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May 16, 2003, Volume 3 Number 20

Dear "Guam Food Guy" Reader,

The most exciting thing about today is that it carries the seeds of the fruit we bear tomorrow. This is what makes life so fascinating. For me, it is a continuous culinary journey which both satisfies and delights my curious palate. To be able to share my food adventures with you is yet another fulfillment. Today's review showcases a creative melding of two popular Asian cuisine styles, Korean and Japanese. It is precisely the kind of experience people are seeking - something new that's made using familiar ingredients and commonly-known cooking methods. This is definitely a "paradigm shift", signaling a move from an old standard to a newer one, in the continuous process of change.

Ken, "The Guam Food Guy"

In Today's Issue:

  • Around the Island: May's, Chuck's Burgers, Mary's Sinigang, Mulligan Talipia
  • Great SPAM™ Cook-Off Island Style Kicks Off Saturday May 31 - Enter Now!
  • Escape to Jeff's Pirate's Cove
  • Discover New Asian Fusion Cuisine at Bari Bari Asian Cuisine & Bar

Around the Island: May's, Chuck's Burgers, Mary's Sinigang, Mulligan Talipia

May's Restaurant in Tamuning continues to impress people who are looking for Chinese with a local bent. Try May's Salt & Pepper Shrimp for a mouthful of flavors. A big plus is that May's is open for breakfast and she makes great scrambled eggs and a Chamorro Fried Rice that has won the hearts of locals.

Chuck's Steak House's signature Steak Burger is nothing short of special. You can't go wrong when you are using Certified Angus Beef ground and broiled. Weekly specials are a good bargain, too! I saw a meat loaf plank that must have been over a pound of beef. Chuck's is enjoying a resurgence of business now that Bob Marron is setting the direction.

Many Westerners swear by the therapeutic powers of chicken soup to ward off or cure a cold but Mary's Vietnamese Restaurant serves a Sinigang with Shrimp Soup that really clears up those sinuses. Mary's is located on the 2nd Floor of the G.B. Sangalang Bldg. on Route 16 in Harmon, and open daily from 11am - 9:30pm. Mary's is famous for their fresh lumpia, Bird's Nest Crispy Noodle & Vegetable (a staff favorite!), steamed Ginger Tilapia, and Fried Pork Chops. Call 649-5523 for take-out.

Mulligan Cafe is definitely open! Try their Tilapia Lunch Special. It's fried perfectly and garnished with salsa and cilantro. This is a terrific rendition of a popular local food keeping to the high standards of their other entrees - like Pork Chops. You gotta try Chef Nilo's version, which are divine when dipped in his finadene.

Guang Sheng Chinese Restaurant is just down and across the street from Mary's on Route 16, and used to be known as the Vegetarian House Chinese Restaurant, adjacent to Iglesias Ni Cristo. Lunch and dinner specials vary daily. I like the Shrimp with Scrambled Egg and their Kang Kong. Guang Sheng is known for their Hot Pot creations. For take-out call 637-5223.

Great SPAM Cook-Off Island Style Kicks Off Saturday May 31 - Enter Now!

The Guam Food Guy will once again bring his trusty judging fork to one of Guam's favorite cooking events, the Great SPAM™ Cook-Off Island Style. If you would like to enter, visit the offices of Dickerson & Quinn (649-2706) on Pick-A-Nail Road in Tamuning or Sorenson Pacific Broadcasting on the 8th floor of the Bank of Guam building in Hagatña. Preliminary rounds begin Saturday May 31 and run through Saturday June 7. The finals will be held Saturday June 14 and all competitions take place at the Micronesia Mall Center Court. You could win a trip for two to the home of SPAM™, Austin, Minnesota, 5 nights hotel accomodations and a $1000 in cash! We'll keep you posted as the competition progresses. In the meantime, check out some past winning recipes at

Escape to Jeff's Pirate's Cove

Tired of the stresses of working, living, and driving in the hectic, congested neighborhoods of Guam? Take a break and escape to Jeff's Pirate's Cove in Ipan, Talofofo. Soothe your soul in the balmy, laid-back atmosphere where the Pacific Ocean waves move against the reef and clouds flow on a continuous breeze. The drive down to Jeff's is fun in itself, and if you've not been to Yona in a while, there are new things happening such as a road widening project (it's about time!) Jeff's has a beautiful, sandy beach front area that's well-maintained. They are doing some trail-blazing to allow for nice beach hikes along the shoreline. It's a great place to take the family on a Saturday or Sunday, as there are no other places with such great access to the windward side of the island featuring all the facilities of Jeff's. The kitchen serves up local favorites such as the Fiesta Plate, Jeff's Famous Cheeseburger, Seafood, and Steaks. Don't forget that they have a great Greek Menu featuring Hummus with Pita Bread, Baba Ghanouge, classic Gyros, Greek Salad (both meat and vegetarian versions), and Jeff's own Talofofo Falafel Fold! The museum contains rare maritime artifacts and interesting historical records documenting events such as the capture of the famous WWII straggler, Sgt. Yokoi, as well as his return visits. The Gift Shop is loaded with souvenirs and mementos that are reasonably priced. The T-shirts are extremely popular. A visit to Jeff's Pirate's Cove will leave you rested and inspired, and you'll never go away hungry.

Discover New Asian Fusion Cuisine at Bari Bari Asian Cuisine & Bar

"In Korean, Bari Bari is a word used to describe a person or place with bundles of goods such as food and merchandise. The closest English counterpart could be 'many-many'. Bari Bari also has a meaning in Japanese. It refers to a very busy activity where people constantly move. We decided to name our restaurant Bari Bari because we wanted to offer our customers with "many-many" delicious food and drinks. We also wanted to be always busy trying to satisfy every customer's taste. Of course, we don't expect to accomplish this easily. We will be always moving, thinking and trying to deliver the best quality." from the Bari Bari Menu

This statement aptly describes and defines the Bari Bari experience, one that awaits adventurous Guam diners seeking the unusual and unique. Brand new and only 3 weeks old, Bari Bari offers a fascinating fusion of popular Korean foods with traditional Japanese cooking. Can you imagine eating a Spicy Shabu Shabu or even a Curry Shabu Shabu? How about Shabu Shabu Mix Rice? These are just some of the menu entrees available on Bari Bari's smartly-designed menu that also features grilled dishes, stews, soups and seafood items.

Bari Bari is located in the Blue Lagoon Plaza across from Stanlee's and between the 7-11 and Sushi Tairyo. A special lunch menu is served from 11am - 2pm, and offers a selection that includes Beef Shortribs ($8.50), Marinated Beef ($8), Spicy Chicken ($7.50), Grilled Mackerel Pike ($7.50), Grilled Yellow Croaker ($8.50), Chicken Soup ($8), Bari Bari Sushi Roll ($6.50), Bari Bari Cold Noodle ($7.50), Bari Bari Beef Soup ($8) and Shabu Shabu Mix Rice ($8). Although most of these names sound like commonly prepared menu items, there's very little "common" about Bari Bari's version of these foods. A plus is the "No MSG" policy.

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