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March 14, 2003, Volume 3 Number 11

Dear "Guam Food Guy" Reader,

It's wonderful to be back on Guam - it really is! The States are a great place to visit, and for most Americans, the only place to live. However, there are many of us who have an unshakable faith in this island paradise, who can see beyond the past and present challenges to a more prosperous future. A better future for Guam can only be realized if we all work together and do our share to improve the island today. We can't wait for hand-outs or bail-outs. We have to roll up our sleeves and do the hard, dirty work to clean up this place, because our little paradise is in a sad state of disrepair that's compounded by apathy and "diss-respect." After all, God already created Guam's incredible natural beauty, a beauty that attracts millions of people from other places not as blessed with nature's bounty. We've just got to clean up the mess we've made and put our island's best foot (it shouldn't just be a "foot", it should be our "whole body"!) forward, and the visitors will spread the good word about this gem in the Pacific.

I attended the groundbreaking ceremony for the Agana Shopping Center renovation and expansion, which is a solid indication of the commitment to this island's future by investors. Although there were many local dignitaries present, I was most impressed by the arrival of long-time business icon, Ken Jones. We had a short chat, touching on the local economy, and he spoke with confident optimism about how some cuts must be made in the short term to allow for growth and expansion in the long run. This is like pruning. the closure of Town House made this new expansion possible. Under the direction of project manager, Keith Farrell and a design created by Taniguchi-Ruth Architects, the Agana Shopping Center promises to be a magnificent destination, for shopping, dining and community activities. Kudos to the SM group and it's local management team headed by Therese Kamm and Tess Reyes. Thanks for believing in Guam!

Ken, the GFG

In Today's Issue:

  • Around the Island - OHG, Toh-ka-lin, Hava Java, Le Tasi Bistro Wine Corner
  • Pay-Less "Kick the Fat 5K Fun Run, Walk & Fitness Fair" March 15
  • Guam Girl Scouts Auction & Wine Tasting - Friday April 4, Hyatt Regency Guam
  • Guam Food Guy Picks Top 30 Biz Lunch Spots in March DIRECTIONS MAGAZINE
  • Y Kusina Restaurant - Chamorro Food So Good You Can't Stop Eating!

Around the Island - OHG, Toh-ka-lin, Hava Java, Le Tasi Bistro Wine Corner

The Old Hagatna Grill is bringing back their very popular monthly Wine Dinners. This is the first one since the typhoon and is sure to be booked quickly. Make your reservations now for Saturday, March 22 by calling David at 472-5885. This month the featured wines are from Kendall-Jackson and the menu includes such inspired dishes as a Wild Mushroom Tart appetizer and a Baked Proscuitto wrapped Salmon entree.

Toh-ka-lin in the Guam Hotel Okura is one of Guam's most venerable Cantonese restaurants and they serve an outstanding lunch buffet on Tuesdays and Fridays. For $14 you can dine on a wide array of specialities from 11:30am-2pm. You'll also enjoy the quietly elegant atmosphere. Call 646-6811 ext. 1701-3 for reservations.

Hava Java Cafe has re-opened and is serving fresh-brewed espresso beverages in their new location in the annex entranceway near the former Town House. Open from 6:30am-8pm Mon-Sat and 8am-8pm Sun, they serve coffee all day long with freshly baked pastries and sandwiches. The new location is attractive and has seating available. You'll not only get a kick out of the coffee, but you'll get a kick as well from the funny hanging signs on their wall, with one pointedly stating: "Coffee..Chocolate..& Men" "Some Things Are Just Better RICH!"

Le Tasi Bistro has remodeled the area just off the front entrance into a wine corner where you can choose from an excellent selection of wines to take home. You will discover offerings not found in the usual retail outlets at very reasonable prices. Call them at 472-7877 for information.

Cup & Saucer is offering special coffee beverages, cremosas, cupcakes and cookies in honor of St. Patrick's throughout the month of March. Check them out at 138 Martyr Street in downtown Hagatna.

The View at the Marriott Resort has re-opened for lunch and dinner service, as well as for a relaxing beverage of your choice.

Roy's celebrates a decade of delicious cuisine by having a series of special events during their 10th Year Anniversary. You can enjoy "Live Lobster 12 Ways in 12 Days" until March 18. Stay tuned for some news on the Islander Terrace's soon-to-debut exciting Italian Buffet, "Bella Italia!"

Izakaya Katsu is still serving its legendary Tofu Steak, awesome Panko-Fried Shrimp, special salads, and other favorites. If you really like unagi (broiled eel) you will absolutely love their sizeable portion of this delicacy.

