruit stand that had sweet strawberries, sliced oranges, watermelon, grapes, kiwi, cantaloupe, honeydew melon, and some of the juiciest fresh pineapple I've had in ages.

Before I go any further on the food, I must tell you about the view. Uniquely-positioned on the northern end of Tumon Bay, the Sunflower affords one of the most beautiful panoramic views of Tumon. The ocean's blue waters and foaming surf along the distant reef are mesmerizing, and you can feel all the stresses and strains from the hard work week slowly ease away as you listen to soft, dreamy music playing in the background. This restaurant caters to the quiet, unassuming, and reflective folk, who prefer subdued celebrations and meals. They have their niche.

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Bon Appetit!

The Guam Food Guy

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