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April 25, 2003, Volume 3 Number 17

Dear "Guam Food Guy" Reader,

Every now and then it's important that we remind ourselves about how fortunate we are to live on this small tropical island paradise. Yes, we've had our share of challenges, both natural and man-made, however, no matter where we choose to live we'd be met with events, disasters, and problems that are beyond our ability to control. As tough as things may get, we have an amazing capacity to endure hardships and still come out smiling. While some may call it "wishful thinking", I prefer calling it "positive optimism" which describes a belief that no matter what issues we're dealing with, things are not as bad as they seem, and usually have a way of working out favorably for us. If we "look for the good" in any situation, we will find it. Conversely, if we look for the "bad" or "negative" things in life, we'll certainly find them. Negative thinkers tend to "react" to conditions and circumstances, whereas positive-minded people "respond" to the events taking place in their lives.

The next time you are feeling pressured or overwhelmed by problems, stop, take a deep breath, and focus your attention on finding the good in what is happening. This activity alone demonstrates the self-control involved in "responding." Developing a habit of responding to things will empower and enable you to choose your experience. Life is like a menu from which you can order any thing you like. Hence today, tomorrow, and for the rest of your life, your server is waiting instructions. What will your order be?

Ken, the Guam Food Guy

In Today's Issue:

  • Around the Island - Marty's Lunch Satisfies, Manhattan Amazes, Sushi Anyone?
  • Remo Berdux, Hyatt Executive Chef and MCA President Moves to Bombay
  • Kudos - Hilton Guam Team Takes Celebrity Chef's Cup Again!
  • Mulligan Cafe - Great International Cuisine and Local Favorites

Around the Island - Marty's Lunch Satisfies, Manhattan Amazes, Sushi Anyone?

While there are many places to go for lunch, one place you need to "bookmark" is Marty's Mexican Merienda & Cantina. A friend recommended I try the Roast Beef Special which comes with mashed potatoes, gravy and veggies. If you're like me and enjoy good old American "comfort foods", Marty's will satisfy all your cravings for this traditional Yankee dish. The potatoes are mashed from real potatoes and served piping hot. The beef is abundant, lean, and tender. You've gotta have good gravy to make it all worth while, and they pour it on! The mixed vegetables were steamed perfectly, with just the right amount of "crunch" left in the broccoli. And, of course, watch out for those chips and salsa...once you start...there's no ending!

If you like surprises and want to be thrilled by a lavish food selection, show up at Manhattan Bar atop the Sandcastle on Thursday nights. Chef Deborah performs culinary magic that has cast a spell on the minds and tastebuds of guests who don't mind the two drink minimum cover charge.

Tumon's Sushi Tairyo, located in the Blue Lagoon Plaza across from Stanlee's, continues to amaze diners with their inexpensive, high-quality fresh sushi, that's definitely 'oiishi' in any language. The prices will astound, and freshly rolled sushi plates travel the rotary carousel from which guests can make their selections of ebi, maguro, komada, unagi, hammachi, and tako, to name a few. These folks really know their business, and you too can enjoy a quick, sit-down lunch or dinner at Sushi Tairyo, truly a "sushi lover's dream." Open daily from 11:30am-2pm for lunch and 6pm-10pm for dinner.

Remo Berdux, Hyatt Executive Chef and MCA President Moves to Bombay

Hyatt Regency Guam's Executive Chef Remo Berdux has departed Guam for his next exciting culinary adventure at a Hyatt Regency in Bombay, India. Remo leaves Guam after completing a four year stint (his second tour at the Guam property which he helped open in 1992.) Remo was a founding member and current President of the Micronesia Chefs Association. Over the years, he has distinguished himself as a highly visible and active advocate for developing an awareness of the culinary arts and profession on Guam. He will be missed. We wish Remo and his family good fortune and a prosperous future. Bon Voyage!

We also want to extend a warm "Hafa Adai" to Hyatt's new Executive Chef, Michael Bongiorno, who has arrived from his most recent posting with the Hyatt Regency in Bangkok, Thailand.

Kudos - Hilton Guam Team Takes Celebrity Chef's Cup Again!

Congratulations go to Hilton Guam Executive Chef Christophe Durliat and his dynamic kitchen team who recently won (for the 2nd year) the UOG Endowment Foundation's Annual Celebrity Chef's Cup. Chef Durliat was joined by Hit Radio 100 Media Personalities, Chris "Malafunkshun" Barnett and Julius "Caesar" Santos. Although the Hilton's team hot appetizer of a Duo of Golden Trout "Bella Italila" took top place among the five competing Chef Teams, all participants were truly winners in this extraordinary event. The behind-the-scenes interaction and cooperative efforts of all the chefs, cooks, kitchen staff, managers, servers, and media folk was an inspiring phenomena to observe. This event truly captures the "hafa adai" hospitality spirit in which our island prides itself.

Special thanks go out to Thomas "Jerry" and Charo Calvo, whose family hosted a marvelous celebration dinner for the participants and a farewell tribute for Chef Remo on the following night. The local menu was filled with genuine Chamorro favorites, winning accolades from all attendees!

Mulligan Cafe - Great International Cuisine and Local Favorites

Although Guam has many restaurants that are known to have a particularly good entree or food type on which they can rest their laurels, I was amazed by the quality, diversity and value of the meals served at Mulligan Cafe, located in the Tumon Golf Driving Range just past Chuck's Steak House in Upper Tumon. Mulligan Cafe has just re-opened and is serving 12 Lunch Specials for $7.95 that I swear you'll be talking about to other folks after you've tried them!

Mulligan Cafe is a family-owned restaurant, established a few years ago by Chef Nilo Vega, who was previously Executive Chef at Alupang Beach Tower. Nilo and his wife, Rose, are long-time Guam residents with a loyal following who will be delighted to know that they are once again open for business. Nilo has made a reputation as a talented chef known for his creative versatility in preparing diverse food styles. He was a chef in the original Bistro of the Continental Hotel (now PIC) and he also cooked flambe dishes (for you old-timers whose memories are good!) at the Salzberg Chalet in Tumon. Additionally, he worked at resorts in Lake Tahoe and with the Marriott in North Carolina.

The Tumon Golf Driving Range itself has been closed since Super Typhoon Pongsona and will reopen on May 1. At that time, Mulligan Cafe will be fully operational, serving both lunch and dinner. Before May 1, Mulligan is open for lunch and a la carte service during the day. Open daily, they also serve a Sunday Brunch from 10:30am- 2pm. After May 1, dinner will be served from 6pm-10pm

The Lunch Specials (available from 11am-2pm) include an all-you-can eat soup and salad bar with a beverage station. The entree list boasts Mulligan's signature Chamorro Chop Steak; Hamburger Steak; Beef or Chicken Curry; Chicken Teriyaki; Fried Chicken; Fried Noodles; Pork Cutlet; Pork Ginger; Sweet & Sour Pork; Pork Chops; Mahi-Mahi in a Garlic Tomato Sauce; and Deep-fried Whole Tilapia. Mulligan also features a daily special.

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Bon Appetit!

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