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February 28, 2003, Volume 3 Number 9

Dear "Guam Food Guy" Reader,
(The Guam Food Guy sends this note from Idaho.)

Happiness is having your grandson asking you to do something - anything, just so long as he's asking "you"! That may not seem like anything unusual for most of you, but the last time I saw my grandson he couldn't call me "grandpa"! I'm just thrilled to be around him, in spite of the fact that it's been 20F weather in the mornings! The flowers on my Ono shirts have frost on the leaves! I don't know if any of you have ever been to Lewiston, Idaho or not. It's a 6-1/2 hour drive east of Portland, Oregon and is approached on a highway that runs along the majestic Columbia River. The huge evergreen and pine trees give this gorge and valley a permanent Christmas look, something we Pongsona survivors can appreciate, since we missed Christmas.

There's a restaurant in Lewiston called Waffles Caffe, and my daughter, Avril and grandson, Carl Allan Snyder, ate a hearty breakfast fit for a lumberjack! Waffles are their trademark and they do a lot of stick-to-your-ribs "country breakfasts", with lots of gravy, hash browns, and toast. They don't have red rice (or even white rice) nor grits, but they have Maple, Strawberry, Coconut, Blueberry, Apricot, Blackberry, Raspberry, Boysenberry, Pecan or Diet Maple syrups!

Finally, it really is a small world! Near the end of my flight from Houston to Portland, a guy sitting next to me started talking about his home that was visible down below along the Columbia River. When he found out that I was from Guam, he mentioned finadene and Shirley's fried rice...he said he wanted to make some and I told him I had the recipe on our website. He then said he'd seen the site before when looking for restaurants. He was a pilot who'd been transferred from Honolulu to Houston, and he was as amazed at meeting me on this flight as I was at meeting him. That's the power of finadene!


Ken The GFG

In Today's Issue:

  • Reserve April 4 Now - Ever Popular Girl Scout Wine Tasting & Auction
  • Legendary French Chef Dies - Nouvelle Cuisine Pioneer Bernard Loiseau
  • Around the Island - Y Kusina, My Canh, Palm Garden Buffet
  • Meet Local Chefs - Introduces the People Behind the Food
  • Firefly Bistro Tuesdays & Wednesdays - Fine Dining on a Budget

Reserve April 4 Now - Ever Popular Girl Scout Wine Tasting & Auction

The Guam Girl Scouts are gearing up for their Sixth Annual Wine Tasting & Auction scheduled for Friday, April 4 from 6pm - 9pm at the Hyatt Regency Guam. It is not widely known that the Guam Girl Scouts are 100% funded locally and are completely reliant on cookie sales and holiday tree sales. As we all know this year's holiday tree sale ended up being a holiday tree 'give-away' thanks to the gracious and generous spirit of our local troops and leadership, bringing a brighter Christmas to many after Super Typhoon Pongsona. This makes the upcoming Wine Tasting & Auction even more important. You can contact the Guam Girl Scouts for tickets ($25) and/or to make a donation for the auction by calling GGSI Board President Karen Storts at 687-3194 or email the office at

Legendary French Chef Dies - Pioneer of Nouvelle Cuisine Bernard Loiseau

In a very sad story out of France, famed chef Bernard Loiseau reportedly committed suicide in response to the removal of 2 points from the ranking of his restaurant Cote d'Or in the GaultMillau restaurant guidebook. It is hard for us to understand the power which is wielded by French food critics but Loiseau's passing has provoked a firestorm of criticism from fellow chefs about the influence of such critics. Loiseau will be long remembered for helping change traditional French cuisine from heavy sauces and seasonings to a reliance on fresh ingredients prepared with a light hand. His style was described as "...refined rustic cuisine that allows you to taste the flavours of the traditional ingredients."