Pay-Less "Kick the Fat 5K Fun Run, Walk & Fitness Fair" March 15

If you really want to do something good for yourself (and your loved ones), then you need to show up and participate in the Pay-Less "Kick the Fat 5K Run, Walk, and Fitness Fair" Saturday March 15, at the Paseo in Hagatna. Show time and warm up is at 5:30am, with Go time at 6am. In addition to free T-shirts, terrific snacks and refreshments, there will be a post race Fitness Fair. Who knows, you may even win the Grand Prize of a Round Trip for Two to Cairns, Australia! Come support Erica's House of Hope and the Guam Track & Field Association. You can register at Hornet Sporting Goods and at the Pay-Less Markets in Hagatna, Dededo and Yigo. See you there!

Guam Girl Scouts Auction & Wine-Tasting - Friday April 4, Hyatt Regency Guam

Mark your calendars for what has to be one of the most fun ways to raise funds for a great cause...the Sixth Annual Guam Girl Scouts Auction & Wine Tasting will be held Friday April 4 at the Hyatt Regency Hotel, from 6pm-9pm. This special event will include wine-tasting, appetizers, live and silent auctions, and raffle drawings. The Guam Girl Scouts is a 100% locally funded organization, and this fundraising event is especially important due to the annual Holdiay Tree Sale becoming a Holiday Tree "Give Away" due to Super Typhoon Pongsona. Your help is needed, so please plan on attending and actively participating in the auction. Your tax-deductible donation of $25 per ticket allows you entrance to this popular event. For tickets and other information, call Karen Storts at 687-3194, Ken Stewart at 687-2497 or e-mail the staff.

Guam Food Guy Picks Top 30 Biz Lunch Spots in March DIRECTIONS MAGAZINE

Coming soon to mailboxes and bookstands is the March 2003 issue of DIRECTIONS MAGAZINE. The cover is graced by the inimitable Dave Tydingco, President of the Guam Hotel & Restaurant Association and Chairman of the Guam Visitor's Bureau. There are few, if any people, busier than Dave, and probably no one as committed to Guam's hospitality and tourism industries. Dave is an "advocate extraordinaire" and his efforts towards improving Guam's future have already shown results. The "Guam Food Guy's" Top 30 Business Lunch picks has some new arrivals in this popular listing's second year of publication. There are other great articles on the local banking industry, typhoon recovery, and the Guam Shipyard, but a must-read (aside from the Guam Food Guy's Top 30) is publisher Jerry Robert's editorial "Change is Never Easy". His closing line makes the point - "Leaders are going to have to lead, and give all of us a good reason to follow."

Y Kusina Restaurant - Chamorro Food So Good You Can't Stop Eating!

What better way to celebrate Chamorro Month than to eat the food that's made Guam famous? And, who would have guessed that a relatively new restaurant has rooted itself firmly in the hearts, minds and stomaches of an ever-increasing loyal customer base by serving addictively-delicious Chamorro favorites? Aptly called Y Kusina ("the kitchen"), this Tamuning eatery has only been open for 6 months and prides itself on "Serving Guam's favorite home-cooked meals." Located on the ground floor of the blue building housing Delisle's Beauty Shop & Supply, behind Tick Tock and across Mark's Sporting Goods, this spacious restaurant seats 58. It is clean, air-conditioned, and open for lunch 11am-2:30pm., Monday thru Saturday. It tends to fill up rather quickly, so it's wise to arrive early or to wait until after the noon-time rush.

The menu is limited to four entrees - Pork Chop $7.50, Fried Chicken $7, Chili Garlic Shrimp $7.50 and Dried Beef (Tinala Katne) $8.50. They also serve a selection of Chamorro Fast Food, Appetizers, Salads and Daily Specials. The Chamorro Fast Food features your choice of Spam, Corned Beef, or Chorizos PakPak served with rice, corn or pork & beans with each priced at $6. Additional Fast Food items include Finadene Satdinas in soybean oil and Finadene Satdinas in Tomato Sauce. These Sardine favorites are served with rice and salad and are priced at $6.50 each, with a small size portion available for $5. A Finadene Satmon (Salmon) is priced at $7.50.

We tried two appetizers during our visit, one was the Shrimp Kelaguen $8 and the other was the Dried Beef (Tinala Katne) $8, both served with titiyas. The Shrimp Kelaguen was superior, with shrimp so fresh it looked as though it had just been caught! The shrimp was de-veined, cooked, ground and blended with fresh coconut, lemon, peppers and onion. It is excellent and certainly a must-have appetizer if you like shrimp. The only other Kelaguen appetizer they serve is Clam Kelaguen $6. The Dried Beef was outstanding and easily the best I'd ever eaten and my companion Zee, who's lived here for 17 years, was equally impressed. It was not too salty, quite tender (Zee described it as having just the right amount of "mantika" or fat) and had a delicious beef flavor. The titiyas are made fresh daily, and have been given the nod by elder Chamorros who note that these are made the traditional way.

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Bon Appetit!

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