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April 4, 2003, Volume 3 Number 14

Dear "Guam Food Guy" Reader,

Congratulations to Oceanview Middle School's PikaRoos, the overall champions of last week's Kaddon Pika Cooking Competition sponsored by Cost-U-Less and Hit Radio 100. I had the pleasure to be a judge of this event and was quite impressed by the various Kaddon Pika (for those who don't know, Kaddon Pika is spicy stewed chicken) creations submitted by teams from Guam's Middle and High Schools as part of the Mes Chamorro Celebration. You would have appreciated the creative effort put forth by the teams whose booths reflected local culture and traditions in presentation and preparation of their Kaddon Pika dishes. The judging criteria also impressed me, since it was my first time using the Chamorro language to rank scores!

On a scale of 1 to 5, the highest score was 'Ekselente' (Excellent), followed by 'Sumen Maolek' (Great), 'Maolek'(Good), 'Maolek ha' (Okay), and 'Ti Maolek' (Not good). We graded the taste, use of ingredients, preparation, presentation, and adherence to the rules and regulations of the competition. The event showcased Guam's the island's culinary culture with a focus on educating our young people. They were given an opportunity to "show their stuff" in a competitive setting and learned about food preparation and cooking. Although most of the students competing won't pursue a culinary career, some probably will. We should encourage and support our "future chefs" with these types of events, in addition maintaining culinary educational programs in our schools. Who knows, the next Emeril Lagasse could be from Guam! I'm sure the great Emeril would have savored the spicy flavors of one of Guam's favorite dishes! It's 'Gof Mannge!!'

Ken, The Guam Food Guy

In Today's Issue: Announces New Saipan Restaurant Directory

We are delighted to announce our newly completed Saipan Restaurant Directory. Now you can seek out information on Saipan eateries with the same ease as Guam establishments. A big thanks goes to our Saipan correspondent, Ms. Arin Greenwood, who collected and verified the information. Arin is a long time free lance writer and you can look forward to hearing more from her about dining out on Saipan.

Guam Girl Scouts Auction & Wine Tasting - Friday April 4, Hyatt Regency Guam

FINAL Reminder! Support the Guam Girl Scouts in a fun way by attending the 6th Annual Guam Girl Scouts Auction & Wine Tasting this Friday, April 4, from 6pm - 9pm. Tickets are available at the door for a $25 donation. This event has been described by many as one of Guam's "must attend" auction events!

Chef Sakata Visits Roy's - Featuring a Cooking Class and Special Dinner Menu

One thing you'll have to do this month is visit our good "tomo-dachi", Chef Sakata at Roy's, making his annual pilgramage to Guam from April 4 - 13. On April 5, you'll have a chance to get up close and learn the culinary techniques from the master himself at Chef Sakata's Cooking Class, from 2 - 4 pm ($32 person.) Some of Chef Sakata's specialties will be featured during dinner at Roy's from April 4-13. Make your reservations now. Sakata-san has many friends and fans from his years as Roy's Chef de Cuisine. His trademark Chili Pepper chef pants are but a part of his colorful personality and outgoing nature. He makes cooking a fun adventure and a taste experience you'll enjoy.

Holiday Inn's La Brasserie - $9.99 Daily Lenten Lunch Buffet

From now until Easter (April 20), you can observe the Lent season every day at La Brasserie's Lenten Lunch Buffet. Each day features a unique menu of special seafood entrees, all at the affordable price of $9.99 (plus 10% S.C.), which includes ice tea and La Brasserie's famous melon juice--a delicious fresh-squeezed beverage. The week starts with Pacific Monday, followed by Asian Tuesday, Wok Wednesday, Spanish Thursday, Fisherman's Friday and on Saturday you can feast at their Italian Village. The Fisherman's Friday we tried had delicious salmon in a fennel butter sauce, fresh tuna, and tilapia. Also included were some tasty fish pancakes that you could top with chili sauce. The salad bar is a great starting point for your meal adventure,from which you will continue through several hot food chafing dishes, ending with some super dessert choices. We had an extraordinary Macadamia Nut Cream Pie on our was good enough to eat more than once! Call 647-7272 for reservations. Lunch is served from 11am - 2pm. La Brasserie's spacious and elegant ambiance makes for a relaxing lunch, either for business or pleasure!