Local resident and Guam Food Guy buddy, Tom Shelton, sent us the following email describing his experiences at Cote d'Or. "In both 2001 and last summer, I ate at this restuarant and actually briefly met Bernard in 2001 as he did his usual 10 p.m. sweep through the room, to great applause from the diners. The restaurant parking lot was always full of Bentleys, Ferraris and big Benzes with Paris and Geneva plates and the occasional local farm car from the ordinary French families who would save up all year for a special meal at this place... Best food I've ever eaten." Adieu, Chef Loiseau, may your memory and spirit live on in the hearts and minds of food lovers everywhere.

Around the Island - Y Kusina, My Canh, Palm Garden Coffee Shop Buffets

There is a bright spot on the island for lovers of Chamorro food. The Cepeda family has opened a cheerful and packed restaurant called Y Kusina which serves great Chamorro dishes at very affordable prices. With a single page menu and daily specials on the chalkboard, they are doing a booming business in Tamuning (behind Mark's Motors and across Mark's Sporting Goods) both with dine-in and take-out customers. Look for more details about this spot soon. In the meantime call them up at 646-2052 for take-out or drop by for lunch as they are only open 11am to 2:30pm Monday - Saturday.

My Canh is a small Vietnamese restaurant located in Upper Tumon across from GTA just next door to the better known Zozo's. One thing that sets them apart is the Vietnamese sandwich which they serve. That the Vietnamese have a unique take on the sandwich is not well known outside of Vietnamese circles but we recommend giving it a try if you are an adventurous diner. The sandwich is on a small baquette spread with butter and a coarsely ground liver paste (you can ask them to leave out the liver if you don't like it) then layered with pork, Vietnamese sausage, pickled radish and strips of fresh carrots and green onions. At $5 it's a good deal. They also serve excellent Chicken Lemongrass and other more well known Vietnamese specialities. They are open 7 days a week from 11am until 5am.

We are receiving many positive reports on the food and service at the Palm Garden Coffee Shop in the Palace Hotel Guam. The quality of the food on their daily lunch and dinner buffets is very high and people really like the value with lunch buffets 11am - 2pm Monday through Thursday at $9.95 (children 5 - 12 $6) and the Steak & Seafood Buffet $10.95 (children 5 to 12 $8) on Friday and Saturday.

Meet Local Chefs - Introduces the People Behind the Food

Here at we really appreciate the working chefs of Guam who feed us the great classics and broaden our food horizons with new takes on familiar foods. Many of them also generously share their recipes with us. So that all of you can get to know more about these culinary masters, we have created a special 'Chefs' area where you can see the answers to a variety of culinary questions such as "Do you eat Spam?". If you are a working chef on Guam please send us your response to the questionnaire so we can add your profile. A big thanks to the Micronesian Chefs Association for their cooperation and assistance with this project. We encourage all culinary professionals from entry level to Executive Chef status to join the MCA.

Firefly Bistro Tuesdays & Wednesdays - Fine Dining on a Budget

We noted a while back that Firefly Bistro in downtown Hagatna was offering a special three-course menu for only $25 on Tuesday and Wednesday nights. Since budgetary considerations are important to everyone these days, we thought it would be fun for us and informative for our readers to check out this special offering. Firefly Bistro consistently has the best service you will find on Guam (rivaled only by Roy's) and the setting is perfect for cozy, friendly dining.

This three-course menu is straightforward with a choice of either a small House Salad or Soup of the Day for the starter, three entrees to select from and a Warm Profiteroles (puff pastries) dessert filled with ice cream and topped with Firefly's famous homemade chocolate sauce. The three entrees were Firefly Chicken Curry, Shrimp Pasta Alfredo and Grilled New York Steak. We tried all of them plus the Firefly Poki and the Herb Roasted Chicken from the regular menu.

On to the food! The Soup of the Night was Creamy Carrot and it was delicious. One of our diners described it as piquant and well balanced. The Firefly Poki won rave reviews from everyone at the table including our Hawaii friend who is a self described 'poki fiend' and the one person who normally refuses any fish which is uncooked. The magic is in the soy sesame dressing.

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Bon Appetit!

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