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January 17, 2003, Volume 3 Number 3

Dear "Guam Food Guy" Reader,

Where to eat? That is the question most frequently asked by most people when they first meet me as the "Food Guy". Just as a doctor must ask questions to determine the right treatment for a patient, so must I answer this question with several qualifiers such as the style of food do you have in mind (Japanese, Chinese, Thai, American, etc.) or the kind of meal experience they desire (buffet, family, casual, or fine dining). Within a general style such as Japanese there are a range of choices from Sushi, Sashimi, Ramen, Teppanyaki, and Yakiniku, with several restaurants specializing in a particular dish like Shabu Shabu and Sukiyaki. People are extremely delighted to find something totally new like the Tofu Steak and incomparable Deep-fried Panko-battered Shrimp at Izakaya Katsu ("the Green Door").

Since Typhoon Pongsona, however, recommending restaurants has not been as easy, since there are closures and restricted menus. I don't believe there is a single restaurant that can honestly say they have returned to normal operation, or to the way things were prior to Pongsona. It will take time for the facilities to complete their repairs and for the food wholesalers to replenish their stores. I'm just amazed at how rapidly many places were able to bounce back and get on with the business of feeding folks. It's astonishing that we're still functioning after having been so brutally ravaged by such an unrelenting super typhoon, especially when you consider our island's remoteness. Let's be thankful we still have places where we can go to eat. We should be grateful there's even food. There are many things for which to give thanks when saying grace or blessing our tables.

Finally, let's pray this new, approaching tropical cyclone (Yan-Yan) away...we've had enough already!!

In Today's Issue:

  • Reef Savers - Good Deals in Guam's Latest Coupon Book
  • Around the Island - Le Tasi Bistro Escape, May's Restaurant, Siam Delights
  • View Terra Cotta Warriors at Tumon's Galleria
  • Savor Asian Taste Sensations at Palm Garden's Steak & Seafood Buffet

Reef Savers - Good Deals in Guam's Latest Coupon Book

The first edition of the Reef Savers Coupon Book 2003 is finally available for purchase, and for the price of $20.00 you can save yourself over $2,000 with special coupons offering discounts on meals, shopping, entertainment, hotel rooms, and services. A portion of the proceeds for this GHRA-sponsored book will benefit reef preservation efforts, the local aquaculture industry, and many non-profit organizations who will benefit by keeping 25% of their sales. The Guam Food Guy's caricature is on many coupons and serves as his endorsement for restaurants he's reviewed. The Reef Savers Coupon Book makes for a terrific gift for friends, families, employees and anyone who will benefit from this savings bonanza.

Reef Savers can be picked up at The Hilton Guam Resort & Spa, Holiday Plaza, Photoworks, Mauna Loa Macadamia Nut Outlet, Tour of Duty, Guam Harley Davidson, Jeff's Pirates Cove, Dededo & Mangilao's Mayor's offices, Jan Z's, Surfer's Edge, Mahie's Orchids Plus (inside Cost U Less), The Cop Shop, Tools of the Trade, La Mesa's, Copy Express, Isabel's Cafe Nouveau, Velocity Sports, V.I.P. House, Brooklyn Cafe, The BackPack store, Island Tinting, Royal Bic's, Ching Bros. Furniture and Gifts, Evangelical Christian Academy, and Lots of Art Tatoo, with more outlets to follow! Non-profit organizations and retailers are welcome to sell this book on consignment. Call Reef Savers President Jeff Marchessault at 734-1410.

Around the Island - Le Tasi Bistro Escape, May's Restaurant, Siam Delights

One of Guam's unique dining experiences can be enjoyed at Le Tasi Bistro in Hagatna. Daily lunch specials which change weekly are created with a European flair and meticulously prepared with care and attention by Chef Bertrand and Sous Chef Yeonso. A basket delivers fresh-baked basil bread to accompany your salad or soup appetizers (the soups are always marvelous). Try the Salad Nicoise if you like fresh tuna on a bed of crisp Romaine. This week also marks the return of the very popular Tapas Thursdays with an extensive tapas menu and the music of the Pago Bay Reefers.

May's Restaurant on Ypao Road in Tamuning has been getting raves from new customers who are discovering what the "GFG" did in his recent review. The Sauteed Crab with Ginger and Green Onion is heavenly, and locals will love the Chamorro Fried Rice--filled with big chunks of Chamorro Sausage. This place promises to be a local hangout...and a great meeting place (there is a small function room) where you can eat wonderful Chinese and local favorites.

A post typhoon lunch at Siam in Anigua presented an opportunity to try a dish we hadn't had before. It's always easy to order the "tried and true" favorites when dining a frequently visited restaurant. Our New Year's resolution is to try new dishes at some of our regular spots. Thus we ordered the rather ordinary sounding Chicken with Garlic but it was anything but ordinary! Lots of mushrooms, carrots and tender chicken in a sauce redolent of garlic. Highly recommended.

View Terra Cotta Warriors at Tumon's Galleria

Starting Saturday, January 18 island residents and visitors will be able to view an exhibit of the world-famous Chinese Terra Cotta Warriors along with other artifacts from a collection from China's national treasures. This is a rare opportunity to get up close to historical pieces from Chinese dynasties long past. Admission for adults is only $8.00 and $4.00 for children and special groups. The collection will be on display at the former TCAT check-in facility in the DFS Galleria until April 15.

Savor Asian Taste Sensations at Palm Garden's Steak & Seafood Buffet

The place mat says it all: "Eat until your stomach pops! This is just one of many wishes, greetings, and statements written on the laminated place mat by the staff and management of the Palm Garden Coffee Shop, located on the Lobby Level of the Palace Hotel Guam. It is a wonderful first impression to let diners know that the staff really appreciates their patronage.

From the "Hafa Adai" welcome by Restaurant Manager John Falan to Chef de Cuisine Michael Tajalle's positive aspiration, "I hope you enjoy your meal as much as I enjoyed preparing it", the place mat represents a new attitude at this relaxing, light-filled, comfortable restaurant. The Palm Garden Coffee Shop has been winning back old customers and gaining new ones with the changes in cuisine that are showcased in a series of affordable, daily All-You-Can-Eat Lunch buffets. Monday and Tuesday features an Asian Buffet ($9.95), Wednesday and Thursday ($9.95) is the Pasta Buffet, Friday and Saturday is the Steak & Seafood Buffet ($10.95). On Sunday, a popular Sunday Brunch is served for $16.50. The buffet service hours are from 11am - 2pm.

I recently tried The Steak & Seafood Buffet for lunch, and was so impressed that I had to go out and get my camera and some paper to do a review. This was a first for me and I know I was influenced by what I later found out was the use of a special Malaysian seasoned oil blended with 17 different spices. This oil was used to grill the steak, calamari, mussels and chicken on a "live action" grill station set up at the buffet line. The pungent aroma of the grilling food promised and delivered spices that would delight the palates of diners. The cook behind the grill stayed busy for the duration cooking up the different items. A little red wine with brandy was used to enhance the grilling of the mussels and calamari. The exotic heady fragrance and taste reminded me of dining in Singapore.

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Bon Appetit!

The Guam Food Guy

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