Around the Island: OHG New Dishes, Cup & Sauce Easter Specials, Utage

Chef Chris at Old Hagatna Grill has introduced some new items to both the lunch and dinner menus. Don't worry - your favorites are still there but joined by such culinary creations as Greek Shrimp Salad with Lemon-Yogurt Dressing or Sonoma Duck Breast seared and served with Fettucine in Creamy Goat Cheese Sauce. Yum, yum - call them at 472-5885 for reservations and information.

Cup & Saucer is baking up Easter delights for everyone on Guam. Check out their special Easter Menu which includes Easter Lily Cakes (pink & lavender velvet cake with cream cheese filling, marshmallow icing and Easter decoration), Hot Cross Buns and Decorated Sugar Eggs filled with Easter Candy. They will even put together a unique Easter Basket for you! Call them at 477-2585 or drop by their shop in downtown Hagatna.

Utage Japanese Restaurant in the Palace Hotel is regaining popularity with it's Teppanyaki Lunch Buffet. This all you can eat experience has sashimi, sushi, ramen, miso, oshinko (pickled vegetables), hot entrees, and five teppan food items, including chicken, shrimp, steak, mahi, salmon, and calamari. Fresh-baked desserts top off this special lunch getaway.

People are pleasantly surprised by the size and quality of the steaks at Tumon's Hard Rock Cafe. Chef Singh is continuing their monthly steak specials, BUT, the 20 oz T-Bone off the regular menu is a great steak served with steamed vegetables and a big baked potato with all the fixings!

If you are planning a lunch stop at Truffles Cafe for one of Lori's excellent salads or pastas, you will have to wait until April 10 when they return from a well deserved vacation.

PHARE 2003 - April 10 -12, Hyatt Regency Guam

Mark your calendars for the Pacific Hotel & Restaurant Expo! PHARE is an annual exhibition that features local vendors showcasing their products and services to the hospitality trade. There will be culinary and bar-tending competitions, and informative seminars. The event starts off for the Trade and Industry on Thursday, and opens to the public on Saturday at 10am.

Ramen Corner - Yes, Koreans Do Great Ramen!

It is sometimes a truism in the world of culinary exploration that obscure, hidden-away places can harbor the most unique and unusual fare. While the Ramen Corner is fairly easy to find, one has to venture down the bumpy concrete thoroughfare which is the main drag through Harmon Industrial Park. (The Ramen Corner is next door to Mascot Auto Parts and across the street from Harmon Public Storage.) You can't miss the bright red, white, and yellow sign above this small eatery that's positioned on a corner of a large strip mall housing a motley collection of stores, restaurants, shops, and lounges.

Open for just over a month, Ramen Corner specializes in Korean-style ramen, and everything on their limited menu is available for the incredibly low price of $4.99! The Ramen Corner is an undecorated, no-frills eatery that has a few wooden tables, custom-built counters and benches (made of Philippine Mahogany) crafted by local artist, Steve Eaton. It is open from 11am - 6pm Monday through Saturday, as well as the first and 3rd Sunday of each month from 11am - 4pm. What's really interesting about Ramen Corner is that you quickly forget about your plain surroundings when you start eating a bowl of their fiery spicy noodles! That's what happened to me. However, not all of their noodles meals are "pika."

The red wall menu sign is mounted on the wall and is written in Korean and English. The dish I had was the Seafood Mix, which had cabbage, red peppers (lots), baby octopi, pollock, carrot, fresh pumpkin, onion, and baby shrimp, all blended in a rich, kim chee based broth. On the side was a small dish of kim chee. I actually found the kim chee to be virtually "tasteless" since my taste buds were ablaze from the spicy ramen. There are many local residents who love the spice and passion of this kind of soup. I recommend you tell the owner/cook, Ms. Young, the degree of heat you prefer in your dish. I did suggest to her that they needed to take photographs of their ramen dishes (much like they do at Fuji Ichi-ban) so that diners can get a visual idea of what to order.

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