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February 21, 2003, Volume 3 Number 8

Dear "Guam Food Guy" Reader,

By the time you receive this newsletter I will already be crossing the Pacific Ocean for a short break from the rigors of 'hard-dining' on Guam! Actually, I'm really excited to be able to see my grandson in Idaho as well as my family in Houston and Phoenix. It's been nearly a whole year (it feels like a decade) since I first met my grandson, and I want to be able to bond with him during these playful, curious years (his or mine?). Some of you know members of the "Stewart Clan", who were long-time residents of Guam (since 1974), and who left in 1998. I will be bringing along my Super-Typhoon Pongsona photo album as a way of relieving my "traumatized psyche". This is another form of typhoon relief - when you show someone else just how bad things were, and they really pour on the sympathy. Of course, my family members are veterans of the likes of Pamela, Omar and Paka so Pongsona will just be another "big blow" that did a lot to disrupt our lives.

I will also be bringing your best wishes and thoughts to them. They love this island and the people here just as much as I do. We are all family on Guam.

In Today's Issue:

  • Around the Island - Outback Typhoon Party, Shirley's, Sunflower does Crepes
  • Lessons in Leadership - Featuring Rudy Guiliani, Jack Welch and Others
  • "This Is Guam" - Great Video Presentation on the Guam Experience
  • Shimbashi - Teppanyaki Specials & Great Bento Boxes

Around the Island - Outback Typhoon Party, Shirley's, Sunflower does Crepes

Still stressed out from the typhoon? Outback Steakhouse is throwing a "Super Typhoon Relief Party" on Friday, February 21 from 5pm to 10pm in the breezeway of Pacific Place (right below Outback). There will be special Outback food plates available for $6/adults and $3/children and great raffle prizes as well as entertainment by D.U.B., SKIP, DanzJazz, Flowers the Clown and Magician Ryan Anderson. And, while you are having fun, a portion of the proceeds from food ticket sales will go to help support The Salvation Army Guam Corps and the Ayuda Foundation. Don't worry about finding a parking space as they have made arrangements for additional parking right across from the Guam Okura Hotel. This sounds like fun for everyone.

We had lunch at Shirley's in Tamuning to plan for the upcoming Girl Scout fundraiser (mark Friday, April 4 on your calendars now - details will be forthcoming!) and one of our party had an exceptionally delicious dish. It was called Salt & Pepper Pork Strips and turned out to be very lean pork tenderloin sliced in strips and stir fried with white onions, green onions and red pepper flakes. Served with rice it was colorful and flavorful. It was also more than a bit pika so if you love spicy food this is a dish you'll want to try.

Sunflower Coffee Shop in the Guam Hotel Okura serves one of the best Sunday brunches on island and they have added a new treat to an already impressive array of food - Crepes Suzette prepared in the traditional manner and flamed. You can enjoy brunch from 11:30am - 2pm for only $20/adults and $14/children 6 to 12 (5 and under dine for free). Call 646-6811 ext. 1701-3 for reservations and information. This place has a great view as well as excellent food - a must try.

Lessons in Leadership - Featuring Rudy Guiliani, Jack Welch and Others

If you need a jumpstart for change, innovation and ways to improve your business or organization, the new Lessons in Leadership is where you need to be on Tuesday, February 25 from 10am - 4pm at the Hyatt Regency Guam. Reports on this seminar are outstanding with rave reviews for the presentations from Rudy Guiliani and Jack Welch on what works, what doesn't and how to get the most from your team. Of particular interest and relevancy to Guam are discussions on the pitfalls and opportunities of change and turning things around. Costs vary from $179 per person to as little as $159 per person in group attendance and include all materials and lunch. This is an investment of time and money which you will be glad you made. Call 635-7501 or register on-line at Promo1.

"This Is Guam" - Great Video Presentation on the Guam Experience

If you've not yet seen a copy of the newly-released "This is Guam" video, you should go buy one at your favorite bookstore. I found them on sale at Faith Bookstore and was impressed enough by the cover photo showing the entire island of Guam as well as the back cover photos and commentary. It is "not just another 'tourist' video" but rather a high-quality presentation on the overall Guam experience, and includes interviews with many authorities on various aspects of Guam's culture, history, business, military involvement, and, of course, our island's incredible natural beauty. Media personality Rick Nauta is the host of this 57-minute video, and you'll hear from such notables as Tony Paloma, Paul Calvo, Dr. Dirk Ballendorf, Admiral Tom Fellin, General Ted Lay, Congresswoman Bordallo, PDN Editor Emeritus Joe Murphy, and K57 Talk Show Host Jon Anderson. It will be a terrific gift for anyone who loves Guam, and is an ideal primer to introduce the island, its history and people to newcomers. I give it an A-plus!

Shimbashi - Teppanyaki Specials & Great Bento Boxes

Shimbashi is located in the Guam Dai-Ichi Hotel and can be directly accessed without entering the lobby. It is one of the oldest teppanyaki restaurants on the island, with my first memories of eating there in 1973 when it was the original Kurumaya. As I recall, it was the place to do teppanyaki - to watch the deft hands of the teppan cooks slice, turn, and stir delicious, mouth-watering meats, seafood, and vegetables on a hot grill. In the past, teppanyaki was a performing art, with diners paying more attention to the chef's performance than to eating the food. People still love to eat teppanyaki, though I think the performance part of it has sadly diminished to just being a task.

Shimbashi has been a very popular local spot for a quick, affordable lunch and not just teppanyaki. Shimbashi is famous for the Bento Box Lunch Specials, priced at $9.95, which include a Daily Lunch Special, Yam Potato Don & Nimono Set, Teriyaki Chicken & Salad Set, Nigiri-sushi & Spinach w/Sesame Set, Eel Rice Bowl and Nikujaga Set, and a Nabeyaki Noodle and Inari Set. These change every month, and are usually large portions with a variety of condiments. There is also a Salad Bar & Clam Chowder Set ($9.00), or you can have the Salad Bar only for $6.50.

To be fair to this restaurant, it should be noted that the island is still recovering from the ravages of Super Typhoon Pongsona, and that conditions are not the same as they were prior to the storm. Shimbashi is on the way to restoration, and I think that the specials will continue to attract more customers, especially their newly-launched Teppanyaki Special Lunch & Dinner. This is a great value ($10.50), and includes Top Sirloin or Chicken with Shrimp wrapped in Bacon, Rice, Salad, Miso Soup, and Iced Tea. In fact, a piece of salmon was included in our lunch the other day, so we ended up with 3 different meats instead of the advertised two! Lunch hours are from 11:30am - 1:45pm, and dinner runs from 6pm - 9pm.

We booked a seat at the Teppan counter (there are two large octoganals that can seat maybe 24 each) for 11:30 since we thought this place would fill up quickly, though it wasn't until 12:30 that the restaurant became fully active. There are few, if any, long-time residents who have not been to Shimbashi at one time or another and many will come back here again out of pure habit. Although the printed menu gave a choice between two items (Top Sirloin Steak or Chicken w/Shrimp Bacon), we were served 3 items (Steak, Shrimp w/Bacon & Salmon, and Chicken, Shrimp w/Bacon & Salmon). The special includes salad, miso soup and rice, and for $3.50 additional you can take a trip to the Salad Bar, which has some poki and seafood kelaguen dishes along with a modest selection of fruits and salad ingredients.

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Bon Appetit!

The Guam Food Guy

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